The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Black magic (Boo!)

No one says "nigga" like a White man.
No one makes money like a Black man.

Enjoy your Halloween safely.


Rise and shine

 Admittedly, I've been sleeping on the freshman classes of recent. But I will make this short. NBA YoungBoy and Lil Baby are making some great music. Surprisingly lyrical. Soulfelt melodies. Brash delivery. Even taking some notes from yours truly. I got high hopes for these two.

I think Kodak Black is a BEAST. DOPE MC. 21 Savage is coming into his own, but he's nice as well. I like Tee Grizzley. Anderson. Paak is my son with Dr. Dre, Crazh (pronounced Crash; like the movie). Rapsody is OD. Tierra Whack is another story. Very proud of her.

More to say, not much time.


Hey #FDA...

 Cali is #givingwaves.

Lol holla at me.


Grand opening, grand Closing.

 As soon as I started up on the project, I decided to abort it. 

The name of the project would've been "Saying Im Sorry".

I may leak some of what I recorded in the near future, but it doesn't feel right anymore. Best of luck to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.


Awkward Inspiration

Yes, I am planning another Awkward. It might not be as polished as the other few, but it's definitely durable. Rihanna is a fixture in it, but it's not romantic. A$AP Rocky is applauded, but the unspoken envy of me to him is apparent. 

I might ask for this picture to be the cover, from whomever designs it.

No, I'm not writing it. I'm speaking from the heart, and have been writing for 35 years. This is how I purge my gift. Don't be a critic. Just enjoy the music.

I kinda don't want to drop it. Just keep it to myself and enjoy it. Idk. What do you think?



Hypergoth! and birthday wishes

 My birthday wish #1 is for you to check out Hypergoth! this Christmas. My 2nd wish is for Goths to be taken serious. There is a deep pain within us as Goths that we deal with and fight every day. It exists within the darkness and the light. I put forth my very spirit to define what it means to be Goth… in my native tongue.

I can't help nor censor how Harlem I am. Even my Cleveland side took note. And I am admittedly VERY Cleveland. But Harlem consumed me. I can't tell you how or why, but I became Harlem's Ambassador. Harlem mentioned something about knowing I'm Gothic (read: a Goth), and they know I'm into the darkness, but does Harlem know how I reflect them?

I'm on #TheWestCoast. No joke, it's no joke. But the revolution I embarked on almost 15 years ago is still ringing bells as well. Ignorance is now genius. Resources are the new respect. I am the new caveman.

In other news, 3rd Eye Magic t-shirts are now available. Hit up for yours.

Back to Hypergoth!.
All caps not necessary, but always include the !.

Like ?uestlove.

More rage and misplaced hate, when I get


StH Reboots

 StH: Inner Peace is 50% done. I’m waiting until I’m out of the program to complete it. While I’m here (if I can get my energy together), I’m working on The Sonic Algorithm. A bunch of beats to choose from, many concepts… it all comes down to execution. I can do it, no doubt. I just want it to be classic.

That’s all for now. Morning exercise coming up.

Insert fat jokes here. Just keep ‘Em limited.


Beauty Marks

Little voices around me tell me I'm getting uglier, the fatter I get.
It's disheartening.
And it's female voices, too.
Even worse.

The weight is from the meds.
I can get the weight off.
But I feel like my father.
Who decided long ago that he would bear a "beer" gut.
Made him feel like a man.

My gut makes me feel like Rupert Murdoch.
Too fat to do sports, too rich to invest in it.

My bars with my gut are disgusting.
My beats got some weight with them.

I don't know. 
Maybe the superficial can be heard.
The subconscious may even pick up superficial waves.
Regardless, I'm not looking to be a sex symbol.

A messenger, from the beyond, of the unknown, and right in front of you.



Timeconsuming Me

 I just spent 2 hours updating the "Suspended by gravity" post. 

Can you see it?

My fault.


Finding you.

 You’ve been listening for a while. I found you once, but I let you down. I am not perfect. My flaws are executed. No matter how you divide it. I have a gift for you. I come beating gifts. Hypergoth! was paid for through the live of StarChasers. New scripture in The Satanic Bible. Defining Satanism as Satan himself. Does this interest you? 

Time has passed. Not enough to find you.


Random sentences

 I treat the world like it's royal. Do unto others, right?
I treat fame as though I'm doing it for me, in front of you.
I don't battle industry rappers. None of them are qualified.
I might be better off not dealing with anyone.
I should've saved this blog post for The Uncoolest (

Killing Time (my YouTube playlist of brand new music) is really a good outlet.

Soon, no more features.

More thoughts, more day.


JETSON, you're fired!

So I posted on Twitter that I'm starting not to care about money anymore. And I'm serious. Money and the search for it has affected my decision making creatively. The Way of The Scorpion is Magic, Medicine, Ministry, Money and Music. Money is a necessity to survive in humanity (outside of the jungle). But it's a system that no one has control over. You can go broke just by sitting still. Many would say that's a reason to get out and get it, but I have a few things hindering my get-up-and-go. And the bit of relief that I do have is enough for me to live without worry. 

Why pressure myself to do more? And why do it for people who won't appreciate it?

I told Jet Lee Jetson, a longtime StarChaser/stalker, that if I get a label deal, I'll sign him. And I meant it. I had a few offers for a SOLO deal, but no talks for a label deal. I would have to earn that. Doing so would require several rounds of playing politics and hard work towards a goal that isn't even mine anymore. I don't think JLJ would appreciate that, especially with him calling me out for saying I don't care about money anymore. He wants to make diss tracks about it, so on and so forth. Whatever. I'm not here to beef with fans. I just had him in mind one day while talking to a label head. 

I don't think anyone I "work with" appreciates the work I put in. They all try to improve on the design I put forth, as if more needs to be done. If you're not satisfied with the finished product, say so before I move with it. I told you to give it all you got, you told me you loved the beat. I don't even think some niggas even listen to the beat. If it sounds soulful or like Brooklyn Girls, they're all over it. Another reason I don't like money. If money was on the table from another resource, they'd be out of reach. Yet be pissed if I do the same thing.

Everyone wants to win. I get that. Just don't powerbomb your manager when you lose a match.

More to say, I'm just disgusted at how people are slaves for the dollar bill.


Poison (a freewrite)

 Never let the ambitions of others cost you everything.

Everyone has been toxic lately.

They want energy like a certain album, connections with a certain artist, ...people want the best for me, based on what they know.

I don't want a deal anymore. I almost don't want to put out anymore music. Sure I'll still make it, but I don't think it's the right time. Ive laced my YouTube with JOINTS. I have a plan for when I am released. Hypergoth! is still on the way.

Everything just seems black. Negativity is contagious.

What's best for me is not what is recommended by those who want what's best for me. And people can't take my opinion. It causes bitterness, but it strengthens me.

I stumped my therapist (again). All I have to do is obey the law. Not hard. I'm not a gangsta or thug. I swear I have to take a certain amount of abuse to coexist among the people.

Those who wish me well and those who don't understand.

Which is everyone.

Is it shame on me?


A prisoner's synopsis of #TheGame.

 No, I am not addressing the rapper Game's diss on Em. I think Em can stand for himself. Em in mind, Music To Be Murdered By is his best album since Relapse. I personally think Relapse is/was a classic, Recovery was a hit (he killed the beats, the beats wanted to shine on their own) and Revival lacked Dr. Dre (thus taking away the quality we know and love from Em; alas, he did it on Recovery, so...).

Aside from blood relations, Anderson .Paak is the only new artist I'm checking for. Both Em and .Paak are on Dre's roster. Anyway... I don't think anyone on the past few XXL covers are holding the mic right. Threatening and talking about street violence isn't the same as actually telling stories you've been through. Storytelling in mind, no one makes music you can sing along to. It's pretty sad. If you sing along to my music, you run the risk of physically turning into me. 

Is that what you want to do?

Sex is the furthest thing on my mind. But it's all you see in mainstream media. That being said, I am guiltless about what I would do to Chloe Bailey. I'd marry Halle Bailey. And Shenseea is no good for me. I stopped flirting with Halle Berry, Sasheer Zamata, Kash Doll, ...a few others. I'm just not as invested in being with anyone at the moment. 

I'm stuck being a Browns fan. We miss you, Baker Mayfield. I can never jump ship on The Indians, but their The Guardians now and that trips me out.

Speaking of trips, I plan to get a pair of Tripps pants. And a new pink button down dress shirt. Particularly Oxford. Don't bite until you taste it, ya heard?

Still the question lingers... "what if I AM Sonic?"


The Bible for all things Charles Hamilton's philosophy.

Only get the book that looks like this. 
This is the OFFICIAL Charles Hamilton manual for living.

In other news...

"...wait. What if I AM Sonic? Is my SEGA in remission?"




"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...