Saturday, 29 July 2017

Farewell to the Flesh

It wasnt a warning.
In fact, I was the threat.
Alas, it is time to move on from "the most dangerous hood in Harlem".
I thought my life was in jeopardy.
I thought I endangered the lives of my beloved aliens.
Turns out, this is something we can have a huge laugh about.

This doesnt mean not to be careful.

All I want to do now (and forever) is DJ.
I just need the stamina.

And self-esteem.

As long as you believe in me, everything will be okay.

Ladies, I can safely say I regret nothing I've ever done.
I spent years tackling my social issues and issues with society in general.
And my behavior in general society.
Aside from punching that cop and hopping a few turnstyles, I'm down without incriminating myself.

However, such could be why the real gangstas dont "bang" with me.
My ears are too clean.
I have virgin eyes.
My rap sheet is sealed.

There are other ways to promote the darkside, nevertheless...

[this is the first post from an Android phone]

~shout it out~

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