Monday, July 10, 2017

Exploited Black Teens

like this.
Stop trying to fuck Nicki and Beyoncé.
Stop summoning God to have sex with her.
Stop ignoring Satan as you sin.

Respect the spirits of Ancient Egypt.


Don't try to be nice to me NOW, since 4:44 puts a casual spotlight on my hermitual lifestyle.
I will never forget (OR FORGIVE) the disrespect.
And I REFUSE to believe Jack Splash is the reason why I'm hated.

J Dilla, stay true.

Ima see you, Georgie.

I can go on.

I think 10 days from now is when The Socratic Doomer drops.
Few have heard it.
Fewer have survived.
But it's a LIT fucking album.

And I'll be DAMNED if you faggots/dykes/hoes/pricks call it wack.
I put EVERYTHING into this album.
I should've just NOT DROPPED ANYTHING after Loud And Wrong.
But because I was so fient out for love and EgyptianSunWorship (seeing as how I AM THE SUN), I spent countless hours making beyond impressive music.

I know how good the album is.
I know how much ground I covered.
But I'm not gonna get cocky.

When you're cocky, you get sucked.


There is a difference between rap and WRAP.

Anything said before I say it is bullshit and will be destroyed once I open my mouth to speak.

Tyler, I dead ass fuck with you.
If you're bi, I'm asexual.

Fuck anything.
Fuck everything.

Sonic, it's you and I.
We got this.

"And if you leave me, I will go insane..."

Jay-Z can drop Egyptian/6 secrets all he (might) want (to).
I got the biggest gift ever.

(Taps soul)

Right the fuck here.

"You're gonna have to remove me... 'cause I ain't goin' nowhere..."

The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

After this, you hustlin ass minorities can peep game for $9.99.

It was ELVIS who said "Niggas ain't worth nothin' but shinin' my shoes and buyin' my records."

And you want to spend your money on music after that?!

Fuck you.
Pay me.

I keep they heads ringin'...

~follow the buzzards~

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