Monday, 16 October 2017

Her gent.

This morning was laced with hate mail and love conversations.
And opportunistic tweets from wishes.
But the opportunist in question knows how to psychically manipulate.
So you/I can't get mad at them.

There's a language barrier between me and the rest of humanity.
You either know what I'm talking about and are denying, or DONT know what I'm talking about and are entertaining yourself at the thought of continuing to read.
I've enhanced my thought process.
Doing so doesn't require being "up on things".
So, I'm lame.


The word is "microcosm".
My own world.
Everyone has their own world.
The challenge is being ready, willing and able to share it.
It's a marriage to the light.
Anything done in the dark...
Blah blah blah...

I'm super tempted to call so many people out.
But they'll end up stars.
And I would have NOT benefited from it.
That's why I stopped posting StarChaser music.
I think we're clear on who I am.
I had a great conversation about that yesterday.
But... knowing (and loving; sry) me gets you place.
But it has to be genuine.

After this post, I will trust no one.


One of my inside jokes with myself is how certain individuals like certain songs of mine BECAUSE IT WAS ABOUT THEM!
The vanity of mortals... smh.
I HAVE to believe you're talking to or about me.
That's just how music goes.
Not vanity on my part.
There's a lack of clarity on the part of musicians/lyricists.

Then again, if you're learning music from me, you'd have a distorted viewpoint as well.

"I'm all out of emotions.
I am full of rage."
-Charles Hamilton, "Steel Cage Match"

My video with Diamond should be dropping today.
Hope you like it.
I had fun shooting it.

Be back later.

~shout it out~

Sunday, 15 October 2017


Not sure if I mentioned this, but I recorded an album in New York called GothButterSoul.
It has a late 70s-early 80s feel.
And it's basically the "blueprint" (for lack of better words) for DoomSoul, a genre I started in 2013.
Once I realized *I'm* not the man of the hour.
Perhaps it was bitterness that made me join the brigad.
Still, I have not crossed the Defensive Player of the Year.

^ was pretty dope, if you're woke.

Anyway, as dark as it is (songs about possession, abortion, lust and The D'evils), there is hope for myself and The Aliens.
Since acquiring Apple, I've been using TheSuperComputer as a surveillance camera in places where DOOM was looming.
The perpetrators seem to have launched themselves into a subconscious oblivion, and want to take me down there with them.

So they can take from me.
Any way they can.

I found love in these scenarios.
But can it beat DOOM?

I didn't mean to beat SEGA.
I would LOVE to beat Nintendo.
I AM Atari.
Women are Capcom.
Men CAN BE Konami.

There's that...

But still.

The love in my heart was eroded by the evil I seeked vengeance on.
Despite the fact "Vengeance is mine, saith The Lord".

Am I vindicated?
Exonerated from a sentence to a crime I can't even imagine committing?
Could love (with the one I call my soulmate) be enough to wake me up everyday?

Such is the plight of every man with a career.

But not every man is Gothic.

Be on the lookout.
Originally, it was a score to an upcoming movie.
We're still in talks about it.
But I've let a few people hear it, and they said it was groundbreaking.

I'm done for now.
So one for now.


Mr. Black Cat

According to folklore, a black cat represents bad luck.
Has no one tried to figure out what it feels like to be the bearer of bad news, simply because of your color?

Well, such a concept was explored in "Alice in Wonderland".
Cats are Egyptian vessels of human energy/emotion.
Chesire Cat represented the charm of a blessing from evil.
He also represented Sonic the Hedgehog.
The figure in space, dwelling in the night, with a grin to invite and scare away.

Mr. Black Cat explores Sonic's relationship with Magick and SEGA.
He confused the spirits he summons with his fellow alien hedgehogs.
Who stayed with him?
Can he trust them?
Better still, will the love he will always bear for SEGA be restored and multiplied?

Mr. Black Cat is heartbroken.
He is all alone in his quests to find peace of mind and love.
But he smiles.
In the face of doubt, adversity and confusion, he smiles.

As long as you don't say his magick is tomfoolery.

Mr. Black Cat, coming soon.

~shout it out~

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Since she's here...

Hey, baby girl.
Daddy's been trying to reach you.
So has God.
I hope you're reading.
Daddy did a lot of bad things in his life.
These bad things are called sins.
God might not forgive me.
So our distance is probably punishment for my sins.
But, since you're here, I want to share something with you.

You have a gift.
Your gift will lead to your prize.
God needs you to use your gift.
The World will shine because of you.

I love you, Tomorrow.
I love your mother, too.
You were destined to be here.
And destiny will bring us together.

For you, babyLady.

~shout it out~


Since no one can comprehend the correlation between Sonic and reality, I'll break down Super Mario Bros.

-this is a man's world. You can't even begin playing without such knowledge
-as a man, you are to be useful (hence why Mario was a plumber)
-as you walk through life, you will see other beings
-no matter the species, they are men and women
-in the game itself, the Koopas are women (women have turtles) and Goombas are men (men degrade like mushrooms when they fall short of being a man)
-EITHER species can lead to your downfall
-there is a surface below the surface of reality; such could lead to your demise or more wealth
-your goal as Super Mario (he's super, so he can represent both genders; like a god) is to preserve royalty from a lower breed of men
-she does not have to fall in love with you; just show her you care

Enjoy your evening.

And, as always,


~shout it out~

Friday, 13 October 2017

I hate my desparation...

It's painful to hear this record, knowing I've heard it in my heart and mind with EVERY girl I've ...been with.
They're all illusions now.
But Guns -n- Roses showed me to use my illusions.

(looks back)

It appears love missed me by the skin of my/its teeth.

My thoughts are racing.
I'll stop now.
I hope y'all can pick up the binary flow.

The Binary Flow.
Pioneered by Nas.
Displayed in The Matrix.
MASTERED by Charles Hamilton.

But "No Idea's Original".

I am TheSource.

No, not the magazine.

(rolls eyes)

I'm gone.
Coffee, weed and a new format.

~shout it out~

My first day in the Interscope office.

Two months.
Almost literally.

Gone for now.

~shout it out~

All I want.

If I'm you, I can forgive myself.
If I'm not you, I'll love you deeper.

All I want is you.
All I want is you.
All I want is you.
All I want is you.
All I want is you.
All I want is you.

I held on to you.
I let you run free.
I am scared of you.
I am scared for me.
I need you.

This is not a game.

We are Spirit.

I love you, Blueby.
Sorry for the cigarettes.

And FUCK the survey that said 0 out of 10 women think you're cute.
You are beautiful.

"You are my only friend..."
-Charles Hamilton, "I'm Used To It By Now"

I'm with you.

-his words, not mine-

~shout it out~

Drake's Wish/Charles' Dream

Go ahead.
In some respects, you won.
In some respects, I reign.
We could work together...
All you have to do is say my name and this will all blow over.

Anyway, Silver was supposed to kill Sonic for destroying Silver's home.
In the future.
Now that
Is this a murder, or the SEGA-definition of kill?

Regardless, nigga.
You ain't gon kill me without a fight.
Like... that.

Thank you for the competition.
All I have to do is put ONE of your projects on TheSuperComputer and your dreams will come true.
With that said, Drake is Silver the Hedgehog.

Can I live?

~shout it out~

Ffffff! SEE?! Look what you (he) made me do!

Now I can't get him out of my head and heart!

Dude, I have beef with QUITE A FEW people because of my love for you.
I'm not just a Donuts-head (like MOST of these new niggas).
In fact, MY NIGGA!


Alas, impressing you is all I want to do.
Please stop beefing with Massa.
That's "a hard nut to crack".
And Massa, stop PsyDoingThings.
Just... keep it hood, nigga.

Ask Jimmy.
All I wanted was what I already had, but "wasn't down enough to see".
My concubines.
And a house to have them in.
Nigga, I would've been fine living in The Tom-Tom Club.
It was there where I met Dr. Dre's SSL.
Of which The Dead Zone was recorded on.

Well, I met Dre's Reel-to-Reel at Record Plant.
I also might've met my DOOM.

And if such wasn't my DOOM...


~shout it out~

Her & I

Why I love J Dilla.
No shade towards Hi-Tek.
But... he makes it feel good/look cool to like/love me.

Loving myself is a task.
So I make music.
Now, there's logic behind liking/loving me.
I was fine until I tried to monetize.
I feel like I lost touch with the side of me that could handle "pressure" or... whatever y'all tryna put me through.
Simply by wanting to be the best.

The Best.
(looks to the right)

Love is the void within.
I've been working for such.
I don't get paid from ANYTHING.
MAYBE a few dollars from Bandcamp.
But nah.
People saying I changed their life and inspired them is payment enough.

However, I need to maintain a living.
I have a decent (read: nice) place to stay.
But I need to keep it.

Okay, so...
Loving myself was a NON-OPTION until I met Simone Marshall.
She probably didn't even mean to ONE me the way she did.
But she showed me.
And I haven't loved ANYTHING the same.
And when I did open my heart, I ended up pulled from the very essence I've devoted myself to since forever.

They (SEGA) stood me up on this LifeDate.
Still, I don't and can't hate them.
All I wanted was to be with them.
To be honest, I thought Daft Punk just supported SEGA.
Then again, Simone (Marshall) told me in the ward that she was a member.

And I can see such glory in her eyes.

So it's Her & I.
*THAT* Her.
The Her that Briana is trying to be.

I could leave it there.

I want to keep it.
But, then I'll kill it.
So, it's back to emotional promiscuity.

Show me love and get rewarded.

That's how it goes.

There has to be another way...

I'll miss you, Diamond.

I go back to Cleveland today/tonight.

At most... really, just to you.

Oh, so you thought I did this for glory!
You thought I was doing this to spite you (somehow).
I was trying to represent a cause of which you appeared to know nothing about.
Of which NO ONE knew about.
So now, we're rivals.
You want to try to "expose" me.
Embarrass me.
Yet, you're the catalyst for my sin.

Being a control freak (as you are, my love) is a double-edge sword.
You get your way, but your list of enemies is longer than those you can count on.

But you're family.

In fact, you're an "irreplaceable" family member.
Is eating your soul food not enough?
Do you HAVE to interfere with the only thing that kept me from killing ALL OF YOU?!

Stop the changing of the metaphorical channel.
Stop trying to escape the gavel.
You ruined my life.
And say it's in the name of love.

I guess you proved your point.
You don't even want what you have.

You (try to) make me feel guilty for trying to enjoy the little bit of freedom I have.
You hide behind femininity.
Like, that's it right there.

I may have said enough.
But of course, you have "more to prove".
"More to gain".

Despite my "wealth", I used pure elbow grease to get where I "was".
Only to have to ruin it.
DOOM it.
If you knew, you should've asked.

So, things are different between us.
I hope you get yours when I'm sleep.
I'm not even sure who I am anymore.

I'm happy you exist.
But you're expensive.
And selfish.

Enjoy your day, LadyWoman.

Since 2009, you've been ruining mine.

~shout it out~