Sunday, August 13, 2017


My little cousin kinda shitted on me not too long ago.
He said ...basically, he said I'm nothing.
I'm a fake Kanye.
Under J Cole.
Never will be Drake.
It hurt, but I had to laugh.
He's not doing much of anything himself.
At least I'm carving a nitch in music.
Yes, I hear the difference in my music from 2008-now.
I also hear growth.
I know what I've done different.
I know what I've stopped talking about.
I also know that I don't benefit when I make music "for the masses".
My little cousin was HYPED about being in the Brooklyn Girls video.
It gave him a chance to be seen by the world.

But what he doesn't know is, I DIDN'T WANT TO BE SEEN BY THE WORLD!
Fair enough, Ryan.
You're still young enough to make things happen for yourself.
Just don't ask me for anything.
In fact, don't ask anyone in the Moorer family for anything.
You chose which family you're loyal to.

As lame as it is to ask, how right is he?
When you TRY to be yourself, you get grouped in with others.
When you TRY to fit in, you get called out and ostracized as a poser.
And at the end of the day, ALL ARTISTS have someone to respond to.
A manager, executive, A&R... someone.
So you never REALLY get the real side of an artist.

Until you meet/listen to Charles Hamilton.
And on that note, back to the beats.

Thank you for listening.

I also know why he said I am/am not all the things he said.
He's a consumer.
No matter how "royal" my family tries/tried to make him feel/realize he is, his mind is closed to the other side of joy.

God be with him.

~shout it out~

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