Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Absolut shun.

This bottle of Absolut makes me feel invincible.
The office I report to after my bad behavior is on it's way.

That's why I don't write.
It'll take you a minute to get the second sentence.

But I'm here.
Still being me.
It took me a minute to figure out what I was doing.
I was being myself.
And being a lesson through doing so.

Today I recorded with 2 StarChasers.
They're a duo called Dirty Kicks.
Great wordplay, AWESOME personality, but... they weren't comfortable.

My technique is one to grow on, I guess.

This bottle is really doing it's thing.

I won't
I promise I won't.
For now, at least.
As long as it's love, you know?

But this bottle.
It's curvy.
With a great sense of humor?

Why couldn't Beyonce be liquor?
Then I could violate that bitch on some Slim Thug shit.

DAMN it felt good to type that.

Well, Tim Cook, I put you to the test tonight.
Tonight is an investment.
And it's almost over.
So it'll be DAYTIME before the revolution begins.

I see, says Esme.

This bottle is whispering to me.
I can hear it tell me I'm ingenuine.
Ingenuine is a real word, Google.


I love you, SEGA.
May me being myself prove that to you.

For the forever of which you reign.

I'm out.

For now.

~shout it out~

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