Conservative Queer (instrumental album)

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Hypergoth! and Attention

 The cover to Hypergoth! is a preloaded image from Tunecore. I am no longer allowed to receive money from Tunecore/PayPal because of a hold on my account (for back rent). Any money I make from streaming goes right back into keeping the music on streaming services. This is my rebellion.

I will not make any money from Hypergoth!. This is simply the hi-fi, high quality stuff you’ve been looking for.

StarChasers can feel free to make their own artwork for Hypergoth!, and to share it too. Thank you, Curtis! Thank you, James! I’ll be back.

To any doubters, the pentagram is also a star. Same as The Sun.


Thursday, December 01, 2022

What Hypergoth! means

 To look forward to another day, in the darkness.

To enjoy living life, as a Goth.

Goths don't primarily enjoy life. To enjoy life... to find purpose in everyday, as a Goth.

That's the goal of Hypergoth!.

This Xmas.


Saturday, November 26, 2022

Hypergoth! and 2023

 The overdose of soul and darkness doesn't end with Hypergoth! Mom's Mac-n-Cheese is a continuum like Killing Time ( Only all Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone (#NMe) flips. Gothic and hood, you're sure to enjoy how I celebrate my free time (feel me?). A new song a month, updated on my Bandcamp, along with new video edits and rare photos of me. All between here, my YouTube and my Bandcamp.

This is the start of a new thing for me. I'm going to start enjoying life more. For what it is, at least. As I embark on the journey of enjoying life again, I will document it all and make a project out of loving life. I'm in a new city, love is brand new, new friends are upon us, I'm getting closer to my StarChasers... I can really make a project out of enjoying life and being in it. 

I plan to.

I hope my plan can come to fruition.

And I hope you join me on the journey.

How does one enjoy life after one commits suicide, gets murdered and dies from COVID, only to resurrect and have good fortune with music?


Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Hypergoth! critical review

 My dad is a tough critic. He hates hip-hop and feels I can do better.

But he likes Hypergoth!.

That's a good feeling.

I worked very hard on this album. I'm speaking for those curious about the darkness and weary of the light.

 I myself am very critical of the album. My voice is kinda different because I gained weight and was battling a cold. But I'm wearing a pentagram t-shirt under my pink and black stripped button down, as well as a backpack with my MacBook, my Tarot deck and a New Testament/Psalms Bible. I had all the answers at my disposal.

Also, I didn't only sample Curtis Mayfield's #Superfly album. I sampled his #SweetExorsist album and James Brown's "Hell" album. Deeeeeeply rooted Black visions of a darkness beyond segregation. The goal is to open the door to Goth Subculture for fellow lost people, and to show Gothic youth that there are ways to channel your rage and overall energy.

Rock w/ me, now!!!!!


Monday, November 07, 2022

Scarlett 0fficial lyrics

Thanks for joining us, 9th Wonder. We('re) out here in the garage, dooin it how we doo it. Minding our GOD DAMN business, stayin' out of trouble... You know? Let me get focused...

(verse 1)
It's just one of those days. All I wanna do is blaze. Let the instrumental play. It's just one of those days. I fell like frontin' on Haze. A juggalo. Almost a gigilo. Just depends on if I want to get paid. No mystery. MCs wanna get laid. Give away all the shit they got. I got hip-hop in my veins and it stays. Heroin addiction. Feel it when I pop. The industry will pop on me, but I got the Papa Shango disease; cast a spell. Y'all niggas never gettin far from me. I hardly got a disease. My blood clean. Pee clean. Beasting. 9th Wonder on the instrumental. ...dropping them beestings. Off the top rope. Wrestling stings. So we keep it so professional here. Put breath in the air. Cigarette in the air. Never despair. Y'all niggas here.

She sings, and I lose my mind.
She sings, and I lose control.
She sings, and I keep my nerve.
She speaks, and I refuse to stay silent!

(verse 2)
Harder than the first glance. Never take the chance unless it's perfect. Cameras glancing. Afghanistan-in'. Holdin' my high. Keepin' it Amsterdam. No one's alive as far as I can see. Back to the bomb(ed) land. All I can do is have a conversation. Maybe they can understand. Still I'm plottin'. Maybe they watchin'. Maybe they not. Up my sleeve. Another trick. Another sip. What to be? What to believe? May I leave at this instant? Grieving and whimpering. An MC turned lyricist. Backwards. After laughter. Word.

She sings, and I lose my mind.
She sings, and I lose control.
She sings, and I keep my nerve.
She speaks, and I refuse to stay silent!

(verse 3)
Nowadays, the sight of a woman is so rare. The sight of a woman is like "Don't go there, but I know." Not to be inside of the woman who's in my sight, but... dare you know where I go when this airless flow wears out where you would know. She dares me to stroke. Mentally. I dare her to know what this could be. I open my mind. Dilate it. So it's been defined. "Close it, sometimes!" I don't want to have her strollin' behind. You know what I mean. You know the sign. If you don't know, it takes time. Or maybe your mind just gotta be not as clean as those listening. Hope you're gettin' it.

She sings, and I lose my mind.
She sings, and I lose control.
She sings, and I keep my nerve.
She speaks, and I refuse to stay silent!

Thank you to my psych doctor Scarlet. I like the written perspective, on top of the many innuendos and shout outs.


Tuesday, November 01, 2022

The First of November

 I am too grown to have idols. Too shy to be starstruck. Too angry to be loud. Too horny to be incarcerated.

Expect changes in me soon, if you haven't noticed them by now.


Monday, October 31, 2022

Black magic (Boo!)

No one says "nigga" like a White man.
No one makes money like a Black man.

Enjoy your Halloween safely.


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Rise and shine

 Admittedly, I've been sleeping on the freshman classes of recent. But I will make this short. NBA YoungBoy and Lil Baby are making some great music. Surprisingly lyrical. Soulfelt melodies. Brash delivery. Even taking some notes from yours truly. I got high hopes for these two.

I think Kodak Black is a BEAST. DOPE MC. 21 Savage is coming into his own, but he's nice as well. I like Tee Grizzley. Anderson. Paak is my son with Dr. Dre, Crazh (pronounced Crash; like the movie). Rapsody is OD. Tierra Whack is another story. Very proud of her.

More to say, not much time.


Friday, October 28, 2022

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Grand opening, grand Closing.

 As soon as I started up on the project, I decided to abort it. 

The name of the project would've been "Saying Im Sorry".

I may leak some of what I recorded in the near future, but it doesn't feel right anymore. Best of luck to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.


Awkward Inspiration

Yes, I am planning another Awkward. It might not be as polished as the other few, but it's definitely durable. Rihanna is a fixture in it, but it's not romantic. A$AP Rocky is applauded, but the unspoken envy of me to him is apparent. 

I might ask for this picture to be the cover, from whomever designs it.

No, I'm not writing it. I'm speaking from the heart, and have been writing for 35 years. This is how I purge my gift. Don't be a critic. Just enjoy the music.

I kinda don't want to drop it. Just keep it to myself and enjoy it. Idk. What do you think?



Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hypergoth! and birthday wishes

 My birthday wish #1 is for you to check out Hypergoth! this Christmas. My 2nd wish is for Goths to be taken serious. There is a deep pain within us as Goths that we deal with and fight every day. It exists within the darkness and the light. I put forth my very spirit to define what it means to be Goth… in my native tongue.

I can't help nor censor how Harlem I am. Even my Cleveland side took note. And I am admittedly VERY Cleveland. But Harlem consumed me. I can't tell you how or why, but I became Harlem's Ambassador. Harlem mentioned something about knowing I'm Gothic (read: a Goth), and they know I'm into the darkness, but does Harlem know how I reflect them?

I'm on #TheWestCoast. No joke, it's no joke. But the revolution I embarked on almost 15 years ago is still ringing bells as well. Ignorance is now genius. Resources are the new respect. I am the new caveman.

In other news, 3rd Eye Magic t-shirts are now available. Hit up for yours.

Back to Hypergoth!.
All caps not necessary, but always include the !.

Like ?uestlove.

More rage and misplaced hate, when I get


Monday, October 24, 2022

StH Reboots

 StH: Inner Peace is 50% done. I’m waiting until I’m out of the program to complete it. While I’m here (if I can get my energy together), I’m working on The Sonic Algorithm. A bunch of beats to choose from, many concepts… it all comes down to execution. I can do it, no doubt. I just want it to be classic.

That’s all for now. Morning exercise coming up.

Insert fat jokes here. Just keep ‘Em limited.