Monday, June 26, 2017

Back, with an exit.

I want to be clear on something.
is for my StarChasers.

I don't consider those who are related to me to be family.
They've proven that the bond of family is bought.

So, if you listen to my music/KNOW ME, you're a StarChaser.
Don't like it, kill me.

I'm more than aware than MOST of my StarChasers want me to check out their music to either prove they're better (than me) or further establish certain points made in my music.
Such is why I don't listen to TOO MANY StarChaser releases.
You guys are good, but I have to keep coming correct musically, so I keep it to a minimum.
But keep going.
I am the right ears, it's just... now isn't the right time.

Moving on.
I allow my StarChasers to come up with my artwork.
Nothing more to discuss.
One of y'all (Dennis!) said it's an integral part of an album.
Good point, but there is so much art in the music, I felt artwork would be overkill.
But beyond that, I trust you guys.

To my detriment.

Another Hamiltonization process is under way.
No further details.

~follow the buzzards~

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