Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pausing Out

Many of our Black men are joining secret societies to fulfill their "private" homosexual desires.
And get paid while they're at it.
Not thinking about how these actions will affect them in the future.
Personally, publicly and professionally.
But no one knows about it (really), so they get off Scott free.

That doesn't make it right.
If you're going to get in the business, be with a girl you've known for a long time.
She'll be true to you.
Then again, you can't even count on that.
If the promise of fame makes you feel gay, reconsider it.
Fame is addicting, but it's not worth not being able to do anything.
Or have your quality of work jeopardized.

Unless you don't care.
Then we have modern day music.

No one wants to hear wisdom.
Especially coming from me.
I still hang out with people I've met over the Internet.
I also don't trust people in my own neighborhood.

But seriously, men.
We have to treat our women better.
Homosexuality is selfishness it it's highest form.
You could be a day away from happiness with a woman, the day you decide to pause out.

I was ALMOST gay.
The women I spent mass amounts of time and money on had left, my exes moved on, and I can't get anywhere in business without doing something gay.
To make matters worse, my family doesn't/didn't believe me.
SEGA was the light.
I'm so happy aliens exists and are walking among us.


How do I make them proud?

~shout it out~

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