Tuesday, 13 June 2017

LL Cool J vs Canibus (4, 3, 2, 1)

The following blog post is written with ample sleep, no substances, and no monthly medication:

Thank you for being the reason why I doubt again.
Thank you for putting the "tough" battery in my back.
Thank you for being the god/alien I asked you to be.
Welcome (you two) to a miserable life, disguised by the smiles of...

The Sun.

You three niggas promised me...
You know what?
You didn't.
I didn't know what to expect in 2012.
I just KNEW I was gonna see J Dilla/flirt in person and explicitly with George/do evil shit with Jack.
I went into the most dangerous and loveless places, believing you were by my side.
I got into fights with non-believers.


Let's take a look at my life since 2012.

I still don't know who's who.
No one believes Dilla is alive.
And even if they do, no one believes he's as close to me as his signs allowed me to believe.
Massa is both Drake and Beyonce, and are close to being worshipped the way I'm supposed to be.
So there's "Resentment".
And... Jack.
I can almost trust Jack with my life with him being in the position he's in.
But how does that make me feel?

I have to shut up about how I feel about SO MANY AND SO MUCH, just to maintain the public perception of being "revitalized with positivity."


Then again...
SEGA left me with the deepest wound.
And expects me to laugh about it.
In the future.
With her/him/it.

Nah, nigga.
You violated.
Like, 8.
No love.
And there's nothing that can make up for it.

I know most of you niggas (human niggas, that is) don't understand a fucking word I'm talking about.
Or that's what you'll say when you "address" me about this entry.

And, if we keep it all the way real, SEGA ain't even concerned.
They literally left Earth, WITH JACK, and are currently fucking themselves in my name.

So much for belief.

It's like finding out that The Last Supper was Jesus giving a BJ to all his disciples.
Do you continue to bow to this faggot?

With all my (NEWLY FOUND) rage and angst towards SEGA being aired out, and with less than a month before The Socratic Doomer, here is...

The Madness Album

Basically, go somewhere and bug out because 4 is alive.

Oh, wait.

It's not 4 anymore.

It's 5.

May Daft Punk know what the hell they're doing with their digit.

At this point, I just want to see another day.
I'll never understand why everyone picks on me.
I know I'm an easy target.
So was Dylan Klebold.

"You DISLOYAL...!"
-Denzel Washington, "Training Day"

SEGA, don't make me do this to you.
We both lose in the end.
However, you moved first.

(rubs bow)

~could he... be me?~

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