Monday, 19 June 2017

DJing in Middle C

I love the piano.
But I've always had a crush on the turntables.
But when I spin, my love for the piano comes out.
So the piano and the turntables have a deep and intense affair within me.
And I document such on the mic.

With no one listening.

So I threw an event last year.
I was showing off my DJ skills (I only use M•I•K•E•Y) at The Bowery Poetry Club.
Let my guilt reflect that it was a DOOM, and I didn't expect many people to show up.

And very few showed up.

Family was there, though.

I guess that's cool.
But... if they aren't going to be real about who they REALLY are, I'm not going to be real (with them) about how I feel.

So thairt is.

Maybe I should start making music for me.
Music that I like.
I've been trying to impress since day one.
I don't need all these syllables.
I don't need this flow.
I damn near don't need to rap anymore.

I'm doing it because I have things to say that people need to hear.
Such as, the existence of aliens.
It's not a wonder anymore (pats self on the back).
But so much is.


(switches the fader to the record on the other turntable)


~follow the buzzards~

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