Monday, 22 February 2016

Silence Becomes One

I'm gonna take another break from blogging.
The more I learn, the less I want to share.
I'm happy for Rita Ora.
I hope her fans forgive me for finding them annoying as all fuck.

I'm getting more and more into original production.
Also known as, beats without samples.
They are fun to make.
For me, they just require less skill than sampled beats.
I go hard with my samples.

So do my inspirations.

Actually, I might blog more often.
This is therapeutic.
I forgot how fun it is to blog.
I can say so much more.
Even if my audience is me.

For now.

My poop smells like purple haze.
Might be a sign to stop smoking weed.
When I leave LA, that's it for smoking weed without issue.
But that's probably for the better, too.
I just have to trust where my mind goes when I smoke.
Then go there on my own.
Then go there, on my own.

Sounds easier than it really is.

The subconscious is a hell of a world to dwell in.

Christina is pissed at me.
I had a girl staying with me for a few weeks.
We didn't have sex.
We just got close.

I probably shouldn't have told Christina about her, but I'm honest with Teenie about everything.
Might've lost her.

Hope I didn't.

Back to the music.
I'm not sue when the next time is that you guys will get some more music from me.
We're trying to get this album out sometime this year.
Mad technical red tape.
And on the real, I want to give you some more of my self-produced music.
I've been working very hard.
Very excited about where I've been going with my music.

More to say, but I just got inspired to make some more music.

~follow the buzzards~

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Right out the shower

I think I have a girlfriend now.
She's been around since forever.
I just didn't treat her right.
I didn't MIStreat her.
But I missed her.
I hope she knows how deeply I love her.

Having a girlfriend puts everything in perspective, artistically.
Now I have a reason to experiment.
She knows I know quality.

My lo-fi music is meant for intimate consumption.
Hi-fi music is meant for public consumption.
I want the world to hear my music.
But on my terms.

Expect some changes soon.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

While, out.

I haven't been blogging as much.
Many reasons.
Then again, my blog is where I can talk.
So let's go.

Management has been both a boon and a blessing.
They really do care about me.
They just don't know what their doing.
I'm not gonna say any names.
Won't be fair.
Wouldn't be, rather.
They just aren't as seasoned as they'd like to think they are.
I could be mean about it, but love is the message.

I have a new production style.
Still influenced by Dilla and Madlib.
Just more video game friendly.
Retro video game, tho.

Prehistoric retro, tho.

Tho, being a HamiltonizedAbbreviation of "though".

Why did I have to break it down that far?

Because no one ever did, in contextual writings.

Thank you, Harlem!

Damn, son. My mom died.
I can feel myself unravel.
And tighten up.
I love her, despite my discipline-based resentment.
My nightmare about her is blocked by my dreams with her.
So, as hard as it is to cope with, the strain on my mother and I's relationship was drugs.

I'll elaborate further in my music.

I'm closer to Silver than ever before.
Or is she an enemy, and I'm stuck believing she loves me.
The might of 2, the power of 5.

Wait till I start posting the lyrics to my new music...

Chris Young (the rapper, from San Diego) killed some of my beats. 
In fact, we have an entire album together.
It could be more mysterious, but time is requiring a thorough walk-through of magick.

The whole point of me blogging in the past was to address the trivial issues in my life.
These trivial issues, however, started paralleling into the big picture.

For example:
HchO is/was in total control of Obama.
Because I wasn't living a lifestyle conducive to someone capable of being a leader.

Then again, Silver is/was in total control of HchO.

I digress.

No one in my life is an average person.
But the intentions of someone is never made known until the last minute.

Somewhat related, Halo and I are friends again.
So are me and Corpy.

So are me and Nate.
So are me and HchO.

I'm mending friendships.
I guess I just never went too far left.

About the music:

I have about 40 projects from 2014-present. 
As for the music you heard on the Lupe tour (Be With You, New York Raining, etc.), I do not own that music.
I don't mind not owning it.
This whole experience has opened my eyes to what it takes to be a star.
I have what it takes, I just don't need corporate backing.
Maybe that's the lesson Jimmy was trying to teach by telling me to drop free music.

Thank you Jimmy.

The Charles Hamilton Experience will be returning.
Believe it.
Believe in it.

I've done a pretty good job at ignoring Drake, haven't I?
The dude's been around for a while.
Well, so have I.

And I will reign for as long as he does.

~follow the buzzards~