Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Black Girl Magic

...actually a title from a new L Word project.
But whatever.
Black Girls/Women/Ladies/Bitches/Hoes (THERE! I covered all bases), I haven't abandoned you.
I'm just getting tired getting addicted to the sweet juice of the Black berry.

But for the record, it's none of your business the race of the girl I'm seeing.
Black or white, she treats me right.
And I'm not as psycho as you L&HH bitches would like to see me as.

I haven't had the best choice in women.
Nor have I had the opportunity to go after the women of my dreams (*cough* Apple *cough*).
But I'm still sticking my neck out for love.

Hopefully this Vamp has the fangs to drain me forever.

Is this enough to get me to record/release some more music?

~could he... be me?~

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