Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"I could be one of your kids!"

In 2014, I claimed Neo-Nazism.
I did so because I believed that SEGA left me, and I needed a militant group to believe in.
I also needed protection from Black people.

Since then, Trump got elected.

No matter who Trump may be in my Sick, Sad, Little World, he is the face of White privilege and bias.

Looks like I rule the world still.

However, to my Black brethren, I can't leave you alone for too long.
I am a creator of Black music, the love of my life is a Black Alien, and only non-Apple users don't believe we all didn't start off Black at one point in our lives.

I will treat you better when I see you start doing better.


As for homosexuals, I dabbled, I'm not interested, and though my bond with Satan is tighter than ever before, I have to side with God on this one.

You guys don't get to go to Heaven.

So, I will continue to express my necrophilic fantasies of J Dilla.
I will continue to goad Silver into irritation.
And I will continue to watch Shadow.

Therefore, all my bars will make sense.

And yes, Daft Punk.
I'm scared of you, too.

(looks at respective crotches)

I ain't scared of THAT, though!

Holla back, Hov.

~could he... be me?~

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