Monday, 19 June 2017

Till the cops come knockin'...

Shawty, stop reading my blog.
I'm probably never gonna mention you, and that's not said out of hate.
You confuse me, then say I confuse you.
As if I'm not ...

Right on.


A lot of new things are on the horizon.
I'm anxious about The Socratic Doomer (almost deleted it), I found another super producer, and I think I found an alternative to hip-hop!
It just would make me even less money than I make now.

To the delight of those who enjoy a subdued, Uncle Tom Charles Hamilton, I'm going back in my meds this week.
It was fun to be back to my old self for a while, but no.
I have to stay medicated until God knows when.

At least it isn't lithium.
And at least I'm not in DOOM.
To my knowledge.

I might finally drop a beat tape this year.
It would just be nice to have someone make a song out of it.
This is why so many instrumentals haven't dropped.
No one makes songs out of it.
Then they complain that Trap took over.


I am getting g my faith restored in God AND in Buddhism.
Can't serve two masters, but at least it isn't Satanic.
My family been on my ass about my Occult Calling.


~follow the buzzards~

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