Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Don't look for me.
I'll be around.

~~Charles Hamilton~~

Monday, 21 November 2016

As corrupt as Kurupt

Sometimes it's your own family members being the hater you try to avoid.
It hurts so much that you find yourself looking for their approval.
It's even worse when they can't even admit their disdain for you.
I've had professional haters.
I've had social haters.

But wouldn't it be a trip if it were all one family member?

Off subject, I've been trying to talk less and less about SEGA.
It's not something you just casually talk about.
Technically, it's a secret of humanity.

Now, to tie the two subjects.

My little cousin now knows how to work the subconscious/use his 3rd eye.
Which is good.
But he's super self-righteous.
So he does things in the subconscious to victimize others.

Just like my haters.

I would pray for him, but he already sees himself as competition.
And I compete with God, so that rules us both out (as far as getting to Heaven).
So ultimately, we might have to fight.

But I don't want to fight him.
Not that I'm scared of him.
I just used to babysit this little nigga.
He was like my brother.

And he disrespects family, every time he comes around.

I can't have that.
But why fight?
Is that what he wants?
To duel with his older, more successful cousin?

Damn, homie.

Everyone wants to fight nowadays.
It's kinda redundant.
Then again, I'm from NYC, so I should be used to it.

Whatever though.
If my attempts at peace are going to go unnoticed, then Dr. King's whole mission was pointless.
As a family, we are supposed to stick together.
But what happens when a family member erodes the family's trust?
I've never stolen from family.
Maybe some quarters from mom when I was younger.
But that's it.
And yet the family still watches this kid's back.

Well, he's not a kid anymore.

With that said, it's probably best I leave him alone.
He (apparently) knows what he's doing.
That, plus he's still trying to one-up me.
I'm tired of people trying to one-up me.
If you're so much better, do what I've done and greater.

I know.
This entry doesn't make sense.
I just wanted to vent.

SEGA, wherever you are, I've been waiting to hear from you, too.
I just have several blocks on my ability to receive messages from you.
Let's work on that.

~follow the buzzards~

Friday, 18 November 2016


I listened to The Roots' "Dilla Joints" today.
I'm still dealing with the fact that Questlove might be better than J Dilla.
But what would Q be without his bandmates?
Black Thought is one of the most groundbreaking MCs EVER.
Ray Angry composes something SERIOUS for them.
I don't know the guys' names individually, but that's a good thing.
They work as a cohesive unit.

But Jay Dee was a force of his own.

Madlib makes beats for writers.
If you can freestyle to his shit, sure.
That's cool.
But exercise your pen (and -pin) when it comes to Madlib beats.

MF DOOM is simply for listening.
Don't try to rap to an MF DOOM BEAT.
You will have your ass handed to you.

Back to "Dilla Joints".

I'm crazy about this album.
I love it when I listen to Dilla beats and don't know the title.
It's like he's creating the beat, right there on the spot.

Is that a good thing, for the listener?

I'm not here to judge Mr. Yancey (with his fine self).
I am here to say that his music will live forever.
And I want to be a catalyst for Dilla's ultimate return to existence.

I love you, J Dilla.
I hope all is well.
House Shoes, you showed your true colors.
But I respect your hustle.
I have no beef with Hex or Trick Trick.
I want to be able to go to Detroit one day and smoke with Royce da 5' 9".
Maybe even Em.

Em owes me a joint.

Whatever, though.

"Dilla Joints" is a classic.
Pick it up.
iTunes, nigga.
Or, crate dig.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

One day, I'll post the lyrics.

I love women.
I have a girl.
But as of right now, I'm out of EVERYONE'S league.

I don't care how bad you are.
Appreciate me.
For the beauty I took too long to appreciate about myself.

In other words ladies, holla.

That was a message I left for myself in 2008.

I guess... I'm good.

Shouts to Sha-leik.

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Could be worse...

I feel like uploading me flushing the toilet.
With my poop in it.
That's just how I feel.
But, it couldn't be worse.

You could probably relate.

~follow the buzzards~

Contained and contaminated.

As soon as the medication kicks in, everyone wants to wyle out.
Granted I didn't really go anywhere growing up.
But now look.
This already bugged out world wants to lose complete control.

However, who am I to complain?
I asked to lose the kind of control I had.
Granted I wanted to lose it with a lady.
But now look.
I have a Christian girlfriend.

Who moonlights as one of those who wyle out.

I'm guessing this is an initiation.
See how much I can take before I reevaluate how down I am.

"We Boyz N Da Hood, and nigga you lil' Trey!"
-Rick Ross

Let me take some advice and not actually mention what's bothering me.
Or something of the sort.

Stop it, graveyard.
They'll never be prepared for the uprising...

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

To do it.

In 5th grade, I wrote a suicide letter.
My teacher found it and called my mother.
Who booked me for therapy.
The doctor, who's name was Ellen (I can never forget), gave me advice that I kept me with me since then.
The next day when I went to class, my teacher pulled me outside and said, "Don't you feel stupid for being suicidal?!"
I guess it was tough love.

But I had my biggest orgasm when I carved my arms.
Years later.

Heroin and I are distant relatives.
He's hard on me.
Just like Mr. Jean-Claude.
But it makes me want to live.

The concept behind the song "Negative Zero" was being so wrapped up in self-loathing that you start to feel good.
But when pleasure comes, you're so below that you want to die.

Happiness is an illusion for me.
Even with SEGA existing (both in my life and in existence), it just makes me want to hurt.
Either myself or an intimidating Black man.
I'm not a fighter.
But I believe in a different kind of warfare.

Too bad women are the casualties.

So I guess the lack of "force" on my debut album makes the album gentle enough for women to consume.
Lyrically, it's some of my darkest work.
It's personal.
It's fun.
And I trust The Invisible Men, so you should be in for a treat.

If you buy it.

Then I have to do it.

The "it" of which Dilla and Halo have mastered making me do.

I love you, Halo!!!
Thank you for your friendship and inspiration.

And Dilla, you mean everything to me.
I just have to focus on me now.

But then, there's mom.

What did my mom know about me that I am just finding out?

I know there's a reason she didn't want me out after a certain hour.
I hope to appreciate it one day.
I hold a lot of resentment towards her.

Reading that just

May God treat my mother fair in Heaven.
She DID have the Holy Ghost (as evidenced by speaking in tongues), was baptized, and, in the religion I grew up in, that's how you get to Heaven.

Unless she was sent to Hell for how she used to treat me.

Unless Eminem is/was the catalyst for me falling out with my mother.
Which would mute me for a while.

Unless my mother is immortal...

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"I've got to tell... you..."

Right away.
The retail album is coming.
I am co-producing more than half of the album.
All the verses are written (happy, KTT?).
No features.

December 2nd.

I'm not all the way sure there will be a physical release.
No one is buying CDs, and Apple is good for publishing.
But still.

I don't think I'll smoke again until after the album is released.
Gotta stay focused on the pressure.
But damn.

The album is only weeks away...

I'll check with management about posting the tracklisting.
I'm doing EVERYTHING by the book, this time.

But in my defense, I was only rebelling against the unjust in my early years in this business.

I think I might owe Drake another apology.
And then I just won't listen to his music anymore.

For the record, I don't think he's soft.
I think he's a lot smarter than meets the eye.

Or has he met The Eye?

~follow the buzzards~

Friday, 11 November 2016

ManKind x Charles Hamilton

I hereby stand up and say Black people will not be enslaved again.
There's nothing on this American soil worth tilling.
It's all been used and dried up.
The only thing left to do is overload The Internet with misinformation.
Black people are already paranoid, so we need to work together (and not kill each other) in order to be the strength other races find in us.

Sciryl and !llumiN@TE (ManKind) are more than just the modern-day Dead Prez.
They embody the virtually Gothic truth about young Black lives being exploited, and the fight to keep one's individuality.
I was on the road when they first started working on their movement.
I've always known Sciryl was nice, but N@TE is God-body with it.
They compliment each other well.

Not because I produced 8-Bit Genesis, but this is like their most complete project.
I feel like they let themselves get immersed in the subject manner, and along the way they told a great story.

You can download the project at
I recommend you buy it.

And, lest we forget, December 2nd is the release date of "Hamilton, Charles".
Check it out!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

~follow the buzzards~

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Some fans...

I'm aware that some of my fans make music.
No problem.
I'm aware that some of my fans make music to MY production.
No problem.
I put it out for free.
But some of you guys cross the line.
If you don't DIRECTLY bite (or sub-diss), you do things subliminally.

Like I won't catch it.

Such is why I've gotten so much colder in recent years.

So fine.
Let me give one StarChaser the attention he's been searching for.

Jet Lee Jetson.

He's been a follower of my music and lifestyle for some time now.
He says he's incomparable.
And he's in love with Raven-Symone.
I don't have any links to his music, so you're gonna have to check social media for him.

You happy now, Tuna Johnson?
Your man is getting some press on the blog you think his blog is shitting on.


Today was actually a good day.
I DJ'd, cypher'd, and got an award for it.
It was the 2016 Rap-a-con.
Major shouts to Curtis Sherrod for putting it together.

I have an important phone call to make, so I'm off this thing for now.
But I will return.

~follow the buzzards~

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Raven's (song and lyrics)

I just let them know one thing: they can hold one thing. But I'ma let them go when that One sings. My voice has been making me climax. Safety in the sky, I asked. And God provided me with such. I had to give up inside of her. Probably through sodomy. She committed a sin, too. I guess my essence is so sinful. Give me a S, since my essence in the Ss isn't a riddle. Something that'll make your intuition giggle. Especially when I'm tickling your nipples. Or the ivorys. Tell they Isleys they in the past. Get behind me. I'm getting smooth when I'm getting ridiculed. Ain't nobody making fun right now. So how about "Wow!" should be the response...

I started smoking cigarettes to get sexier. And then these broads got pettier. The smoke got heavier. It's almost as if I'm a new Dean Cain. Or James Cain. James Dean. James Khan. Jason Khan. So many names to make up on when in a song. Joseph Khan, when directing the footage. Ain't nobody getting what I'm looking at. Neither am I, because I can't really see me from my eyes. So when the day comes when I get to spray "1" and see me, guaranteed I'ma "be easy". The easiest slut you ever met. Forever I can get you wet, One. Charles HamilTON. Land on my lap and make the land wanna crack.

I am so bad!
Yes I am!
Yes I fuckin' am!
I am so bad!
Yes I am!
Yes I fuckin' am!
This is for when I wonder about you.
You should be here.
There should be no wonder about you...

You won, Raven.
Just don't pull a Rihanna.

~follow the buzzards~

So long, Mary Jane...

After tonight, I'm vowing to myself that I will stop smoking weed.
I know too much to be this forgetful.
And, there seems to be traps for the high mind.

Like my music.

I'm proud of my music, but I know I can be immune to the impact.
Such is almost obvious.

So I'm gonna take a break from weed.
After tonight.

I might make some crazy beats.
I might even record.
But I think it's best I have a sharper, even more focused mind.

Starting tonight. 
After I roll this next joint.

"Meet me in outer space..."

~follow the buzzards~

Somebody else.

I loved "G.I.R.L." (from Pharrell), but I would love to hear a non-trap, new hip-hop album from Pharrell.
"In My Mind" was emotional for me.
I've always supported P.
I had several pairs of Ice Creams, and I have some of his Adidas apparel.
But admittedly, I initially slept on "In My Mind".

It wasn't until I was at Boe's house that I gave it an honest listen.
Technically, I was at Christina's house when I heard it.
But I was staying with Boe.

I changed a lot.
For those I was under the impression were demeaning me.
Instead of going to physical war (where I'm from, their actions were worth it), I resorted to Sonic warfare.
Not some Dragonball Z shit.

Ask 9th about Sonic warfare.

Anyway, I wanted Jeff (Hov) to see me as at least an equal.
When he lived with me in 2009-10, he was being an authoritarian.
My thoughts were wild, but my actions weren't.
Plus I had Woody living with me.
So all I was doing was thinking about how to advance and enhance music.

I didn't want him there.

As far as women, I've learned not to say names.
Each of them took their toll when each relationship ended.
I'll be in some shit if I have a kid out there.
Not on some J Cole shit, either.
I mean, I know of three women I came inside of with the intention of staying with forever.

My pullout game is official.
Until I fall in love.

I've been instructed not to mention J Dilla or how much I love him, by management.
Which is perilous.
It points into the direction of midnight manipulation.
Or, it could be the sweetest surprise ever.

I don't want to jinx anything, either.
I'm not "flexin" on anyone.
We're talking Egyptian royalty.

This is a worship issue.

I feel somewhat cheap for even talking about it.
But the inner-Beyoncé (Cleopatra...) within me is allowing me to believe that someone cares.
And understands.

Shouts to my cousin Mar-Q.

~follow the buzzards~

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Difficulty setting

It seems I'm making life more difficult for the higher-ups.
I haven't asked for anything.
They haven't done anything (for me).
It looks like their mission is holding them back from a reprieve that I could provide.
Such is why I'm debating taking a break from music after this retail album.

I just gotta find my love for music again.

This whole thing has been heartbreaking.
People are lying about who they are to get my attention/do business.

If I had only kept my beliefs out of business.
But that's the thing.
I make music about what I believe in.
I've been screaming SEGA for years.
Even in silence, when I didn't want anyone making fun of my beliefs (school).
Now that everyone is onto it, it makes humans believe their entitled to be one of us.

Don't worry.
I have no plans to attack a random human.
It just is unfair to be something of a higher echelon and have to censor one's self.

It'll make sense in the long run.
I'm certain.

Until then, I'm performing this Saturday at DJ Con.
Both on the mic and spinning.
Take the MetroNorth to East Mount Vernon.
We'll be outside.

See you whenever.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Back at The Apple Store

If you've been trying to reach me via telephone, my phone shorted out.
I can't even turn the damn thing on.
Might've been an Apple way of G-checking me for thinking I'm God.
Sorry (God) for stepping on your toes.
I thought my eyesight meant I was some sort of divine being.
Guess I'm just a 6.

To the Almighty 6z.


Moving on...

So the retail album is finished and ready to be released.
December 2nd.
With a documentary to follow.
Shouts to Universal/Republic, Turn First/First Access and Red Bull.
As the time draws near, I'm getting slightly more excited.
My hardcore StarChasers get to hear written verses, the new fans are getting a clean and clear sound...
everyone should be happy.
It's just...
I've been doing this for a long time.
Making and performing music.
I feel like I've been railroaded in a sense.
Because of who I am, outside of music.

My ego is in the way, I guess.
I feel I'm worth more than free releases, and retail work(ing)s are not worth me.
There's no price on my worth.

Except love.

With that said, I hope it's still all love amongst the mortals, immortals, Reptilians and myself.

In other words, I don't want no beef.

I no longer rule the world, Boe!
Every decision you make is valuable!


~follow the buzzards~