Saturday, 12 December 2015

"Such a fine line..."

Alien Sex Fiend wrote a song called "I Walk The Line".
Charles Hamilton wrote a song called "Down The Line".
Eminem wrote a song called "Fine Line".

The three of us know all about the borderline between good an evil.

This is my journey.

To protect Silver, I'd do anything.
To inspire Shadow, I did everything.
I simply and unconditionally love Sonic.
Silver is at war with Shadow.
Sonic is the referee.
Shadow is the ultimate darkness, who harmed Silver senselessly.
Silver wants revenge.

At the same time, Silver and I had a very public fall out.
Let me explain.

Silver was Jeff.
The invisible bully.

Sonic follows and leads me, so Silver became an enemy to Sonic.

When Silver finally revealed her/his/its intention, the world was already up in arms.

We kinda shook up the world.

Universe, SEGA is not to be toyed with.
Sometimes they make me uncomfortable.
When they take other forms, they mislead what I already know.

Which is dangerous.

I can see it's not me, but damn.
I count for something.
My Christian "upbringing" conflicts with my alien superInfatuation.
I just want them to be happy with the world at large.

I wonder if the fall of mankind is my doing...

Too much weed, I guess.

I can stop smoking whenever.
I'm just looking for something.
Maybe "what I'm looking for, cannot be sold to me."

Once again, Incubus to the rescue of a doldrums day lost in the wondering of the creative.

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Minutes away.

So much has changed his year.
My hallucinations are getting the best of 9.
Drugs love me.
I'm hoping I have a faithful baby mother.
I'm hoping having a child doesn't ruin things for future.
I am full of hope.

And desperation.
And despair.

My EP dropped.
I had to come around to being excited about it.
I really got stronger with my own production.
This time around, I just let my bars do the talking.

Jay-Z did a number on what I believe.
I don't hate him.
We just have two completely different minds.
Though similar in a few ways.

Homeboy Sandman and I are getting pretty tight.
So is me and mom.
I called her a bitch last night, after a glitch in reality.
I always blame her.

Reality and Livy are at war.

It kills me not to talk about SEGA.
All of my questions are answered, but there are still the curious and the doubtful.
I took it upon myself to convert non-believers into loyal subjects of the SEGA hierarchy.
Now I just can't stop.

Spirit possession.

I can do it.
It was what I meant when I said "If I have it I give it, only to regenerate it in a minute."
But my ability scares me.
As well as many others.

I slept on how gifted my mother is with dealing with the world.

I gotta do some promo stuff. 
Be back later.

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"Charles, do you really have a child and a baby mama?"

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Evil on fleek.

Got some friends now!
Smokin' buddies!

DJ Quik is criminally slept on.

I am the king of The Internet.
Resistance is futile.

My medication is actually a blessing.
I'm not mad anymore.
I just try to stay away from syringes nowadays.

They hurt.

My new blog layout will explain my new, self-produced music.
The music I don't produce for myself is basically just OD good.
No frills.

Maybe just old Kanye.
I totally get Kanye AD.
It's this BC Kanye I'm dealing with.

I'm listening to The Black Album.

That's why.

Yes, you're under a spell.
So many to choose from!
So many effects!

Just don't think about it.

I'm gonna yank one off and go to sleep.
In a world of my possession.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The AntiBot

I hate Rita's fans.
Mad dramatic.
I should fuck her already and get it over with.
It's bad enough I know more about this bullshit ass situation.
What's worse is the players involved won't take responsibility.

I'm mad bored.
My album is gonna be wack.
This EP is going to suck.
I feel like running away.
Gotta do this for mom.
A noble reason.

I'm just tired of the bullshit.

Hopefully I can smoke today.

(the above was written on July 26, 2015.)

As an afterthought, I mean no harm to the fans of Rita Ora.
I also have no plans (or desire) to fuck Rita Ora.
She was cool to work with, but I'm glad that chapter in my life is over.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Advice From The Streets.

Work smarter.
Not harder.

I share this advice with everyone who's grinding to make success happen for themselves.

I just made a thoroughly expressive beat.

Without busting a sweat.

So proud of myself.

More tour dates with Lupe to be announced.
He texted me the other day.

Gotta download WhatsApp.
We might chat more on there.

Sorry I haven't sent you the beats yet, Lu.
Been on a roll trying to make things happen for myself.
Whilst not working myself to death.

Back to the beat. Or beats.

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Root canal.

Back in he dentist chair.
Didn't realize I needed so much work done.

Shout to Driftwood from KTT.
He broke down what The Byte could possibly mean.
Yes, I am making a conscientious effort to stay away from certain subjects.
But I am Gothic till the end.
The Byte is about being a digital vampire in the year 2001, dealing with my modern-day issues.
Losing my first deal.
Losing my house.
Losing my mind.
Losing fans.

A lot of losses.

Fortunately, "I use all of my losses to my advantage...".

Just waiting on the doctor now.
A damn root canal.
Over an hour of my life being spent in a chair, getting drilled.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Reaper.

Fear the Reaper.
Kill the Reaper.
Feel the Reaper.

Still in production, but I might post the lyrics to some of the songs.
So proud.
Production is intense!
Lyrics are on point!
Tons of magick.

None of the music out nowadays peaks my interest.
Except "Lean On" by Major Lazer.

At a business meeting.

More to come.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Road tripping.

Beautiful day has come to an end.
Went on a road trip with some family.
Including MC Lyte.
Awesome day.
Pics are on Instagram.

My new favorite song of mine is called "That!".
Produced by yours truly.
It's like no other song I've produced for myself.
Uptempo and dark.
Something that probably belongs on Unforgiven.

Lyte's puppy is so cute.

Long day.
I'm tired.
I'll check back in tomorrow.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Lighting fixtures.

I wish everyone would stop worrying about the damn Illuminati.
There's rich and there's poor.
There are secret societies.
Not every member is rich.
Why do you need to know so much?
The more you know, the bigger the danger.

There is nothing to avoid.
Just respect the creator.

Madonna did make it hot, tho.
She said she doesn't mind the artists behind Tidal being considered The Illuminati.
That just makes everyone paranoid.

She probably just said it for shock.

I once recorded in a studio that was once a Freemason temple.
That was pretty cool.
It was cold as hell in there.

I now see that putting Dilla's name behind anything is a marketing tool.
So I'm sorry I put the family through that bullshit.
I just wish there was a way to express my love for his work without starting any No Fly Zone beef.

Just left the dentist again.
Gotta get a root canal.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Drums please!!!!!!

Faded in Los Angeles.
A better understanding of the game I'm in.
Not because I'm drunk.

I have to admit.
I work hella hard.
I want people to understand the depth of my work.
I guess that will take time.
How much time do I have left?

I saw/heard a dope cover of New York Raining.
Thank you!!!
I just wish the girl it was about would give me a chance to miss her.

No shade.

I wanna do my Sway freestyle over.
I wasn't all the way comfortable.
Mad industrial censorship.

I think I'm jealous of Fetty Wap.
Not throwing him under the bus.
I just... fuck it. Let him get his shine.

Spud Mackeneasy is one of the illest lyricists alive.
Gotta get him some beats.

Fear the Reaper is a classic.
About to listen to it now.

I'm glad my Starchasers like The Byte.
It was an experimental project.
It's about being ancient in a digital era.

More stuff to come.

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Still on the road...

Lupe shouted me out.
Awesome feeling!
Loving the responses from the crowd after I perform.
Means a lot to me, considering the fact I'm not all that confident about the music.
It's no ones fault.
I just prefer to rock over my own production.
I'm playing the game this time around.
Also this time, my older music is pushing me forward.
I guess I'm a Starchaser now.

I didn't realize how many people have been affected by my music.
A serious oversight.
I just doubt I can recapture such a feeling over this insanely pop ass production.

Maybe I just need to go harder.
Like, I don't know how Canibus and Lupe are able to deal with this soulless production.
More so Lupe.
Food and Liquor had so much soul.
And his freestyle on Sway in the Morning was to a soul beat.

I take note of these kinds of things.

I think I'm starting to like the KTT forum.
They just jump to conclusions about my creative ability.
I'm glad I'm not on Facebook anymore.
I'm tired of fighting with people who don't know me or my music.

At the time of me writing this blog, it's still private.

That won't be the case for long...

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Friday, 12 June 2015

On the Road With Lupe

We may or may not do a song together.
He's very busy.
Also very cool.
I fell in love with Nikki Jean.
I been making myself proud with my live set.
I gotta stop smoking cigarettes.
Bad for breath control.

My music is getting progressively more positive.
That's my compromise.
I just went incredibly hard from 2012-14.
Fear and Kill the Reaper have the darkness tho.
I hope it'll drop soon.
I'm confident in the EP. 
The Black Box.
I just want my sound and technique to hit the surface.

Shout out to ASAP MOB. 
"We got two different styles, but we both down. And some things we didn't know, we know now..."

Spud Mack is possibly one of the illest cats on the underground. DEFINITELY be on the lookout for him.

There is a strong chance Kid Cudi will be on the album.
I think I might only write verses for features.
Just to keep KTT happy.

I am currently in an SUV, driving to Las Vegas.
I plan to post the lyrics to my music, so you can check out the word and letter play.

My darkest song is called "Entitled Title". 
I said some gay shit on there.
Though I'm not ashamed, nor do I regret it, I'm not gay.
Just exploiting how gay the music business can be.

At least Turn First doesn't get down with that gay shit.

As a rape victim, I felt I was entitled to experiment with my sexuality.
I plan to go deeper into this subject in the future.
I am not ashamed.
I stand up for rape and bullying victims.

Don't judge me.

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Coffee and Corona

In London.
Up early.
Another big performance.
I'm starting to like this shit again.
Mad new beats.
Mad new songs.
Proud of New York Raining.

I wish my fans would get my lyrics right when they quote them to me.
My favorite project from 2013 was StHZero: The Death of Charles Hamilton.
I went in.
Dead ass died as Sonic.
Congratulations to my best friend Tyrone aka Black the Beast on his first child, Ezra.

Busy morning. Gotta run.

Wrote this entry on my iPhone. 
I'll tag it later.

This blog entry was written May 25th, 2015, and I'm just now tagging it, on March 4th, 2016.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Censored Magic

I'm in the studio.
With my cousin Marquis.
And my best friend George Massa.
I wish things were as simple as they were in 2009 when I met him.
As if I only met in him 2009.
He's a lyrical genius.
It was a pleasure to see him write.
I've always been curious as to how he does it.
Marq is a genius too.
He wrote a brilliant hook.
The beat was made with no samples.
I struggle with finding my own, non-complicated melody.
Such is why I somewhat envy DJ Mustard.
Simple melodies, heavy bass, pop drums.
My beats (without samples) require deep thought.
Back to work.

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

To Be A Butterfly

I just performed at Boston College.
Opened up for Ludacris.
Was pretty cool.
I'm getting more confident being on stage.
It's weird performing New York Raining without Rita.
The crowd was live as fuck.
Glad to be here.
So much to try to achieve.
My mom's health is declining.
That kinda sucks.
So hopefully I can achieve something big before she has to go.
I'd be worse than Kanye if my mother passes.
Shit's getting really real for me.
I'm in an airport bathroom.
Gotta roll.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New favorite song.

Everything about this song makes it a classic.
This album is amazing.
I wish some of my "critics" would take the time and try to understand my meanings.
The main critique of my psyche came from The Hardest Mixtape Ever; Muthafuckas.
I dissed Em, off the top, for an entire mixtape.
Which was hard to do.
And the mix was hard on the ears.

I get it.

Being a leader means you have to be compassionate to those who won't catch you quickly.
But I'm advancing by the second.
I guess I have to go back to... going back.


Guess I gotta keep evolving.

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Well-informed Anarchy

When you're in the light, the darkness seems feeble.
When you reach the darkness from the light, nothing else matters.
The dark side has embraced me.
But I am in the light.
So the beacons of light in the darkness (eg. MF DOOM) "chronicle" my path.

Stay righteous.
It is not a mystery how.
Believe in yourself, keeping in mind the divine deities that follow you.

Against your will.
Without your knowledge.

Only a breath away.

My writing style and delivery have evolved.
I'm proud of my new music.
I'm just not sure about how much of what you NEED (musically) being given to you.

What you want is very much in the stash.
So is what you need.

Sometimes you get what you need, in the form of something you detest.
But you've asked for this.


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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Fight For Your Soul

I almost walked away.
I truly love my management team.
But it seemed like they didn't like my original production.
So we had a fall out.
A lot of details being left out.
But with all the compromise we both respectfully made, it was destined to reach a point.
I blame my fans.
I spoiled them.
They expect raw soul, all the time.
They don't know what they already have.
I sincerely hope they listen and take heed to my wisdom,
"as ripe as it is."
I wish everyone who samples knew the compromise of the business side.
They don't want to take your soul.
They don't want to take the soul of the people.
I was under the impression that they did.
And for that, I blame old school hip hop.
No one wants to water something down.
But sometimes they can see things about a project that we (the artist) can't.

I'm not looking forward to performing.
Nothing due to management.
I don't like to be seen.
There is a higher reason why.
I guess I have to come out of that shell.

Everyone is asking about Sonic.
I am not being censored.
Many people made a very valued point about life seem like a punchline.
I'm very upset by that.
So is management.

I can't wait for the day you find out how right I am.
To ask means I don't know.
My lack of knowledge of self led to a rebellion that was so hurtful, I'd hate to be me a few years ago.

I'm not mad at Jimmy.
Stop asking.
"Y'all are gossiping gothically. I can hear you. You got to be Joshin' me."
My vision is about to go under wraps again.

People can't handle where I was going.
But those who know, understand.
If the whole world was in the know, there'd be no entertainment.

Accept what you have, as far as the limited knowledge you're given the opportunity to expound upon.
Don't bite my new format of blogging.
I'll know.


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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I never can say goodbye...

So to start, thanks for bearing with me. I'm gonna make this blog entry short, because I'm up later than I should be and I'm in London. But yeah. Thanks for sticking with me for so long. I'm sure I have a grip of questions to answer, and I will... just give me time.

New music coming soon. I'm very proud of it. Been working very hard. Nothing better than some soul in this electronic day and age.

New way of blogging, by the way. Expect that in the coming weeks.

Hope you guys are excited about New York Raining.

Yes, I still read the KTT forum.

Yes, I tweet.

I take pics for Instagram, but I don't curate it.

This is how my new blogging style looks.

It couldn't wait.


See you around...

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