Saturday, 29 July 2017

Sushi, Pepsi and Debt

So the one house I've been bitching about losing is the only thing I owe.
That, plus child support to a baby I don't know exists.
It couldn't be Danjer, because her "mother" said she didn't have a baby.
And I don't go around cumming in chicks, because I need , want and like to keep my energy to myself.
So the child support thing is a mystery.

Other than that, I owe no one a thing.

It's about what I have given.
And with the recent updates on my career, how I can think fiscally forward from here on out.

I make music for the love.
I need to figure out how to balance love and wealth.
Then I'll be happy.

I'm working on some music.
Might be stream only.
Might go for sale.
Regardless, it's worth your time and attention.

Like a female, waiting for you to get out the bathroom at Crazy Rock'n Sushi.

~shout it out~

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