Saturday, August 05, 2017

Raising them

I can't front.
Part of the reason I'm moving to Cleveland is to start a family.
Find a woman or fly out an old flame.
They/she just had to be the right one.
I can't just cum in any random chick and expect to be blessed.
Each time I did, I gave as much love as I could.
When you are planning pregnancy, you have to give all of yourself through sex with your partner.
And you can't think of anyone else.
The two of you are exchanging delicate information about one another.

The last thing you want is mis communication.

But yeah.
I can't seem to trust or be with a New York girl, LA girls are expensive, and Southern girls are too rachit.
Not to mention the cost of living in each location.
So here I am.
Planning a future in the place I started.
Hopefully I can open up a studio and FINALLY get this publishing company started.

I've been doing my homework.

~shout it out~

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