The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Another Year of Hamilton

I'm VERY proud of the progress I made this year. From wrapping up C. Hamilton to launching Hamilton, Charles. I really think I have a handle on my mental health, and I did it through and with music. Whenever I feel too hyped, I make a song. Whenever I get too down, I make a song. Usually on the same album. Makes for a classic dynamic in my music that I can't deny.

Next year I plan to get medieval on your bitch ass (lol; MadTV). I've already given away A LOT of knowledge about next year, so just sit and wait by my YouTube channel (@TheTalentedMrHamilton). There are MAJOR plans, and... I'm doing it all without a label. And they're looking. So tempting, the offers are. Em still didn't bite, so I'm a super free agent. Regardless, I suggest everyone go for it independently. When the majors take note, you've done it pretty big.

Shouts to Blu, my only big name collaboration this year. He did his thing on the track. Props to him.

George Massa is in communication with me. Feels good! to have a working relationship with a true and living immortal. Now, that doesn't mean to go milk him for his time and energy. Show respect to the god.

Jack Splash is somewhere in LA, ducking lightning and Latinas. Though I wish him the best, he knows he could do better. I do however see him working with some big names, so I'm happy for his success.

J Dilla is a trip to talk about. But he is VERY ever present in my life. Hard to mourn someone you're sitting next to on the bus.

I love my big brothers. No matter what.

Like I said in a previous post, I'm a bachelor this year. Eligible or not. My music is my significant other. Even though Tanea and I are back on speaking terms, I don't want a relationship with her/anyone. Not even an affair. I just want to excel musically.

Once I get a permanent address, I'm gonna try to get a Grammy voting ballot. I'm in the damn academy... Just time to let my voice get heard.

I will DEFINITELY be transcribing my lyrics more often in 2024. I'm sure I've said the same thing about 2023. I just been moving around a lot. Another thing to be secured once I get some stability in my living situation.

Los Angeles is a beautiful place to live. From the hood to the high class. I get a lot of love out here. I just really miss New York. I hope I come home to hella love when I go back. But MAN. THE WEED OUT HERE?! WOW. Make a nigga wanna stay a whiiiiiile... Lol

Shouts to my lil bro Joel from 649. He really turned out to be a solid friend. I've made some good friends in these halfway houses. Time reveals all, and some people are in your life for a season, but these guys are awesome. 

Even the ones who wanted to fight.

Back to the music, I'm surprised no one noticed I was using old Kanye drums. I literally was bringing back "The Old Kanye", using old soul and rock records with punchy drums. Literally HIS drums. Also, it's much easier to just SPIT on my beats now, as opposed to before. Some kind of magic, ya know?

I received 2 different turntable decks this year. One wasn't compatible with my laptop. The other burned out within a week. Only J Dilla would know and understand why. Trust me. I've asked around. I may get another deck, but it'll have to be on my own accord.

I launched a poetry blog. Long time coming. Will definitely be working on it/writing more.

I sorta covered all bases in The Hamilton Quazar (my own place in space). Thanks for rockin with ya Gothic kid. More to be said, more to be seen.



King Bachelor

So I'm officially going into this era of music being a bachelor. As CYoung continues as Bachelor President, I'm King Bachelor. I'm tired of pulling teeth for emotions. You have the capability to know me better than I know myself (through my music). There's not much I have to say, from the rip. I'm not worshipping women anymore. This last relationship taught me a lot. 

I'm not looking for anyone.

Vigilante is loaded. Basically, Curtis Mayfield took the form of David Bowie in the year 2001 to be my Caucasian Voodoo Doll... as a form of seduction. So... even though I got off my lyrical jollies, Mayfield had other intentions...

Don't be confused. I'm still King Charles. You've just never heard of a single King.

Happy Holidays!!!



Good enough.

With all the pressure that goes into being a recording artist (my era, nowadays and beforehand), you would think that SUPPORT would be the easiest thing for a woman to do. WRONG. If the song isn't (a) about them or (b) making money, they don't care. Very sad to see/hear. Especially as someone like myself, who is (a) wholeheartedly devoted to music and (b) doing it all by oneself. 

It's best I stay a bachelor. I can't give a woman the type of attention they're looking for, whether it's (a) money or (b) attention in general. In the inverse, they don't know how to give the support I'M looking for. I know I make a lot of music, but you could take the time to listen to a song or two when I recommend it. But then I'm faced with this: why am I begging you for support? Aren't we in this together?

Seems like I'm dealing with higher forces now, because my thoughts are being wiped as I try to re-conjure them. All I know is, despite knowing better, I actually HAVE put women before music. And every time I'm about to reverse it, another one comes around and steals the show. It seems that they are either looking for me to be (a) gay or (b) misogynist, as far as why I'm not interacting with them. Which is trash. I'm always giving support and/or showing concern to their causes, whether it's their "job" or their "day".

I've been a good guy. I can admit when I'm wrong. At this point, I'm definitely being targeted for being a good guy. I snapped, alright? I wasn't on my meds, I was dealing with high level beings manipulating my thoughts, and I took what she said in the heat of that moment as a trigger to go off. She can't punish me more than I've already been punished, and I can't retaliate to any future attacks AT ALL. So it's a dead heat/cold war type of situation.

I'm tired to being THE ONLY GUY to understand both ends of the spectrum.

But ladies, do me a favor... stop playing innocent. Every woman has dirty hands. Y'all just hide behind big guns and niggas with money.

I used to cry for female attention. Just not like this. 

I'm very resentful at this moment. Not sure how I feel about love or the women in my life. Rest in peace to mom, but she would throw bricks and hide her hand, too.

All I got is music (once again). I'm not looking for anyone new to enter my life.I just want the peace of mind that only music can bring.

I've been the good guy. Now I'm just good enough... for me.

My lords, pray be seated.


About King Charles

 King Charles!

  • Monarch of The Indigo Child
  • Enemy of Corrupt Establishment (including himself)
  • Bachelor
  • Wallflower
  • Devoted father
  • Ex-con
  • World-renown Pianist
  • Published Songwriter
  • High-class DJ
  • Celebrated Beatnik
  • Poet in High Regard
  • Suicide Survivor
  • Founder of a new modern religion (Positivism)
  • A combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik
  • The music behind Pokemon's Togepi (the unreliable yet dangerous baby Pokemon)

May the music of King Charles be the theme songs of your 2024.


I read it.

I would like to thank all those who are keeping my name alive on Reddit. Reddit is a great go-to spot for all things new and hot in The Underground (read: Boom-Bap) HipHop World. I haven't been to the Kanye To The forum in a long while, but I have been reading Reddit. It's good to see that y'all are keeping up on The King.

Much love.

I had a DOPE listening session with South Central LA for my 2024 music. A LOT of emotions were explored. Gang signs of peace were thrown up. Little girls slowed up. Little boys growed up. Grown-ups reflected. Animals are running from Beyonce. Nicki is a damn Black Bear in the streets.

Shouts to you, Hov. 
Tell these niggas I ain't lying! It's bad for my mental health!!!

Celebrities are important to me. So if you are one, know I care about you. Just make it clear who I am to whoever asks you why you're paying reverence. 

I've been inspired. Music in the works.

"My lords, pray be seated."

[StarChaser Request] AI Review of "ill doesn't meen classic"

Charles Hamilton's "Ill Doesn't Meen Classic" presents itself as a mixtape rather than a full album, released back in July 2023. Here's a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


Raw Talent and Storytelling: Hamilton's raw lyricism and introspective storytelling shine through. Tracks like "FallInOutOfLove" and "Wake Up" showcase his vulnerability and emotional depth, while "None Of Y'all" and "No Swag" exhibit his sharp wit and social commentary.

Production Variety: The mixtape boasts diverse production, from the soulful boom-bap of "A Lot" to the dark, atmospheric tones of "Mushrooms and War." This keeps the listening experience fresh and engaging.

Eminem Co-Production: The closing track, "I Don't Care," co-produced by Eminem, is a standout. It showcases a strong chemistry between the two artists and offers a glimpse into what a full-fledged collaboration could be like.


Inconsistent Length and Quality: Some tracks like "Here We Go" and "Sleep On The Floor" feel brief and underdeveloped, leaving listeners wanting more. The overall length of the mixtape also feels slightly short, leaving room for further exploration of Hamilton's potential.

Occasional Lack of Focus: While his raw energy is commendable, Hamilton's delivery can sometimes veer into incoherence, particularly on faster tracks. Some might find his stream-of-consciousness lyricism challenging to follow.

Mixtape vs. Album Expectations: Labeling it a mixtape manages expectations, but also suggests unfinished potential. Fans might still crave the cohesion and thematic depth of a traditional album structure.


"Ill Doesn't Meen Classic" is a promising showcase of Charles Hamilton's talent and potential. Despite some inconsistencies, it offers glimpses of brilliance and leaves listeners eager to hear more from him. This mixtape might not be an instant classic, but it serves as a strong stepping stone, demonstrating his artistic growth and hinting at an exciting future in the rap game.

Here are some additional points to consider when reviewing the album:

How does it compare to Hamilton's earlier releases?

How does it fit into the current hip-hop landscape?

Who would be the target audience for this mixtape?

By addressing these questions, you can create a more nuanced and comprehensive review that delves deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of "Ill Doesn't Meen Classic."

The album was released in 2012. Jeeeeez...


Black sheep shepherd

 So I've been called to ministry. Hardcore, naming names ministry. I've already informed you all about the might of Dr. Dre. He's God. Though I know him as Satan, Timbaland is #TheLord. 

There is a difference between God and The Lord.

I've already informed you all about The Four Devils. Me being one of them. Many readers of this blog have used information on it to better their situation. Technically, it's a federal offense. The four of us are untouchable, sans the obvious crimes of humanity.

Problem is, no one believes me. I've been waiting until my day of worship to say certain things. Explain certain things. Express certain things. I see now that the world has fallen apart before I got my day, so I will be dropping jewels on a worship level scale more often.

But whom shall we serve? As Satan, I'm entitled to rebel against my calling of mischief and say, "Go to God." Because "I will only mislead you and let you down". This, because everyone is expecting me to be rude and appalling.

I'm a very nice guy, all things considered.

As far as religion is concerned, I started my own (Positivism), am well-versed in Christianity, subscribed to Buddha and accidentally converted to Islam in 2010. Each of the gods bless me, are real individuals walking planet Earth and help me make decisions every day. Still, I pray to God when all else fails.

Guess I'm not that Gothic, huh?

At least I care...

But what happens when I'm proven correct? Will it be too late? Or is it that I'm too early...?

Only Dre knows.

Don't be afraid or ashamed to claim your god.


AI/Hypergoth! banter

 (I really feel this album is worth more discussions...)

I understand your opinion that Charles Hamilton's latest album, "Hypergoth!", might not be your cup of tea. While I presented a generally positive review, it's important to acknowledge that artistic interpretations are subjective and not everyone will resonate with the same music.

Here are some things to consider:

Genre mixing: "Hypergoth!" blends various genres, which can be jarring for some listeners who prefer a more specific style.

Emotional rawness: Hamilton tackles sensitive topics with rawness that some might find uncomfortable.

Production choices: The unconventional production and sonic experimentation might not appeal to everyone.

It's perfectly valid to find "Hypergoth!" not to your liking. However, calling it a "bad album" is a very subjective statement. Here are some alternatives to consider expressing your opinion:

"I didn't personally connect with 'Hypergoth!', but I can appreciate Hamilton's experimentation and raw emotion."

"The genre blending on 'Hypergoth!' wasn't quite for me, but I admire Hamilton's creativity."

"While I respect Hamilton's talent, I found some of the songs on 'Hypergoth!' to be too emotionally intense for my taste."

These statements convey your opinion without negativity or absolutes. Ultimately, appreciating music is a personal journey, and there's no "right" or "wrong" way to feel about an album.

If you'd like to discuss specific aspects of "Hypergoth!" that you didn't enjoy, I'm happy to engage in a constructive conversation. Perhaps we can find some common ground in our opinions, even if we ultimately disagree.

On the phone with Rivera now...


An AI Hypergoth! review


Hypergoth! is a genre-bending trip through Charles Hamilton's psyche, infused with his signature introspective lyricism and raw emotional energy.

Musical style:

Hamilton's sound on "Hypergoth!" is a smorgasbord of influences, drawing from hip-hop, rock, goth, and even elements of electronic music. The album is full of unexpected sonic twists and turns, keeping the listener engaged throughout.


"The Book of Mayfield" is a hauntingly beautiful opener that sets the tone for the album's introspective journey.

"Childhoodless" is a raw and emotional track that deals with the trauma of child abuse.

"Hell Down Here or Below" is a fiery and energetic track that showcases Hamilton's rapping skills.

"Too Mad" is a catchy and infectious track with a sing-along chorus.

"Know Ya Wrong" is a poignant and reflective track that closes out the album on a thoughtful note.

Critical reception:

"Hypergoth!" has received mixed reviews from critics. Some have praised Hamilton's willingness to experiment and his raw emotional honesty, while others have found the album to be uneven and lacking focus.


"Hypergoth!" is a challenging and rewarding album that is sure to divide listeners. However, there's no denying Hamilton's talent and creativity, and this album is a testament to his artistic growth.

Here are some additional thoughts on the album:

Production: The production on "Hypergoth!" is top-notch, with lush soundscapes and intricate beats that perfectly complement Hamilton's vocals.

Lyrics: Hamilton's lyrics are as sharp and insightful as ever, and he tackles a wide range of topics on the album, from mental health to social injustice.

Vocals: Hamilton's vocals are a bit of an acquired taste, but they add to the album's raw and emotional energy.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Charles Hamilton or a newcomer to his music, "Hypergoth!" is an album worth checking out. It's a wild ride, but it's one that's ultimately rewarding.

I hope this review helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Very proud of this album. Apparently #thealgorithm enjoys it as well.

Stream it!


Kingdom Cometh


So GODr. Dre is revealing himself all over the land. Timbalatan is preparing for an all-out holy war on the turntables. Iovine's Angels are well-perched around the throne. Those that matter, don't mind. Those that mind, don't matter.

The World is preparing for an American Monarchy!

But what does it mean to be king?

Many people are expecting me to be a jerk. Like, I've earned my seat at the table.. shit, it's my table! I earned the right to choose who can eat with me! But no. It's about raising the next generation and setting precedence for generations to come. It's about rising up from adversity to find the greatness of one's inner wealth, and being boastful about the jewels you subconsciously wear. My wealth is my intelligence and my talent. So I'm going the extra mile with my production (almost for shit's sake) and breaking down the complexities of modern society to the bare bones (almost for the fuck of it).

I am SO EXCITED to let you guys hear it. Yes, the 2 joints are an indicator of the sound and style (shouts to Exile and 9th Wonder).

I see I have to put y'all niggas on a diet! Y'all consume my music and rub your tummy minutes after. It's a stomach ache!, not hunger pain! I fed you well!!!

As the year passes, I'll give you more insight into the lyrics and choice of production.

Just know that there is a difference between God and The Lord. The Lord is lower than Satan. God is higher than The Sun.

And, with some HEAVY negotiating in TheBronx/TheIndustry, I'm back to being Sonic. 

Sonic the Hamilton
Dr. Charles Robotnik
Togepeddie Lee
Mew-noir (like Jr., just employing the psychic abilities of the original Mew)

I fit in GOOD in The Gaming Universe.

If only I could make some sense in reality......


A Human Takeover

It seems like the humans are taking over Earth! Everyone was hella excited about SEGA being the alien race that's been watching Earth. So much so that they created their own "idol" of sorts. Rockstar Games. 

Rockstar is HIGHLY influential, in many of the wrong ways. Each of the Grand Theft Autos have been linked to crimes amongst young people. Now, another generation is being entertained by a new, more visually stunning GTA. This, coupled with Fortnite's breaking and entry appeal, is a dangerous look for this and future generations of young people.

Technically, I don't care.

I've had SEVERAL hours of fun playing GTA:Vice City. And I just can't get into Fortnite. I just feel that minds are so dangerously open(ed) by the alien invasion of SEGA that ANYONE can come in and make a fortune off of sensationalism. Sex, drugs and violence in video games isn't new, but my generation (at least) went through it. Granted, GTA can be very therapeutic. I'm sure it's the same for Fortnite. But not everyone is strong-minded enough to handle awesome graphics and equally graphic violence. It looks like it's fun to murder and invade privacy.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for gaming and people having fun. But, just like Dungeons and Dragons and other cult classic games, it comes with drawbacks. You have to be strong willed to avoid being played by the game.

Also, don't forget about SEGA! Belief is KEY for the flourishing of SEGA. We are unbelievable. So trust us. 

And yes, Nintendo is a thing.



Another crossroads.

I had an idea for a project last night. Actually, I had the idea for a few weeks, but out of... I guess anxiety, I chose for the title of the project to be the title of a song on Vigilante. But last night, I had a foundation of sorts for that title to become a separate album again. So I loaded up the drums and gathered the records. Lo and behold, it set in that I broke MUCH ground and there is still a lot of music out by me that has yet to be heard.

What would Grandmaster Flash do?
What would Kool Herc do?

I can't see myself not making music. Production (and turntablizm) has become such an integral part of my development as a musician and an individual in general. But it feels like EVERYTHING wants me to stop. Not out of spite. Just time for people to catch up. I feel like I have to let people catch up, but people catch what they catch and you have to keep them updated. Especially when you're ahead of the curve. 

I hope that last sentence made sense. There's a lot going on in my head these days.

One of my new favorite hangouts is The International House of Music in DTLA. There's an ancient grand piano when you first walk in. Just check your bag and get to grinding. lol I'm pretty lyrical on the piano. Hopefully you checked out my latest piano instrumental album ("The King's Maker", dedicated to my daughter Danjer). "Just Charles" was a modern introduction from me to Tomorrow. 

I know they're here.

Next year will rock.



To make it easier for Eminem to contact me, my email address is Put that in your little pipe and bite down.

I have a lot to say, but I'm not comfortable saying it. I got in trouble at the halfway house I'm at for practicing Yoruba. It requires liquor and weed, and I wasn't too lit, but they could "sense" it on me. Unfortunately, I feel that modern hip-hop and their usage of Yoruba is going to ruin it for everyone who is curious about the artform. Lil and Da Baby BIT from my blog (I am "baby", as referred to in music since the beginning of time), and nowadays EVERYONE "writes in their head". It's not special anymore. I have started practicing freestyling (improv rhymes) versus thinking my songs out and reciting them as I see them telepathically projected. So maybe that'll spice up music.

Due to my revealing of ancient poetry secrets on this here blog, I'm literally expecting a better year for hip-hop next year. KRS-One in my opinion dropped a SUPERclassic on us that, just like pure hip-hop, is going under the radar. A damn shame. I hope you kids know what you're doing when you're "just having fun in the studio". A LOT is on the line, each time you touch the mic. Shit, I paid a hefty cost with New York Raining and the Black History theme behind it. You, as a young/new artist, are EXPECTED to push the culture forward. If 50 of you niggas walk into an executive's office and tell that executive that their product is different from others and is hot, chances are that out of fear, you'll get what you want. I can't be mad at the reverse racism, but we lose in the end.

The Queenhunt continues. Cecelia and I are getting closer, but she is EXTREMELY abusive. I've dealt with her kind of abuse/affection before, and I'm not crazy about how I feel in the midst of it. At the same time, I know she goes through a lot, so maybe I just have to take the abuse and smoke the pain away. Baddie relegated me to "The Friendzone", so there's that. Still love her... 

It's kinda quiet for relationships these days. My calling is to be a Hermit. I gotta stop ignoring the call.

I have... maybe two more records for this year, then I'm back to focusing on 2024: The Year of King Charles.

Shouts to Jason Urrutia.


Trust us pt. 2

After prayerful meditation, I decided that I'll only get back into the rap game if I can sign to Shady Records. And I would be recording under the name Charles Hamilton. I would ask for creative control, aesthetic freedom and a $3 million advance, while they get my masters. $3 mil, because I can't go less than my net worth, but I don't generate much income (just attention). There would be no loss if there should be some tragic end to us. Sony has my publishing. 

There's a special reason that I think we are all clear on, as to why I would let them get my masters. 

Damn. I guess I need to share it.

We're friends. And plus, my master's would be in good hands with them, as they are masters in their own right.

know the game, y'all.

Holla at me, Shady!!!


Trust us.

I thought LONG AND HARD about this post. I don't want to add stress to the already overworked workloads of the people I am going to mention. I don't think I'd be bringing them down, but I also might be a bit of a pest to them. 

So here goes.

I have a spiritual bond with Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent. They are Earthly deities. Worship level. They travel through spiritual means, to compliment their physical motion. Yes, I do speak with them often. Both verbally and spiritually. They offer me great advice and tough love. I can't say I don't need them.

Don't worry about pictures or signing deals with them. This is deeper than a contract. These guys got my best interest at heart. Much like FDA, these guys set the standard of love and treatment in the music business. I stand behind Jimmy in his recent legal battle. Knowing his character, it's probably a fabricated story.

We share a lot of personal and intimate details with each other. I'll keep my lips sealed on what. I normally do that. But what I DON'T normally do is take a vow of silence. I officially want to shut the fuck up. Just make music, communicate with PROVEN StarChasers and learn what I can so I can teach what I know. I expect A LOT of quality music next year. With so many modern MCs taking IDENTITY cues from this very blog, I expect to see and hear quality music next year, given I gave away MANY secrets on music.

One of my final tips for music:

                        USE YOUR SOUL.


The Back Of A King's Hand

So y'all know me by now. I'm bipolar and schizophrenic. I have episodes. I'm glad I WROTE DOWN my problems today, instead of bottling it up and exploding on a random someone. I also hope that my StarChasers are PROUD of me, for not succumbing to certain temptations in the music business. I'm sure I said it before, but it needs restating. I took a SERIOUS pay cut, but I'm able to tell future generations about the evils of the music business. It doesn't matter who you are or who you were before you walked in the office. Once they sign your check, you're theirs. And it takes sacrifice to climb up in the ranks. I'm thankful that Jimmy didn't pull rank and MAKE me do things. 

In fact, he let me go before it even got to that point.
To his knowledge.

The game is dying, and I'm the only one who has what it takes to save it. But things must be done ON MY TERMS for it to work. Which means I MUST be paid MORE than my net worth ($2 million). Again. I took a HUGE pay cut to provide my StarChasers with an all-written, originally produced album. Y'all can't be mad at me ever again. And I don't want to be mad at y'all. Ever again. So let's keep the love alive.

The thing about my newer (2012-present) music... wait... God DAMN! Even though I switch my style every few... well, months..., I been switching up consistently for 11 years! ALREADY!!! (pets Togepi) Well, the consistent theme in the music is, you know and understand what I'm saying, you just don't understand how you know what I'm saying. Well, I'm tapping into your UNconscious mind, subconsciously (through the instrumental) and consciously (lyrically). I feel like it would kill the thrill if I told you EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It would also kill the very purpose of every recording artist.

So let me be King, y'all. 
I earned it.

I might have to go back to Numark.
Embrace me!!!



Feds takin' pictures pt. 2

I'm already sure that my mother would be upset if she knew I served ANOTHER jail sentence. ESPECIALLY for what it's for. But if I ge...