Sunday, 31 July 2016

Life From Times Square

This is Life From Times Square.
Not Live From Times Square.
Not Life In Times Square.

Life From Times Square.

Imagine your innermost thoughts about the universe, being on display on the jumbotron in Times Square.
Such is my life.
I have no secrets.
No secrets are to be kept from me.
Be honest with me from the door.
Accept my lies.
Forgive my preceding reputation.

Here are the two singles.

And here is the project.

I never gave up on SEGA.
It just seems like they gave up on me.

And if they didn't, I love them deeper than I'll ever love myself.

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High quality melancholy.

I don't truly accept losses to Drake, Jay-Z and Jimmy Iovine.
I feel like they allowed me to grow into the Gothik artist I always wanted to be.
So now, I simply sidestep their shots.
And continue with my Gothspel music.

I had a sound clash last night.
Wasn't fun for the other guy.
All it did was make me excited about my 9/11 dj gig.

I'm not competitive anymore.
I think if you have a story or a testimony, you should be willing to and able to share it without someone claiming their better.
Or without someone telling you your story isn't marketable.
The business side of music truly ruined the expression.

I miss you, Lisa!

Back to work...

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Missing child (*)

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Slackin' on my Mac

I was supposed to be posting the lyrics to my new(er) music on here.
I haven't been doing so.
I received such positive feedback on the lyrics (quotables) that it doesn't make sense to keep doing it.

Remember, I'm looking for the negative.

So what it's not healthy?

It's my fuel.

Alas, I have another new mixtape to drop, and the lyrics are titanium.

"Microphone check of the lecturer. Step up, and I'm messing up. But guess what? The messenger of the mess-up is gonna mess you up. So what's next?"
-Charles Hamilton, "BBM"

I have grown as a lyricist.
But, I've also gone from lyricism to MCing.
To MC is an artform in and of itself.
I can't tell you how to MC.
That would be snitching, and all my niggas in jail would kill me.

Shouts to F Pod.

The only thing I can say is, MCing is something women do on the regular.

I'm still very confused about Drake.
Is he a friend?
A foe?
A competitor?
Could it be a high level of worship that I'm simply not ready for?
Or could it be a revolution of the evil kind?

I don't want to fight Drake.
I want to make music with him.
But I made an entire album with Chris Young, the way I would with Drake.

It seems like I fulfilled two destinies.

But there is always Jay.

Damn, Hov.
Can't you clean up your tray table when you fly?

Still working on music.
Holla at me.

And for those who don't know, my social media is as follows:


CharlesHamiltonMusic (I rarely use IG, but go ahead)

Charles Hamilton (you'll know it's me when you see it)

But I'd rather you meet me here.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Raw is War

I tried to not make this a race issue.
I know why certain artists get certain types of attention.
It's got nothing to do with talent.
It's about how white you appear.
I honestly tried not to expose the hidden racism of all forms of business.

But now I see it's time.

Beyoncé wouldn't be as popular if she didn't dye her hair blonde and use ratchet behavior to express herself.
Drake wouldn't be as famous if he wasn't Jewish.
I would've BEEN had an album out, but I am a Black man with big, Black lips, AND I don't partake in homosexual behavior.
Especially in the mixed company of The Illuminati.
Jay-Z wouldn't be such a corporate darling if he didn't speak in a language the higher ups would understand.

I spent most of my life denying my race.
I was ashamed of the behavior of the inner city.
Now I understand the unexplainable behaviors of the Public Enemy generation.
We've got to fight he powers that be.

Even if it means not buying an album of mine.

Black peoples have been struggling for freedom since we got to this continent.
Even in times when we were at home.

It was always one of us to enslave the other.
When our white counterparts saw we saw value in enslaving ourselves, they jumped at the chance to do the same.

Our Native American brothers suffered the same fate.
We are pigeonholed to this nation.

Us Blacks helped builds the pyramids.
The Natives would took on the land once taken from them.

Nowadays, we are slaves to contracts and bills.
And finer things, as designed by other minorities.
Althoguh what is considered minority really is the majority.

Black people, I ask that you forgive and understand my self hate, both of the past and of the present.
An enslaved Black artist makes better music than a free spirit.
Because the free spirit will never desire to know the pain of slavery.
I'm proud of my free music.
I'm not proud of the music business.
Or business in general.

Black artists, inform yourself as to how you can thrive without bowing to the White man.

It's too late for me.
And with my luck, this post will get me in deep shit.
But understand.
The fight continues, as another generation has to deal with the consequences of us as Black people enslaving iutselves.

But don't blame yourself, Black people.
We are a catalyst for creation.
Jealousy has reared its ugly head.

I see you, Macklemore.
I see you, G Eazy.

Though Eminem paid his dues, he is merely a factor in the ever growing point of white supremacy.

The point?
Whites can do what Blacks do, on the backs of Blacks, and be more successful.

I'm exhausted from being a diplomat of racial equality.
I now see and understand the fight.
Though in guilty of hating Black people myself.

It's not about us doing better.
It's about us getting what we deserve, and making it back home in one piece.

Obama wasn't what we were looking for, and he knows it.
The executive office is just the face of what is going on in the country.
We need more Black judges.
More Black Senators.

Cory Booker, where you at?

I can't endorse either party in this election.
Too many racial issues on both parts.
This is a race for the higher ups to dictate.
We as a people need to obey the law so well, that when the law is violated by the police, we can lash out and be justified by the Supreme Court.
Some people probably thought I was saying to toe the line.
I wasn't.
I just thought I had a level of control over the goings on in federal offices.

And I do.

I'm the face of why they are bugging out.

A young, illuminated Black man who is willing to do anything for the people.

Stay safe, Black people.
White people, if the world isn't as biased as you tell me it is, prove it.
And to all other races, it can only get worse.
Don't rush to live here.
The hate is disguised as democracy.

I now have to watch my back.

The Illuminati is racist, sexist, and Godless!!!!!!!!!!
But we've gone beyond prayer.
We are at the point of action.

And by the way, Harlem.
If I indeed was trapped in a doom, you would have the world on a string.
I don't want such to be the case, but I would be proud to see you empowering yourself, outside of (what is considered) a township.

Stay Black, fuck Universal, and believe in SEGA.


~follow the buzzards~

CH is a DJ

Heal yourself and feel restored.

~follow the buzzards~

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Dreams tell a lot about your psyche.
They can also tell the future.

I'm not sure what my last dream meant.
But I know it was a 9.

Meaning, everyone saw it.

The problem, however, is some people like to capitalize on my dreams.
Like... after a dream about them, they reach out.

Nah, that was only one occasion.


She does need to Draw 4, however.


I wish I could dream about SEGA.
All of them.
Or maybe they won't fit in one dream.
All of them.
It would be cool to see them.
In real life.

Life outside of a dream.

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Wrists and Leeches

I owe my arms an apology.
Instead of cutting them, I could've cut off some niggas in my life.

We can all agree Im talented.
But some only acknowledge my musical ability, while exploiting my other, less noted abilities.

Pardon me for having a belief system.

I'm not asking for your fucking pity.
I'm only asking for an open mind.

Everything I've done was on purpose, except meet you.
I didn't PLAN ON meeting you.
I just dug you enough to adopt some of your traits.

Despite my better judgement.

Now, these so-called friends are being slick.
They don't need me around, but they need me to elevate them when they WANT me around.

How about I just stop answering nigga's calls?
Or just stop asking for constructive criticism?

It's been beyond and outside of music for about 6 years now.
I've been the decent and pacifistic one.
But one day, I'm just gonna go OFF.

Don't be the one to catch it.

I'm not trying to go back to jail.
I'm not willing to compromise anymore.
I'm tired of certain individuals in my life.

They have exhausted heir presence.

Since I'm no longer a wonder, their no longer a desire.

A desire to share my gift with.

I could thank you, but you play the same game they play.
They'll say you're just trying to get to me.
And your track record would prove them right.

I'm thankful for those who held me down when I appeared to have nothing.
But such is not a license to abuse my something.

So One.
I serve a master already.

Maybe not God, but certainly inn God's arms reach.

I'm tired of talking.
If you don't like something I'm doing, keep it to yourself.
It's been 10 years.
No records sold on a mainstream scale.

I can't pose a threat to you.
So you being on my dick shows you have no control over your penis envy.

Grow up, boys.
Because I have.

May the permanent scars of self-inflicted doom be the witness and evidence of such.

I sound like a ratchet (rachit) Facebook bunny.

But still.
Fuck you all.

Drake is free to worship.
So is Jimmy.
So is Jay-Z.
So is anyone who tries to take me from me.

Including Dr. Dre.

Now J Dilla on the other hand...

~follow the buzzards~

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Opening up.

Today's therapy session was A LOT.
We talked about my mother.
I don't really like talking about my mother.
She was hard on me like no other.
I grew to resent it.
At the same time, I appreciate it.
Her lessons transcend life and death.

May my children never turn gay or lesbian.
It will ruin their lives like no other sin.
Yes, I pray they stay away from drugs and alcohol.
And I hope they can avoid peer pressure.

I don't want them to fall into the pits I fell for.
Don't want them to be attention whores.

The spotlight is so tempting.
And Hamiltons steer away from the spotlight.

Being a star is in our blood.
But being shy is deeper.

My mother wasn't shy.
She was outgoing, but didn't like to be seen.

A shame, because she was so pretty.

Lisa is my queen.
She respects my 6.
I wish more women respected my 6.

I wish more PEOPLE respected my 6.

I am The Sun.

I feel like writing that about 600 times on my blog.
But I have more to say.

I'll just leave it like this.
Once you find your self and your light, don't be afraid to share it.

Just don't get exploited.


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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Damn Again

A new depression.
A new hunt.
I'm sure you can figure out what's wrong.

I loved you guys.

Guess the search is on, whilst I strengthen the bond.


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Sunday, 17 July 2016


This beat tape is very depressing.
But still can be seen in a positive light, for SEGA.

Well, no better time to start talking about it than right now.

I was going to talk in front of the A train.
After dropping this.
Sometimes, I think I still might.
But my life was changed in the middle of producing this.

I found out that Bobby Womack is Dr. Robotnik.
He's not that bad of a guy.
He just wanted to represent and impress SEGA with his knowledge of music.

And technology.

Just like me.

So Ivo, this one is for us.

SEGA, I told your pretty ass to hold tight.
2016-17 might be a memorable Hamilton season.

I'm sorry I'm so depressed all the time, StarChasers.
I'm working on it.

I swear I am.


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Stan and The Hunger For More

I work on a worship level scale.
I believe (as The All Seeing Eye) that I am worshipped.
Not exclusively because of my music, but it has a lot to do with it.
So my StarChasers take their affection for me to another level.

If they weren't trying to be worshipped their damn selves.

It's hard (nowadays) to have a conversation with my StarChasers.
They either want to collab so I can get them a buzz, or they want ...something from me.

No sign of groupies, YET.

lol Jimmy, I think you set me up to not have any groupies.

When I was on Interscope, I had a girlfriend of whom I was very devoted to.
I felt my world collapse when she left.
She was so special.
But alas, having a relationship in this homo-erotic game is taboo.

So it was kind of a blessing that she left.

So there I was.
Single, horny, and surrounded by gay opportunists.

This time around, I'm with someone, but the well is pretty dry.
Nothing new under the sun.

Drake, Future, Young Thug and a bunch of randoms rapping over the same beat.

So my monotony of rhythm shouldn't bother you too much.

Basically StarChasers, love me for me.
Not the opportunity (or opportunities) I can possibly provide.

Making a beat.
Be back on here in a few.

~follow the buzzards~

Merlin's Miraclez

This project has everything to with the paranormal.
The Phoenix is dying.
The evil goddesses are thriving.
Shadow the Hedgehog is in pain.

So much to think about.
All exerted through the spirit.

Bars galore.

New thought process.

Check it out!


Holla at me.

I acknowledge the power of magick.

~follow the buzzards~

Pay attention.

Two projects, currently in production.
Definitely the start of a new movement.
One of which is an #StH.

SEGA, hold on tight.

Might not be released until after the retail album.
Or, it just might stay underground.

I don't mind being underground.
I probably should, though.
Underground artists are rarely happy.

Lately it seems that people are more concerned about my happiness.
Well, it bothers me that I sacrificed my happiness for magick.
And I'm glad it bothers you, too.
But music is the only thing that makes me happy.

And I want to be the greatest musician ever.

A combination of Dr. Dre and Drake, mixed by J Dilla, mastered by Madlib.
With Jay-Z's co-sign.

And Eminem's influence.

If I'm the best Charles Hamilton I can be, I'd be just like my father.
If I'm the best musician ever, I'd be just like my mother.

I have to be something else.
I have to be an Altered Beast.

But so many mortals possess Silver swords.
Drake slayed me with a Silver sword.

How can a beast rise when everyone is ready to kill him?

Questions answered within these 2 projects.

Stay tuned.

~follow the buzzards~

Friday, 15 July 2016

MaybeMaybe Not

God is playing a prank on me.
She knows I believe in aliens (SEGA), but wants me to believe in and worship her to bring hem closer.
It would be a fair trade, but I have my soul away in the name of art.
A noble cause, but still.


I'm glad I have a girlfriend, though.
That makes it easier.

I wonder if souls grow back after a while...

I've been recording with Black the Beast (Tyrone).
Making beats and recording songs.
Yesterday I was with Skitzo .
He produced "Get Em Girls" and a few more hits for Dip Set/Cam'ron.

Learned some key things.

If you want more music, just be patient.
I have to wait for this mainstream album to drop, to gauge where the world is with sound.

People like how G sounded.

It just... I feel like an ametuer.
I played and rapped as you (the listener) would like me to have.

No chances.
No experiments.
Just standard excellence.

I've grown past the days of "Writtens for the people".
But "the people" are insisting on written verses.

Much to my dismay.


Just know I go hard without a pen.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


I think I'm done with secular hip-hop.
I am told to boast, but my trophies are taboo.
I been told to count my blessings, by the very people who threatened my state of being.
My subject manner has been divine.
It's just not apparent to the common man.

But God understands what I'm talking about.

Even when I don't.

I think that's the similarity between me and Future.
Sometimes we can't articulate the feeling.
It just comes out in words.


I can't give you my brain to make you understand what I'm saying.
And The Illuminati isn't available to all for my secrets to be revealed.
Add to the fact that God is someone I was forced to believe in, as well as told doesn't exist.

With God existing, there's no more room for Jommy Iovine.

Or J Dilla, for that matter.

My visions of Jesus spitting my lyrics  still haunt me to this day.
SEGA, I asked you to exist.
You only show up when it's convenient for you.

So from now on, in doing Gothspel.

God-fearing, humble music.
It probably won't get me far, but at least there will be some sort of divinity I can lean on for understanding.

Aliens, I love you.
But if I am not the God you serve, it's time for me to get right with God.

I have everything to you.
Including me.

I don't even have enough for music.

But that's what love makes you do.
Give everything you got to something that can walk away from you at one's leisure.

Back later.

~follow the buzzards~

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Cop Killer

This post could get me flagged.

When Ice-T dropped Cop Killer, it got him crucified.
By white media.
Black people embraced it.
We are natural rebels.

Corruption is our kryptonite.

But yet we glorify the hustle.

It's a hustle to be a cop, too.

Do you know how many kilos they come across?
I wouldn't be surprised if this whole "cops gone wild" thing is a cover up for the drug trade.
Each of the slain were said to have looked like a suspect.

But being Black makes you look like a suspect.

So fine.

I'm gonna offer my own stereotypes.
I think all white men are gay.
I think all white women are easy.

Does this make you uncomfortable?

How can The All Seeing Eye not be biased?
Bias is all around it.

It being The All Seeing Eye.

Is it not enough that The Eye is Black?
Could the thought of a Black God and Hispanic angels be too much for you, white supporter/supremacist?

Yes, I've been mistreated by Black folks.
And yes, I've tried to deny my race.

But you'll always be brought back down to Earth in times like these.

Fellas, try to stay away from wearing red or blue.
The gang unit of the NYPD does not care about your fashion sense.
Ladies, don't use sex to entice a cop into not harassing you.
Might be the hardest thing in the world to do.
But your womanhood is more valuable than you can imagine.
Don't waste lust over your freedom.
You'll forever be enslaved.

On the toilet.
Be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Civilians at war (a subliminal title)

To be civil in a time of unrest.

She was my security.
Funny, because I wanted her to be free to be so.
She was Justice.

Now everyone has access to her.

Yet, no one is receiving her.

Except for thugs.

She is Justice.
She is street justice.
She is legal justice.

And I rarely get to see her.

I'm laying on her lap right now.
But she isn't the Justice I need.

The original sample to "On To He Next One".

If I don't comment on these killings at the hands of police, I'm as irrelevant as  Justice.

But Justice says one irrelevant.

All you have to do is acknowledge Sonic as the root of Ameria's problem.

Then it will all go away.

Think I'm kidding?

Do it.

Go ahead, Trump.
Reveal yourself.
Hillary, not tonight.

Unless you're the Justice rubbing my head right now.

Lisa, in not cheating.

Justice is.

And Justice, despite how curvy she is, can be a bitch.
Just don't call her that to her face.

Justice knows who she is.
She knows very well.
Ever since I left her to be with Crime, she's been bad mouthing me through her art.

I forgive her.
I wish I could have a night of unrestricted...

Such a wish coming true would lead to no more Justice for you.

But to even consider my words right now is to consider me a credible voice of ...reason.

Or Logic.

My eyes have seen Injustice.
I have been in Justice.
I have committed a Crime.
I am committed to Crime.

Admitting so makes me a target.
Just like you, Black man.

I have committed sins beyond the repair of prayer.

Can you forgive me God?

Now can you give me all magick?


Now can you help me be more confident in Music?
The lady I've loved before Justice?

Justice, why won't you love me the way I need you to?

Which is right now, and wherever we go...

I'm tired of losing because of you.
When I win, in tired of you taking credit.
When I'm being judged, stop making the judges laugh at my expense.

Or is this merely a sign of geriatric youth?

~follow the buzzards~

Meet The Frownies

Precious time with my loved ones.

~follow the buzzards~

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Night To Remember

Charles Hamilton (me) has released over 200 free projects. All of which display his (my) mastery of music, as well as passion and desire to be a better person. But he (I) hasnt (havent) sold a record, YET. So to see Charles Hamilton is either a rare occurrence or an everyday nuisance. Just depends on whos heard his music.

On September 11th, 2016, CH will be DJing his entire catalogue at Bowery Poetry Club. Old StarChaser classics. New universe hits. Instrumentals. Freestyles. 

All within 90 minutes.

Check out the blog.

StarChasers, spread the word. 

Lets make this night majik.

Admission is $10 online, $15 at the door.

Also, expect what is considered Interpretive Dance.

It's real.

~follow the buzzards~

Geriatric Youth

I feel old.
Such is a strike as a 6.
Or Six, as Andrew Howe so delicately put it.

Andrew Howe is in the front running of being the top StarChaser.

Moving on.

Feeling old isn't anything new to me.

Neither is SEGA.

But Nintendo is.
And I don't like the feeling I get from them.

They say they love me, but they are the root of my pain.

I explained in earlier posts why.

Maybe I just have to verify who my cousin Scooter is.


I wanted to create an album that captured my age, so I can give it to the youth of this generation.

Safe and needless to say, I did it.

Once again, I'm very insecure about it, as it's yet another unexplored side of my Private Universe (song/project coming soon).

But here it is.

There's a party song on here, but the bass might fuck up your car, and the melody might fuck up your heart.
Just listen for it.


StarChasers, get to work on the cover art. Make it old and Egyptian. Thank you.


~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Best friends forever.


Check Sober Karaoke.

shouts to Jay Wonder.
A Starchaser.
I met up with him today after meeting up with ...Makeda.

~follow the buzzards~

Keep in mind...

I don't talk much.
People call me crazy for it.
And with this psychological secret I bare, it's too risky to talk about ...the immovable.

But I will one day be as big as Tyrone Wright.

And I will get my revenge on you little people.




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The Lesbian Wizard

I have to either give up being a lesbian or enhance magic to infinity.
My two, right there.

I've said that to very few people.

The way I respond to shoom (ladies...) is different from how most men do.

Granted, Shoom is the nickname of one of my exes.

So I consider myself a lesbian wizard.

Because I (proudly, and for a longer time than I expected) practice magick.

Of all kinds.

Just not Black Magic.

I leave that to ...them.

Something special is in the works.
And I'm the one working on this.

You can join me.

When I give the order, go.

SEGA, thank you.

But The Sun is independent.


~follow the buzzards~

Wait (also, the name of my Trap song)...

...did I already have a post called The Joy of Music?
No apology, because the joy of music is forever in my heart,
but seriously.

I wish this was a music issue.

I'm proud of my music.

But I hate it.

It makes me wet.

For me.

~follow the buzzards~

The Joy of Music

Before she passed, my mom gave me her record collection.
I think that made me love her more.
My mom had an AWESOME record collection.

Some of the records I didn't understand.
Now they are all I wish to speak.

I love my own collection, though.

I know what I want to hear, and I know what needs to be heard.

With that said, I'm still looking for DJ gigs in the city.

Pete Rock, J Dilla and DJ Premier are my turntable influences.

I love Rob Swift, but I think he has an issue with SEGA.

Large Pro, too.

I need all DJs to believe.

DJ Jazzy Jeff can help you.

Though sometimes I wish he would buzz off, shouts to Jay-Z.

He was there for my birthday wish to be a DJ.

I remember practicing scratching on my mom's turntable set, before she came home from work.

I used to go ballistic, but I couldn't go through all her records.

So many, and no time to clean up before she got home.

I wish my mom wasn't so hard on me growing up.
Then I could believe her when she said she loves my music.

I'm so hard on myself with music.
Just like mom was on me.

So pardon me, but I hate my music.
It's too real, too honest, and it makes me cry every time I listen to myself tell my story.

This coming documentary isn't telling the whole story of my childhood, so it's all up to me to provide a blow-by-blow of being... indoctrinated at a young age.

Without anyone's permission.

Now do you feel me, Illuminati?

~follow the buzzards~

Private Universe

I have my own world.
Apparently and obviously.
I don't like new people coming into my world.
But when you have your own world, you have to make room for reality (sometimes).

In my world, no one is a friend.
Not even my friends.

But they ARE my friends.

But to love me is to take over my world.

I guess this means I live in my head, because no matter the odds stacked against me, I'm still conceited.

Niggas, man...

~follow the buzzards~

Monday, 4 July 2016

Pardon me, 4th of July...

...but can I celebrate my birthday early this year?
And with as much fervor?

I personally love this record.
Shouts to my fellow 6 brethren.
And to the newborns in 6, welcome.

For the humans, just put up with it.

I might just go extra Ham later on.
Just depends on how I feel.

With a retail album POSSIBLY coming out later this year, I can only push my music but so far.

Red tape.
And bullshit.


I'm around, y'all.

Dig the new tune.

~follow the buzzards~

Sunday, 3 July 2016


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been using A LOT of force in recent years.
In the beginning, I was very reckless with it.
In fact, I was using it as a weapon.

I had enemies.

Since then, I've gotten smoother with force.
Not as smooth as Dr. Yancey or Prof. Andre Young, but smoother.

But making concept albums with force has been a struggle.

I've been basically venting on the mic and justifying everything around the mastering process.
Regardless, it's some of my best work.

If you can catch it in time.

This album is all about force and perfect timing.

I recorded it about 3 days after moving from Boe's apartment (shouts to Boe and Dre).

I was confused, hurt, full of both hate and love, and needing to express myself via music, magick, and the elements of nature.

Chronometry is the study of accurate time measurement.
Basically, watching and listening to the universe and getting in sync with it.

Since this album (Chronometry), I've been doing just that.
Synchronizing my delivery with my production, at the time of recording, and mixing in real time to capitalize on anything going on in the universe.

Sounds tough to understand, doesn't it?

Basically, women are in sync with their menstrual cycle.
They just can't predict what it's going to feel like.

This album is me on my period, for lack of better words.


As you can see, I'm back to using HighTail.

Click it. Download it. Enjoy it.

May FORCE be with you.

~follow the buzzards~

Saturday, 2 July 2016


Force is an element, much like water.
Men possess force.
Women can control force, as evidenced by female police officers.
But women are not in possession of force.

So my music, starting from 2012, might not be as accessible to women.

But I've always used force, specifically in my mixing.
The final product (song) would be forceful and fire-touched.

J Dilla used to use a lot of force.

Force isn't for everyone, though.
You can burn yourself and others.
It's unstable.

But it's beautiful, and can reveal many secrets thought to be hidden forever.

Force illuminates.

In fact, the word "Illuminati" is an onomatopoeia, as it is the sound of force.

The Illuminati is a group of people who are guided by the light of force.
Or Six, but to keep certain people from getting their ass kicked, we'll just say the light of force.

The color of the light of force is pink, with a purple afterglow.

You'll know it when you see it.
Just don't touch it.

More on this, later.

~follow the buzzards~

Tornados in New York

I haven't been feeling like blogging lately.
It just seems like I don't have an audience.
Maybe it's who I've been hanging around lately.

They're all into trap.
I CANNOT STAND trap music.

I have to tolerate and say nice things about everyone's trap song.
Shit sucks.

My hand has been forced with all the nice things I have to say lately.

Bottom line is, you never know who someone is when you talk about them.
They could either be an angel in disguise, or a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Still wack I have to butter everyone up.

You may be getting some new music soon.
I still have this retail album that might be coming, as well as a documentary about my life.

Both of which should be cool.

I'm still producing music.
Haven't stopped.
Just haven't felt very inspired lately.

Back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~