Tuesday, 31 May 2016


It really sucks to have no more room in your heart for love.
I gave my ALL to Sonic and SEGA.
I've sacrificed relationships, situations and ...myself.

And I'd do it again.

But I wish someone could be as devoted to me as I am to them.

I'm working on a song for someone very special in my life.
Over a 9th beat.

I really show up over 9th beats.

Very Egyptian.

I can't give up now.
I've got too much to lose.

But once again, I just wanna see some devotion.

I am currently in the studio with my cousin Black.
About to record a lil light banger.

I'll be around.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

King of BPC

Bowery Poetry Club.
My onstage alma mater.
I was introduced to it by Bred Wondah in 2006.
Fell in love with the place.
Since then, I've thrown about 3 concerts there.
2 solo, one with Yung Nate.

Last night I was a judge for their singing competition.
I had to leave early, but I found NY's official voice.

Ellen Winter.

Google her.
Get to know her.
She is absolutely special and amazing.

That's all for me right now.
New music, this summer.

And for those waiting on the Republic album, don't pull your hair out.
It's coming.

And if it doesn't, mainstream isn't the way to go.


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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Super Genesis

I just had a great talk with my soon-to-be former manager.
And not because he's soon to be former.
It's actually mad love between me and Turn First.
We just disagree with the seemingly formal practices of this business.


Anyway, we came to the conclusion that biology is the union between SEGA AND Nintendo.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Why did it come up?

Well, 96% of the music  you've been consuming since the late 1940s is and was produced biologically.

As in, some gay and lesbian shit.
Virtually satanic, but wholisticly wrong.
Wrong, because the parties involved lose their soul.

Sorry, Beyoncé.

Use your third eye to expose the fake.
I'm not here to name names.

But sorry, Beyoncé.

I do not practice homosexual rituals to make music.
Never have, never will.

And since using GarageBand, it's even more of a third eye experience.

So I have to be extra careful.

I love you J Dilla.

Sonic is God.

Iovine, you and I, 6 o'clock.


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When Wrap Meets Fact

There was a time I didn't respect The Weeknd.
I have a very logical explanation.


He was just one of many.
A Canadian OFWGKTA member.

Sucked ass to hear him all over the place.

What made matters worse, he was with Drake.

The Hamiltonian Antichrist.

As said with love.


I spent time analyzing him, only to find that he has a secret (within SEGA) he would like me to share.

But it's delicate.
To share this secret means to take away from his mystery.

Damn, Hov.
Is there anything you can't do?

The other reason I don't want to share with you who he is goes as follows:


You ratchet (rachit) coke whores had enough of him in the last 4 years!

Let me be late on the band wagon and just ride it until the wheels fall off!!!

I'd rather my Gothik cherry be popped by him than Frank Ocean ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!

Special shouts to Halo.
Keep doin' it!!!

Back to Abel.

His voice is the insecurity of SEGA.
Enjoy at your own risk.
You are not ready for what The Weeknd can bring to you with his lyrics.
His voice can be a lullaby, if your high enough.

But the production is what makes him so difficult to listen to.
But that's what makes it so genius.

Sha-leik already flipped a few Weeknd joints.
I don't like sampling modern pop music, but I do it.

As evidenced by the new music I'll be releasing.

Starchasers, it's time to come together.
If you really want to see me financially better off, I have some products I'll be releasing in the near future.
I need your support.
Don't worry about the label.
Don't worry about management.

"I'll explain later!"
-Jay Z, "Run This Town"

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Friday, 27 May 2016


Seems like everyone wants to fight me!
I know I can have I slick mouth, but I don't say anything.
I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
I even let things go/slide.
Still, it seems like the world has a chip on its shoulder about me.

Let's explore this.

I have already responded to Drake, Em and Hov.
I don't comment on trap music, as much as I don't like it.
I treat women fairly.

Damn, son.
Is it hate or just customary disdain for someone doing their own thing?

To my credit, I am a very paranoid individual, with much to be paranoid about.
Does that mean make me a target?

Or am I already a target?
I mean, damn.
Since I got in the game people been trying to take me out.

I must be as special as my mother would insist I am.

No more mysteries.
Let's get to the heart of the matter.

Whether I can handle it or not.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016


I am making some administrative changes.
It may be harder to reach me in the coming future.
Regardless, my email address is posted on the side.
I'm trying to keep this blog for a while.

I've got plenty of new songs.
As the weather gets hotter in NYC, certain songs will hit the surface.
I'm still looking for places to dj my music at.
I'm not getting discouraged.

I'm also very excited about Sciryl and illumiNate's ManKind project.
I'm producing an entire project for a long time friend of mine.
I might even be producing a solo joint for him soon.
It's just time for me to get paid for my production.

I plan to drop some Starchaser music in the near future.
My fans make good music.
They just need direction.

At the doctor's office.
Don't want to be here.
I'm not crazy.
But whatever.
At least I have someone to talk to.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Funk vs. Instinct Official Video

"First off, when mothafuckaz play this record, it better go beyond the computer. I want this shit in the clubs. If you DJ, I'll personally send you a drop if you drop this during your sets. Email me at cyoung@blueenigma.net for more info. Second off, this beat is bananas. The hook is groundbreaking and the bars are ecstatic. Thanks to Charles for the flip and thanks to Dove for the edit. Keep it real and keep shining folks. Funk and Instinct have officially collided."
-C. Young

This is an uptempo reach at having fun, despite a poor romantic decision.
The sample shouldn't be too hard to guess.
And I don't usually make stuff for you to dance to, so it's safe to say I want you to have fun.
Chris is a hard working Hedgehog, and I'm the Phantom of the SEGA.

This one's for the universe.

Expect some more new music, soon.

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Raping SEGA.

I said I want a reunion.
Don't act like you can't here me!
I said I want a reunion!

Yo come here!

...ato stop moving!
...I said I want a reunion!

I don't give a fuck!

You gon' give me my reunion!

...then bring his ass back from the dead!!!

Whatever! Give-s us free!!!

She exists! Now gimme the bitch!

I don't know the rest of y'all.

Get to know me!


Shut up!
Let me get my nut!


If you tell anyone, it's a wrap!

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Blankets In Hell

I've always wondered if there was a governing force over the immortals.
The supreme beings, that is.
I grew up in a Christian household, with a serious affinity for Satan.

I also have many untold secrets about my subconscious being.

This album reveals most.
If not all.

Fernanda, I love you.
But your love can't protect everyone from me.

Lisa, I'm sorry.
But I love you.
You've been warned.

God, eliminate me.

Satan, bless me.

SEGA, this is another submission to you.
On a worship scale.

You better enjoy this shit. I worked TOO hard on it.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

The Blanket.

Blankets In Hell is only one song deep.
I dead ass bodied it.
I love the song.
Everything about it is perfect.
But I don't have it in me to finish the album.

Many reasons.

Management wants me to write.
So do my fans.
But I say so much when it's not written.
In fact, my freestyle flow is more intricate than my written verses.
Alas, this isn't about me.

This is about the people.

With that said, expect a new project this weekend.
It should explain my new target audience (ahem: aliens :ahem).

More details soon.

Happy Birthday Carlito!!!!!!

And a very special rest in peace to my grandfather, Arnold Palmer.
He passed away today.

This has been a year of losses.

As I listen to Mastery: The Love Album, I wonder how many people can internalize my music...

I thought music, when it's too much, is a good thing.

I get a rush from music.

I love music.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Secrets and Lies

I have a secret.
A major secret.
It's about my mental health.
No, it's not that I'm not bipolar.
In fact, it's worse.
And it's only getting worse.

Is it because of my belief in SEGA?
Is it because of my disdain for Nintendo?
Or could it be a diagnosis meant to silence me?

I can't believe I'm not crazy anymore.

Read that last sentence a lot.

My prayers get answered.
Both from Satan and God.

My magic works.

My music is still the core of me.

But there's still something missing.

I don't want to be gay.
But all the things I'm saying sound like the testimonials of men who started playing for the other team.

I'm fucked up.

Then again, this could all be a part of the album making process.

But I still have a secret.
A major secret.
About my mental health.

Dr. Robotnik is real, for the record.
And deserving of my soul.

I just pray to, for and with Sonic.

Like an old school Freemason.

~follow the buzzards~

Monday, 16 May 2016

Stop playing!

Let me not Jack y'all any further.
I love and worship SEGA.
More than Kanye.
More than Sonic.
More than The Illuminati.

I can't really prove it (other than further carve).
But I do.
My existence...
...our existence is pending on SEGA.

Nintendo, check.

~follow the buzzards~

Production Prices

So here we go.

1 beat = $760 (non-negotiable)
A whole album = $4000 (I only produce 7-track albums; non-negotiable)
A whole album, plus mixing and mastering = $8000
A whole album, plus a verse = $8000, plus $600 per verse

I'm aware I should charge more, but I sample.
You have to cover the clearance fee.
I make non-sampled beats as well.
To compose an entire song IS negotiable, price wise.
But no less than $1500.

I am proficient in ProTools, but for the bigger picture, I have an AWESOME analog setup for GarageBand.
So if you record with me (and not in a studio of your choosing), you will have the choice.

For worship's sake, choose GarageBand.


(sighs to self)

To contact me about production, contact me at charleshamiltonreturns@gmail.com.

I'll be around.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rated U

For unprepared.
I am not prepared for sex.
Like, at all.
I love it, don't get me wrong.
But sex is the ultimate form of spiritual and physical exchange.

Fuck Bryson Tiller.

I always knew how dangerous sex can be.
For a year, I had Toya's rage in my verses.
After Toya, I was as gentle and doubtful as Simone Porter.
I'm finally getting my soul back from Christina.

Basically, don't run around having sex with just anyone.
Sex can cause an evolution within you that you were totally unprepared for.
I'm glad I found someone.

It's just hard wishing she was you.

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Blankets In Hell

I am working on a new project.
I've been filming this documentary about my life for Red Bull.
So, I haven't had time to think about a new project.
But here we are.

The concept is basically a testimonial of finding comfort in the damndest situations.

I'm excited about it, as usual.
I work hella hard on every project.
This is no different.

It's just gonna be hella hard to top Sound 9.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Here's a fresh link to Sound 9

When it comes to sound, I am a superprofessional.

~follow the buzzards~

A Pregnant Scorpion.

I am not a Dog.
I am not a Spider.
I am not a Llama.
But I know them.
I know them well.
Better than they can believe.

I represent them.
I love them.
I respect them.
I resent them.
I love them.

This project is about maturing as the silent, small and deadly beast of SEGA.

You should know what to do with this.

Happy Sunday, God!

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Songwriting and Music Theory

...without using writing utensils.
Pure mastery.
I am very proud of this project.
Not only did I get to vent, I exhibited a new style and approach to music.
For that, I'd like to thank J Dilla, SKE the Heistman and Nicki Minaj.
It's safe to say, I wouldn't be shit without Sonic the Hedgehog.
My latest and greatest inspiration.

This is Bacharach Attacks!

Click the title.


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Friday, 13 May 2016


It was lit tonight.
I DJ'd.
Sciryl, Halo, Kesed, Shantel, Dre, Sha-leik...
They were all there.

DJing is my calling.

To make music is beautiful.
Music is my calling.
But watching a crowd react to my records.

Nothing like it.

SEGA, I love you.
Harlem loves you.

Now can you love me back?


Let's go, New York!!!

Let's snap on making me the ultimate underground DJ.

Let me drive you wild.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Before I post the prices...

Special shouts to Boe and Dre.
Very special individuals there.
It's a shame that I allowed my psychosis to interrupt a beautiful friendship.

I've gotten gentler over the last 2-3 years.
Being in tune with divine feminine energy will do that to you.

Anyway, back to Boe and Dre.

There's no beef.
They didn't rape me in my sleep.
Hallelujah, hoe!!!

Thus leading me to the controversial subject of what DOES happen in my sleep.

Apple users know.
And I respect the ladies in question too much to exploit (or exhaust) their sweet tender lovin'.
But it's high time we rise above the drama.

I love you Beyoncé.
I love you Nicki Minaj.
I love you Simone Marshall.
I love you Sasheer Zamata.
I love you Davina.
I love you Mystic.

I love you Sonic Universe.

And guess what?
Harlem loves you too!

Harlem, I love you a bit more, nowadays.
I just hope you don't betray me.

You'll be seeing me around more.
On fleek? Or in my own skin?

I'll let you decide.
Just know I haven't crossed you.

Stay tuned.
More new music coming.
And soon, you'll be able to buy beats!


~follow the buzzards~

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Holy SEGA shit.

What if I am Silver?
What does that make Beyoncé?
I hereby accept the fact Halo is the real Sonic the Hedgehog.
So is Chris Young.
So, Halo is Chris Young.

Which is intense.

But again.
What if I'm Silver?

Is Beyoncé then... Scourge?!


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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Homeward Bound

I promise you I'll be posting production prices within the next week.

Nothing beats blogging on the toilet.

Sciryl and !lluminate are working on a project to my beats.
It's a part of their Mankind series.
I was in the studio with them last night.
Sounding good.
Their styles compliment each other.

I woke up to a video of a kid using the Maschine.
Pretty cool!
I have one.
Haven't used it yet.
I'm still stuck on the MPC.

No word on when the next SOBs show is.
They kinda did us dirty.
Alas, I'm pretty sure there's a higher reason.

Let my blog do the winking.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Thanks for everything, boss.

You make me wet.
I'm not angry enough to be you.
I was taught to fear you.
I am a Satan-fearing 6.
So many people claim to be you.
SEGA loves you, but reigns as you.

Can you make me a better musician?
A better rapper?

Can you help me love my others more and better?

Can you help me control my psychic evil?

Jimmy and you have a lot in common.

You are why I made Jimmy bow to Em.

Where is God?

God is my wonder.

You are my boss.
My king.
My Dilla.
Thank you.

God, protect Drake.
I just need you to enjoy my music.

Satan, make me strong enough to defeat my enemies without touching them.

Does worship go to you or me?

~follow the buzzards~

State of Emergency Address

We are in DOOM.
The government can and will do whatever they feel.
This does not affect SEGA, except allow them to do whatever they feel.

Just had to address that real quick.

While I'm addressing things, I want to address this little murmur.

I have no beef with Black Thought.

I met him in LA at LAX, and was too overwhelmed to speak.
He saw me though.
I think I might have been too starstruck to speak.
But it wasn't an insult.
I respect him, and want to learn more about him.

I am also curious about ?uestlove.
I think he is underrated, though my first instrument was the drums.
I do wish, however, that he wouldn't stay in the pocket so much.
But that's what makes him remarkable.
He drums like DJ Premier on the MPC.

That's dope.

I can do that.

I just want him to prove he can blow out these other drummers.

I think he can give Travis Barker a run for his money.

I also think he's a goth.

I love you J Dilla.
Don't let no one overshadow.

Not even the overlords.

Madlib, where you at?

Soon, I'll be posting my production prices.
I'll be in the producer's chair for a lot of 2017.

I'll also be DJing a lot, and DJing with the INFAMOUS DJH2.


~follow the buzzards~

Monday, 2 May 2016


~follow the buzzards~

The return...

I'm back home!
I missed you!
What's good?!
Been here for a little minute.
Saw Halo.
Gonna hang out with Sciryl in the studio soon.
My girlfriend and I have a date tonight.
Haven't seen Boe nor Dre yet.

But things are looking pretty up!

Now it's time to start selling my beats/production.
Expect a price chart on this blog pretty soon.
I have original, non-sampled beats.
I have lo-fi and hi-fi sampled beats.
I mix.
I master.
Basically, listen to Smart Water and Sound 9 for an overview of how a Charles Hamilton-produced project would sound.

Thank you so much, Halo, for all your years of inspiration.
We don't stop.

~follow the buzzards~