The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Where everybody knows your name.

VERY busy day today.
A lot got done.
When you're your own boss, everyone is a competitor.

I'm getting back to me. 
Many have prevailed through me. 
Few/all have complained/complaints. 

Columbine Gang.



Aphrodite's Failure (a freewrite)

Pieces of me have become mere memoirs within moments of you.

I find myself putting myself back together

Whilst I tear 

And tear myself apart

Looking at you

From a distance.

My villainous behavior is blamed for my villainous behavior.

To heal from wounds caused by the killer of an open heart

Is the sanctum of a hermit lover.

All I ever wanted to do was fetally lay between the legs of my muse

Wrap my arms around her back.

Love her

Deeper than worship.

Every moment is my last when I am loving her.

Her satisfaction is my survival.

O, to live forever.

I grab my chest.

My pain is love. 

I want to love her too much.

I want to...

I have died from heartbreak.

If not heartbreak, loneliness.

Digging deep within love to find my words. 

I have died again.

All I have is music. 

I cannot write another love song. 

I may stab my heart with my pen.

I may slit my throat as I sing.

I may break my head on the beat.

Why is Love so painful?

Why is my love not enough?

Why is my love never enough?

My love is not ever enough.

I must release this blotch of emotion.

To continue living.

To continue loving.

Fuck you, okay?

You don't see your worth.

You motivate, and kill inspiration. 

With your good deeds.

You feel better?

Leave me alone.

Leave me the fuck alone.

Leave me the FUCK alone.


My body is strung by my spirit.

I can feel no more.

My bones are suffocating. 

My faith is in love.

My faith is dying.

Aphrodite has failed.

Cupid is a businessman.

Chilvalry disgusts the worthy.

This is for the lover in you.


Curtis, Isaac, Marvin


I spent this Thanksgiving with Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

And 9th and ALC.

Yes, Em, 50, Dre and Hov were around.

But because I spent most of my early teen years (and... in some cases, my whole life) with them as my primary focus, didnt focus on them too much.

I superlove the Shady/Aftermath staff, so I'll catch them at a cookout sometime in the near future.

Anyhooligan, we made a pact to bring salvation back.

Yeah, MiJack is around here too.

He just makes niggas cry all the time.

Anyway, we're celebrating my signing to Stax Records.

The Undertaker provided us with beers and a whole stack of records to play with.

For the record, 9th is a dime.

Like... a Dilla-level dime.

And Alchemist is 98% capable of fucking the shit out of a broad.

I just thought I'd let y'all know what they're capable of.

But yeah.

Stax2k, baby!


I love Mayfield's company.

Isaac is showing me how to be a greater gentleman.

Marvin brings the essence of my mother (back) to me.

I am Jimi Hendrix.

I miss you, Miss Joplin.

I hope everyone out there in reality enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

Much love, hugs and Pharrell prayer hands in place of thank yous.




My wifi was out for most of this week.

Couldn't get in touch with anyone.

And I'm a witch, so I'm not really the most welcome company... anywhere.

BUT... and I'm nervous about sharing this... I graduated in Magic School!

From Witch, to Wizard, to Gypsy (#GypsyH!), to...



It would be comfortable to stay a Gypsy, but... the honor of being a Rastafari is beyond the most pleasant overwhelm.

Thank you, Caribbeana.

I will not let you down.

Just gotta get some weed.





In a time where business is uncertain and culture is commonplace, the music industry has suffered immensely. The traditional Jamaican SoundClash has been (unfortunately) industrialized, throwing eyes and blowing highs. There is no #in fashion. Television is simply social media. Everyone either talks like a Bumpkin or is StraightOuttaBrooklyn (sp.?).

Music, in it's natural form, has been hurt.

As of Monday, November 16th 2020, I, Charles Hamilton, as The Talented Mr. Hamilton, am/is a signed artist on Stax Records.

This is a 7-year deal, with non-exclusive performing rights and first writer's refusal.

As The Talented Mr. Hamilton, you can expect projects from Charles Hamilton, C. Hamilton, #Jr. Charles Hamilton, Jr., The Talented Mr. Hamilton (himself) and Charles Hamilton Unknown (#TheeUnknown).

Though officiality still pending, you can expect #HamiltonWork with 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, MF DOOM, Samiyam, DiBia$e, Jonwayne, DJH2, Bred Wondah, Kev Brown, Tru Master, and, of course, StarChasers.

 This is a progressive step in the direction of Woodstock, Hamiltonized (an all CHamilton-and-CHamilton-related festival) and #Kindergarten, the CH-stageshow-musical. The former being self-explanatory, the latter to be revealed.

Many thanks to my lawyer Isaac Hayes of The Hamilton-Marshall Firm, my manager Rod Sterling and The State of New York for facilitating 10+ years of hard work.


More music and videos to come.

Thank you.





Martha Stewart Living (a freewrite)

 "Abishola!", cries Bob.

This love we share is not for the faint of heart.

We both may be exiled.


But the taste is not worth avoiding.

Your rage matches my bitch.

My anger matches your fit.


My wounds match your healing.

Your rough matches my touch.

Tongues play games.

Wolves dance to leaves.

As a boy, you were my Sun.

Mere reactions verbalize my feelings.

It's always real.

I am your altarboy slut.

The magic you make.

In death, I am there.

You never die.

You just get clearer.

What I know, you can kill me with.

To be yours.

Pardon my anger and rage.

Your fear will never be at my hands.

You know this.

You can kill me.

You can kill me with it.

I want to serve you.


No other intentions.

Allow me to.

"Schoolboy Crush" and a quiet room.

My manhood is shuttering.

Go away!

And don't... ! ... ...forgive me, beloved., let me serve you.

I must be the only one.

You're here, so you.

Just you.

Punish me like I wronged you.

Before I do.

So I won't.

I love your punishment.

When it's all said and done, I want to better appreciate you. 

And I want you to like me a lot, too.

Like... you loving me, or being in love with me...? ... I never thought about it. 

It's always been you for me. 

Yeah, I'm uhhhh... Ima go take a walk.

Stomach pain and Lolita tears.




"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...