Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bud wiser.

I'm out with my brother and my (beautiful) cousin Sha'ron.
I feel almost back to normal.
The color pink and I are getting reacclamated!
I'm getting back in tune with the divine feminine energy of Earth/The Galaxy.
I feel good!

So, the idea I had was to record music with Scooter (the cousin that raped me).
Despite how much I hate him, I cannot take away the fact that to this day he is one of the best mcs I've heard, ever.
I thought it would unify the family.
And Cleveland.
Even New York!
Such an idea might not be good for ME, however.

Do I count?

This blog is gonna go under the knife in a few.
I have to get back to the essence.
GREEN will always be a part of my microcosm.
And the world at large.
But PINK is my color.

Expect the throwback.

~shout it out~

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