Friday, 29 April 2016

Sound 9 Album Cover

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Smart Water

...and while I'm mastering this new sound, I found a new artist.
ANOTHER genius from Long Island.


Check out this album we made, just last night.
Special music right here.

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Johnny Quest

I'm on a quest to be a sound master.
Like Jimmy Iovine.
Like Jimmy Douglass.
Like Dr. Dre.
Like RZA.

This is my submission to TheSoundGods.

Giorgio Moroder.
R. Kelly.
John Williams.
Jazmine Sullivan.
Download now.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

"And I don't want no substitute..."

Today was a very bi-polar day.
Incredible highs.
Incredible lows.
Well, I'll be the first to report that THE SEGA REUNION MIGHT GO DOWN!!!!!!!!

This brings joy to every fiber of my being.
I see them around, but never as themselves.
So to see them all in one place?
As their natural selves?

I'm gonna side with Jack and believe that Dilla is still dead.
I'm gonna side with George and say that Jack is dead.
Because to believe (for the average human being) that Dilla and Jack (Prince) are still alive and with me is one for the birds.

But they are.

I just can't see them.

Maybe that's a good thing.


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Mastery: The Love Album

I recorded to MF DOOM beats.
I am greatly inspired by MF DOOM.
And not just musically.


You have pretty much signed your life away by listening to me.
All you can hope is that I continue.

That being said, this is a love album.
And it's exclusive to SoundCloud.

Shouts to Halo.

It's dedicated to someone, but I had to let her go.
For my new girlfriend.

RAVEN-SYMONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Vanity 7

I am not ugly.
I grew up believing I was ugly, because of the girls I wanted.
They didn't want me.
Lately, I'm finding that was a matter of patience and good ol' fashion "hood G".

I appreciate it.

But it left a mark in my heart.
And, moreso, in my head.

It's difficult to believe I am the ancient beauty that Egypt promised me I am.

With that being the case, I started focusing moreso on how I look in your third eye, when you listen to my music.

Apparently, I'm so beautiful, it gets blacked out.

I have my doubts.
Regardless, I do it.

And it seems to be enjoyed.

So, I present to you (on this Sunday), A Bad Representation of Ugly.

A collection of songs that celebrate my beauty.

If you believe you're beautiful, you can relate.
Download now.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Mystery Machine

Who told you I don't love the color pink anymore?
I LOVE the color pink.
I'm just not as positive as I was when I first met it.
But pink and I have a history.
A bond.
It all started in 8th grade for me.

My class had to draw pictures of our names.
Mine was black, red and pink.
With a little green and blue.
My teacher wasn't crazy about it.
My classmates had jokes.
But it represented, to me, the future.

Alas, pink became more than just a color.
It became a way of life.
Some mornings, the sky is pink.
Pink is the color of a woman's womb.
Pink is the color of everyone's insides.
Pink is the color of your brain.
So I expressed my love for the color pink by wearing it, all through high school.

Or, at least, when mom would allow it.

But once you wear pink, you have to identify with it forever.
In 2013, I felt more negative energy coming from me and those around me.
The pink within seemed to fade.
Red was a day away.
All I felt was war.

So, I switched to green.

A more aggressive, yet accessible color.

I can't say I'm all the way happy.
But I love Green.

Much respect and love to the color Green.

The mystery is, what color is force?

I've seen it pink, and I've seen it green.

And I know it's an element.
Like water.
But when can I see it again?

Only time will reveal.
Until then, Im gonna keep doing my green thing.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Worship Prince

Apparently, I ain't shit.
I get fooled, doomed, and bypassed.
Prince wasn't with the sh1ts.
You couldn't fool Prince.

Maybe he's the want meant for Egyptian Worship.

I've had visions of him at the pyramids, getting ready.

I'm too flighty for it.
I've been with too many women.
I'm two-faced.
I double-talk.

Or, I could have an opinion, and am too intimidated to share it.

Or, I could be getting censored.

Regardless, the man of the hour is Prince.
I'm not jealous of him.


Without Prince, I probably wouldn't be as bold as I am.

I'm just saying.
I can admit when I'm beat.

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Prince-less World

So today we lost Prince.
Not sure what to think.
I don't want to use SEGA to speculate.
Because I don't want to incriminate anyone.

But Prince was Shadow, and Shadow, though eternal, had a lot of demons.

I wish him well, though.

Death has been rapturing all the greats lately.
Obviously I'm still not over Dilla.
David Bowie was a tremendous loss.
Then my own mother.
It's just been turbulent to live.

Now, unlike most producers who are planning Prince remixes and mash-ups, I'm leaving his catalog alone.
Yes I've flipped Prince.
A few times, actually.
But sometimes the genius of an artist just needs to be left alone.

So rest in peace Shadow.
You're impact had been epic.

To his family, I know he loved you.
To his fans, he just wanted you to love him.
I don't have too much to say about this, so I'll just make this a short entry.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

For Twenty.


An album for your inner sinner.
Go with it.
Until it never leaves you.

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Be there.

I'll be spinning new, classic and unreleased material.
As well as performing "The Black Box EP".
Will be lit!

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Sunday, 17 April 2016



I can make you hate me.
I can make you doubt me.
I want to make you fear me.
I don't want you to live without me.

OR copy and paste the URL into your browser:

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Immortal / An Immortal

Originally titled "Party of Immortals".

The concept:

At a party, I somehow find out I am an immortal.
Complete with powers and super senses.
I start thinking about the people in my life, and whether I can trust them.
As the night ends, I realize I'm not the only immortal.
And that the others are with me.
I'm just not on their level yet.
Be it high or low.
I'm on my level.

Completely produced by me.

Check it out.

or, copy and paste the URL into your browser.

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ivy League Thuggin'

I never claimed to be a thug.
I just got fluent in Ebonics and street knowledge.
Basically, I know how to survive.
I've made my contacts in the hood.
I'm thankful none of them took advantage of my loving nature.
Regardless, I still claim Harlem as my hood.

I'm just not as hood as hip-hop would require me to be.

I articulate, and use my vocabulary in my verses.
Even with my sample selection.
For that reason, I'm very choosy about where I choose to network.
Now, I've made some less-than-wise decisions about where I network.
But they always paid off.
It may be luck.
But I believe in a force that guides me through the universe.


And SEGA is hood.

That I have to adjust to.

Well, in SEGA, and in the world in general, you're either hood or ghetto.
Hillary Clinton is ghetto, though she is hood at heart. 
She's Silver the Hedgehog.
Bernie Sanders is hood, and naturally hood.
He's Sonic the Hedgehog.
But so is Donald Trump.

A name that reigns heavy in the ghetto.

Steve Jobs was ghetto.

This iPhone I have was bought in the hood.

So when a hood like Harlem is being gentrified to be a ghetto, it makes for hard feelings amongst both sides.

I am completely ignoring Nintendobin this entry, because I feel they are to blame for overall world poverty.
And their solution isn't good enough.

Men, stand up for your manhood.
Say no to The Black Market.

You gain whatever you wish for, but you lose the vey essence that makes you a man.

Stay tuned.

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I watch.
I listen.
Actions speak louder than action.
So I stay drama-free.
Life is similar to a movie.
But it's far from it.
Only the feeble mind would believe movies are real life.
Inspired by, yes.
But not actually a factor of life.
Movies require thought, planning, resources and patience.
The good ones, essentially.
Good music is in the same vein.

But it takes a certain type of individual to be a musician.

I will not teach you (via blog post) how to be a musician.
All I can say is, be ready and willing to devote all your time, as well as sacrifice your happiness.

I wonder if the masters of music knew they were masters.
I've had several masters call me a master.

I'm honored.

But in all honesty, according to my iPhone, I am a student of the game.

Despite being the master.
Watching from The Skybox.

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Posthumous Dilla Releases

I will not buy any of Dilla's unreleased music.
My heart is too attached to him.
It's very hard to listen to his music lately.
I really love him more than just Donuts.
I think it's time I had a chat with Ma Dukes.
There has to be some kind of way to illustrate my undying love for J Dilla.

On a high level, he's with me right now.
On the surface, he never passed.
But am I saying too much.
I really just want the world to love him as much as I do.

But I don't want to share him with the world.

No more.

So I won't listen to "The Diary".
Unless Dilla gives me permission.

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Now I get it.

I just realized something about my fans.
They're young.
My "day one" fans are coming of age.
Some are supporting my growth.
But yeah.
My music of late has been very adult.
Only to the mature ear.
I can honestly say, deal with it.
I like where The Path has taken me.

I also may have completed the path.


"So follow me, as I put these crayons to chaos!"
-Eminem, "Square Dance"

I am Chaos, so I somewhat resent that.

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Peaceful or Pussy

I'm almost 30.
Being bullied in my younger years shouldn't affect me.
But it does.
I hate bullies.
But I always end up in situations where I have to play second fiddle to myself.
I think religion was based on bullying.
A mighty God/clever Satan, vying for you to do their will.

It's hard for me not to believe in God.
ESPECIALLY with such (the belief in God) being a J Dilla beat.

J Dilla brought me back to God.
Whilst I decided to make music on Satan's level.

But I'm peaceful.

I can get rowdy.
Without liquor, too.
But this medication had me second guessing my knee jerk reaction to stuff.
I could get into so many arguments on the day to day.
Damn near fist fights.
But I'm sedated.

I'm not sure how this affects my sex drive.

All I know is, I tried to overdose on lithium, and I fucked the sh1t out of the girlfriend I had at the time.

"My winks to you, miss..."

Regardless, men (nowadays) are more aggressive and ignorant.
Especially black men.
The success of hip-hop might be to blame.

Lately, all I've been listening to is old school hip-hop.
Like Whodini.
Yeah, NYC was wild back then.
They were kind of the soundtrack.
But there was some intelligence in the music.

Today is more concerned about ratchet behavior and money.

But then again, has things always been this way?

I try to bring a sense of sophistication to hip-hop.
I haven't really been caught up in too much drama.
In fact, the drama was never a representation of anything negative in my life.

But I work on a high level.
And for some reason, there is drama on the higher level.

I guess that's to be expected.

To the dismay of the rowdy SEGA, I have gotten more peaceful in recent years.
To the detriment of the peaceful Nintendo, I am not pussy.
I'm just sedated because of my meds.

To both sides, I don't want problems.
I can start some shit, but I'd rather not.
Especially if I'm going to face them alone.
And I appear, alone.

Unless you believe.

Believe in what? 

You'll see...

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ownership and Stripping

I used to own the world.
On some Secret Society, inheritance type shit.
Before he passed, I ordered that all due worship go to J Dilla.
Not even realizing that he's Chuck.
One of three.
Chuck, Charlie and Charles.
While Charlie remains quiet in this whole thing, Chuck is reining.

And it feels like he forgot about me.

Well you know what?
And while you're at it, strip my 6 away too.
If there's one thing I learned, it's best to not try to be a 6.
I'm surrounded by them, but I have no clue how to be one.

So as it stands now, my 6 is in limbo and 3 is broken.

If nothing happened to me, either by the hands of Jeff or by anyone else, I'm DEFINITELY still 3.
It's just, this whole 6 thing leads to greed and envy.

I know someone out there understands what I am saying.

You've been following my life up until this blog entry.

You probably want to hear about this album.
It sounds great, no planned features, and it's all written.

It's for you.

Lord KNOWS what it would be if this was something for me.

You Secret Society niggas are doing a terrible job of maintaining your bottom line.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

More Starchaser Music

Storm Watkins.
A longtime Starchaser.
Been listening to his beats for a minute.
I try not to get inspired by outsiders too much.
But his stuff is pretty dope.
Give him a listen.

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"Now deal."

I've made a decision.
This decision affects how many people listen to my music.
It shouldn't.
But it does.
And here I am, feeling like an attention whore for wanting more listeners.

There is a very special reason why my music "changes" when you listen to it.
Yes, all my music is mastered.
Yes, it's all mixed.
No, not all of it is lo-fi.
But accepting the fact I'm special means to accept all that comes with it.

Maybe some people aren't meant to listen to my music.

Yesterday, Chris and I (3rd Eye Magic) went to MTV. 
Can't get into detail about why we were there.
MTV has some special plans for its viewers.
But we were there.
Lol I saw Karen Civil.
Very happy to see her.
I wish her well.


This "retail" album everyone is waiting for is coming.
It just sounds like everything else.
It's not totally trapped out.
Sound wise, it just sounds like everything else.
No real dynamics.
Thankfully, I know the engineer.
The future.
Kyle Ross.

I just feel too many people are excited to become a consumer.
I give you lessons and wisdom for free, and you'd rather empty emotions you can pay for?

Sounds like the desensitizing of the world is complete.

Let me clarify something.

I mean everything I say in a song.
Even (and especially) when it's written.
But I prefer to do so over my production.
And when I'm on my own production, I usually don't like to write.

I'm like a Charizard with music.

A Charizard with Charisma.

Jono, we love you!
Just gotta get you a line of coke and some Hennessy.

I'm out.

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Friday, 8 April 2016

"Here We Go Again..."

I have found a new sound to get down with.
I'm proud of it.
This sound is profound, and it gets down.
So sit down, and listen to this sound.
And get down.

"Here We Go Again..."

Don't forget the quotation marks.

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Sweet delay!

It's been a few days since I last posted.
Just been record hunting.
It takes a special kind of record for me to sample it nowadays.
Before, I used to sample anything.
Then I got inspired to take things higher.
So now, I really dig for the records and break them down.
I can still make a beat pretty fast, but it's about mastery.

I have to make sure the record is felt.

I notice my flow is getting recognition.
I have Obie Trice and Jay-Z to thank for that.
Obie is one of the illest.
For real.
Definitely inspired me in 2010.

It's only April.
But still, I have a lot of music.
And that's not even getting into the album.

Stay patient.
I'll lace you.

I'm glad no one has asked me who I'm voting for.
Whoever wins isn't getting an 8-year term.
Unless they slay a dragon in the first 4 years.

Just my prediction.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bathroom pics

Belief is always going to be an issue.
I don't believe in anything other than SEGA.
Bottom line.
But that's not working in this industry.

I think I've outgrown the business.

I really don't care about putting an album in stores.
This process sucks.
And it's making me question my bottom line.

I guess my "doubt" became a weapon.
I'll never doubt again.

I just want this thing to be over.
I'm really bored.
I miss my mother.

I sincerely hope I wasn't lied to about having a daughter.
That would make my life complete.
And my family would be so happy to have a newcomer in the mix.

Meantime, my alleged baby mama is with some next dude.
Dude is ugly in the face, but he's got a stable living situation.
I guess that's what she deserves.

Again, whatever.

When am I going to find happiness for myself?
I thought I found in it my new music, but I still feel a void.
No, writing it down isn't going to help.

"Abracadabra" is saving my life right now.
I love Chris (Young).
I hope we can continue to make music.

I'm a little too empty to blog right now, so... Yeah.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

To Piss Off A Barbershop

Niggas in the hood always say Jadakiss can't make albums.
They clearly don't know anything about the game.
Or the sacrifices you have to make to get somewhere.
Jadakiss always brings his lyricism.
Producers are honored to work with him.
Other MCs know working with him will bring them credibility.
Label execs (minus Jimmy God-ovine) can see his worth.
But, to "increase the chances of visibility", they (the label heads) instruct him to make "accessible" records.

But what's access to a hood nigga?

All I ask from this game is, respect the tears of an artist.
Some artists are so gifted, they have to be humble (timid) to get to the next level.
Others are willing to sell their soul, to take the place of those who made a plead for success through talent.

The game sucks.
The "most intelligent rapper" is a global distraction from The Black Market.
The "hardest rapper" doesn't exist anymore.
There's only songwriters and legends nowadays.
Not a bad thing.
But when the songs of the songwriters are pissing of the legends, and the legends are trying to fit in, the game suffers.
No one has a bottom line anymore.

Lil Wayne has a point.
No one wants to be the "best rapper alive" anymore.
I have to be honest.
I don't want to be the best rapper alive.
I want to be The Urban Burt Bacharach.

Feel it.

Jadakiss is a warlock.
On his way to being a witch.

The -CH in witch gives you validity.

Acknowledge the magick.

Ya basdit!


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(and for the argument for barbershops, Kiss doesn't have a wack album.)

To the sweat!

Today is already hella busy.
Yesterday was busy, but today is on some other shit.
I have 2 artists I have the opportunity to produce EXCLUSIVELY for.
Anyone who knows me knows that's all I've been waiting for.

The first one hit home especially for me.
It's by Arielle London.
Called "The Devil's Mistress".

She's not afraid to tell her story.
And it's a graphic one.
I beg all ladies (and men with open hearts) to take a listen.

The other artist is this really suave Miami cat named SP.
He's a solid contrast to Arielle.
His pain he channels through expressions of having a good time.

Now, here's the beauty of it.

They might be the same person.


Or Madonna, if you're keeping score.

Worse case scenario, they're both Mary Nintendo, and there's nothing I can do to help, other than produce great music for both of them.

Sorry, Johnny.


(I love SEGA)

I see I spoiled you kids with high-energy, "written" rhymes in the past.
Y'all just want my energy.
Damn near none of you can efficiently break down ANY of what I was talking about.
So I'm not even gonna stress it.
I started breaking my bars down, and felt better.
At the end of the day, you haven't had to spend a dime on me for almost 10 years.

That's right.

Almost 10 years of free music.

And I don't mind continuing.

I just don't like when people complain about a gift they are far from deserving of.

Feel that.

Not for nothing, but some of you kids need to love your parents.
Stop looking to celebrities to raise you.
Eminem didn't accept the responsibility of being a generational leader.
And though I did, this generation is easily persuaded by material.
So all my work is for not.

I'm tired of staying up late, responding to emailing parents about what they should do about their kids who listen to my music.
Not because of the parent.
But because... my wisdom, though grand, is still teenage.
So it's not hard to "relate" to what I'm saying.

You just have to be in tune.

Unless ...

"You've lost your way! You should have nothing to say!"
-Sun Ra

I've been getting nothing but good reviews on all the free music I've been releasing this year.
I plan to continue.
Hopefully we can get this album out by the end of the year, so I can dead all the talk about me not living up to my potential.

These kids sound like my 6th and 8th grade teacher, Ms. Lati.

Of whom I would still fu(k the sh1t out of...

Such is a prayer.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016


I love SEGA.
I truly do.
So I hope this blog entry is received with love.

But I have to admit.
I miss being a part of the New York Four.

Me, Kesed, Sciryl and Halo.

We RAN New York.
Live shows.
Fly hoes.
Nice clothes.
Tight flows.
Like whoa!

I let Shadow get in between us.

I dissed Sciryl on a song.
I dissed Kesed on my blog.
And I can't even speak on what I did to Halo.

I have reasons, but they are poor, mortal excuses.

Or, I may have fallen for the seduction of Shadow.

I always respected them.
They are gifted, beautiful individuals.
But I only identify with SEGA.
And the Original 4.

Me, Massa, Dilla and Jackie.

Well, let's just get into it.

Halo is Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic's cousin and guardian of The Sun (through music).
Kesed is Manic the Hedgehog, brother of Sonic. 
Long lost, but in existence.
Sciryl is Knuckles.
A knucklehead genius with a bright future.

Now that you know who they are, embrace them.
And let them know I love them.
Because my actions did not bespeak of such.

SEGA Forever.

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Venetian Solar Breezes

I love women.
Women have made me appreciate my gift.
My gift with words.
My gift with music.
My unspoken abilities in general.
And lately, my music has had so much hate in it.
I'm proud of it (my music), but I'm sure you can feel the lack of love.

So ladies, this is for you.

The L Word: Ultimate
A testament to our bond.

Feel free to add whatever artwork.


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Saturday, 2 April 2016


Well, here we are.
In a world where the feminine energy is being abused by male dominance.
What if I told you that the feminine energy of the universe was SEGA, and that the masculine energy is Nintendo?
In Spanish, ideas in a feminine context end with an -a, while ideas in a masculine context end with an -o.
So the difference is even in our language, since Latin is a key root in English.

Corporate America is male-dominated.
In fact, Nintendo is in the fine print of all corporate documents.
Including a simple 9-5 occupation.

But where is SEGA?

SEGA is everywhere.
You just need to use your third eye to see it.
It looks like an illusion.

But fret not.
There are people out there who make it more than apparent.

These people are called gods.

I am one of them.

I am The Sun.

The very S in SEGA.

Jack Splash (Shadow the Hedgehog) is Electricity.

The very E in SEGA.

George Massa (Silver the Hedgehog) is Gastric, or Gas.

The very G in SEGA.

James Yancey (Sonic the Hedgehog) is Aeronautic, or Air.

The A in SEGA.

There are other divine forces (Daft Punk, Davina, Mystic, Talking Heads, Tim & Bob), as well as some newcomers (Jay-Z, Pharrell, Mike Tyson).

But we are not The Illuminati.
The Illuminati bows to us.

Unfortunately, Nintendo controls The Illuminati.

Nintendo is a product of Electricity, much to the dismay of the other members of SEGA.
Though catchy (as hell), the music of Nintendo is all frequency based.
The sights of Nintendo's gameplay are merely illusions for your third eye.

Technically, Nintendo is bad for you.

If you want proof, Eminem is Yoshi, and though his rage can get you through a tough day, his overall content is not something to bring home to the family.

Sonic and SEGA has ALWAYS been about love, no matter how "down" they get.

And they get down.

Your role in life is to choose which side you're on. 
If you find corporate dealings to be evil, then don't side with Nintendo.
If you find matters of the unknown to be evil, then don't side with SEGA.

Nintendo is all about certainty.
SEGA is a wonder.
A joy of a wonder.

Now, MY role in this...

I am aware I am The Sun.
But I'm not a hedgehog.
They love me, but I'm not one of them.

So who am I to SEGA, other than the one who loves them most?

Follow my journey through music (ie: read below).
The introduction to the Sonic the Hamilton series. In this story, I woke up one morning as Sonic the Hedgehog, and had to deal with the world at large as the beloved blue hedgehog. While still having to be Charles Hamilton. 
Set in the year 2010, I found myself falling in love in a library with a gothic Mathematician, while searching for the lost scrolls of Beethoven and Machiavelli. Based on a true story. 
This is when I found out I was the Apple CEO. I recorded this whole album on the Apple SuperComputer. I also felt entitled to a whole lot more than what I had already received. I also felt Apple was the doom of SEGA, so I was rebelling against a system that has embraced me.
I spent about 2 weeks embodying the evil(s) of Shadow the Hedgehog, fully aware that I might not make it back in one piece. Also, this album is from the perspective that I possessed Briana to punch me in that video.  
Ultimately, I died as Sonic the Hedgehog. I had allowed myself to believe it, making others believe it. But dying as my hero led me to ask many questions and make several lifestyle changes. It was here where I decided I would devote my life to being Gothic. I also reveal who the real Sonic is.
Though I died as Sonic, SEGA resurrected me. So I had a more positive outlook on life, and a greater appreciation for SEGA. But, who am I?

SEGA allows/allowed me to be anything I want to be. And because the last three letters in Knuckles is LES (the same as Charles), I believed that SEGA was telling me I'm Knuckles. But I don't fight. So either I am the antithesis of Knuckles AS Knuckles, or Knuckles is the spirit of my (real life) cousin Scooter, possessing me to do things I don't want to do.
After denying being Knuckles for a lack of comfort, I discovered within myself that I have more characteristics of Chaos. I mean, the first three letters of Chaos is CHA, the same as my first name. But Chaos brings destruction to SEGA, and is well-praised by Dr. Robotnik.
The ultimate inner-struggle. Am I the doom of SEGA?

The series isn't over. In fact, I may be doing this for a while. I just ask that you guys keep an open mind to the message and to the sound. The moral of these stories is, even when you can't find yourself, there's always someone watching.


~follow the buzzards~

Friday, 1 April 2016

Poor Sonic

Music has been abusing him for centuries.
Extremely high frequencies.
Un-natural low frequencies.
Exploited mid frequencies.

I have always taken pride in my skill with mixing in the mid range.
But in order to save Sonic from pending assaults on him and SEGA, I have to master all frequencies.

So the bass in my music (in general, but moreso as of recent) is ridiculous.
And I make the high sizzle.

But not burn your ears.

Listening to Dr. Dre and Beck made me want to master and experiment with sound.
J Dilla's sound inspired me incredibly.
Without question.
But before I got into Dilla, there was always RZA.
And Alchemist.

I find that the more raw (read: lo-fi) the sound, the more authentic the message.
But the message better be the most epic and clear.

My message is simple:
SEGA is the alien centrinical force from which creation occurs and occurred.
This making God a woman.

More on this on 4/20.

Mark your calendars.

~follow the buzzards~

Drafting out

I'm aware today is April Fools Day.
I have no jokes for you today.
In fact, I have a request.
Take everything I have ever said dead serious.
I think the issue is people think I'm a laughing matter.
Or, maybe you don't.

The duality of it all still gets to me.

So I'm gonna try working on the Maschine, despite my love affair with GarageBand.
It's just harder to sample on this thing.
I'll figure it out.
At best, it's probably time to start making original beats.
I just got sooooo good on GarageBand.


Today should be pretty quiet.
I had a blast last night with Justin and the HipHopDX crew.
We talked about music politics a lot.
Then listened to some music.
Shit was cool.

I'm going back in the studio to work with some cats on the album.
Just a different approach.
They want some records to tie together more cohesively.
I disagree, but I'm being a team player, so here goes nothing.

My day been started.
Probably be back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~