Friday, August 04, 2017

Get out of jail free card.

Today starts a new chapter in my life.
I am leaving New York and moving back to Cleveland.
I spent this whole week with like 2-3 StarChasers, listening and analyzing my music.
I'm proud to say that I went hard on all albums, and am willing to fight over opinions.
At the same time, wanting to fight got me in this predicament to begin with.

I'm moving in with my brother Marcus.
I will be seeing my father and other relatives.
I will be making music.
I will be talking to StarChasers.
And magick will always be what I'm called.

There are some people I will miss.
Sciryl, Kesed, Halo... the usual suspects.
Of course Doriann and Janay.
I guess I'll miss The Moorer Family.
I know them but they don't know me.
Except my uncle George.
He knows me very well.

New York (specifically Harlem) got bought.
And every good learned lessons which led to actions they can't take back.
Cleveland (at least the last few times I've been there) maintained its strength.
I'm mad I got arrested there, but I was acting out anyway.
And with good reason!
Who wants to be stalked by a bunch of uneducated rapists?

At the same time, Black men are a trigger for me.
White men (white people, really) are very casual about rape, so I'm always nervous around them.
But nah.
Black men have this built-in aggression and persuasiveness that just makes me uncomfortable.
Maybe it's just big city Black men.
Even when I was locked up in Cleveland, the hardest niggas was giving me love.
No homo.
Cleveland knows Baby Charles.
New York might've chewed him up and spit him out.

All I wanted to do was make SEGA cool in the big city.
Cleveland already knows.
I hope.

Well, I have StarChasers.
And they believe.

I'll make the world believe.
I just need my credibility back.


~shout it out~

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