About ElecXmas

- It's an album full of track ones

-You can press play on any track and start from there

-Best when played on shuffle

-Mixed by a professional (Sutter H., 4th Street Recordings)

-The final chapter in my Mayfield series (Villain., Faithless Pull, Hypergoth!, Computer Voodoo, Electronic Christmas)

-Most of the projects sampling Curtis Mayfield were not released; very personal. The best of the best were dropped.

-Curtis Mayfield is not the only artist sampled on this album, but a large portion of it has him in it (DIFFICULT to clear a Mayfield sample)

-The album is in alphabetical order, giving the listener a chance to sequence the album their way (unlike PastLove, where the story is told in sequence)

Can't wait? You won't have to, soon. You just don't know when to expect it. So, expect it!


I know how I'ma do it.

 I'm gonna drop Electronic Christmas... when you least expect it.

I can talk about these albums forever. But it seems like I have to stop at Electronic Christmas. Hey. Just because I won't be dropping any more new music doesn't mean I won't be making them. And just because you don't see me out and about doesn't mean I'm not making moves. I just have to move smarter than before.

Fuck. I might still get a record deal.


ElecXmas updates

 The footage is coming soon. It looks like it's all video and no pix. Regardless, you will see behind the scenes IN ITS ENTIRETY, very soon. Shouts to Baddie.

I'm thinking of dropping Electronic Christmas on Halloween. The demand is rather deafening. If not Halloween, November 10th. I try not to drop music on my birthday. It's a tiresome process that only few would understand. But still, because so many are asking for and about it, I might just drop it on Hamilton's Day.

I guess I can drop the tracklisting in the near future, huh?

Be on the lookout for it.


ElecXmas early demand

 Electronic Christmas is complete! And the few people that heard it said I should drop it before 4/20 of next year. Seeing as how it's not going to be on streaming services, I have to find a special way to do this. Well... I have plans for YouTube this year (the Seasonal Allergies playlist), and SoundCloud is like a wasteland. With Bandcamp, it's so simple to upload that it's nothing special. More of a reason to drop it 4/20 of next year. Shoot some videos, drop some singles... 

Still, I don't want to do it how the industry does it. 

I'm of the mind to just drop a Google Drive link.

What should I do? Post a comment, let me know...!


ElecXmas update

 Electronic Christmas is DONE! Special thanks to Sutter the Engineer at 4th Street Studios for the carefully crafted mixes and patience. Special thanks to Baddie (Tanea) for facilitating the ride there and taking such good footage. And special thanks to YOU, the StarChasers, for funding the project. I'm VERY confident that this project will do the trick (make you a believer again).

In a case of sheer irony, I recorded the album on June 3rd, which is SEGA's birthday. All of my information about the ancient comes from SEGA, so I am forever grateful to them and wish them a happy birthday (wherever they are). Shit, they may be with me in this house. I wouldn't know. I'm so removed from reality, aliens can come down and I wouldn't even flinch.

That's a lie. Don't leave me behind!

Still droppin' 4/20 next year. Just plotting on my next media move.


Electronic Christmas update

 So Record Plant wasn't responding to my emails about booking a session (in time enough for me to make a decision), so we will be working out of 4th Street Studios once again. Everything will be recorded, the album will be professionally mixed and mastered, and I'm coming correct on the mic.

So there's that.

Completed by this weekend.

Dropping on 4/20/2024


Electronic Christmas check-in(s)

 As I listen to “Dependency” (9th x CH joint), I’m reminded of how easy I make things look. I work hard. And though money is a thing, it hasn’t been good to me. Still, money was made to fund this project. 

I won’t back down.

All I need is a bit of momentum before I hit the studio. Basically, shout me a holla, thun (Ben Stiller; shouts to Jim Carrey).


Computer Voodoo (sequel)

Electronic Christmas (part 3; final chapter; finale?)


Urgent! Urgent!


For whatever reason (of which I'm sure we're all well aware of), I am unable to upload music onto streaming serices. The site won't allow me to, gives no explanation, and again, all the money made from streaming is unavailable to me until I get this hold off my account (PayPal, former landlords, etc.). It appears Electronic Christmas is going to be a Bandcamp release. 

From Bandcamp, I'm sure it will hit YouTube.
I'm not mad about it anymore, guys. Let's just get the music out there in #TheUniverse.

But this is a sign! I may be truly a heavyweight in this Drake-infused era. STILL! I am standing the test of time of the artists in #TheBlogEra. I can't wait to celebrate. lol.

Can you taste the champagne? 


Wiki speaks The 4 Devils

 4 Devils (also known as Four Devils) is a 1928 American silent drama film directed by German director F. W. Murnau and starring Janet Gaynor.[1][2] It is considered to be lost.


The plot concerns four orphans (Janet Gaynor, Nancy Drexel, Barry Norton, and Charles Morton) who become a high wire act, and centers around sinister goings-on at a circus. An old clown takes in the four children Charles, Adolf, Marion and Louise to protect them from the brutal circus owner who is their guardian. He raises them and trains them to become acrobats. The years pass and the four children soon become successful trapeze artists who call themselves the "Four Devils". Charles and Marion are now a couple. But when they perform at Cirque Olympia in Paris, Charles gets involved with a beautiful stranger. Marion learns about the relationship and is distracted by it. At the finale of her performance, in which she works without a net, she crashes. Marion survives, and Charles, touched by the near-catastrophe, returns to his girlfriend.

A lot of little politicin' went down recently, and... let's just say, the boys are back in town!


Another LctrncXms update

 The love songs on Hypergoth! we’re too cryptic. They got a good response, but I can see the disconnect. I plan to be more open-hearted with Electronic Christmas.

Okay cool.

Electronic Christmas update

 So I start recording in a few weeks! I have enough for a 6-hour session. That’s about it, tho. I tried to push for more, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m just excited to record a full-length in a Hollywood studio again.

A few things. This is Gothic poetry. So don’t expect too much swagger. All insecurity, doubt, rage and acquired knowledge will go into this. The beats have some charisma, I will admit. In fact, yeah there may be some swag juice on this one. Idk. Just depends on how I feel. All I know is I found a lyrical pocket, and I’m not breaking it for anyone.

There will be more footage for this one than Hypergoth!. This can be assured. I plan to wear my FDA uniform on the day of recording.

On the downside, I need a new pair of shoes, my feet are killing me, the doctor said give my voice a rest, and I’m just overall tired. A word of advice: when you go hard, don’t stop and let nothing stop you. I’ve recorded close to 100 projects while in the halfway house (DOOM Williams!, anyone?), and some of it is just now reaching the surface. Things take time, but the world is impatient.

That’s all for now. Store run.



About ElecXmas

- It's an album full of track ones -You can press play on any track and start from there -Best when played on shuffle -Mixed by a profes...