Thursday, 30 November 2017

Well, that is that, and this is this...

Not much to be said.
Nothing more to do.
What I can and will say is, my existence is a TREAT.
If only in the eyes of me.

Much has been done in the name of love.
My self-righteous suicide was long in the planning.
So was my public outcry of SEGA.
I'm tired of asking.
I'm tired of being treated less than the royalty I was once treated as.
But, I do unto others as I would have others do unto me.

And I killed myself, so now there's nothing anyone can do to or for me that I haven't done for myself.

I will return (to the blog).

It's time that everyone learn how to articulate without a crutch.

You have plenty of music and online content from yours truly to keep you occupied.

Best of luck to Eminem on his "Revival" album.
I want to deny listening to it, but love always wins.

I love you, Em.

I love you, SEGA.

Pardon my lack of desire to mention individual names.
Leave it to your id to make it difficult to express love to singulars.

Oh yeah.
May Sonic live forever.

I'll be around...

~y'all just betray men; we spray men~


I was gone.
Not alive.
But I knew.
Something I knew allowed me to return.

I beat death.

Fuck anything.

Now, I need a shower and a blunt.

Whether or not it's SEGA...

~It's Charles Hamilton~

From the desk of...

If I resurrect...

Better yet...

WHEN I resurrect...

watch your step.

good bye.
for now.

~kill you~