Tuesday, 13 June 2017

New Amsterdam and iTunes

I really want to listen to The Socratic Doomer.
Like, right now.

I WANT to continue to make/release free music.
And I'm sure I could sell records.
But everyone wanting to make money from music is eroding the very soul of which could and should be used to ENJOY music.
Specifically mine.

them- "Use 808s."
Me- "But they're bad for people."
them again- "So is McDonalds. And everyone eats that."

This deodorant is making my entire body itch.

I was really into something with the Bohemian lifestyle!!!

It's always you whitewashed colored folk who try to "sophisticate" and "polish" me!
Fuck outta here!
The cleaner, the meaner!

But okay.
I get your point, Middle America.
If I look better than you, I MUST be better than you.
Eminem is the total package.
He's talented, attractive, and WHITE.

I'm either too soon or too late.

I love you, Sonic.

~could he... be me?~

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