The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

Run this town.

VinylPop, Inc.
The Charles Hamilton Brand

3D Music
The Charles Hamilton Record Label

The Charles Hamilton photo/video company

The Charles Hamilton multimedia conglomerate

Any conglomerate obtained, but not started by Charles Hamilton


I have nothing to do with Demevolist Music Group, BurkeHill Management, Noizy Cricket! (thought I came up with the name), or any company ran by individuals as noted in previous contexts.

I run Apple, Google, and any other conglomerate I am the face of Pro-Bono (free).

I am looking to change these things in 2k20.

SEGA forever.

I am Atari.


The Rise...

The label.

Sleepers will join the fallen.
"The Lakers will move it back outside..."


A slight dose of my opinion.

Revival is criminally slept on.
So is Encore.
As he grew, he got more complex as a lyricist.
And his taste in music became more refined.

The reason most of you don't like Revival is because Dr. Dre isn't the lead producer on it.
Kamikaze is a bunch of YouTube beats.

But yeah.
Revival shows that Em has great taste in music (beat selection), but his skill is almost beyond the encapsulation of music.
The lyrical content on this album is brilliantly dark.

It's sad that the overview is "Em has to go back on drugs" to make a classic album.

I have to stop here, because if you knew what I knew, you'd praise him on sight.

Eminem is a guitar.
Jay-Z is a sax.
Nas is a piano.
Rakim is a DJ's MC, but is THE GOD MC at being so.

As far as modern MCs, NBA Youngboy has potential.
My new roommate plays his stuff all the time, so I somewhat had to listen.
But he isn't as bad as he sounds.

I like Kodak Black, 21 Savage is dope...

No one holds a Bic to my man Anderson. Paak, though.

Unrelated, I went to the FDA Alumni Day.
I didn't see a lot of the traditional --Aliens, but I did see a new generation of beautiful, future-ready young females of whom I can "graduate" to FDAliens.
I sincerely hope everything is alright with every FDAlien to grace the halls.
It was good seeing Mr. Montiero, I made peace with Mr. Harris (despite early reports), hugged Ms. Yamusa (YAMUSA! lol), and interrupted Mr. Murphy's class.
Felt good doing all the above.

Back to my opinion.

Goats are often slaughtered.
Acknowledge the GOATS before it's too late.
Realize that this generation is UNAWARE of grooves and lyricism.
They don't dance no mo'.
All they do is this (starts bouncing around frantically).

Be back on later.

And yeah.
There's new music.


Its complicated.

I dont even want to get into the details of this relationship.
Neither of us are to blame, by default.

3rd Eye Magic (w/ Chris Young) no longer exists.
I wish him success in whatever he does, but I have no interest in working with him.

Enjetic, an MC from Long Island, convinced me to do a joint project with him, despite my insistence that I recorded my final works.
Now he wants me to produce a whole EP for him.
It's not that I can't say no.
People just dont accept no from me.

Columbine Gang.

I am planning on a listening party/DJ set for Secrets and Privacy.
And i hope to get the album out by 4/20.
Many things are going on, including a congressional run and a potential record deal.
I'm maintaining.
Just frustrated at how "real niggas" act.

I'm gonna spend today organizing my music.
I might make a beat.
Its just weird looking for things to do when you've completed doing what you love.


In a relationship

It's not as complicated as she makes it.
In a cave, could be in a grave, FileSave.
I'm sorry for scaring you.
Say sorry fo... you did.
Im sorry again.

VSDiamond is my new heroin.
I'm gonna need help leaving her alone.

If possible, stay tuned.


The Cost of Freedom official lyrics

Jay Dee.
Always memorable.
Always a moment.

Tell me the cost to be a boss. Let me know, Boss Man. 'Cause I ain't got nothin' that I'm offering. Except my hand in the jar. Now you mad, 'cause your man is afar. The distance. I keep it ajar. Like keeping a jar of "keepin' a secret for y'all." Getting heated while I'm high. The reason I'm high. (
"Let your dollar circulate...") The best congregation if you not hating. Believe it's like dating your favorite chick. Met her back in the day. Can't get away from them chicks. Gotta get to the chips immediately if I wanna have them freaks with me. How often can a nigga "go" to get the "chips"? How lost can y'all get with the 'fro? Is it so "awesome" that the chips is what gotta go for y'all to get it? No comical. I stand up on a date. For myself and for who I love. And that should be enough. Cryin' 'cause there ain't enough bucks. Not really crying, just telling y'all where the love is. ("Let your dollar circulate...") See it in your *eyes*. When it becomes, don't forfeit. Get more of it.

To be free.
What does it cost to be free?
To be free.
How much you want to be free?
Does it cost to be free?
Yes it does.
You believe.

What does it cost?

A couple of barks. Why aren't y'all talking to me? The thought wasn't free. A penny for your thoughts and I'm offering freedom. Talk for the cheese. Say cheese for the cheese. Now, you lost your teeth. You mad at the offense? Fuck destiny, get back with the talkin'! Off with the chalk. Who are you learnin' from? Offense! Robbery of fortune. No stoppin' me unfortunately. The Boss is scorching the microphone, and the mic belongs to me. Because my freedom led to love, and love led to an exodus of what was just. Teaching my sons, but beating myself up. "DO NOT BECOME! Be a better man. Do what needs to be done for the cheddar, and, on the way... don't be a sucker, though. ("Let your dollar circulate...") You see how I didn't fuck up but so much until I met a sucker. And now I want to cut his throat. Y'all know so much..."

What does it cost to be free?
To be free.

How much you want to be free?
To be free.

What does it cost to be free?
How much you want to be free.

I know you want to be free.
How much does it cost...
to be me?
And do me...
how I do.

Jay Dee.


(apparently the song isn't available on YouTube, so I might drop it on SoundCloud; I love you, Jay Dee)


Update: Here is the YouTube link.


I'm sure you've noticed the pattern of my songs having titles with a context of their own.
I somewhat sampled the idea from DJH2.
He has very creative titles for his beats.
My titles are more critical thinking-based than creative, but I definitely add creativity to them.
To my credit, my titles have always been off-kilter.
I just added more charm to them after meeting a like-minded individual like Josh.

In the last 5 or so years, I've been trying to find a creative surname.
A way to address myself when I'm brainstorming on how to be a better individual.
Grandmaster Hamilton debuted in 2017 on @SEGA.
The Magus (as a title for myself) hasn't been explored, but is in existence.

The Remarkable
The Phenom

I think I'll just stick with DJ Chrls Hmltn.

It was (at first) DJ Quicksilvr (2012).

But yeah.
After watching ?uestlove at Low End Theory (LA), I was inspired to carry myself as... somewhat the Jidenna of Turntablizm.
I been spinnin since 2010 (pre-jail), and have experience curating since around 7th grade.
I love the artform.
Not just as a performer, but as an individual.
It's my new form of therapy.
lol I've been saying that for almost 10 years now.

I have a deck, but I scratch off my laptop.
I can do that.
That makes me feel good.

With all of what I can do creatively, it's only right that I step into the arena of Relevance with a surname that make my forename feel good about itself:


I am DJ Charles Hamilton, Jr.

It's like Mr., or Dr.

Remember Prof. Francis?
I was trying to Dr. Dre myself.

Prof. Hamilton.

But being a professor of sorts is another record in my crates.

I like to think of myself as an elemental DJ.

Cut faster!



[this post was written while listening to this Audible Doctor instrumental]

I didn't forget.

The Republican Party may all die of cancer.
Democrats are facing Alzheimer's.

Impeached, defeated or reelected, dropping Election Day 2020.

Nintendo must fall.

I see you, Mr. Hobby.


Boils official lyrics

It's a lonely path to the ring.
Follow the buzzards.

(verse 1)
I allow words to take control. Then I take their soul. Rape them cold. Away they go, knowing they stay in my mind. Frozen. Playing in time. Golden. Like a grave of mine when I'm open to say the rhymes to have you focused on the poetry that I locust. Biblically speaking, my lyrics are creepy. Niggas don't need me, so they go back to the old MCs (with their Kodaks). Nice 'fros, nice chains, nice whips. (I) like it all, but my brain is the shit. I pay attention in the midst of it all. And in the myst of it all, I'm mixing it *proper*.
Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

I am high!
In my house!
I am Genius!
I'm in love.

(verse 2) 
I-N-Telligent. Fine then. Guys get celibate when I climb in. My possession is my question(s). Can't get inside them when I rhyme reckless. I gave it all away. Got it back. "Say it, Charles! Today! You must remain the guy who can touch the frame of the sky and then aim at goodbye... and remain THIS guy!" Still with the stainless on my... h-i-p. Tellin' everyone I got HIV so they won't stay by me. Make them sick at my crazy shit. On every level I'm the baby, bitch. I came out of YOUR womb. And I'm talking to God. And she's forcing it, too.

Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

I am high!
In my house!
I am Genius!
I'm in love.

(verse 3)
I'm connected to a higher power. Like Jay. When he was referring to ConEdison back in the day. But only people who NYC can pay understand. Run it again. Let it play everyday in your yesterday. Which is your memory. Hope you remember me. I'm standing right by you like Hennessy. I need a little ice in my Hennessy. Ice (ICE) in The Bayou won't remember thee. Because it's too hot. The conditions. The Problem is trippin'. Off of the top, I got them noddin' and trippin'. The hottest position I could live in. No opposition. Competition. I'm feelin' like Bray. On a Friday. The day before. But say I'm RAW.

Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

Where the match at?
Where the match at?! 
Where the past at?
 Where the past at?!

I am high!
In my house!
I am Genius!
I'm in love.

Thank you Vince, Steph, Bray, -Taker and many others for the constant inspiration and motivation. You guys have no idea how much you've helped me develop. I love WWF/WWE, admittedly watched WCW and am very ECW/NJPW with music. Thank you, once again.


Two new baby names

This probably won't be a stable like #TeamNightmare and #TheTomorrow5, but definitely in the same vein as #ForcesOfNature and #Libra. #FON I announced, but Libra is Lite (daughter, heavy set) and Heavy (son, jock).

My two new names for children are...

Storie (daughter)


Novel (son).

Storie's gonna be like Melissa Joan Hart and Novel's gonna be like Neil Patrick Harris.

I'm not sure if my children are gonna be white (no homo or weird shit), but I grew up being called white most of my life.
It means sophisticated.
I'm gonna work hard to keep Storie and Novel refined.

#Teamsters, #Cinco, Daddy loves you soooo much.
I just want to be in your life more.

#Forces, we'll find you a mother.
#Libra, same with you guys.

I'm almost Shawn Kemp with my unborns/speculated-to-be-alives.

The sperm donor of polygamy, it seems.



My balls nipping at your nose...



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated