The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Two new tapes.

 Another One (CGi) 

Cold Out My Eye

Sorry I've been so distant. I had to get things correct with myself before I jump back into the lion's den. Expect to see and hear more of me... online. You won't get too much of me before 2023 unless it's music or a post.

Much love to all.


Enjetic is getting signed!

Big ENJ aka Enjetic aka Danny Rivera is getting signed as early as TONIGHT! I won't give the details, but he's signing a major record deal. He credits me for training him, and rightfully so. I taught him a secret, ancient technique. Regardless, I did not him him this deal. His own hard work got him here. True, with dashes of my technique. But he already had the talent, drive and yes, energy to do it.

I am so damn proud of my boy.


Hypergoth! into it (yuh)

To establish myself, to myself, in the midst of self-worth establishment. This project is a village, with StarChasers as its inhabitants, Curtis Mayfield as village leader and myself as #VoodooChild 

Original front cover by Chris Rivera.

Photo taken at A$AP FERG's apartment studio in Harlem ("...right there on Hamilton...") by Ben Jayne. Possible alternative cover.

Pix and vidz from the session coming soon.

Album by Xmas.



"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...