Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cleveland Hov! (sans the limits)

I've been doing a lot of reading.
My reading material has been seen.
My reading material has been used.
Now that we are all mentally in tuned (regrettably, by most), someone has to take the lead.

Trump is being deceived by the very people of whom serve him.
He follows faux news accounts that stroke his ego.
And misinform him about the world at large.

Just like me.

To my StarChasers in North Korea, we don't deserve your attack.
Maybe some white/gay people here and there.
A few misguided thugs.
But don't hate America.
There's probably more stuff behind the scenes (*cough* trade embargo *cough*), but no more lives deserve to be lost.

There's my two cents.
Holla atcha later.

~shout it out~

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