Friday, 16 February 2018


(from... a website)

As the most feminine among all numbers, the 2 is also the most underestimated -- at least, when it comes to power and strength. After all, she is almost always gentle, tactful, diplomatic, forgiving and understanding. Certainly, she likes to keep the peace and will avoid confrontations as much as possible.
If you look at the shape of the 2, however, you will recognize a symbolic representation of the ultimate survivor and an extremely resilient force. Her shape, as if bent on a knee with her head and back bowed in humility and servitude, makes it easy to dismiss her as weak and powerless. This is in stark contrast to the power and pride of the mighty and masculine 1, who will not bow for anyone at any price. However, when enough pressure is applied to the powerful warrior we see in the number 1, he will break and shatter and be done with.
On the other hand, when the humble and feminine 2 finds herself under attack and burdened with a crushing weight, she will bend, she will bend as much as needed. And when the weight is removed, her elastic, flexible nature allows her to come right back up, seemingly with little harm done, and she will continue to play her role.
Her strength and power is resilient and lasting, just as the shape of the number 2 reflects that so beautifully. There is much more to her than meets the eye; she is often the true power behind the throne. As we stand in awe to the leadership and decisive actions of the 1, his strength and cunning relies on the clever and insightful advice of his greatest ally, the number 2.
Unnoticed and operating from the shadows, she is the Mata Hari who outwits other spies and diplomats with her grace, her sensuality, her flattering attention and her gentle force of persuasion. She is smart and understands the underlying qualities that make people do this or do that. A born psychologist, there is not much about human nature that escapes her. She often controls the outcome of certain events without anyone else noticing or acknowledging. In fact, the credit quite often goes to some other entity when it should be hers. This does not bother her, because among her best qualities is patience. She knows her time will come. But even if she does not always get the recognition she deserves, she tends to take a special place in the hearts and minds of others due to her sophistication, her grace, her style and her excellent taste in art and music.
The 2 has an in-born sense of music and rhythm that makes her popular among any social crowd, and it is in the lighthearted arena of play and art that she shines as a dancer and a conversationalist. Within a social environment, perhaps her most important asset is a sense of humor that is witty and self-depreciating, but never slapstick or juvenile, as she is far too sophisticated for that.
If the Greek god Zeus could be compared to the number 1, then his wife and sister Hera would represent the number 2. And like Hera, the number 2 is jealous and mean-spirited when other forces reach for her man. Because as gentle and loving as she is most of the time, her anger is formidable and another side of her comes out when she feels crossed or mistreated -- a side that can be mean and vengeful, cruel and unrelenting. She will claw her adversary to pieces and never look back in regret or remorse. What is hers is hers, and you are well-advised to remember that, as many Greek gods and half-gods found out the hard way.
As a partner, the number 2 is an invaluable asset. She will defend you at any cost and her loyalty is unshakeable. However, she is emotional and demanding, and expects to be treated like a princess. She is devoted to you, but she also expects you to be devoted to her. At times, she is a true drama queen, and when that happens you may know for sure that you have not paid enough attention lately. She is not particularly materialistic, but if you don't show up with gifts or flowers every once in a while, she will let you know in no uncertain terms that you are not measuring up. She will throw the occasional tantrum, but if you respond with love and attention she will make it up to you in proper fashion.
In short, the number 2 is a sensual, graceful, loyal partner who can be a bit demanding, but is worth the trouble. And there is another important aspect to the number 2. As the most intuitive of all single-digit numbers, she is drawn to the occult (only the double-digit 11 surpasses her in that department). However, the real value of her intuitive prowess is in the way she interacts with others; it is the true basis of her tact and understanding. Like a good politician, which she can certainly be if needed, she often understands the true motivations of others better than they do, and her clarity and her powers of observation often help others to understand themselves better.
On top of her jealousy, her vengeful nature when she feels mistreated and her cruelty when punishing adversaries, the 2 can also be critical and verbally abusive. Her ability to pout and sulk, her bouts of bad temper for trivial reasons and her extended periods of indifference can drive any sane person crazy. On top of that, she is capable of displaying the most illogical reasoning, and a verbal argument can feel like trying to slice water with a knife; nothing you say seems to have any effect. Generally, the best thing to do when a 2 behaves like that is to get out of her way for a while -- and then reappear with a big bouquet of flowers, and smile like nothing ever happened.

No escape.
The decision has been made, CLEARLY long before I got here.
I don't really know where to go from here.
Find your inner peace, write two songs before your life ends, and always show kindness to ALL.
Despite how it makes you feel.

My promiscuity is sacred.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

One's Valentine's Day

"I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya. Even left all my motherfucking hoes for ya..."
-The Notorious BIG "I Got A Story To Tell"

Today is love's holiday.
Much can be said about it, but it'll all turn into cliches.
So all I'll say is this.

No one can be a better lover to & for you than you.

Who my Valentine is doesn't and shouldn't matter.

Clearly with emphasis on doesn't.

I love and loved many.

The truest love is love for self.
Not narcissism.
Only pure adoration for all the things that make you an individual.

Though my music (especially projects of recent years) have been focused on "self-loathing and damage", I can honestly say I've grown to love myself even more.

I don't have to force myself to listen to my music to prove I love myself.
In fact, love is why I put music out.
Particularly the free releases.

At the same time, my self-discovery makes me want to keep myself.

Back to what I was saying about proving my love for myself.

Sometimes I don't need a reminder of my zounds to know how far I've come.
But the way I express myself and my overall exhibition of talent is what keeps me listening.
And makes me my #1 fan.

No one does it like me.

Knowledge of such makes me beam from within.

Whether there's demand for my music or not, despite who wants to listen to my newest and how high up they are...

The one I love knows the quality behind the quantity.

And can listen whenever they are ready.

"Live niggas respect it..."


My promiscuity is sacred.


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Pieces Of Me (Ashlee Simpson) lyrics

On a Monday I am waiting
Tuesday I am fading
And By Wednesday I can't sleep
Then the phone rings I hear you
And the darkness is a clear view
Cause you've come to rescue me
Fall, with you I fall so fast
I can hardly catch my breath
I hope it lasts
It seems like I can finally
Rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It's as if you know me better
Than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
I am moody and messy
I get restless and it's senseless
How you never seem to care
When I'm angry, you listen
Make me happy, its your mission
And you won't stop till I'm there
Fall, sometimes I fall so fast
When I hit that bottom crash
You're all I have
It seems like I can finally
Rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It's as if you know me better
Than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
How do you know?
Everything I'm about to say
Am I that obvious?
And if it's written on my face
I hope it never goes away
On a Monday I am waiting
By Tuesday I am fading
Into your arms
So I can breathe
It seems like I can finally
Rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It's as if you know me better
Than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
Pieces, pieces, pieces of me

New completion.
New era.
New balance.
New freedom.

E pluribus unum.

Sonic or not, I remain.

My promiscuity is sacred.


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Welcome to the next level.

The proper NEW title of EXISTENCE, since The All Seeing Eye (CH) gave ownership of all things to SEGA.

"Deal with it, muthaf_cka! All day real with it, muthaf_cka!"

The official acknowledgement of Sixes and their vigilante acts.
George, Dilla and the babies, do what thou wilt.

Sonic is now a priceless entity.

Black is the new rarity.
Gold is the new Black.
All owned by SEGA.

Divinity, restored.
Sins of the forefathers (and mothers), forgiven.

For further proof of such, read Psalm 51.

Then Psalm 23.

Humans have six abilities.
The ability to bless (left thumb) and the ability to doom (right thumb).
You now know.
From there, explore and discover yourself.

The official seal of financial enhancement of SEGA.


The actual currency of a blessing.
Given when one's left thumb is used.
Accessible by all.
Owned and operated by SEGA.

The next destination of SEGA.
Already paid for.
The trip and the stay.

Official SEGA members have access to these pins.
Yes, that's Blue Gold.

The cost to be the boss,  paid for.
Once you find the path of righteousness and prosperity, BE ASSURED that your life is in good hands.

Though there is a difference between women and Ladies, women have EQUAL rights.

(grins to self at he thought of Ladies, though...)

If SEGA indeed decides to leave me, there is a new Captain.
Respect •that•.

"Bow down..."

Members of SEGA also have these pins to wear.
It is how they can obtain goods without sayin a word.
"Walk in and grab sh1t".

The Egyptian submission of Nintendo to SEGA.
Also the clearance to leave Planet Earth.

"Here we go again..."


I'm him.

"Genesis does what Nintendon't."

What you won't do for love, is now mandatory.

Time to worship the aliens.



My promiscuity is sacred.



No introduction.

Existence is what we live in.

Existence is made of Q-Blocks and RSquares.

These were commonly named atoms.

Though we are all different, all things, living and non-living, consist of atoms.

You weren't supposed to learn this until the Eve-Ning of MY worship.

It would've been there where I would be introduced to God.

Sixes (immortals) were CREATED to protect Creation.

They live in Fruition.

F is the 6th letter.

If The Creator dies, they reign.

Their immortality is The Creator's 2, to them.

Turning their 6 to an 8.

Aliens exist to explore Creation to the furthest extent.
Humans exist to enjoy Fruition to the furthest extent.

SE = C
GA = F

SEGA forever.

John Nintendo is a wonder.

I am Charles Hamilton.

CH rhymes with "create".

Respect the technique.

My promiscuity is sacred.


Friday, 9 February 2018

Scandals and sandals


Radical Conservatism

By David S. Broder
September 25, 2002
The restatement of the United States' fundamental defense doctrine issued by the Bush administration last week -- substituting preemption of potential threats for containment of aggression -- is probably the most dramatic and far-reaching change in national security policy in a half-century.

But it is also part of a pattern of radical revisionism in basic governmental philosophy and structure engineered by President Bush, who is quietly rewriting the classic definition of conservatism.

The word, as this president uses it, has little or nothing to do with the traditional conservative inclination to preserve the status quo. Instead, it suggests a very bold and risk-taking readiness to reexamine, revise and restate basic tenets of government. It is a pattern that now pervades Bush's economic, social and foreign policy and makes this, in some respects, a truly radical government.

Of course, there's more.
Read the article at your own leisure.

What was once a secret ("Oh, ho! Whoa-ho!") is now a public spectacle.
Nothing is sacred.
The lines between star, celebrity and layperson have been eroded.
To some extent, I'll take responsibility.

But it all boils down to people having access to knowledge they normally wouldn't.
And the ones who HAVE such knowledge trying to retain their stature in "life".

As rockstar-ish as I've been, there was always certain lines I wouldn't cross.
The joke amongst Demevolist members is that I used to "cuff" girls.
In other words, start full-fledged relationships with females I should have an affair with and let the others do the same.

In that sense, I couldn't get down.
That would make me traditional.

But then, I'd cheat on them.
That would make me untraditional.

More than likely, the (for lack of better words) BULLSHIT I've been going through these last 8-10 years were all deleted scenes from "Two Can Play That Game".
Bka, karma.

So I'm not asking for pity.

But there is a decency factor being violated.
Revenge comes in many forms.
And when a woman wants revenge, there's nothing to be done about it.
All double standards aside.

I'll be quiet this year.
Play my guitar (of sorts) in a quiet room, until the neighbors tell me to turn the volume down.

Ask and ye shall receive.

When the time is right.

Notwithstanding the mainstream plans being implemented.

Enjoy your evening.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"Purple haze and acid raindrops..."

Chit chat with wrap, and rap.
My intentions as a kid.
Then I sat back with a Bic.
Decided "it's a wrap for snitchin'".
Then, that's what I did.
After getting my ass kicked by admin.

Add men.
Mad in.


I saved myself an entire entry!

I'll elaborate.

Yes, I have my ties to the "higher ups".
Close and personal ones, too.
Some are evident.
Others require belief.
But once you get in that three ring circus/on the auction block, I will make sense.

Every hint I gave.
95% of what I've said.

When I got in my "position", as difficult as it was, I kept my mouth SHUT.
I didn't want to brag about it.
Not only did I NOT want to doubt, I doubted anyone would understand.
Then there's the privacy issue.

In my early teen years, I SONICALLY gave... my "role" in these societies to THE BIRTHDAY BOY, J Dilla.

Without ever meeting him.

For many benevolent reasons.

And one selfish reason (😋).

Time passed.

I never forgot (about) him, but I still had some strange "pull" amongst the higher ups.
Never used it.
I focused everything I learned, was taught, felt, saw, thought about... EVERY SENSE... into music.

Still never said a word about who I am, to who I am to.

Time passed.

I took an independent approach to getting in the game.
Got a manager.
A lawyer.
Went through a bidding war.

"Made it."

Fast forward (button pushed to 2x).

Upon being accosted to take "the rites of passage", I denied.
Even in retrospect, I don't regret my decision.

I kept my talent and senses.

Only with the females I've sexually encountered (possibly The Chrises) do I share my "gifts".
In retrospect, THAT I kinda don't like.

"I'm too selfish; I want •this• and ~that~..."

Fast forward.

Like I did a few sentences up, I told people of my denial to "get higher up in the game".
Through songs, though.
I told a handful of people who either kept asking why I didn't "blow" or that I didn't trust in person what it was.

"Love Hate Revenge" rings gently in my frontal lobe.

Time passed.

The guy who stole my laptops for... a rather bullshit reason, gets pissed when I report them missing to the police.
Makes an Instagram post calling me "a snitch".
To add insult to injury, he uses a Jay quote.

I'm really at and on the edge.
I know more about him than he's giving me credit for.
I don't like my intelligence being insulted.
Nonetheless, I cannot afford to retaliate.

And to be even realer, I don't have to.

I get why some of you do and say what you do.
I just don't participate in your "dance".
My dance is different.
And even THAT, I don't want to do.

It is what it's gon be.
Just state your case, TO MY FACE.
And if you feel I violated you, SWING FIRST.

New York = offense
Cleveland = defense

SEGA = the game

This isn't me posting "threats on The Internet".
I don't like shit, I don't go outside.
I feel as though... whether it's my color choice, the HoodNews video or whatever... people feel as thought they can bully me.

Win, lose or draw, no.
The answer is no.

Don't start it, won't be it.

My promiscuity is sacred.


ValU, qUality, qUantity

(and blood)

To understand the above is to prepare for the future.

Tomorrow is another studio session.
For record's sake, I prefer to be concrete in my beliefs/theories/philosophies.
That's why when I got out of jail in 2011 I revolted against my 2005-2009 music.
As real as I KNEW it to be, I felt it wasn't as real as I was about to get.

Not to mention, a "real nigga" thought I wasn't doing/saying the right things.

Man, the more I think about this guy, the deeper my hate for him gets.

And so many want to be like him.

(blood boils as I drink coffee and eat Spaghetti-O's)

I am happy to say I didn't mislead when it comes to the existence of SEGA, as far as them being more than a game company.
Asia always knew.
Mauritius, too.

Mauritius, 2.

Anyway, whether I speak on behalf of SEGA or not, I would like to personally thank Steve Jobs and the people of Apple for giving me the opportunity and tools needed to prove such in a hardcore manner.

The only self-criticism I have of my music from 2005-2009 was the giggling.
At the same time, I know why I was doing it.
If you were in the studio with me around that time, you know.

Tomorrow is going to be a good session.
I'm keeping my eyes on God and my mouth in Satan's lap.

As SEGA continues to reign in my heart, mind, body and SpiritSoul.

"That's a hook right there!"

(cleans gutter-placed mind for below pic; though none of this post had a sexual undertone)


My promiscuity is sacred.


ReunionReminders (z, ?, and 1)

As written to the backdrop of the "Runnin'" instrumental (The Pharcyde, prod. by J Dilla).

Well, late 2011.
I SONICALLY gave ownership of EVERYTHING to SEGA.
Discovered I was having an affair with Bey and Nicki.
And got VERY high.
I was supposed to be getting worshipped, same time the next year.
Out of reluctant excitement and anticipation, I recorded a Gothic, yet charming tribute to today's MOTH, J Dilla.


And as raw as it was, this entry is gonna... do it.

I was reintroduced to George Massa and Jack Splash in 2009.
The bond was so real, my guilt for allowing so much time to pass without "checking in" overwhelmed me more than any thing (anything; AnyThing).
They became the focus of my existence.

Again, apparently.

As faces interchanged in my life (dramatically, might I add), I reflected on the mistakes of a RighteousBohemianHippy.

AKA, a 6.

Also apparently, everyone knew I was a 6.
Despite how HARD I claimed 3.

Fuck Trey Songz.

Said it.

Anyway, the paranormal bond I had with Chris Elston stood out as my greatest fault.

There's another, and GOD FORBID there's a camera in my skull.

But yeah.

Elston was my first *pause* experience.
And if it wasn't for our mutual contact through SEGA, it wouldn't have happened.

He said, out of his mouth, he was Silver.

the Hedgehog.

I couldn't resist.

However, I DEFINITELY resisted Silver being Beyoncé.

On some WRAP shit.

I'm just as shocked as every Apple user.

When it FINALLY connected that George Massa, the "alleged" Babyface Killer, was Chris Elston, my conscious was cleared.

But I figured I'd embarrass him MORE than he planned to that night. 
So I recorded "George Massa".
And said THAT line.

So George, I want to apologize if I cost you any bitches.

But as Drake, you KIDNAPPED all of mine.

Except Rachel.

(does the Diamond eye)

I love you, Mr. Massa.
The LITERAL Miss Thing.


(spins a few J Dilla produced records)

But today is Februyancey 7th!!!

Happy Birthday, J Dilla!!!


3PO, nigga!

My promiscuity is sacred.


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Monger blame

The love inside.
My ability to love.
My ability to look inside.
My love of my ability.

I feel it being snatched from me.

The greed of the listener.
The need (or lack thereof) of the consumer.

Fiscal kickball.

You can give 100% of ...everything you got and it still not be enough to survive.

"That thing... that thing... "

I didn't ~physically~ achieve what I wanted.
Let Jimmy tell it, I got what I came in the game for.

But I lost a piece of myself in chasing it.

(felt good to write that)

Dangerous games are being played every day with my psyche/perception/YOUR perception of my psyche.

I'm not as crazy and stupid as you think I am.

And though I tried to submit my self-control to *some*, I am still my own man.
I am a gentleman, but I refuse to be controlled.

Before the new year and after my laptops were stolen, the police came to my apartment.
There was a robbery at the corner store and the footprints led to my apartment.
So they banged on my door.
I answered and was compliant.

The dispatch said the perp had a red shirt on.

I was wearing a pink polo. 
They threw me against the wall and handcuffed me.
Until further details were given on the radio.

Point is, I'm not as confrontational as I used to be.
Could be medical.
Or just maturity.

But the love inside.
My ability to love.

...has been clawed at.

My promiscuity is sacred.