Tuesday, June 20, 2017

God's forgiveness under fire (every sin)

I don't use blaspheme to entertain.
Many do.
In fact, blaspheme is the key to success in America/North America.
But along with homosexuality and suicide, I have committed blaspheme.

Truth is, I forgot God is a woman.
But if God was a man, I definitely went hard trying to be his opponent.

In some respects, it would've caused spiritual and supernatural peace between Him and Satan (of whom I always thought was a female).
But, unless I'm Jesus, I had/have no place to condemn God for circumstances I put myself in.

So God, I'm sorry.

Yes, I put many spells and curses on God/Satan/SEGA.
I want them to be real.
I want them to feel me.
I want them to love me.

At the end of it all, it's a matter of comfort.
I am not comfortable with men, of any sexual preference.
I might hang around, might smoke with you, might drink with you, but if you have a penis, CURVE.


God, it might be too late for me.
But bless those I've inspired and virtually adopted along the way.

I pray for Chance.
I pray for Childish.
I pray for Tyler.
Shit, I even pray for Boe and Dre.
Vengeance is yours.

I don't want to (fist) fight anymore.
Fuck if it makes me a chump.
I just want to reign supreme with music.

However, that's selfish.
There's room for everyone in music.
Even those who diss me.
Even those who mock me.
Even those who aren't that good.

Music is an artform.

Can't deny anyone of art.

With that said, God, I know you listen.
Bless those of whom listen with you.

And I'm out.

July 17th, 2017.

After that date, your voice can save my life.
The way mine did yours,
I can only assume...

~follow the buzzards~

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