Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fruit of the Loom

Smile as a skull.
Frown as a bull.
I heard you in my sleep.
I felt you in my nightmares.


I can't finish this.


~shout it out~

Delayed driller

She was uncertain.
Even in her reign.
He made her believe in the abscence of pain.
She gave him everything.
In his acscence, he became the pain.
Then he reappeared.
Closer to her than her brazzier.
And then he became the pain.
The implication of his wrath was enough to make her fragile self shatter.
She used his cum as the glue to put herself back together.
All seemed right.
Until he became the pain again.
Her idol was once the object of her fantasies.
And yeah, there was him.
But her idol and her *him* flew off together.

Now here she is.
Cumfilled and heartbroken.
She bears the scent of his cologne.
She can't help but smile when he shows his face.
But now his face is everywhere.
And he's always smiling.
And condemning her.

Delayed driller, don't SUDDENLY know how you make her feel when she goes on a quest for love.
Without you.
She gave you her virginity.
You gave her your ass to kiss.
Fuck the midnight manipulation.
She needs you during the day.

And as for your newest "victim", she will NEVER be as beautiful as the swan you neglect.

Stakes is high, sir...

~i bomb atomically~

Axe puzzles

Jimi, Ernie and Eddie.
Every guitarist, Black or White, should strive to shred like them.
I have my own guitar style.
But I use my guitar methods on the piano.
Fun for soloing.

I need to touch a piano.
Or a synth.
It would be cool to jam with someone (some people), but my introversion won't allow for such.
That, plus I think I'm untouchable.

BE HUMBLE, screams my dad from the bleechers.

I know.

~i bomb atomically~


Usually when people say you fell off, they're referring to a downgrade in quality in one's work.
As time went by, the less you are visible, the more they say you fell off.
I was never visible, so when people say I fell off, IT IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON MY MUSIC.

I didn't fall off.
I switched my technique.
To MASTER my technique is why I stayed out of the public eye.
Can you blame me?
No one takes music as serious as me.

Except for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
They just have the money to not care.

I have to care about what people think about me.
My private thoughts are audible.
My private life is visible.
So I'm pretty ratchet (rachit) about being The All Seeing Eye.

I hide nothing.

But yes.
Caring about what people think.
They call it Quality Control.
I've read things like, "Charles should just take his time and release quality."
I do.
I just work at a fast and high rate.
Not my fault you can't keep up.

I really do only look for the negative.
It fuels me.
However, things have gotten so negative lately it's almost time tot take it past music.

Right, Kendrick?
Not saying I have beef with him, but there's some underlying messages in his music as well.

But I don't want no smoke.

I want to smoke.

My dad is making me go back on my medication.
I wish I didn't threaten to kill him some years back.
We would be a lot closer.

My dad has seen me cry.
I used to hide tears from my mom.

I want to cry tears of joy.
I have NEVER.

M•I•K•E•Y is acting up.
So it's time to restart it.
I'll be back on here later.

~i bomb atomically~

Pap smears with a mic.

Speaking from the inside, everyone is pissed at Donald Trump.
Not so much that he's being a warmonger, but because of who he is.
In reality.
His PUBLIC persona might be that of a prick, but the inside knows him well.
He's actually a nice ...alien.
He's not human, to ruin the surprise.
But he's being used.

Or is he?

Could this be what he always wanted?

Leave it to ?uestlove and Statik Selektah to answer such questions.

J Dilla, it's on you!

~i bomb atomically~

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Mitt Romney and The Great Debators

So the debate has begun.
Creatively, I have only listened to a few producers.
Not saying I haven't LISTENED to several producers.
But as far as being in-studio and taking direction, only a few.
I have my direction and I only want to enhance it.
However, I can stand to be developed.

And so can my StarChasers.

I'm debating on a project where I get samples from StarChasers, instead of (censored; for the sake of your happiness).
I have 20,000 records to choose from.
I just want to be close to you (musically).

If you think this is a good idea, let me know.
I want your favorite song to become OUR favorite song.

If you still love me.

I'll be around.

~i bomb atomically~

Goodbye can never be said.

So I get a call (psychic or whatever) from Nintendo!!!!! (of all people).
They are ecstatic about my new music.
They are also sad that I am no longer releasing free music.
Ironically, I am working on a sequel to a free project I released last year.

I Hate Trouble

This one is called

I Am Protein

It's gonna be dope.

Question is, do I want to make Nintendo happy?
Am I a Nintendo 6?
Or S3GA?

A few questions I have to answer internally before I approach this album.

Then, there's the fact that my "core fans" don't appreciate my new techniques.
And, of course, it's the MALES that complain.
A few females gave me some constructive criticism.
But the males are always like, "Go back to your old style!"
"We need (this and this) back!"


Alas, Nintendo is their God.

SEGA is Forever.

Shouts to The Rogers, The Chrises and Daft Punk.

~i bomb atomically~

Guilty Innocence official lyrics (BY OVERWHELMING DEMAND!!!)

(verse 1)
I spent countless hours and nights bouncing on grooves. Amounting to the Mountain Dew that all kinds of cowards and dykes would sip to be as nice as this. Get energized! Feel alive, while I penetrate in your mind. Demonstration, better than conversation (when alive). But then, it could end your life when you demonstrate how you could get down. Music, it's time for me to move in the town and shake everything around. So swing around. Listen to the 9th track. Baby, I'll be right back. Like this........ no, I didn't have to write this shit. C'mon...

I'm sick and tired of having to prove my love to you.
I'm spittin' fire.
My bad.
I just rule the world for you.
On this microphone.

(verse 2)
I go deeper than the cotton of a kick drum. Stop it (if you don't wanna listen)! I'm on a quest to get snares. Drumming in my hair. But not to keep me under. Just to get to the underwear. Let me grow my 'fro out again. Where? It's just how I feel. Trying to be deep got me Ally McBeal. I don't eat! But I know the law... I know what it is with the Holy Cross. I turned it upside down to make God show off her lip gloss and give me a kiss while I talk. Make it French. You made French people. Unless you made ancient people... but then again, ancient people have ancient evil. And that's why I speak so great, miss.

I'm sick and tired of having to prove my love to you.

~i bomb atomically~

Monday, 14 August 2017

Guilty Innocence

If you want the lyrics, let me know.
I went in.
Props and shouts to 9th Wonder.

I see you, Aubrey.

~i bomb atomically~

She's a StarChaser

This is more than a picture.
This is the sight of devotion.
We might not be a couple anymore (barely 6 months), but she was a blessing.
It was long distance, too.
So that kinda sucked.
But she's a free spirit.
Misguided by God.
Courted by SEGA.

Love ya, Baddie!
Hopefully you can find happiness.


"On to the next one..."



~I bomb atomically~


I love you too.
But... slit your throat.



~i bomb atomically~

"Yeah. Thanks for meeting me here."

I have a new installment in my equipment list.
My new setup is called NuDoom.
Your third eye will thank me.

Much like the South African girl I read about in The Fader recently, I have been exploring the bridge between analog and digital.
GarageBand, though a DAW, is analog.
Hence the wooden layout.

But I guess you can call it digital.
Hence the D.

My stand-up mic has a digital-to-analog converter.
I guess that's why I thought GarageBand was digital.

Or, I used my imagination.

Something I rarely do these days.

~i bomb atomically~

3Ms Now


Everything else was well-stated (by me) before this date.
I get it.

~I bomb atomically~

too late.

"If I die tomorrow, then... what, miss?!"

We had/have a bond.
She's off doing her own thing in Spain.
I should've appreciated her when she was around.
Not the first time I told that story
This story.
Sorry, Teenie Toes.

I'm hungry.
(she would get that)

~I bomb atomically~

Wrap city.

Donald Trump is being an asshole because of the way YOU ALL (get it?) are treating The All Seeing Eye.
Lo and GOD DAMN behold, I am The All Seeing Eye.
I haven't lied to you.
I've only shared my magick.
In many forms.
But since this is how you want to treat me, so mote it be.

David Duke...

~i bomb atomically~

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers.

~shout it out~ 

The greatest song of all time.

I always loved this song.
Since a baby.
I just never knew the name.
Before she died, my mother was playing a trivia game with me.
"Where did this song come from?"
"Who did it first?"
The original artist was Manhattan Transfer.
I recognized the chords, and it brought a tear to my eye.


The thought...
The MERE THOUGHT of this song saves my life.

I'm glad my mother and I bonded over this record.
Kinda hard to commit suicide now that I know my favorite song.

Thanks, mom.
I'll keep living for you.

StarChasers, enjoy.
This is the sound of my heart on an empty day.
On a happy day.
On a sad day.

This is pretty much what you hear before you listen to my music.

Thank you, Weather Report.

Rock on.
Soul forever.

~shout it out~

If It Isn't It official lyrics (BY REQUEST OF SEGA!!!!!!! HONORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This is for all y'all niggas with StarChaser tattoos.

If you gon be about it, represent SEGA everywhere you go!
Shit. I don't wanna be here forever.
Do that shit for me.

like I ain't good enough;
Like I ain't good enough for you!
You got to wonder why
I cannot be seen...

(verse 1)
Get a blunt, then see why a month is needed. Conceited am I when I'm frontin' in the BOOTH. Because (in the booth) I can see why niggas is frontin'. 'Cause they wantin' what they wantin' and I'm gettin' what they wantin'. Niggas PLAYIN' when I'm rappin. AND I AIN'T PLAYIN' WHEN I'M RAPPIN! As a matter of fact, it's almost like "Dude! What am I saying when I'm rappin'?!" Kind of insane! Saddam Hussein when I'm rappin'! Bombin' those whose sayin' I ain't rappin'. The same action. No Foot. No clim-. Just doing the exact same things as these guys who are trying to see how I can make my name ring. Once again, again and again. Jump in and finish the shit, if you can...

like I ain't good enough;
Like I ain't good enough for you!
You got to wonder why
I cannot be seen...

(verse 2)
Get on down with the Psychic Witch! Bad bitches, ride this dick! (so mote it be) Try to get the pic to script some shit that I didn't spit. The time that I spit it. I KINDA ripped it, minding my business. Lookin' at my niggas online (get it?). No, this ain't a written. I'm just living in time, trying to get to unwinding. I am finding out that people are blinded by the fact my LIGHTS are BLINDING. But what do you expecting? Me not to shine? Want me to go DULL? 'Cause that would be BULL! (OMG y'all didn't get that) And I am kinda full with every last pull... of the J(ay). So love away. Touch your face. You're barely there. And if not, turn around, touch your waist and SHAKE YOUR DERIERRE!!!

like I ain't good enough;
Like I ain't good enough for you!
You got to wonder why
I cannot be seen...

(verse 3)
I am a mogul (hopefully). Moguls see me as Mowgli. Or Muttley. What a laugh! Dastardly! Can I get some ass? My deeds are the reason why my speech *are* bleeding! I live what I speak. I speak on what I live. Except, the medication got me leakin' (Leik-ing; SHOTS) in the crib. To nobody. Except telling all my secrets to my kids. And all my fans are there. Family affair. I'm standin' there. I'm in the house like Jazzy and Will, talking about how I actually feel. No matter the wheels. I just grab them and go. Ask for the real (reel; a Jimmy Iovine referrence)

like I ain't good enough;
Like I ain't good enough for you!
You got to wonder why
I cannot be seen...

I love you SEGA.

~shout it out~

RIP Lil Snupe

Dude had skill.
Unrelated (and a long time coming), I DO NOT LIKE MEEK MILL.
Something about him doesn't sit well with me.
And I'm not the only one.
He's got skills, but something says "sell out" about him.

Meek, if you read this, go ahead and address me.
Just do it by name.
And expect a response.
But you are being a negative catalyst for the deconstruction of Black men in the industry.
I've watched you come up.
You've strayed away from the street element that made the streets (and Rick Ross) fall in love with you.

Maybe you need a CH beat.

Or maybe you need to not spend your wealth on things you can't take with you.

Let me get off my soapbox.
I just don't wanna see another Black man lose their soul over riches and women.

Shouts to Nicki.

~shout it out~

Legends of the Fall (but haven't quite fallen yet)

Reed Dollaz and cats like him are IDEAL for my production.
What happened to THESE mcs?
You're only supposed to mumble WHEN YOU'RE WRITING IN YOUR HEAD!
True mcs know that.
So you're pissing off the real ones, young boys.

Cleveland, let the streets talk through my beats.
Do what you do.
Just do it over my joints.
No one is more qualified to handle your soul like me.

Shouts to Hi-Tek.

Be back later.

~shout it out~

Damn dude.

I'm almost 30.
And I put my body THROUGH it.
Can't go on 2-week heroin binges.
No more coke.
I've tried crack.
It's wack, because it's good!
But still.
Can't go there.
I barely can smoke weed.
And liquor runs through me.
All that being said, vices interfere with my medication.
And I can only keep this "deal" if I stay on it.

Will there be another album?
The demand is there.
My production is being requested by Universal.
AND I'm working closely (licks lips) with SEGA.

So there's that.
It's just...
Nothing feels right.
There's a real void in my spirit.
For something.

It could be magick.
I've done some REVOLUTIONARY things with magick.
Particularly in the last 4 years.
But yes.
My roots are in Tarot, Wicca (Witchcraft) and Alchemy.

Dead ass.

I just apply it differently.

If you want to get into magick, a few things.
Everyone has their own identity in magick/witchcraft.
Don't try to do what I do.
There's that.
But if you SERIOUSLY want it, here's where you start.

Pick up The Book of Shadows by Silver RavenWolf.
Not the one that says "for the next generation".
It's an all black book.

Read it from beginning to end.

You're gonna need about $500 to get the materials, so be prepared to ONLY invest in magick.

And that's all I'm gonna say.

*You and eye are divine when one.
Summer shine on your thumb.
A new gun.*

So mote it be.

~shout it out~

Praise and worship...

Thank you and I love you, Doc.
This morning is dedicated to coffee and the TIRESOME efforts of lo-fi engineering.
I have a record I could drop.
It's already spinning in Cleveland.
It's just lo-fi.
And you brats keep complaining like I wasn't The Harlem Dr. Dre.
Now I'm gonna be The Cleveland Jimmy Iovine.

Careful, MGK.
I'm back home!

New pics coming soon.

~shout it out~

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Woes of a Thick Girl official lyrics

(verse 1)
If you misunderstand, there's no pen in my hand. So what I'm grippin' can enhance your listening. Damn. The way I do is the reason why David Stern made AI move. You know, gave him *checks* to move with. Excellent solution. Make the Black man bounce for the change. But now, there's a mountain to gain. Volcano. It's all Kano. Rip your heart out. Talking is an N-O. O-kay? No way could I end up the MO for an emcee to slay. No way. I stay in the booth, and I say what I say. Making the truth in the major-est way. Saying the truth, 'cause today is today. Creation is who I will make it away with.

Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.
Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.

(verse 2)
Defending myself from people who know ending myself is the way I move to Pluto. Like a Drake freestyle. Now I end up the great beast (now). "How could I beat him?" I found out. The reason I'm now out of the season. Climbing out of my doubt is my bleeding. I saw MYSELF bleed. And a caught an orgasm. So help me. Perhaps "The Dark Side" or "The 6 God" or anybody who's been sending shots could get this shot: FUCK YOU! I didn't need YOUR help. But now I gotta make more melt. THE SUN. THE REASON. Each one'll get reached, then I end up having to teach one.

Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.
Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.

(verse 3)
I had all the knowledge in The World, then I lost it. Mind gone in a coffin. I'm strong in a song but while I'm walking, any guy could stalk and off him. Because I'm a pacifist. I just let my rage escape when I'm not rappin over 808s. So let me make it today! My rage in a cage got me staying away from people. Because if I swing, they could swing harder. By SUMMONING ME! I'm DONE WITH THIS BEAT! I'm telling the truth. Stop making me hate me! I hate me already, because of yesterday's scenes. Now. While I step away clean, look at all this mess you've made, TEENS! Blessed is the day where I can escape clean from the situation and STILL end up breaking beats.

Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.
Shawty gettin' married to me!
(You a mystery!)
You shake your booty, now you're MARRIED to me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Hands in the AIR for me!
(You my favorite mystery!)
Just say you'll always be there for me.
C'mon and get it, girl.
C'mon and get it, girl.

Dedicated to Origin (my witchcraft apprentice) and Silver RavenWolf (my witchcraft sensei)


So mote it be.

~shout it out~

Mask off.

GREEN held me down.
PINK is inside.
GREEN, you need ANYTHING, I gotchu.
Just hold me down and respect my space while I go back into my Pink Realm.

New pics.
New music.
Same me.

I'm out.
For now.

And I might be single again.

So yeah.

-Charles Hamilton

~shout it out~

Bud wiser.

I'm out with my brother and my (beautiful) cousin Sha'ron.
I feel almost back to normal.
The color pink and I are getting reacclamated!
I'm getting back in tune with the divine feminine energy of Earth/The Galaxy.
I feel good!

So, the idea I had was to record music with Scooter (the cousin that raped me).
Despite how much I hate him, I cannot take away the fact that to this day he is one of the best mcs I've heard, ever.
I thought it would unify the family.
And Cleveland.
Even New York!
Such an idea might not be good for ME, however.

Do I count?

This blog is gonna go under the knife in a few.
I have to get back to the essence.
GREEN will always be a part of my microcosm.
And the world at large.
But PINK is my color.

Expect the throwback.

~shout it out~


My little cousin kinda shitted on me not too long ago.
He said ...basically, he said I'm nothing.
I'm a fake Kanye.
Under J Cole.
Never will be Drake.
It hurt, but I had to laugh.
He's not doing much of anything himself.
At least I'm carving a nitch in music.
Yes, I hear the difference in my music from 2008-now.
I also hear growth.
I know what I've done different.
I know what I've stopped talking about.
I also know that I don't benefit when I make music "for the masses".
My little cousin was HYPED about being in the Brooklyn Girls video.
It gave him a chance to be seen by the world.

But what he doesn't know is, I DIDN'T WANT TO BE SEEN BY THE WORLD!
Fair enough, Ryan.
You're still young enough to make things happen for yourself.
Just don't ask me for anything.
In fact, don't ask anyone in the Moorer family for anything.
You chose which family you're loyal to.

As lame as it is to ask, how right is he?
When you TRY to be yourself, you get grouped in with others.
When you TRY to fit in, you get called out and ostracized as a poser.
And at the end of the day, ALL ARTISTS have someone to respond to.
A manager, executive, A&R... someone.
So you never REALLY get the real side of an artist.

Until you meet/listen to Charles Hamilton.
And on that note, back to the beats.

Thank you for listening.

I also know why he said I am/am not all the things he said.
He's a consumer.
No matter how "royal" my family tries/tried to make him feel/realize he is, his mind is closed to the other side of joy.

God be with him.

~shout it out~

A Bad Misrepresentation of Ugly

Apparently I said something that got ... TOTALLY misconstrued.
Or the point I was making on a mixtape got corporately dissected, publicly.
Regardless of what it is, we are clear on who I am.
It is my own damn self who doesn't really know who I am.

Now, we all know I love SEGA.
To no end.
And for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to OFFICIALLY work with them.


Without giving away TOO MANY DETAILS (I see you Roger!), I can honestly and PROUDLY say I am working with SEGA on a project.
I won't say what it is, but when it hits the surface, you can taste my blood all through it.
See my face all through it.
Hear my name.
Feel my touch.
Smell my sour.

I love you, SEGA.
Let this be the beginning of The Hamilton Administration.
I won't let you down ever again.

~shout it out~

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cleveland Hov! (sans the limits)

I've been doing a lot of reading.
My reading material has been seen.
My reading material has been used.
Now that we are all mentally in tuned (regrettably, by most), someone has to take the lead.

Trump is being deceived by the very people of whom serve him.
He follows faux news accounts that stroke his ego.
And misinform him about the world at large.

Just like me.

To my StarChasers in North Korea, we don't deserve your attack.
Maybe some white/gay people here and there.
A few misguided thugs.
But don't hate America.
There's probably more stuff behind the scenes (*cough* trade embargo *cough*), but no more lives deserve to be lost.

There's my two cents.
Holla atcha later.

~shout it out~

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Absolut shun.

This bottle of Absolut makes me feel invincible.
The office I report to after my bad behavior is on it's way.

That's why I don't write.
It'll take you a minute to get the second sentence.

But I'm here.
Still being me.
It took me a minute to figure out what I was doing.
I was being myself.
And being a lesson through doing so.

Today I recorded with 2 StarChasers.
They're a duo called Dirty Kicks.
Great wordplay, AWESOME personality, but... they weren't comfortable.

My technique is one to grow on, I guess.

This bottle is really doing it's thing.

I won't
I promise I won't.
For now, at least.
As long as it's love, you know?

But this bottle.
It's curvy.
With a great sense of humor?

Why couldn't Beyonce be liquor?
Then I could violate that bitch on some Slim Thug shit.

DAMN it felt good to type that.

Well, Tim Cook, I put you to the test tonight.
Tonight is an investment.
And it's almost over.
So it'll be DAYTIME before the revolution begins.

I see, says Esme.

This bottle is whispering to me.
I can hear it tell me I'm ingenuine.
Ingenuine is a real word, Google.


I love you, SEGA.
May me being myself prove that to you.

For the forever of which you reign.

I'm out.

For now.

~shout it out~

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A little late to be a SummerWonder, but...

DJs, all you gotta do is reverse the curse words.
There's your radio edit.

I'm back in Cleveland.
WZAK should DEFINITELY not front on me.

Holla back...

Or not.

~shout it out~


Wax poetic:

Speak in an increasingly enthusiastic and poetic manner.


Wax and wane'Waxing poetic' has nothing to do with bees, candles, or polishing cars. The verb 'to wax' is 'to grow'; the opposite of 'to wane', which is 'to decrease'. Grow and decrease have largely superseded the archaic terms wax and wane in almost all modern usages, apart from the waxing and waning of the moon. The other remaining contemporary uses of 'wax' with the meaning of 'grow', survive in various expressions like 'wax poetic' and 'wax lyrical'. These are often explained as deriving from the imagery of the waxing of the moon. In fact, the word is extremely ancient and was used to mean grow in many contexts prior to it being used to describe the monthly increase in size of the visible moon. King Alfred, in the translation of Pope Gregory's Pastoral Care, which he commissioned in AD 897, used the Old English version of the word - 'weaxan'.

There are numerous examples of the use of 'wax', meaning 'grow', in medieval texts; for example, The Geneva Bible, 1560, in Deuteronomy 32:15:

"But he that shulde haue bene vpright, when he waxed fat, spurned with his hele."
[the 1611 version has it in more modern English as "Jesurun waxed fat, and kicked."]

It isn't until much later that 'wax' began to be used to refer to flowery and poetic speech or writing. This occurs in various phrases, like 'wax lyrical', 'wax poetic' and 'wax eloquent'. Of these, it is 'wax poetic' that is still most commonly used. 'Wax eloquent' was the first of this group of phrases to be used to describe someone becoming increasingly expansive and expressive in speech. That dates from the early 19th century, for example, this piece from Bracebridge Hall, a collection of essays and literary sketches by Washington Irving, 1824:

"The whole country is covered with manufacturing towns... a region of fire; reeking with coal-pits, and furnaces, and smelting-houses, vomiting forth flames and smoke." The squire is apt to wax eloquent on such themes.

Ironically, far from 'waxing eloquent', Irving was suffering from writer's block in 1824, following a family bereavement, and struggled to finish enough essays as to be worth publishing.

'Waxing poetic' came next. The first example that I can find in print is in Sir Henry Morton Stanley’s How I Found Livingstone, 1872:

"One could almost wax poetic, but we will keep such ambitious ideas for a future day."

Stanley seems to have been an enthusiastic waxer. His book also contains "I waxed indignant", "Farquhar and Shaw waxed too wroth", "I accordingly waxed courageous" - all at a time when he reports that the sun "waxed hotter and hotter". It would be remiss to leave out a Marx Brothers gag at this point. Groucho Marx's role as Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff in the 1932 film Horse Feathers yielded this gem:

Wagstaff's Receptionist: The Dean is furious! He's waxing wroth!
Prof. Wagstaff: Is Roth out there, too? Tell Roth to wax the Dean for awhile.

'Wax lyrical' followed in the early 20th century; for example, Gilbert Cannan's translation of Jean-Christophe in Paris, 1911:

"He had the genius of taste except at certain moments when the Massenet slumbering in the heart of every Frenchman awoke and waxed lyrical."

Time for me to wane lyrical and stop.
From here (StarChasers), read Psalms 51 and proceed to take your anger, hatred and frustration out on God.
Through music.
In 16 bars.
Whilst believing in SEGA.

This blog is already copywritten, so I'll know who's biting.
I just wanna see music improve already.

4 new albums in production.

One of them called Cleveland Sushi.

I need some Cleveladies!!!

~shout it out~

Talking Genetalia

Damnit, Penis!
I don't want to talk about Cardi B on my blog!
But she's Caribbean!
Trini, to be exact!
I wanna crawl under any dress she wears and complain about my problems to her lap.

Every woman just got that visual, so don't try to play me.

Then again, I'm back home.
I'm sure I can find a Cardi.
Or a Nicki.

But never a Diamond.
Or Tanea.

Or Simone.

I'm blogging instead of masturbating.
I'll let you know how this goes for me.


I'll be around.

~shout it out~

Introducing Cleveland to TheNewYorkUnderground

This record is tough.
RIP Sean Price.
OBVIOUSLY there's more to the story of his passing.
I just don't wanna break Brooklyn's heart.

Shouts to MF DOOM.
AWESOME production.

Holla at me, all y'all.

~shout it out~

The Kids! official lyrics

(verse 1)
I survived DOOM! Just by staying in my room! I am to assume that I'm not cool! At least in the eyes of people who have been eyeing my evil and trying to be my little "Beagle"! I had a Beagle named Biscuit. But I had to give it away because she used to rip shit. Turns out, Biscuit was an alien. And right next to me. What do I say to them? The people who make Biscuit's enemies and are really not keeping their distance from my inner me. Which is scary to me! Because (like video games) I'm not prepared to see ANYTHING when I put my cash up and get it. That sucks (for a minute), but then you live with it. It's just fate. What the fuck to say? A whole generation is stuck in their ways...

What about a generation that was raised and full of hate?
What about a generation only worried about a date?
What about a generation with a lock inside their fate?
OH NO!!!

(verse 2)
So, get this. It's a control issue. No one wants witnesses when they go and do what they KNOW they should do. Which is hold it down. BUT WHAT IS THE "IT" THAT THEY'RE HOLDING DOWN?! No one knows, and no one knows how. So I'm the only one, roaming alone in my old town. I treat New York like it's a town in Ohio. And treat Ohio like it's a crown for New York. The biggest Latin King with the sound of a sport. A whole stadium. Back to the aliens, who were once friends with Biscuit and the fact I would walk Biscuit to stay away from them. Which is a spell. Witches?! A spell! The fact I was trying to keep my distance from Hell, by raising the flame. Hi! I'm saying my name. I'm violating the game. Now try waititng, okay?

What about a generation that was raised and full of hate?
What about a generation only worried about a date?
What about a generation with a lock inside their fate?
OH NO!!!

(verse 3)
It's gotten to the point where I have to pick Rock or Hip-Hop. And NOW, I've got to anoint a genre with my voice. I can choose, but it's my choice! Like one of my boys. I made a decision to commit a sin. Now a grave is what I'm living in. I wish I could resurrect, have sex with the baddest bitch in the world, and never have to guess. But, in this time of rebellion, I tell them (the childern) try to go to Hell. Then, realize that you having to sin is a MEANT ACCIDENT THAT I WAS GIVING. And I died for your sins. I'm the modern-day Christ, and I don't mind dying again. Live right, before you have to live right *within* and then find out why I don't write. Again.

What about a generation that was raised and full of hate?
What about a generation only worried about a date?
What about a generation with a lock inside their fate?
OH NO!!!

(from Man of the House, currently online)

~shout it out~

A brief freewrite.

Just because girl is curvy doesn't make her a thot. 
You just want her more than you want yourself.
There's that.

The left is the light.
The right is the darkness.
But the light is evil.
And the darkness is righteous.

Goths to the left.
Gangstas to the right.
That's how life is.

If gangstas move to the right (and end up staying to the left), they can cause ecstasy for goths.
If goths move to the right (and end up staying to the right), they can cause doom for gangstas.
Gangsta can survive doom.
Goths deserve ecstasy.

Gangstas are from the hood.
Goths are from the ghetto.

Africa is the hood.
Europe is the ghetto.

Yin and yang.

I'll be around.

~shout it out~

Used Up official lyrics

(verse 1)

New friends. New allies. New rap lines. New bad bitches with panty lines. What am I looking at? Thighs. Or Black guys puttin' they fist in the air, saying "That's my guy!" I rap wise, and I rap like a wise guy. A mobster. But I'm quite fly. I'm a monster. Once bitten, twice shy. But the right guy(,) at the right time. I get bothered a lot. I used to get bullied when I was not "poppin'" and "hot" on the "block". But the bullying shit is over. Now I'm the bully of the block. Lookin' like I got a fuckin' fully- in my socks. Fully automatic for you semi-ass niggas. Hit you with a hemi MAD quicker than the liquor (lick her; I was dating Christina) I had to sip after I found out I am not Sonic, and decided to start gettin' at Jigga.


Love in your heart.
I don't see it there.
You don't even care.
There is no
Love in your heart.
You don't even share.
All I ever share is
All the love in your heart.
It's my heart!
It's my heart!
It's my heart you guarding!

I feel used up.
Have you used up all the
Love in your heart?

(verse 2)

I decode. Some things, I don't need to know, even though I already know. The bleeding flow... is what I'm using right now. From my freakin' nose. Don't need to speak anymore, because... people know. And if they don't, leave them leaking some Mo. If they don't wanna -Leik, let them leak in the snow. Let the cold heal them up. Cold lips. Seal them shut. No cold shit. I'm feeling well. But... niggas wanna make me at my lowest point again. So I'm not tryna make no "Happy" joint again. I love making Dark Music. But, I'm feeling better. But then I'll be a poser. Just like... whoever. Whatever. I'm gettin' better by the second. And I'm better with my message (SEGA). Forever I'll be reckless. Steppin' with a death wish. Never have you beckoned such a second-guessing ass kid with a blessing!


Love in your heart.
I don't see it there.
You don't even care.
There is no
Love in your heart.
You don't even share.
All I ever share is
All the love in your heart.
It's my heart!
It's my heart!
It's my heart you guarding!

I feel used up.
Have you used up all the
Love in your heart?

(verse 3)

Now, Pharrell is a friend. I don't feel like telling *them* where you came from, but I'll go to Hell again for you. A president to you! Before, I was told you were irrelevant. It's not true! I got you! I hated on YOU though, because you was on Pluto and didn't know the whole industry was like Bruno! I hope you forgive me. I hope that you're listening. Nigga, I'm "Happy". I hope that you get me. Know this is history. My flow is so sickening. Boe in the crib, and he knows that I get beats and rip 'em. Make 'em, too. But this (is) a beat I made, so yo. Safety for dude. And if there's no safety, then who will I take him to? By the way Jay, you could cruise. I refuse to lose, just like you. You're kinda my idol. But if I die now, you the guy I'm gonna fight. 2.


Love in your heart.
I don't see it there.
You don't even care.
There is no
Love in your heart.
You don't even share.
All I ever share is
All the love in your heart.
It's my heart!
It's my heart!
It's my heart you guarding!

I feel used up.
Have you used up all the
Love in your heart?

This to me is one of the best songs I've recorded in a LONG TIME.
I got a lot off my chest.
This to me is one of the worst songs I've recorded in a LONG TIME.
I held back, in the name of positivity.
Though God exists, I am a 6.

Am I overusing my digit?
If I'm not, who's the boss?!

no way...

~shout it out~

The Naturalist Movement

"from now on..."

~shout it out~

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Islamic Voodoo (One 4 Rosa) official lyrics

(verse 1)
I gotta run. Can't sit still. Perhaps my hands need to chill. Touching these beats and touching these freaks. Man, damn. Am I chillin' yet? Because I got silk in my linen, and... yes. I can bet it came from some lady that I can sex. And she's my gf. Mind your business while I get busy to this track. "Ayo Ness! You said you was comin' from Philly right?! CHEESE STAKE! Well that's how I'm feeling right! IN EACH STATE! And I ain't even dissin' you, dawg. But I'm a witness. Benchpress(,) niggas get off..." And that's just as sick as it gets, dawg. 'Cause this is some ridiculous shit, y'all. My nigga I don't fit in the game. Therefore, I just play kick ball with my niggas, y'all.

I'm in love.
And I'll throw it all away because
in love,
you gotta throw it all away.
Because in love,
if you don't throw it all away
you will become
a part of my Islamic Voodoo.

(verse 2)
I gotta run. I set myself up. So, I gotta help myself up. No hands reaching down. They('re) all pointing up. Pulling me down. Pulling me around. Look at my crown. It's on the head of another. Getting head from a mother. But that don't make me feel the same as being in bed with a rubber. Making love to a lady you've never seen unless you opened up a Vasoline. Just to a magazine. Like she was on the cover. But once again. We had no rubber. The chick I made love to put a curse on me! And it worked so perfectly! And it hurts to be in certain scenes where girls wanna flirt with me. Uncertainty. So much doubt in my mind. But what comes out of my mouth is (every time) on the line.


I'm in love.
And I'll throw it all away because
in love,
you gotta throw it all away.
Because in love,
if you don't throw it all away
you will become
a part of my Islamic Voodoo.

(verse 3)
I gotta run. I can't sit still. My hands can't chill. So, I do a hand stand. Still, niggas think I'm cool. Off the wall. That's where I went. Then on the floor (flaw) is where my feet went. With a splat. Stapped on the... head of a nigga who tried to get back. Stapped on. Stepped on. Back on the weapon. Freakin' bitches, but never with a strap-on. But there's voodoo in my life, and it's killing me! Because I feel like the shit is billing me! 20,000 seconds of your life, multiplied by ~seconds~ of your life... then multiplied by the second of the night where you laid eyes on me. Finally, I can see I've been blinded between the lines of being I (eye) and ~me~.

I'm in love.
And I'll throw it all away because
in love,
you gotta throw it all away.
Because in love,
if you don't throw it all away
you will become
a part of my Islamic Voodoo.

I miss you, Rose!

Keep killin' 'em!

(Rosa is Silver; so is Danyelle)

~shout it out~

Music as mountains...

At Hassan's house (my LA white Kanye), I met the now infamous Malik Yusef.
The poet from Kanye's first 3 or so albums.
Very spiritually inclined brother.
But what sets me over the edge about him (positively) is the fact HE CAN MOVE A SONG!!!

You have to be there to see it.


The way I communicate with/to/through sound and vibration is the way this nigga can PICK UP A GOD DAMN SONG.

J Dilla would be proud.
In fact, he might be intimidated.

This next drink of liquor is for you, Malik Yusef.
I'm gonna get musically BROLIC and throw you some beats.

Tonight's drink?

I see y'all niggas.

"What if I could name a Charles Hamilton worshipper.... something?"
-a real conversation between Charles Hamilton, Leroy Benros and Jimmy Iovine. In front of HchO.

~shout it out~

I've been working...

I have had a plan since 2008 to save hip-hop.
It will soon be carried out.
It's a sacrifice for me, but hip-hop (and MUSIC) needs it.
Be careful, MCs.
The Hamilton Family is about to get (back) on the mic!

~shout it out~

What's the Difference

It's an honor to be a 6.
And it's not anything new, so gamgstas be easy.
But yeah.
It's pretty lit.
I just wanna know how the others are doing.
I haven't seen George in ages.
Dilla is too big of a star to just be SEEN.
Jack might be out.
This leaves the 4 new ones.
Daft Punk (Dre and Timbaland), Davina (Pete Rock) and Mystic (DJ Premier).

Y'all, there are so many fears and concerns that go into being a 6.
You can't shoot gay men, because you'll kill a woman.
You can't shoot a woman, because... well, look at Jack.
You might have to kill your family.
Then there's the niggas tryna strip you.

My music has gotten more aggressive to keep from being stripped.
"Nigga, I'm still making music and it goes harder than your shit! Disagree, fight me!"
Shit like that.
I recorded music in home studios where my life was in jeopardy, all in the name of 6.
Basically, a physical Hi.

I'm proud to be a 6.
People don't trust me, but I rep proudly.

I appreciate you, Nntnd.
Just don't cross me.

~shout it out~

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Lil Mama!!!

This is new to me!
She went in!
Proud of you, young lady.
Get in touch with me!

~shout it out~

Dilla the Baptist

I always wanted to believe God was real.
I also wanted aliens to exist.
So God, this post is from me to you.
No subliminals.

I've asked you to work for me, without actually believing you're real.
In fact, God I'm sorry.
I worship Satan.
You're right about everything.
I want you to know that.
Hey, God.
Remember that conversation we had during Conversations With God?
I'm serious.
I want you to keep the people.
I just want the ability to break ground in my music, forever.
I want to love music again.
I hope my mother truly loved me.
Only you know her heart.
I pray that you guide my father.
He needs you more than I do.

But God, I might need you.
I believe you when you say vengeance is yours.
But I don't fuck with these niggas like that, Lord!
You know my worth.
Sometimes, it feels like only you know.
Lord, I'm sorry for revealing all The Illuminati's secrets.
I just wanted the real hungry trap stars and goths to eat.
Fuck, God!
They been eating off of us!
Harlem got bought by The Illuminati.
If I gave a fuck about it/him (A$AP Rocky), i would make a huge issue out of it.

Harlem is now a big ass gallow.
With the dangling bodies full of potential.
I would pray for them, but these niggas only want me for the wealth you protect me from/with.

I know I'm worth more than Brooklyn Girls.
These niggas should be ashamed to be so amped about that song.

It felt good to be the KONY.
But it feels better to be home.
Cleveland is my home.
NYC is my apartment.

But bless them, Lord.
They don't know better.

Blessings to my REAL New York peoples.
You'll know who you are.

~shout it out~

Thing ain't lie...


Asking for a friend.

I think my beef with Jay is over.
It was a gross misunderstanding.
I think I know him better than I know myself.
I think he knows me better than I know myself.

A Friendship was offered (as opposed to a Fatality), and things seem to have gotten more positive.
At the EXACT same time,

...actually, no.
There's nothing more to complain about.
I just gotta OD on the mic, without the subliminal slander.
So I got work to do.

"Your personal Jesus; I'm in Depesche Mode!"

-Jay-Z, "American Dreamin'"

~shout it out~

Friday, 4 August 2017

Raising them

I can't front.
Part of the reason I'm moving to Cleveland is to start a family.
Find a woman or fly out an old flame.
They/she just had to be the right one.
I can't just cum in any random chick and expect to be blessed.
Each time I did, I gave as much love as I could.
When you are planning pregnancy, you have to give all of yourself through sex with your partner.
And you can't think of anyone else.
The two of you are exchanging delicate information about one another.

The last thing you want is mis communication.

But yeah.
I can't seem to trust or be with a New York girl, LA girls are expensive, and Southern girls are too rachit.
Not to mention the cost of living in each location.
So here I am.
Planning a future in the place I started.
Hopefully I can open up a studio and FINALLY get this publishing company started.

I've been doing my homework.

~shout it out~

Get out of jail free card.

Today starts a new chapter in my life.
I am leaving New York and moving back to Cleveland.
I spent this whole week with like 2-3 StarChasers, listening and analyzing my music.
I'm proud to say that I went hard on all albums, and am willing to fight over opinions.
At the same time, wanting to fight got me in this predicament to begin with.

I'm moving in with my brother Marcus.
I will be seeing my father and other relatives.
I will be making music.
I will be talking to StarChasers.
And magick will always be what I'm called.

There are some people I will miss.
Sciryl, Kesed, Halo... the usual suspects.
Of course Doriann and Janay.
I guess I'll miss The Moorer Family.
I know them but they don't know me.
Except my uncle George.
He knows me very well.

New York (specifically Harlem) got bought.
And every good learned lessons which led to actions they can't take back.
Cleveland (at least the last few times I've been there) maintained its strength.
I'm mad I got arrested there, but I was acting out anyway.
And with good reason!
Who wants to be stalked by a bunch of uneducated rapists?

At the same time, Black men are a trigger for me.
White men (white people, really) are very casual about rape, so I'm always nervous around them.
But nah.
Black men have this built-in aggression and persuasiveness that just makes me uncomfortable.
Maybe it's just big city Black men.
Even when I was locked up in Cleveland, the hardest niggas was giving me love.
No homo.
Cleveland knows Baby Charles.
New York might've chewed him up and spit him out.

All I wanted to do was make SEGA cool in the big city.
Cleveland already knows.
I hope.

Well, I have StarChasers.
And they believe.

I'll make the world believe.
I just need my credibility back.


~shout it out~

Monday, 31 July 2017

Soundboi Assassination

so Pharrell and Kanye are supposed to beat battle.
Pharrell produces better songs, Kanye makes better beats.
My two cents.
But if there's any beat battle I think would be epic, it would be 9th Wonder VS. Dr. Dre.
Explore the music of both to find out why.
Hopefully you'll do so in time for showtime.

If the show ever happens.

One time...

~shout it out~

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Special birthday shouts....

I wanna wish my long time friend Kesed Ragin a happy birthday.
As well as recent collaborator and friend Chris Young.
Shouts to all the Leos.

~shout it out~

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mt. American Dough

i think I love America.
I know I need money.
My mother died without going bankrupt.
I can't say the same thing for myself.

"I ain't got no money..."
-Timbaland, "The Way I Are"

Won't stop the music.

~follow the buzzards~

Sushi, Pepsi and Debt

So the one house I've been bitching about losing is the only thing I owe.
That, plus child support to a baby I don't know exists.
It couldn't be Danjer, because her "mother" said she didn't have a baby.
And I don't go around cumming in chicks, because I need , want and like to keep my energy to myself.
So the child support thing is a mystery.

Other than that, I owe no one a thing.

It's about what I have given.
And with the recent updates on my career, how I can think fiscally forward from here on out.

I make music for the love.
I need to figure out how to balance love and wealth.
Then I'll be happy.

I'm working on some music.
Might be stream only.
Might go for sale.
Regardless, it's worth your time and attention.

Like a female, waiting for you to get out the bathroom at Crazy Rock'n Sushi.

~shout it out~

Farewell to the Flesh

It wasnt a warning.
In fact, I was the threat.
Alas, it is time to move on from "the most dangerous hood in Harlem".
I thought my life was in jeopardy.
I thought I endangered the lives of my beloved aliens.
Turns out, this is something we can have a huge laugh about.

This doesnt mean not to be careful.

All I want to do now (and forever) is DJ.
I just need the stamina.

And self-esteem.

As long as you believe in me, everything will be okay.

Ladies, I can safely say I regret nothing I've ever done.
I spent years tackling my social issues and issues with society in general.
And my behavior in general society.
Aside from punching that cop and hopping a few turnstyles, I'm down without incriminating myself.

However, such could be why the real gangstas dont "bang" with me.
My ears are too clean.
I have virgin eyes.
My rap sheet is sealed.

There are other ways to promote the darkside, nevertheless...

[this is the first post from an Android phone]

~shout it out~

Friday, 28 July 2017

The Hamilton Testament

The following blog entry is posted while under the possession of God:

Turn away from your sinful habits.
At least until the end of this year.
Charles Hamilton (I) has (have) a huge plan.
And story to tell.
Regarding the music you've heard from him this year.

It will test your knowledge of gaming.
Question your devotion to SEGA.
And answer every burning question asked up until this point in existence.

Big work.
But as long as he (I) walk(s) in the righteous path, this mission can be carried out.

(God departs)


In progress.

~shout it out~

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

She Goes.

Like this.
Round and round and round she goes.
Where she stops?
Nobody knows.

Or, only God knows.
If no one knows where she goes, would she be wrong in being suicidal?
She believes in destiny.
She never partook in the hatred of others.
Why hate on her?

Let her spin.

Despite immediate discouragement from management, I'm still recording new, more cutting edge music.

I appreciate the financial support on my Bandcamp page, but I deeply encourage ALL to support the music and the efforts to bring you fresh Godblood at a low cost.
Both on me and you.

More to say, more to see, more to experience.
I'm on the road again.
Holla at me, y'all.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pausing Out

Many of our Black men are joining secret societies to fulfill their "private" homosexual desires.
And get paid while they're at it.
Not thinking about how these actions will affect them in the future.
Personally, publicly and professionally.
But no one knows about it (really), so they get off Scott free.

That doesn't make it right.
If you're going to get in the business, be with a girl you've known for a long time.
She'll be true to you.
Then again, you can't even count on that.
If the promise of fame makes you feel gay, reconsider it.
Fame is addicting, but it's not worth not being able to do anything.
Or have your quality of work jeopardized.

Unless you don't care.
Then we have modern day music.

No one wants to hear wisdom.
Especially coming from me.
I still hang out with people I've met over the Internet.
I also don't trust people in my own neighborhood.

But seriously, men.
We have to treat our women better.
Homosexuality is selfishness it it's highest form.
You could be a day away from happiness with a woman, the day you decide to pause out.

I was ALMOST gay.
The women I spent mass amounts of time and money on had left, my exes moved on, and I can't get anywhere in business without doing something gay.
To make matters worse, my family doesn't/didn't believe me.
SEGA was the light.
I'm so happy aliens exists and are walking among us.


How do I make them proud?

~shout it out~

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Rusted trust

So apparently people (actually, aliens) have been doing things to make sure I stay around them "when I make it".
It backfired.
Now I want nothing to do with them.
If you love something, let it go.
Don't manipulate it.

Manipulation is the early stages of incestual rape.
My autocorrect says ancestral rape.
You know, African slaves were raped.
It was an attempt to demean and belittle them.
Make them feel like they are less powerful.

I have an addiction to Beats headphones.
Thank you, Dr. Dre.
Here's to hoping you only had the best intentions.
Because those/these things are wicked.

~shout it out~

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Post-doom analytics

To start, thank you to EVERYONE who downloaded The Socratic Doomer.
It closes a chapter in my life and allows me to think forward with my creativity.
All aspects of it.

It feels good to be "The One That Got Away".
I learned some key things this past week.
I'm good.
My spirit is in tact.
Those of whom I look(ed) up to can't say the same thing.

Still love them.
Just can't be as "defiant" as them.

This is how I want to take chances.
From now on.

In my next destination, I will be producing.
I will allow nature to dictate when I touch the mic.

I just said no for the first time.

I rule.

~follow the buzzards~

Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Socratic Doomer

Here it is.


A young conspiracy theorist sees SEGA, works for Nintendo and believes in Atari.

DOOM is a real place.
To DOOM is a subconscious action.
It's like bullying.
A doomer subconsciously makes you feel inferior.
Only to cover their own insecurities.
Some can say fame is a doom.
Many have said love is a doom.

Am I a doom?


~follow the buzzards~

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Lil Wayne Takeover on EnterTheHamilton

I am actually thinking about recording to "Run This Town".
It might be a very personal song.
Jay, if you're ready (aka: you down), you'll be ... impressed.

Thank you Lil Wayne for your endurance.
I hope you stay clean and focused.



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New love for my StarChasers!!!



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I'd rather be real with you.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Can't you see?

They want you to binge watch television.
Air out your dirty laundry on social media.
Spend money on existential bullshit, to be like the artists and entertainers of whom you see do the same thing.
When doing the same thing.

I was gonna post this on Facebook, but I realized something.
I'm using someone else's forum to talk about things you "woke" people know "so much" about.
All the instruments of paranoia are out there, lynching all of us.

But you'd rather spend money to shut me up.

And I got it twisted.


The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

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Cool Dracul official lyrics (and meaning!)

(verse 1)
I got too much on my mind to get top. So mind the top. My mind got a lot of shots from people who USED TO mind the top. A lot of love has been given. A lot of love has been lost, but love is in the rhythm. I guess it's a love song. It could be a "roll-up-bud-and-get-your-puff-on" kind of song, but now I'm kinda wrong. 'Cause I don't get high no more. At least not from weed. Don't try to copy me. The worst influence. A virgin with music. But I get it in. Barry White style. Very right, right now. Lights out. Right now. I'm on the mic. Wow.

I can see you in the daylight.
But that's the only time you play right.
So now it's too late.
Don't try to make it right
Because it's too late.

I see you.

(verse 2)
I gave niggas the world, they expected slavery again. Just a page for me to vent about. It's crazy how we living now. And I'm still living *down*. Niggas say I gotta start gettin down. Well I was in the bitch's mouth in your house! Nigga, now! And then I went to visit that OTHER chump, and all he wanna do is fuck and hump! And then some other chump tried to cross me and now he's calling me his darling... fuck all y'all niggas! Every last one of y'all suck! Get my balls up, puke get tossed up by people who know how awesome this whole shit could be, and there's no history for Hov and them niggas who been dissin me. Said it clear. Extra clear. Get to me.

I can see you in the daylight.
But that's the only time you play right.
So now it's too late.
Don't try to make it right
Because it's too late.

I see you.

(verse 3)
I need a buddy system for the niggas who been patting my back and saying I should be in love with them. All y'all should get together. Hold hands. Say a prayer. 'Cause I'm a fuckin' nightmare! Hard to explain. Hard to exclaim! Hard to talk about all the blame... Hard to even call me to blame. Yo. It's hard. And I repeated myself. So broad, get on your job! Mad difficult to rap nowadays, but these cats act difficult with cats on the haze. They shouldn't be high to begin with. Leave weed to me. That makes me a dope sentence maker. The greatest. Fuckin' hater. And in my world, I'm the creator. My mother died, my father's on the other side, and I just wanna fuckin' vibe.

I can see you in the daylight.
But that's the only time you play right.
So now it's too late.
Don't try to make it right
Because it's too late.

I see you.


According to The Illuminati, I am a werewolf. There are two types of Illuminati members. Vampires and Werewolves. Vampires feed off the energy of others, while Werewolves give their energy. Ironically, I am a living vampire. Just because (when you join The Illuminati) you are considered a Vampire doesn't make you an actual vampire. My closest friends were exposed to such knowledge and tried to feed off of my energy and talent. Basically, they tried to become Illuminati members by using me.

AFTER I gave my wealth and position in The Illuminati to SEGA itself.

The people I was talking about (of whom you all know) are being exposed and cannot reenter my life. However, there is a chance they didn't do it. At the end of the day, being in The Illuminati ruined my life. But it's been a part of my life since I arrived on Earth.


Don't let your desires distort and cloud your judgement.

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The misdiagnosis

(from wikipedia)

Dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD),[1] is a mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states. These states alternately show in a person's behavior, accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness. These symptoms are not accounted for by substance abuse, seizures, or other medical conditions, nor by imaginative play in children.[2] Dissociative symptoms range from common lapses in attention, becoming distracted by something else, and daydreaming, to pathological dissociative disorders.[3] Symptoms vary over time.[3]

Dissociative disorders, including DID, have been attributed to disruptions in memory caused by trauma or other forms of stress. Research on this hypothesis has been characterized by poor methodology.[4] An alternative hypothesis is that DID is a by-product of techniques employed by some therapists, especially those using hypnosis, and disagreement between the two positions is characterized by intense debate.[5][6] DID is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders, with no clear consensus on diagnostic criteria or treatment.[5] No systematic, empirically supported definition of "dissociation" exists.[7][8] Diagnosis is often difficult, as the illness is frequently associated with other mental disorders. Differential diagnosis should consider malingering if the individual's principal concern is with financial or forensic gain or with the avoidance of obligations; and factitious disorder, if the individual's principal concern is with assuming a patient role.[2][5][9][10]

It is generally believed that DID rarely resolves spontaneously. In general, the prognosis is poor, especially for those with comorbid disorders. There is little systematic data on rates of the condition.[9] It is believed to affect between 1% and 3% of the general population, and between 1% and 5% in inpatient groups in Europe and North America.[10] DID is diagnosed more frequently in North America than in the rest of the world, and is diagnosed three to nine times more often in females than in males.[9][7][11] Rates of diagnoses increased greatly in the latter half of the 20th century, along with the number of identities (often referred to as "alters") claimed by people (increasing from an average of two or three to approximately 16).[7]

DID is also controversial within the legal system,[5] where it has been used as a rarely successful form of the insanity defense.[12][13] The 1990s showed a parallel increase in the number of court cases involving the diagnosis.[14] DID became a popular diagnosis in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, but it is unclear whether the actual rate of the disorder increased, whether it was more recognized by health care providers, or whether sociocultural factors caused an increase in therapy-induced (iatrogenic) presentations. The unusual number of diagnoses after 1980, clustered around a small number of clinicians, and the suggestibility characteristic of those with DID, support the hypothesis that DID is therapist-induced.[15] The unusual clustering of diagnoses has also been explained as due to a lack of awareness and training among clinicians to recognize cases of DID.[16]
Believing you are Charles Hamilton is a DISORDER.


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