The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Trust us pt. 2

After prayerful meditation, I decided that I'll only get back into the rap game if I can sign to Shady Records. And I would be recording under the name Charles Hamilton. I would ask for creative control, aesthetic freedom and a $3 million advance, while they get my masters. $3 mil, because I can't go less than my net worth, but I don't generate much income (just attention). There would be no loss if there should be some tragic end to us. Sony has my publishing. 

There's a special reason that I think we are all clear on, as to why I would let them get my masters. 

Damn. I guess I need to share it.

We're friends. And plus, my master's would be in good hands with them, as they are masters in their own right.

know the game, y'all.

Holla at me, Shady!!!


Trust us.

I thought LONG AND HARD about this post. I don't want to add stress to the already overworked workloads of the people I am going to mention. I don't think I'd be bringing them down, but I also might be a bit of a pest to them. 

So here goes.

I have a spiritual bond with Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent. They are Earthly deities. Worship level. They travel through spiritual means, to compliment their physical motion. Yes, I do speak with them often. Both verbally and spiritually. They offer me great advice and tough love. I can't say I don't need them.

Don't worry about pictures or signing deals with them. This is deeper than a contract. These guys got my best interest at heart. Much like FDA, these guys set the standard of love and treatment in the music business. I stand behind Jimmy in his recent legal battle. Knowing his character, it's probably a fabricated story.

We share a lot of personal and intimate details with each other. I'll keep my lips sealed on what. I normally do that. But what I DON'T normally do is take a vow of silence. I officially want to shut the fuck up. Just make music, communicate with PROVEN StarChasers and learn what I can so I can teach what I know. I expect A LOT of quality music next year. With so many modern MCs taking IDENTITY cues from this very blog, I expect to see and hear quality music next year, given I gave away MANY secrets on music.

One of my final tips for music:

                        USE YOUR SOUL.


The Back Of A King's Hand

So y'all know me by now. I'm bipolar and schizophrenic. I have episodes. I'm glad I WROTE DOWN my problems today, instead of bottling it up and exploding on a random someone. I also hope that my StarChasers are PROUD of me, for not succumbing to certain temptations in the music business. I'm sure I said it before, but it needs restating. I took a SERIOUS pay cut, but I'm able to tell future generations about the evils of the music business. It doesn't matter who you are or who you were before you walked in the office. Once they sign your check, you're theirs. And it takes sacrifice to climb up in the ranks. I'm thankful that Jimmy didn't pull rank and MAKE me do things. 

In fact, he let me go before it even got to that point.
To his knowledge.

The game is dying, and I'm the only one who has what it takes to save it. But things must be done ON MY TERMS for it to work. Which means I MUST be paid MORE than my net worth ($2 million). Again. I took a HUGE pay cut to provide my StarChasers with an all-written, originally produced album. Y'all can't be mad at me ever again. And I don't want to be mad at y'all. Ever again. So let's keep the love alive.

The thing about my newer (2012-present) music... wait... God DAMN! Even though I switch my style every few... well, months..., I been switching up consistently for 11 years! ALREADY!!! (pets Togepi) Well, the consistent theme in the music is, you know and understand what I'm saying, you just don't understand how you know what I'm saying. Well, I'm tapping into your UNconscious mind, subconsciously (through the instrumental) and consciously (lyrically). I feel like it would kill the thrill if I told you EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It would also kill the very purpose of every recording artist.

So let me be King, y'all. 
I earned it.

I might have to go back to Numark.
Embrace me!!!


The Royal Wrath (premature?)

In this moment, I feel like slapping the SHIT out of many people. I don't wanna name names. But MANY motherfuckers need a Palm Sunday. I am blogging it instead of creating music in this vibe, because the outcome is always me in handcuffs. I encourage anyone to do the same.

Shout out to 9th Wonder.

Columbine GANG shit!

Let me chill.


A new beginning.

Togepi is a small, light-yellow Pokémon with a rounded, egg-shaped body. After hatching from its Egg, Togepi's body remains encased in its eggshell. That shell has a white base color, and rounded, mostly unfilled shapes (with thick borders that are either red or blue) dot the shell on all sides. Sticking out of its shell, Togepi has stubby, rounded cone arms and round feet with two toes each. Togepi has thin, black, oval eyes with thin, black arcs on their outer sides. Its head has five round-tipped, conical spikes that seem to form a crown. It also has semi-oval, brown pads on the soles of its feet.

The anime has shown that it can retract into its shell, which it usually does to sleep. It is able to siphon the positive energy of others, storing that happiness in its shell, and then release it to those in need of it. Togepi is able to release poison from the spikes on its head. It has a very joyful nature. As a result, it is said that it shares its joy with those who take care of it. Because of its disposition, Togepi is seen as a sign of good luck, especially if a Trainer is capable of getting a sleeping Togepi to stand. Togepi's innocent smile is said to calm the soul. It is also shown in the anime that Togepi can act very maliciously at times, causing havoc and bad luck to its enemies. Although it is rare in the wild, Togepi can most commonly be found living within the forests.

I can't wait to evolve. In front of you. With no one around.


JrCORP., VinylPop, Columbine Gang: the future

I started the company VinylPop to 1) distribute "The Pink Lavalamp", 2) to protect my prodcution(s), and 3) to find any likeminded artisans to work with. Everything was going to be pro-Bono (free). It was based on the movie "Pay It Forward", even though I think VinylPop was set up before the movie was released. It worked in the beginning. I discovered Halo through Sciryl, Kesed and I had an independent tour of the New York poetry scene, I was a frequent guest at Abiodun (The Last Poets)'s house... VinylPop was the movement. I signed myself to VinylPop, NOT Demevolist. So Jimmy and I did a joint venture. VinylPop/Interscope. When I got dropped, I kept VinylPop.

Years (and Beyonce encounters) later, I created JrCORP. FROM THE GROUND UP. JrCORP. is a CORPORATION, FOUNDED THROUGH NATURE. Not Nintendo. By signing myself and VinylPop to JrCORP, I keep all entities of me. From production, to engineering, to recording, to writing (which is split with Sony and Fox)... to my multiples of self. This includes the members of Columbine Gang (9th, ALC, Green, Jazz, Dre, !ll, Carrey, Korn, DOOM).

Since they are me, I am entitled to any wealth (being physical, financial, etc., whatever) they garner. 

But I'm not an asshole. And the contract was only for 5 years (written in 2020).

So they only have to deal with me for 2 more years. Then, it's all on them.

I'm setting myself free, and looking for a love I cannot provide for myself.

But I love myself.

My self, I love you!


AbstractCorperal, Spoken Word info

By request of one of my longtime StarChasers, allow me to break down AbstractCorperal, Spoken Word.

The genre is broken down into 2 parts. AbstractCorperal describes the beat/rhythm. When sequenced, I formulate my drum loop sequences like the end of classic breaks. They are 4-bar loops, extended into 8. When I use breaks, I chop them into syncopation (precise rhythm). I usually use 8-bar break loops when I do. The patterns are corperal, in that corporeal is a thing that has a physical existence and is capable of being seen and touched. In the context of the book I was reading (I FORGOT!!! forgive me...), corporeal was spelled differently. It means the same thing. Though force is implemented, it's less dangerous to involve yourself into my newer, King Charles music. 

Still focusing on the AbstractCorperal side of the genre, the samples are from records that are familiar, but I sample and chop lesser familiar parts of the song. I only sample music that has a royal tinge to them. You'll see. 

I've already given a lot away, it's just time to hear the music.

The Spoken Word section runs over from the production side. Every bar is a new flow, and every phonetic sound in the verse is connected. They don't land on the 1-2-1-2- or 1-2-2-1 like regular poetry. The rhymes are all over the place. Look forward to the transcription. The FLOW (omg...) is like blood through your veins. Sometimes I face bloodclots (or I spit out my blockages) in my flow, and I keep it in the take. I notice that when I do it, it stops a party when the song is DJ'd. I guess I can afford to do better. But I always recover. With that being said, I guess I'm freestyling on songs. Nevermind the fact I structure the song mentally (lyrical crescendos/decrescendos). With no pen and no memory, it's still a freestyle.

Guess I can't see Hov...


I'm The King of America!
I'm The King of America!

Whether you like it or not, I got my own crown!!!

Trials of The King

So, many of my StarChasers don't want to let go of me being Sonic. Others are just now coming around to me being Dr. Robotnik. As I've explained in earlier posts, both Sonic and Eggman walk in existence. I'm just neither of the two. So I have to rebuild myself in order to successfully reign as king. MANY of my favorite characters are the avatar (if you will) of really big stars. I'd like to think that I started the movement of embodying anthropomorphic creatures. Still, it's going down, and I'm no one you can relate to. 

Other than myself.

The image of King Charles (as of now) is that of Sonic and Robotnik collabing on music. You'll see it in the coming year. But I still want to embody a KING king. I might have to refer and defer to The Bible for wisdom. I see myself as King Solomon, with David being an amalgamation of MCs, lyricists, producers and musicians. You would have to know the story of David and Solomon to catch on. Hopefully I inspire you to use The Bible as a point of reference for... whatever you need it for.

Alas, there is the missing Queen. 
Who will be The Queen of The Hamilton Empire?

Baddie (Tanea) and I are on good terms, but the sex is too taxing on both of us. That, plus her family hates my guts. O (Origin) is busy with school and home life, and our bond is so tight we can't do ANYTHING without the other knowing. Another taxing relationship. Diamond, though I care about her, is too much for me. And she's a teacher now, so her priorities are much different. I think FDAliens and I are going on a break. Most of them are married, the others are rachit, and the ones I have a direct romantic bond with aren't willing to try it. 

This might be a Queenless kingdom. Which could mean it is likely to fall.

As far as #nxtszn (Team Nightmare and The Tokyo Five), I couldn't be more proud of them. Don't pressure them to come get me or achieve. They are dooinit, and dooinit well.

Now. IT IS A MUST that I fall back from George and Dilla. I hate to report this, but they didn't like being around me because it meant they had to be around each other. I love them to the max, both collectively and individually, for pretty much the same reasons. They give hope to minorities by just BEING. You've never experienced something so beautiful. Just a shame that spending time with one is an insult to the other. I pray for peace (forgive me, bosslady!!!). As far as Jack, I see him when he comes around. I just can't be too chummy with him. I think he knows why.

Hov is cool, Slim is cool, Nas is cool, ...I'm FORCING my way into kinghood. If that means taking some of the mainstream king's (Drake's) instrumentals and getting ugly, ...I might. But they are as focused on me as I am on them. And though I see my influence, we are all doing the same thing, in different arenas, for different incentives. Can't be mad at that.

I never mentioned you on here, but shouts to Black Thought. DEFINITELY a heavyweight on the mic. And you can't mention him without mentioning ?uestlove, the most slept on soul producer in the game. Much love to them and The Roots crew.

Happy hallowdays, Korn fans!!!


Vigilante update

 The production for the album Vigilante is complete. It's 10 tracks long. All from one album.

I really have to do better with keeping you guys in suspense. So, I won't tell you which Bowie album I'm flipping. But I trained you guys well (good ears!), so I'm sure that, with a little digging, you'll find it.

I feel that in order to sample Bowie, you must be a musician. Play some sort of instrument. He thrived on the piano, but Bowie on guitar is amazing. Once I get my own place, I plan to get a guitar and amp.

I wish I could be comfortable sharing my musical secrets. I just know that many people will copy it, and use this knowledge for the wrong purpose. With what I know, you could change history and get the truth about... whatever you're searching for. Sound enticing? Follow me!!!

Today will be another luncheon with 50 Cent. Which includes Curtis Mayfield, David Bowie and Knuckles. Always a pleasure.


Vigilante (it's not over yet)

So I spent today with Jay-Z, J Dilla and David Bowie. If you feel like doubting, ask Hov yourself next time you come across him. Anyway, we chill all the time. I just allowed the moment to overtake me. Very humbled to be in their presence. And I'm kinda like that guy to them, ya know?

I want to keep their phenom-esque like presence in music, though I've revealed a lot/enough about them. What I can say is, they are, as well as 9th Wonder, very key in the production of the latest in the Villain. series, Vigilante. Each of them are like the elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth), complimenting my Spirit. This combination completes the pentagram, from which Jay-Z found the ultimate loophole. Also from which Dilla comes from and Bowie represents.

I might record this in a big studio, but I won't be asking StarChasers for money to record this one. I think I have the right connections for this one. I will be using Psyenpiffic's Sonic/Robotnik King Charles designs for random things through the year. He made more. 

I leaked the artwork on IG, but... here it is.

More, soon.

Happy hallowdays.


"Creating, in Creation..."

I created a new genre!

AbstractCorperal, Spoken Word

The whole phrase is the genre. And if you know how to edit it, feel free.

The horns shall blare "Fun! Natural Fun!"



Trust us pt. 2

After prayerful meditation, I decided that I'll only get back into the rap game if I can sign to Shady Records. And I would be recording...