Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fruit of the Loom

Smile as a skull.
Frown as a bull.
I heard you in my sleep.
I felt you in my nightmares.


I can't finish this.


~shout it out~

Delayed driller

She was uncertain.
Even in her reign.
He made her believe in the abscence of pain.
She gave him everything.
In his acscence, he became the pain.
Then he reappeared.
Closer to her than her brazzier.
And then he became the pain.
The implication of his wrath was enough to make her fragile self shatter.
She used his cum as the glue to put herself back together.
All seemed right.
Until he became the pain again.
Her idol was once the object of her fantasies.
And yeah, there was him.
But her idol and her *him* flew off together.

Now here she is.
Cumfilled and heartbroken.
She bears the scent of his cologne.
She can't help but smile when he shows his face.
But now his face is everywhere.
And he's always smiling.
And condemning her.

Delayed driller, don't SUDDENLY know how you make her feel when she goes on a quest for love.
Without you.
She gave you her virginity.
You gave her your ass to kiss.
Fuck the midnight manipulation.
She needs you during the day.

And as for your newest "victim", she will NEVER be as beautiful as the swan you neglect.

Stakes is high, sir...

~i bomb atomically~

Axe puzzles

Jimi, Ernie and Eddie.
Every guitarist, Black or White, should strive to shred like them.
I have my own guitar style.
But I use my guitar methods on the piano.
Fun for soloing.

I need to touch a piano.
Or a synth.
It would be cool to jam with someone (some people), but my introversion won't allow for such.
That, plus I think I'm untouchable.

BE HUMBLE, screams my dad from the bleechers.

I know.

~i bomb atomically~


Usually when people say you fell off, they're referring to a downgrade in quality in one's work.
As time went by, the less you are visible, the more they say you fell off.
I was never visible, so when people say I fell off, IT IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON MY MUSIC.

I didn't fall off.
I switched my technique.
To MASTER my technique is why I stayed out of the public eye.
Can you blame me?
No one takes music as serious as me.

Except for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
They just have the money to not care.

I have to care about what people think about me.
My private thoughts are audible.
My private life is visible.
So I'm pretty ratchet (rachit) about being The All Seeing Eye.

I hide nothing.

But yes.
Caring about what people think.
They call it Quality Control.
I've read things like, "Charles should just take his time and release quality."
I do.
I just work at a fast and high rate.
Not my fault you can't keep up.

I really do only look for the negative.
It fuels me.
However, things have gotten so negative lately it's almost time tot take it past music.

Right, Kendrick?
Not saying I have beef with him, but there's some underlying messages in his music as well.

But I don't want no smoke.

I want to smoke.

My dad is making me go back on my medication.
I wish I didn't threaten to kill him some years back.
We would be a lot closer.

My dad has seen me cry.
I used to hide tears from my mom.

I want to cry tears of joy.
I have NEVER.

M•I•K•E•Y is acting up.
So it's time to restart it.
I'll be back on here later.

~i bomb atomically~

Pap smears with a mic.

Speaking from the inside, everyone is pissed at Donald Trump.
Not so much that he's being a warmonger, but because of who he is.
In reality.
His PUBLIC persona might be that of a prick, but the inside knows him well.
He's actually a nice ...alien.
He's not human, to ruin the surprise.
But he's being used.

Or is he?

Could this be what he always wanted?

Leave it to ?uestlove and Statik Selektah to answer such questions.

J Dilla, it's on you!

~i bomb atomically~

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Mitt Romney and The Great Debators

So the debate has begun.
Creatively, I have only listened to a few producers.
Not saying I haven't LISTENED to several producers.
But as far as being in-studio and taking direction, only a few.
I have my direction and I only want to enhance it.
However, I can stand to be developed.

And so can my StarChasers.

I'm debating on a project where I get samples from StarChasers, instead of (censored; for the sake of your happiness).
I have 20,000 records to choose from.
I just want to be close to you (musically).

If you think this is a good idea, let me know.
I want your favorite song to become OUR favorite song.

If you still love me.

I'll be around.

~i bomb atomically~

Goodbye can never be said.

So I get a call (psychic or whatever) from Nintendo!!!!! (of all people).
They are ecstatic about my new music.
They are also sad that I am no longer releasing free music.
Ironically, I am working on a sequel to a free project I released last year.

I Hate Trouble

This one is called

I Am Protein

It's gonna be dope.

Question is, do I want to make Nintendo happy?
Am I a Nintendo 6?
Or S3GA?

A few questions I have to answer internally before I approach this album.

Then, there's the fact that my "core fans" don't appreciate my new techniques.
And, of course, it's the MALES that complain.
A few females gave me some constructive criticism.
But the males are always like, "Go back to your old style!"
"We need (this and this) back!"


Alas, Nintendo is their God.

SEGA is Forever.

Shouts to The Rogers, The Chrises and Daft Punk.

~i bomb atomically~

Guilty Innocence official lyrics (BY OVERWHELMING DEMAND!!!)

(verse 1)
I spent countless hours and nights bouncing on grooves. Amounting to the Mountain Dew that all kinds of cowards and dykes would sip to be as nice as this. Get energized! Feel alive, while I penetrate in your mind. Demonstration, better than conversation (when alive). But then, it could end your life when you demonstrate how you could get down. Music, it's time for me to move in the town and shake everything around. So swing around. Listen to the 9th track. Baby, I'll be right back. Like this........ no, I didn't have to write this shit. C'mon...

I'm sick and tired of having to prove my love to you.
I'm spittin' fire.
My bad.
I just rule the world for you.
On this microphone.

(verse 2)
I go deeper than the cotton of a kick drum. Stop it (if you don't wanna listen)! I'm on a quest to get snares. Drumming in my hair. But not to keep me under. Just to get to the underwear. Let me grow my 'fro out again. Where? It's just how I feel. Trying to be deep got me Ally McBeal. I don't eat! But I know the law... I know what it is with the Holy Cross. I turned it upside down to make God show off her lip gloss and give me a kiss while I talk. Make it French. You made French people. Unless you made ancient people... but then again, ancient people have ancient evil. And that's why I speak so great, miss.

I'm sick and tired of having to prove my love to you.

~i bomb atomically~

Monday, 14 August 2017

Guilty Innocence

If you want the lyrics, let me know.
I went in.
Props and shouts to 9th Wonder.

I see you, Aubrey.

~i bomb atomically~

She's a StarChaser

This is more than a picture.
This is the sight of devotion.
We might not be a couple anymore (barely 6 months), but she was a blessing.
It was long distance, too.
So that kinda sucked.
But she's a free spirit.
Misguided by God.
Courted by SEGA.

Love ya, Baddie!
Hopefully you can find happiness.


"On to the next one..."



~I bomb atomically~