Monday, 19 June 2017

My apologies to Tupac (2Pac)

I was a young metal head when my mom first put "2Pacalypse Now" on my desk.
I used to stare at it.
Every Black and Latino person in my neighborhood was already bumping him.
I was just... hypnotized.

I listened to the album once, but because it was pretty rough on the ears (ironic coming from a rock head), I didn't listen anymore.

But I respected him.

A few years later, "California Love" dropped and I was going nuts.
I was "aware" of sampling, but I actually knew the original record.
I was blown away.
Dr. Dre admitted he made the beat, so he became a star in my eyes.
But Pac's verse on that damn song was DOPE.

"AWESOME!", as I would say back then.

However, every Black and Latino person in my neighborhood was using 2Pac as the catalyst to bully me.

Fuck 'em all.
I was ready to either commit suicide or go to juvenile hall for murder.

But I was scared.
Or, something was holding me back.

Eminem came in the game, and I was sold on hip-hop.
But as I started to write, I tried to be better than Pac.
And Em.
And Biggie.
And Jay.
And Nas.

So they became the enemy.

2Pac had passed (?), but still.
Hip-hop continued on.

Listen here.

I communicate with 2Pac.
I have the means to do so.
Don't believe me, jehh watshhhh.

I wish he didn't get involved in that gangsta shit.
Then again, I'm the same way.
I can't stay away from the thugs.
Love or hate, they define the rage I feel towards the world I own.

Fuck this world.
Fuck this life.

All I want is music.

Tupac, I owe you a sincere apology.
I slept on your poetry and tried to be a bigger legend.

I owe you my dedication.

Not sure what else I can say.

For the record, so much is bottled up inside that I need to puke.
Drink my puke and rule the world.



~what do we have here NOW?!~

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