Friday, 31 March 2017

To the hip-hop heads in their golden years...

This song touches my soul, no matter when I hear it.
I wasn't and wouldn't be hard enough to live as an MC in this era.
I'm just real.
Pete Rock, love.
CL Smooth, thank you.

Young'ns, write down these bars.
And producer young'ns, catch the beat and vibe.

And stop trapping each other.

This is how we got enslaved in Africa to begin with.

I'm out.
For now.

~follow the buzzards~

To the new old heads...

P's for the people who can't understand how one homeboy became a man.

Biggie existed.
2Pac spat.
Big L shot.

Do your homework before you get to class.
And if this is your first day of school, no cutting.


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Words from Chuck

Stop calling me Chuck.
Ice-T is Chuck.
The darker, evil-er fraction of I.

I hope Charlie exists.

This shit is crazy.
Ice-T is an OG.
Original Gangsta.

I'm an Original Goth.

So much to say today.

I'll be around.

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Bookmark this post.

Mary and John Nintendo.
This post is valuable.
This interview is more.

I wish you well, Mary.

Johnny Flex, I'll catch you eventually...

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The official of self-prostitiution.

Or is it the awakening of intuition?

I can't fight.
But I can fight.

I can fight!

I'm from Harlem!
OF COURSE I can fight!

Add that Ohio and Wrap.


I have a lot to lose.
A bit too much.

A bit.
Too much.
Too much in a bit.

I can still create!
This is awesome!!!

The following has been a test of The Creator.
Creator Hallucination.

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Fresh inspiration.

I miss you, Baddie!
I hope you read this.
Sorry I doubt your love.
I won't cheat unless you have my baby.

And now, our inside jokes commence.

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This is how you black.

King Los!!!
This was a great session.
We HAVE to do a song.

Shouts to Hi-Tek with the instrumentals.

I'll be around.

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"Turning your love away..."


Day by day, I find myself losing all that makes me valuable.
And it makes me more dangerous in music.
Music is all I love and care about.

Then SEGA (family; maybe).

Then me.

The recording process begins in a few weeks.

"Y'all mufuckas know what time it is..."
-DJ Skee 

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

An audience of one.

An audience of one.
An audience of one, on one.
Someone love you, one after one.
No one can love what is undone.
London rose and poked a while in my business of holiness.
Loaded, loaded and loathing.
No one I can trust.
Trust no one.
Play Atari.

SEGA rules.

I have a God.

Then there God.

I'm guilty of believing I am a god.

I have a God.

So mote it be.

+I acknowledge the power of magick.+

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Legend sauce.

To create.
Everyone wants to create.
And in a mortal, non-metaphysical way, everyone can create.
But there is one Creator.

I'm always going back and forth as to whether or not I'm the Creator.
So to keep me from losing my own integrity to myself, I create music.
Record music, rather.
I love making non-sampled music, but to sample is a skill I was able to transmit (for lack of better words) into everyday living.

It just doesn't make me any money.

The music in the Sonic games for Genesis is sample-based.
But Masato Nakamura BLACKED.
He is a legend.
Watch the video.

Just Blaze is a legend.
He made some comments about me a few years back I didn't appreciate, but take nothing away from his skill.


Does the amount of money you made/make, make you a legend?
If so, my time has since come and gone.
But with the money I've made, I bought the tools necessary to make legendary music.
And that's what I've been doing.

And with this new project I'm working on, I'm sure the prospective creators would agree that I hold dominion over music.
With my own genre.

I just need to get paid.
Inspiration doesn't come with a price tag, however.

My mother was a legendary journalist.
And it's starting to set in that my mother actually loved me.
I miss my mother.

I kinda have to go now.
I'm missing my mom and my girl is nowhere to be found.
So, it's back to music.

The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

Hey Uncle G and Dad.
I'm taking over the month of July.

I'll give it back.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I love you, Dr. Dre

I think you've overdone it with this one.
This song is amazing.
I need a blunt.
I'm ready to get back to what I do.

But Dre, so many people are on me to make money.

All I want to do is make music and give it to the universe/galaxy.

Help me, Lord.

~follow the buzzards~

In my bag. Pause.

There are so many videos of me on YouTube that I simply haven't watched.
I kinda killed that Motif (Yamaha keyboard)!
lol I think I want to perform live again.
I might have some opportunities coming up.
But no short money.
I've been overseas with credible acts, I headlined a festival with Rita Ora, toured with Lupe Fiasco...
My stage worth is unbelievable.
I can't do 3-digit performances.

I had an offer to go to Germany for $2500.
They have to make it $3000 for me to go.
I'll fuck around and blow the whole $2500 in Germany on records.

I'm not a penny pincher, but I'm not cheap.
And my worth is more than I can articulate.
So there.
Understand that as long as the music is free, I can't make an honest living.
I just can't go back to jail.
And I need my own place.
I'm planning for a family.
And free music, though it can raise a child, won't feed it.

So yes.
I'm embarking on a new attitude about music and life.

On that note, I'll be back on here later.

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I didn't know anyone filmed this!

It was hot, the crowd was dead, and I needed a blunt.
The verse was DECENT, but I'd have to hear it again to really get into it.

So, I'm watching again!


And I'm slowly mastering Jay's couplet style.
I'm on my way!!!

The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

Then, YOU decide who to pay attention to.

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sleep well.

I swear I deserve a Top 5 spot.

Charles Hamilton

The end.

That's THE Top 5 of all time.
No need to argue.

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A pleasant segue from J Dilla to God...

I've sampled Dilla before.
But I REFUSE to sample ANY J Dilla song on the Maschine.
Call it a superstition.
If you're gonna touch a Dilla joint, do it on the MPC.

Or be Charles Hamilton.

Or ?uestlove.

Regardless, I find it to be a cardinal sin of music to sample J Dilla.
Take it from the guy who sampled Donuts on his first Dilla tribute.
Then again, I had a paranormal experience with the man...

Fuck it.

That kind of talk got me here to begin with.

Moving on.

I love this song.
LionBabe (daughter & monster) are slowly becoming a group I look forward to hearing more from.
I kinda went on a slight Em binge earlier this evening.
After an A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Kodak Black binge.

I'm gonna keep up with you little whippersnappers after all!


Be back later.

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God is God.

So on my earlier blog (, I had a theory saying that J Dilla was God.
Since then, I have been through 10 years of pain.
Overall hatred.

I just want to let y'all know that GOD is God, and is a good God.

Also, She's Dr. Dre.

But if God (literally) being Dr. Dre is too much for you, serve God.

God, I'm sorry I abandoned you for J Dilla.
I just love him so much, and I hope he's doing well in Heaven.
Forgive me for my transgressions and my actions to deny you.
I truly love you, and I need you more than ever.

On that note,
The Socratic Doomer

This Summer

~follow the buzzards~

We have a 2018 in progress...

So depending on the reaction to The Socratic Doomer, there's a chance I won't be dropping any more free music.
However, due to contractual obligations, there might not be a way to make money from music until 2020.
Which swallows.
Me and Iggy are fighting the same fight.
Nothing is stopping me from releasing free music except the fact I need to pay bills.
But if I can make some money between now and next year, I have the ideal project to drop.

And I'm being humble.

This is not going to be one of those you just listen to one time and forget about.
This is epic.
In fact, it may do what it's supposed to do.

Make you only want me.

I love you, SEGA.

But I'm going for mine.

I will be King of the Galaxy.

Says the villain, of course.

As the time draws closer, I'll announce the name of the project.
I know some of you are waiting for Dateline (which is set around the same time as The Pink Lavalamp).
Others are waiting for an all-written project.
Specifically, Pen Attention.

I want to leave The Pink Lavalamp era alone.
It's got it's moments, but I hardly even speak to the people that were around during that time.
We've all gone on to do our own thing.
Now, I want to represent what I love, bring pride to my family and prove I am the greatest musician to ever exist.

The Socratic Doomer should put me over the top.
But what I'm working on now will end all doubt.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Back From The Brink

Took a few days off.
Went to therapy.
Talked to some good people.
Smoked a few blunts.
Made some killer music.

I think it's time I drop this bomb on y'all.

Though my music reflects me, my microphone persona is different (at times) than how I am in real life.
I am quiet, paranoid and articulate.
People think I'm arrogant because I'm conceited about my looks.
Well, I'm from New York, where every chick is either bad or will fuck the shit out of you.
I don't have a lot of luck with NY women, because we are so much alike.
So I try to flirt with girls (via social media) from out of state.

Sorry, Lisa.

I try to be myself though.
Too bad there's no read through as far as how to be Sonic.

If I'm even Sonic.

I wish George Massa would smoke bud to my music.
He doesn't know what he's missing.

Whatever though.

I want to be the best me I can be.
Which may require time away from everyone.
However, that would make me more withdrawn.
So I guess I have to figure out how to connect with people on my own.

I am a Solitary Witch.
Feel the magick.

I think Sha-leik redeemed himself with me.
The jury is still out on Jeff, but he might be innocent too.
Then there's Drake.

I promised myself I wouldn't talk about him on this blog anymore.
From what I've heard of his new album, he got back to rapping.
That's good.
I heard no shots at me,  so that's better.
He did sample Sonic, however.
Then again, that's probably a conversation to have with his producer.


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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Liars get seizures.

Here is another break from Charles Hamilton.
This one entitled...

Liars get seizures.

The Socratic Doomer

July 17th, 2017

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Stolen Thank You official lyrics

I'm sorry, Simone.

(verse 1)
Rape victim. Bothered by the 8 living within. "Stay spittin'..." The greatest if I listen to my within. At my wit's end with getting raped. No pen and paper. Just inspiration from within. Y'all niggas must be as hungry as me, wanting money to be. So I saw you in front of me, while I was running from he. And I believe(d) that the L-O-V-E would be the reason why that "-fella" won't see me. You make it seem easy. "Maybelline" breezy. So scarred, but she right there. No problem.

And if you leave me
I will go insane.

So, I can't leave you
Go insane.

C'mon, Simone.
Come on home.

Pressure on my back from the youth, who have an attitude with the fact I'm clever when I rap. Forever they could get japped. But since I'm coming off the cap with no feather on it, forever I'll say I'm the reason why I vomit. You could NEVER feel my pain. So you could steal, but you won't be stealing rain (Reign). So, feel ashamed. My shit is TOO REAL for the acclaim. I simply need to exclaim. !. Believe it or not, I can make me the reason why they hate me. Which is violating. Like a species of guy who hates me, 'cause I ain't been "waiting for" he.

And if you leave me
I will go insane.

So, I can't leave you
Go insane.

C'mon, Simone.
Come on home.

Take a long trip. A long walk. It's been a long trip. We all talk. Simone, it was phone talk. The greatest phone sex. Oh, wait. I may be mistaken. The lady I'm laying with has a different name. And shit. Accident! I'm waiting for the chick. But damn. It's not an accident when laying in a different Simone. I wish I can dip in your home when your man not around, and then dip in your zone. And then end up being "some tampon you found".I'm standing my ground. It's HamiltonxSound. I love Sonic and Simone.

Sonic and Simone.

Sonic and Simone.

Planet, get down!


The L Word: Simone

It may/might drop.

It might already be out.

~follow the buzzards~

To give without expecting...

Someone asked me today how many mixtapes/projects I've dropped.
When I told them the number, they were shocked.
I have put in a lot of work over the last 10 years.
The recognition is private.

But what I've learned is, you have to love your craft in order to keep going.
I love music.
More than anything.
It's just... I always thought it was easy for me to do.
I wanted a challenge.
Hence why I went to college.
However, I was quietly perusing music when I decided to go.
Plus mom (RIP) was pressing for me to go to school.

Or was she?

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Very hard to post the lyrics to this song.

I love you mom.
I'm sorry I was so wack to you.

Rest In Peace, Talise.

~follow the buzzards!~

The Republican Democrat


"Charles Hamilton was born in Britain in 1767 and at the age of nine began his naval career on board the Hector. From 1777 to 1779 he completed a term at the Royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth, and then returned to the Hector. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1781, commander in 1789, and post-rank in 1790. Hamilton commanded a number of vessels: the Dido, the San Fiorenzo, the Romney, the Melpomene, the Illustrious, the Sea Fencibles, the Téméraire, and the Tonnant. On his father's death in 1784, Hamilton inherited a baronetcy. He continued in active naval service while a Member of Parliament for 12 years, beginning in 1801. In 1818, now a vice-admiral, Hamilton became the second resident governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the first to bring his wife, Lady Henrietta Hamilton, an accomplished amateur artist.

St. John's had been devastated by fire just prior to Hamilton's arrival. He oversaw the reconstruction, and introduced a building code and widened the streets. The new regulations were difficult to enforce and two more fires broke out during his time as governor. Hamilton had funds approved for a new gubernatorial residence - to be built by his successor - and was responsible for the construction of a court house and a jail. He also supported the building of a theatre. A devout Anglican, Hamilton encouraged the construction of Church of England churches, and provided money to help the destitute.

A conservative, Hamilton believed in the encouragement of the fisheries, but was sceptical about the future of agriculture. Opposed to political and constitutional reform, he was in conflict with those in St. John's who felt that change was long overdue. Hamilton did try to establish contact with the Beothuk, and authorized the unsuccessful expeditions of John Peyton and William Buchan. It was Lady Hamilton who painted the famous portrait of Demasduit (Mary March), the Beothuk woman captured in 1818.

Hamilton left Newfoundland in 1823, and held no further appointments. He died at Iping, his family home, in 1849."

Back from the dead.
I love you, Uncle G.

~follow the buzzards~

Thank You, Donald Trump...

If the title of this blog post makes you not want to be a StarChaser, suck my dick.
You never were one.

Donald Trump listened to "Correct".
Hence the (virtually) racist travel ban.
Yes, America was next to be attacked by ISIS.
At the EXACT same time, Nicki Minaj is the mortal manifestation of the immortal (Egyptian) goddess Isis.
Nicki Minaj is J Dilla.
J Dilla is Donald Trump.

Nicki Minaj is The President of the United States.

I hope that set in for her.

Anyway, I remember that when I was writing "Correct" I was psychically summoned by The White House to talk about ISIS.
The reason why I said "might" instead of "will" is due to my uncertainty about The Black Market.
The Black Market robs third world countries of precious goods that they naturally had bestowed upon them.

Without even knowing it.

It's not your fault, Jay and the Gang.
People are pissed.
And we are in America.

So Trump, let's make America great again.

You and I.

Shout me a holla, Dun!

~follow the buzzards~

More SEGA Worship (during The Witching Hour)

I wouldn't care so much about sound if it weren't for Preemo.
And we all know I love RZA.
But DJ Premier put me on to the quality of sound being key to a classic (not a hit) record.
All I want to do is produce CLASSICS.
I don't need hits.
I need to stand the test of time.
Thank you, Mystic.
I mean... Preemo.

Pete Rock and I speak often.
He taught me the value of chops.
And he has a rock/metal style with his drums.
So ... thank you Davina!
I mean... Petey!

Ladies, get out the shower, only dry your belly button, and drop your towel.
Tim & Bob have been getting you wetter than I ever could for YEARS.
And they are an integral part of SEGA.
Thank you, Tim & Bob.
You guys are amazing.

I might fuck with the above instrumental.

It's a long night, Bey.
Be patient.

~follow the buzzards~

Worship During The Witching Hour

Madlib forever.
May your genius NEVER go unnoticed to your face.

After I heard this record (Busta Rhymes, "Genesis), I decided to give Dilla EVERYTHING.
J Dilla forever.

Jack Splash saved my life in 2009.
Fuck any and everyone else.
Fuck what anyone has to say about him.
Thank you, baby boy!


I am the hip-hop Daft Punk.
And they are SEGA.
So, Daft Punk forever.

It's not that I don't love the others in SEGA.
I'm just closer to the afformentioned.
On that night, back to my Jack -n- Coffee.

~follow the buzzards~

"I'm Mr. Me Too..."

I remember this session.
Boe and Dre were there.
I took a few pulls of a haze blunt before I recorded.
The take before the take that I kept for the song was SO FIRE!!!
Off the top.
Had niggas DYING in the studio.

"Unless shorty bi, then she giving head. Then I say 'bye' if she ain't giving head..."
lol OD

I had a lot of fun.
But, the Interscope years are now blurry because of life after 2012.
I wasn't so mentally reckless when I was Jimmy's little soldier.
I got chemically screwed up when I got dropped/left jail.
So many memories of mine are no longer mine.

I don't remember my childhood anymore.
I can't remember life after late 2011.
All I know is that there's a possibility I'm the Apple CEO.
And MAYBE SEGA didn't leave me.

I don't know.
But you do.

So, allow me to enjoy this Supernatural Vacation.
Until it's time for the Spiritual Awakening.


~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Meet Rocco Moon

A great friend of mine.
An alien.

He's definitely from another source of life.
If the source isn't SEGA itself.
I believe he is Silver.

Silver has a way about itself.
Silver the Hedgehog, that is.
As a female, she's a knock out with a clear agenda.
As a male, he'll knock you out for not having a clear agenda.
Rocco Moon is a virtually scientific outlook of Silver's manhood.

He's a naturalist.
A purist.
And I hope you like this song.

For many reasons.

Cheers to you, Mr. Moon.

Be blessed, all.

Maybe you can find it in your heart to stop hating/hating on me.

Good night.

~follow the buzzards~

Trying Hard official lyrics

I don't write when I get a pen (pin). Therefore, I'm just nice when I spit from within. Niggas like, "Charles. When you on the mic, get it together." And I'm like, "When I'm on the mic, try to get it again." First time you hear it, it's like a windpipe punch. Second time, you're not near it. But, then I lunch on the third time, reminding you the first time (nigga) this is brunch. Kinds of beats. THESE kinds of beats. And I'm nice to beats, so be kind to me. Haven't you heard me? Don't I look like a chick who's nerdy and curvy? Well, I WIN! And WHEN I DECIDE I WANNA TRY, I'LL TRY AGAIN! No Aaliyah. You need to know the fever. Even divas know who could beat it and leave them needing MORE...

When I'm on a beat, I'm
When I'm on my feet, I'm
Grinning in defeat, because I'm
The winner of the streets, because I'm
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.

I have (had) sex with my new girl while reading her Tarot. She already knows her bone marrow was unprepared to see The Heart (The Lover Card). So I gave her with a deck of Knives (Ace of Swords), like "Let us depart." She like, "Your special, but CHARLES! WHY YOU GOTTA DO IT SO HARD?!" I came out with The Joker card. And I wasn't playing Poker. I know the broad. I'm tryna make her cum without being inside her. Make her P (wrap) from her vagina (fact). Inside it, without using the thing I be abusing when I slide in her. Nevermind her. I would like her Fur to just "brush" on my face. Put the beat on and then brush her away.

When I'm on a beat, I'm
When I'm on my feet, I'm
Grinning in defeat, because I'm
The winner of the streets, because I'm
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.

I'm trying to make aliens acceptable on Earth. NOTHING here is respectable in a verse. Because verses have to be hard (Beyonce). And I'm ACTUALLY hard when I look at a star (J Dilla). See "God" in my rear view; see God coming near me, so who's coming near you (Jack Splash)? MY FATE. (Mystic) God is irate (Davina). Why wait? (Tim & Bob) Why be fake? (Talking Heads) I "I... oh late!" (Daft Punk) Isolate, idolize, and then make an idolatrist state EXIST NO LONGER (SEGA). As I read my girl's ... Tarot when she removed her thong. Word. I do it stronger. Doesn't it sound like there was a book in my palm, nerds? Wrong dirt. You lookin for this? Go to church.

When I'm on a beat, I'm
When I'm on my feet, I'm
Grinning in defeat, because I'm
The winner of the streets, because I'm
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.
When I'm making love to you,
I'm trying to understand you, too.

If Silver didn't exist, my music from day one until now would mean nothing.
So thank you, George Silver.
May bombasex remain as pure as it's creator.
Create her.
Create Her.

~follow the buzzards~

Savannah official lyrics

(before I type these lyrics, I want all to know that I love all women; I just wish I had a chance to tell you personally. it hurts to know y'all hate me now... I'm sorry)

(verse 1)
I wish I could name all ladies Savannah. Therefore, I can treat them like they Samantha (pictured below). I'm a "stand-up" kind of guy. And I need a chick like Samantha (a StarChaser) by my side, bottom line. She's kinda fly. (sigh) Matter fact, she's gorgeous. I just had to record this. Report it. She's so important to me. Even though she wasn't by my side on my birthday, I still won't let her leave. She's the kind of chick that could be breathing on my sleeve when it's time to wheeze. When watching "My Girl". One or Two. She already know what I wanna do. I'm coming through her mindstate like "I AM IRATE, AND THE CLIMATE IS LETTING ME KNOW I CANNOT BE THIS HIGH! But... you are the reason why..."

Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.
Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.

(verse 2)
I wish Jamece (pictured below) wasn't such a tease. 'Cause then we'd make love with ease. Still shocked she fucks with me. Wanted to claim her publicly, but we didn't make L-O-V-E. So, I can't really say she's mine. But I think about her every time I recline. Every time we decide we wanna jones, we get on the phone. Uncomfortable it is, to wanna fuck so bad and know she looks at you with a Kodak of the past. She said I must've been "an attention whore". I was in love with *then*. *Then*, some more! *Then* was high school. But then, I was bored. With women I'm interested, and with these niggas I hit the floor with a Tiger Uppercut, to come back. I just wanna be her thumb tack.

Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.
Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.

(verse 3)
So many chicks I can name, but I'm giving the blame to the spliff that hit my brain. I only think about Samantha 'cause she's light skinned. And Jamece is dark skinned. But I ain't frightened (pictured below). They're two opposite ends. Yeah, I still got Jungle Fever. But, I don't really want to eat them. You eat a white chick she get spoiled. They already think they're royal. I'm just loyal to my race, when it comes to porn. Women, come to me, 'cause I want to feel born. Alive again. Schooling like Stuyvesant. "How-To-Approach-Women-When-They're-Interested-In-Your-Mind". But then again, if you approaching them with dimes and diamonds, what you gon' think they gon chime in and talk about? Something you should think about while you walk around...

Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.
Under the city lights.
No matter where I go, I'm
Under the city lights.
And I want to hide.
Dammit, because I can't be with you.

I said it all.
Now it's time to ride or die.
Or just die.
Or, just ride out.

SEGA forever.

I see you, Jack.
Hold your head.

~follow the buzzards~


To forgive is Godly.
God-like, even.
But some things can't be forgiven.

I'll start here.
Love is why I didn't hit Briana back.
But I already forgave her before she even touched me.

Recently, this beautiful girl got drunk and put her hands on me.
I wasn't so nice to her.
God, I hit a woman.
Knocked her out, really.
I feel bad as Hell about it, but at this point, there's no turning back.

But she started it!

What is it with women thinking they can just do anything to me without repercussions?
That sucks.
Im not Chris Brown.
Though I didn't have a thugged out upbringing, I cannot and will not tolerate reverse misogyny.
Hopefully shorty will be the last woman I hit.
And hopefully shorty knows I really care about her.
But yeah.
Keep your hands to yourself.

That goes for everyone.

Can I forgive those of whom I believed raped me in my sleep?
I have no choice but to.
May God have mercy on their soul.
And the soul they took from me.

Thus making me a brand new person.

I'm up now, so...
...see you 'round.

~follow the buzzards~

Nicki's Clit Ring official lyrics

(verse 1)
Sometimes, I be crying in my dreams. Often, I'm dying in these scenes. I ain't even got no dye (die) in my jeans (genes). They dress pants. And hopefully, I'm teaching these lessons to these crying little teams. Vying for a dream. I don't even know why. Am I as clean as I seem to be? And I'm on the floor because YouMightCatchMeBored like YMCMB. Pay me for the fact I be rappin' from the top. Accident or not, I happen to be hot. SO, "I'll shine, you shine." Like Kendrick. I'll "line" it, I'll find it defenseless, then I'll line it up with a razor. I'm shining, and quite as tough as a lazer on a fuckin' .9 from a cop. 9 shots, and I might end up someone who's dying on top. Nigga.

Now everybody sayin...
Now who shot ya?!

(verse 2)
Yeah, I'm talkin' "dead". Yeah, I'm talking "revenge". Yeah, I'm talking motherfucker, now go sit on the bench. Yeah, I'm talkin Pat Riley when I rap. You find me to be defiling me. Now, what a fact?! You see, I take that 66 to that 66. Then I take one out. Then I get my shit. And I rap about this business shit. Then I end up wrapping this business shit. Now *who* is sicker than me? Niggas gotta be sick of me. But lyrically, they can't visit me. Therefore, I get in between these lines. Like, Hi. And then I find it to be... quite fly. Because I bit it and they bit the minus signs that I find to be on the treble and bass. I'm steppin' away because as I be messin up my face, OH MY GOD! I'M GOING TO HEAVEN TODAY! HALLELUJAH! Sendin' flowers to you when I send that click-clack power to you. And these niggas is like "Sour? For YOU?! I don't know why! 'Cause you cannot get high! You are Domino fly. I knock you down. Domino Rally. Y. Hi!"

Now everybody sayin...
Now who shot ya?!

(verse 3)
I'm not talking business. This is S E G A. I'm talkin' George Massa. I raped him the other day. The brother way. Probably the lover way. I love to say how much I love J(ay)... and Dilla. But they the same thing, so hey! Maybe a villa when I get a couple million. But I love to fuck my chick when she's hovering above the ceiling. She's NEVER ABOVE IT! She's only on the fucking bed. And, hey! THAT is the subject. I really want some fuckin' head. I'm going ahead of time like them two white niggas in the DeLorean. But then again, I'm on the floor again. And I'm bored again. Looking at the floor, bored. Then looking at the scoreboard. Hittin 3s from outside the park like that Bird nigga. Word, nigga! Look, nigga! I sound so obsurd nigga. That's that shit I don't like. Sounding like some floor nigga. God damn. How many times can I say "floor" when I meant "flower". But then again, you must acknowledge the power of CHARLES HAMILTON.

Let's go.


From 2013.

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New favorite rapper alert.

I respect this man's music.
Nothin' but real talk all day.
This isn't Mumble Rap.
He's actually saying something.
He's great.
Can't wait to hear what he does next.

Also, I heard he was locked up.
I wish him well.
I hope he survives the system.
You may disagree, but I don't think I fully recovered.
No, I didn't get raped in jail (to my knowledge).
No, I didn't do anything gay in jail.
So to my sons of the future, stay out of trouble.
We aren't built for jail life.

With that said, check out Kodak Black.
MUCH love, homie!

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EVERYTHING about this cypher is on point.
If you know anything about lyricism and hip-hop, Desiigner MURDERED it.
Anderson.Paak had the most soul.
And (chuckles to self) Lil Dicky reminds me so much of me it's not even funny.


I just had a cup of coffee, so expect me to be on here for a while.

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The Anti-PopStar

I've heard that celebrities don't like to give me their phone number.
Apparently, I call too much.
"For that, I apologize..."
But still.
I don't just call frivolously.
I always have jewels to drop.

This post, balanced by the fact that there are people who say I don't call them enoughz
Or that when I do call, I don't say anything.
I'm more of a listener than a talker.
Just ask my record collection.

Grandma and uncle, I love you.
I just know I gotta come correct when I talk to you.
So I opt to say nothing.
That way, I can just learn from you two.
Then again, you'll never know what I'm thinking about.

It might be better off that way.

RIP, mom.
RIP, Joe Ruperto.

I remember when I changed my official name to C.H. Ruperto.
I wonder if it still stands.

CH forever.
I see you, Sha-Leik!

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New Halo.
Check it out!

I swear I hope he's an extreme worshipper and not a doomer.
He changed my life for the better.
And my assumptions of him changed life for the worse.

Maybe I will drop more than one project this year.
You have been behaving...

Love has been strange to me this year.
I can't get into details, but my girl knows I love her.
And it's best I keep her identity a secret.

Until we're ready for the world to scrutinize us.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

She's growing so fast...

Let's just hope she's dead ass my daughter.
I trust my source.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A favor for a friend...

PLEASE, ARTIS IS PERFORMING at SXSW and he NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET THERE! COPY and PASTE this link "" or Go to INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW (@CHEFBOYARTIS) and click the #LINKBIO read his story and help him out. Help me spread the word! Please #SHARE, #REPOST, #RETWEET the link & share to Facebook directly from the website! Do it for the #culture #Hiphop #SupportIndependentArtists

Organizer: Perpetua Romain, Publicist
For: Jaquan "Artis" Barnett, @ChefBoyArtis
Los Angeles, CA © 2017 Beautiful Noize Ent., LLC.

Fundraiser: YouCaring
Official YouCaring Link:

The Story

Jaquan “Artis” Barnett is battling Crohn’s Disease while suffering the destruction caused by California floods. Artis is a conscious hip-hop lyricist, producer, recording engineer & independent music label owner residing in Los Angeles. He is self-taught in film production and has been successfully up and coming, performing shows, radio interviews, working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, AV LMKR, CyHi The Prynce, other G.O.O.D. Music affiliates and more. Artis is booked to perform in two slots at South By Southwest 2017 (SXSW)— an annual music & film conference in Austin, TX that draws over 2,000 acts & 50,000 attendees worldwide. It’s an amazing networking platform to gain the exposure he needs to acquire fans, buzz & attention. His gigs are March 16-17, but setbacks affect his chances to make it & he needs your help to attend!

Artis funds his label personally via rideshare & recording sessions in order to remain independent. In 2015, he endured strenuous 90 hour work weeks to create his dream studio that he spent 11 years of his life building gradually since college. He constructed the booth with his bare hands & completed the full studio at the top of 2016, worth $60,000 in high-quality equipment.

Unfortunately, the unexpectedly heavy California rain storms of January-February 2017 flooded his entire studio. Since his equipment is contaminated from airborne mold, humidity & residue, it is untouchable until it's professionally cleaned. Therefore, the studio space is unusable and even with professional remediation by the landlord, it's possible the gear may not be salvaged. The landlord & company have been negligent on remediation repairs from their lack of efficient foundation. The studio, living & dining areas have quickly developed severely inhabitable levels of mold growth, causing Artis to suffer mold allergy complications & several doctor’s visits, which led to his hospitalization for 4 days considering his susceptible immune system from Crohn’s Disease.

Plagued by setbacks, he completely lost a source of income, lost time & days of work from illness, phone calls to the housing/health departments & inspection appointments to rectify the mold issue. He’s been getting slammed with out of pocket costs to build a case against the landlord as well as for an attorney to help him through this process which is still happening to this day. This is why he needs you. Please help him finally catch a break & keep his eye on the prize. Your contribution to his performance would be supportive of promoting music with a message— a breath of fresh air from music on the radio today that misrepresents true hip hop.

Artis missed attending SXSW in 2014, after a high energy performance he did in November 2013 at the House of Blues San Diego. Sadly, he could not take advantage of the blessing because his father lost his business in January 2014, resulting in his parents falling into a financial crisis on the verge of bankruptcy. Just days later, his father’s dad passed away. Artis stepped up to prevent his family from becoming homeless & began driving for Lyft/Uber in February 2014. With the unexpected death & the funeral in Virginia, he sent his father & siblings to the burial. He stayed behind to work & pay bills, sacrificing his chance to even see his own grandfather buried & not having funds to secure a performance slot at SXSW ‘14. He put his artistry on hold for two years, working 14+ hour days, taking no days off to help his parents. Today he has a second chance & you can help his comeback!

Please, open your hearts & help him make it to Texas. Your help & compassion is needed, greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten! Please, EVERY PENNY COUNTS. Our goal is to raise the funds by March 11th!

Budget details: Artist, DJ, Photographer & Videographer
Travel Dates: March 14-19, 2017



$2,782.80 ROUNDTRIP AIR, HOTEL, RENTAL CAR; $40 GAS IN-TOWN; $200 MERCH PROMO; $400 FOOD (@ $20/day pp); $87.18 FLYER PROMO w/TAX= $3,509.98

Follow on Twitter:

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Website Links:

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Exclamation point! (pt. 2)

Black Milk!
An awesome producer.
I get a kick out of rapping to his beats.
The pocket moves a lot.
You gotta be nice to follow.
I don't write, so I have to listen to beats more than I usually would if I was writing.
Unless I made the beat.
But even then I have to take my time with the beat.

Use such as advice.

Anyway, Black Milk is amazing.
MUCH love for him.
I've had some coffee this morning, so I'm gonna be doing some research into producers of whom inspired me.

I ran into a female MC named Origin.
C'mon, hip-hop.

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Into the looking glass

Yes, mirrors are the enemy.
But I finally saw myself.
DJ Babu is amazing.
I've always loved his production
But (and for the sake of the faint at heart I'll place this in question form), is he me?

He looks like Buddha, and I DID find Nirvana almost 10 years ago.
He doesn't look happy, just like me.
He seems to want the approval of the masses (at least the West Coast) just like me.
It's ill.

Check this video out.
I think I have another producer I can put on the favorites list.

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Charles Hamilton Is A Radiohead Fan? official video

"How am I tired of being?"
Desperate sarcasm.
FUCK getting raped.
Fuck Nintendo.
SEGA, it's all yours.
Don't abandon me.

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Charles Hamilton - Is Leaving His House (official video)

This post is a day late.
I had to run to a session yesterday.
So yeah.
Enjoy the video.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Time Constraints official lyrics (and video)

(HamilVision BLACKED with this one...)

(verse 1)
I want to be a star. Not a celebrity. Not a wannabe. So, nod your head with me. If it's not a problem, let me see all hands to the sky. At least with telepathy. Ecstacy, every time I hear me speak. Except, I have not been selected to speak by thee. Interestingly enough, I have to be giving a fuck without giving up. Once you give up, you give a fuck about what you gave up. Correct or not? I've never made a mistake. But I'm not Correct. I'm Hot. I'm not wrong. Please don't get the plot wrong...

I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I can never let you down...

(verse 2)
My hunt might require a blunt, but I am higher than *months* when guys are trying to be sire just 'cause *they* stunt. I wonder if what they want is the number one spot of hundreds of cunts dripping at the sight (site) of them ( Listen, or the plight of them. I'm exciting them, just by not writing again. They all mad 'cause I'm showing it. And I'm flowing it. So profound when I'm goin' in. What am I showing? The cuts that I'm showing (zounds). This is for the Gangstas and Goths. Making it hot on "The Block". They('re) takin' their stops, just to hear what I got. Forsaken or not. But it's cursed. "But it's heavy!" Lovely verse. Love the verse. I'm giving it to y'all. The rhythm is for y'all. Y'all niggas is listening to Charles.

I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I can never let you down...

(verse 3)
Enough motion. No more bluffs. I feel like I'm cutting the ocean, to see that salty stuff. Snorting it up. High as fuck. Then I sneeze it. Winter, breezing. (or , ) In the season of a nigga who's speaking. My season is forever. I believe I can get it together. And so can all of you, if you follow me. Soaking in all of you, properly. With your ears. Listen here. My shit is clear. Then sincere. When you hear, is it fear that you give to me when you say my shit is weak? If you say it... If you play it... If you even know I exist. Stop playing.

I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I am on the search of perfection.
I can never let you down...




Shouts to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
I want to be a combination of you two, musically.
Or, just be myself.
And be better than the 3 of us put together.


It's a new month, so possibly new music.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Serena Williams and Music

Guys, would you get an erection if I told you Serena Williams was The Real 9th Wonder?
Ladies, would it make you wet if I told you I am The New 9th Wonder?
Charles Hamil10th Wonder?

Love is in the air.
Lust is in the path.
The path is full of dust.
Stance is where it happens.

So mote it be.

(a spell)

[ladies, for a fuller, jigglier ass, repeat the above 6 times]

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From a StarChaser

Get it together, Nintendo.

Before Trump leaves office.
In 2020.
Maybe before.
Depends on how well he does.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

New York knows..

I'm a little late to the party.
I'm a little late to the part.
I'm a little late to the part where I was the life of the party.
And don't let my cocky smile of 2009 fool you into believing ... wait.
I was kinda happy in 2009,
I just felt bad for those starving in Harlem.

So, I offered my body as a sacrifice for the benefit of Harlem.

Did it happen?

God only knows.

Shouts to Boe and Dre.

I would prefer to be doomed there than at Sha-leik's house.

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Queen StarChaser(s)

Actually the title of a song.
Meet the Queens Of My Music.

Jacqueline Ortiz-Parques

Tori Imani Ferguson (congrats)

Samantha Marie Wilson

I don't even know if those are their real names.
They just touch my heart so particularly.
Samantha's been down since (the technical) day one.
Nothing but love and nervous flirts from yours truly.
Tori came around in 2010.
We had/have a love/hate relationship.
Kinda centered around lust.
Jackie reached out when I first came home from jail in 2011.
We've been in touch ever since.

I thank them.
It feels like their my own female fans.
I do wish for more female fans.

But that's the Drake factor.
Drake took all the ladies!
Well, at least I got the Goths.

I will remain down.
Even if 6 disagrees.

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As conceited as I am...

...I've been humbled.
I'd rather be in the background, doing just what I'm doing.
To the woman unfortunate enough to have my baby (in the future), good luck dealing with my mood swings.

I'm hungry, so this is the last post of the night.


The future.

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What if Mom was God?

So here's why I boned some dude.
Who happens to be a 6 (thus making it a personal victory).

Not only was I trying to deny and defy God, I was trying to be ...

There's several reasons.

First of all, I thought I was being tortured in Harlem by Doomers I was living with/moved in with
So I figured if I paused out, I wouldn't feel the pain anymore.
The pain is worse now, because I loathe myself and my penis for even thinking the shit would work.
And I still (periodically) feel the pain of not being able to defend myself in times of DOOM.

So, there's that.

Second, I wanted to deny God and embrace 6.
Somehow forgetting that God is a bad bitch and loves me.

Third, the other 6z left me when I was in London for the first time.
If I pause out, they would control my every move.
A risk, because women could do the same thing, and put me in the most incriminating of situations.

Fourth (perhaps finally), I wanted to defy my mother.
My mother was very homophobic growing up.
I felt bad for gay people, but I slowly started to agree with her the older I got.
But it was when my mom said I should "shake it off" about being raped that I figured being gay (or at least doing something gay) was the wisest decision.

I still don't like gay people, and I hate myself even deeper for boning some guy.
No excuses.
I'm sure Lisa (or whoever I'm dating) doesn't approve.

I think Lisa and I are gonna break up soon.

Why is this world so damn gay?
Why is this world so gay?

Moving on...

Jeff (or Jay-Z, or whoever he is) uses me in a way I can't describe.
So fifth, I wanted to not be useful to him.
It's hard to get along with him.
But it's hard not to love him.
He was like a superhero to me growing up.
Even though I rarely saw.

I used to think my mom was God herself.
Which made Sunday School a trip.
My mother new The Word of God.
And made miracles happen (sometimes).

Fuck this.
How do I know I'M not God?
I know God supposedly lives in us all, but damn.
I'm ...something else, as I've heard about me.

Let me close this blog post before I lose anymore fans.

The Socratic Doomer
July 17th, 2017

I will define 7.

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Friday, 3 March 2017

The question every element has been blocking me from asking...

Why me?

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Too/Two/To Left

"I'm scared to be a 6!"
-Charles Hamilton, "reMinder pt. 2"

I hid the fact I was a 6.
Such is seemingly impossible, but I did it.
I didn't want everyone to know.
As times got more dire, I proudly would drop down and press people.

But who am I kidding?

I'm not a killer like Jack.
I'm not as rude as George.
And I'm not as enigmatic as Dilla.

So, music is my 6.

I've been assaulting you.
Mad force.
Bars you'll never get.
I mean, I wrapped 1.

I belong to me.

But what does it matter to you?

Jay(-Z) seems to know more than me.
Or innovated life (and the mysteries in it) before me.
It just seems like I'm here for the lust of anyone who knows anything.

I feel like a whore.

Dear Everclear,
Did you know I would/could relate to that song?

I fear being stripped everyday.
No one can ease that tension.
Women can strip me.
Gangstas can strip me.
Corporate folk(s) can strip me.

The Industry pretty much successfully stripped me.

It's not enough that all can hear me when I put on my headphones.
Not enough.
I have to "play the game", no matter how much they respect "what I do on my own".

I just want to be a 6 in peace.
But... what is a 6 entitled to?

I answered that question for them in 2012.
I gave them all I had.
Which, in case you didn't know, is everything.

But Jay could give them/us more.
I wish I wasn't so mesmerized by him/Jeff.
I don't know what he does or how he does it, but everything he does seems perfect.

Actually, this problem I have is sort of a blessing.
I seem to be the only one vocalizing their issue(s) with Jay.
But he could very easily be my best friend.

I don't have a lot of friends.
At least ones I can trust.
I only trust aliens.
And they are ... around.
If they could only reveal themselves to me.
I did nothing wrong to them.
I might have gone too hard in 2012 to prove they exist, but such doesn't mean I'm to be discarded because of my behavior.


Whatever they want to do to humans, they can just do.
Just don't leave me alone.
I love you too much to be cast aside or ignored.

"And I never... knew a love like this before..."
-Stephanie Mills

I'm sorry, 6.
I don't deserve you.
But don't desert me.
I don't want to cry wolf, but I am not prepared for the tests of man.
They want me to be like the others.
I've never been like them, as much as I love them.

I might be too sensitive to be a 6.

About a decade ago, this picture wouldn't have meant anything to me.
So Beyonce, you might have to thank your husband and Sha-leik.
Being vulnerable is what makes me open up so much in the booth.
Other than that, my conceit would be more apparent.

Blessings to you and your babies.

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Trudi can't cry.

The last time I cried was before I moved from LA last year.
I was trying to figure out why there's so much hate for me.
Not just the KTT kids.
I haven't read that forum in ages (wink).
I just KNOW there is some resentment towards me on a major scale.
And no one can articulate why.
Admittedly, I stopped talking so much shit.
But I never really talked shit about anything but music.

My music.

I know only one is better.

J Dilla.

Other than that, I give everyone a run for their money.

Trudi is TheSuperComputer.
I want to be more open to her.
I want her to know more about me.
But... so will everyone.
And my dreams of being a mysterious supervillain would be eliminated.

So I chose the Bray Wyatt route.

You can see what I'm about.
So why not BE what I'm about...?

Shouts to the other members of my little secret.
Not everyone is capable of getting down.
And though we are full of love, it doesn't mean we are easily accepting.

I love you guys.

God, thank you.
Satan, the sex is extreme(ly good).

SEGA, you are.

I am Atari.

And on that note, expect some big news in the near future.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Tonight I have joined a secret society.
May only those with senses to the eyes, see.
Tonight I have joined a secret society.
Not The Illuminati.
We are the veins from which they draw blood and inject poison.
Tonight I have joined a secret society.
And we shall reign in Hell with the Grace of God.
Or laugh in Heaven with Satan's Sheer Zest.

Tonight, I have joined a secret society.
They are the new Catholic Illuminati.
They are the official Vampire Vatican.
If we find you worthy, you can view our jersey.

"You are not allowed to get down..."

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Props to Will Fluker

I have just been (re)introduced to Proof.
And J Dilla.
I pray this is a real record.

Y'all know I can create music without recording, right?

No bomba.

(however Pharrell, I [musically] became the Bombaster; accidentally, and with a Lolita smile)

I pray for all who have felt my wrath in the last 6 years.
God loves you.

And Satan got that ass!

J Dilla forever.

SEGA till Infinity




I finally figured out why I am a loser.
I don't change.
While certain things are being revealed to you through me (via God and the Aliens), my demeanor is the same.
A mild-mannered, conceited, Gothic Gospel Witch.

I want so bad to conquer and master evil.
Doing so can control wizardry.

Then I will be set free.

Then what?

What will I do with this newlyfound freedom?
Will I murder?
Will I heal?
Will I love?

I spoke to Lisa today.
I told her I've been flirting with StarChasers.
I DIDn*T tell her that they've all been her.

Her mind and body might be disconnected.
It wouldn't be her fault.
In fact, it would be the fault of The World At Large.

For her to rise, she must fall off.
I'll soothe the pain, the best way I can.

Such can sound like I have A LOT of work to do (a subtle wink at The Illuminati), but...
If I can make this work, I would have achieved my freedom.

I might start bringing The Bible in the booth with me.

"Leave your knives and your guns at home!"
-MC Lyte

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Very quickly...





[1] The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:
[2] Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.
[3] Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.
[4] John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;
[5] And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,
[6] And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
[7] Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
[8] I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

The difference (for the industry) between what's considered "lo-fi" and "hi-fi" is whether it's in mono- or -stereo. 

ALL of my music has been in -stereo.
Just in 16 bits.

Until this year...


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Unshutting Up.

So yes.
There is a secret that The Illuminati doesn't want you to know.
It can change everything you know about God, Satan, Aliens, Homosexuality, Sin... all the above.

And this truth is why I may never be seen again.





With the above being said, God, watch my back as I walk these Harlem streets.
Or anywhere I should decide to go.
Show me the difference between right and wrong.

But please.
Allow me to be The Witch of SEGA.


Or, DreMen.

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