The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

A woman's poison

Ive done it before.
Binge on heroin and listen to James Brown.
Thats how "Two Point Hospital" got here.

Ive also (censored) and listened to Jimi Hendrix.

I somewhat haven't recovered.

With Covid-19 and D-Nice, everyone is anti-social and brooding while inspired by music.

This is The Hamiltonization Process.

Still working on a project where im taking my time.
What am i missing again?


Enter the Hamilton EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes recording of Just Charles

Along with superb musicianship, these videos display magick. Don't fight or resist the sensation. It is natural. It is pure. It is meant to heighten and excite your senses. The senses you know and the senses you are unaware of. 

Love is the goal.
Discipline is the message.

More details on Just Charles soon. 
For now, enjoy.

Thank you to and for those who've listened. 
Happy birthday, Momlady.

Take care of yourselves out there, y'all...

Just Charles
Available on ALL STREAMING SERVICES today.


Another hiatus

Hope you're keeping count.

I'm gonna focus all my energy on one concentrated project, then go on a MUCH deserved break.

Hot Goth Summer.

do not try this at home.


Critical blow!

It's too soon explain to you why you're a miracle AND a blessing.
And even if you could understand, I still need time to process the fact that YOURE HERE.

Daddy loves you supermuch.
As frail as I am, I am superprotective of you.
I was once the rock star dad you deserve.
I was once the geeky dad you'd devour.
My mom, your grandmom (RIP) once told me that I'd have a little girl and she'd have me eating out the palm of her hand.

You got me, babe.
Father down!

I was concerned that our bond was ruptured (bruised).
I was angry because I didn't believe mommy loved me.
My fear is that you were brought into this world without proper love, for yourself and me.
I dont want my daughter to hate me because I hate myself.
I want my daughter to superlove me.
Because i super duper superlove my daughter.

Everything is landing on my back.
I'm finally catching up on rest from 15 years ago.
Im still very tired.
Very hurt.
Very alone.

No matter who is around.

You're doing well for yourself.
You're a star!
I am living a dream only you and MorrowMorrow would know about.
I was prepared for the pain.
I was also prepared for my daughters to simply be concepts.
I never...

I never would've thought I'd be a legitimate father.

But I'm not.
I'm not in your life.
The way I need to be.
The way you need me to be.
(sinful grin) the way I'm supposed to be.

But I lovelovelove you, babe.
That's never gonna stop.


I really didnt think you'd be here.
And I'm thankful for your mother.
But... it was almost impossible to believe you could be here.

You know, being with you stops me from being away from everyone else.
I feel naked without you.

So much to say.

I cannot wait until we can... cross the street together, holding hands.

Danjer Annie Hamilton.

I guess you're in bed and awaiting sleep.
I'm still up, thinking of you and hoping from the future.
I cant wait until we listen to Tina Turner together.
You're gonna bug out.

I cant wait to listen to records with you.

Gotta cut this short.
Much is asking for my attention.
Daddy loves you.
For mad forever.



For 10 years, Bobby Caldwell had the theme song to my life with "What You Wont Do For Love".
It was the vaporized sound to my every emotion, in every situation.

Last night, he was dethroned.

Be on the lookout for a new CH, new CH theme, and a new sunshine.

And whatever I make out of this record will be definitive.
Gravely definitive.

Arm out, needle down...
Let's let this record whirl!


(I almost died listening to this record last night, man...)

Babes of Toyland (dont, please)


There's Tomorrow, Sorrow, Borrow (TheImmediateFamily, with Tomorrow being the leader of The Tomorrow 5, which is her, Thelonious, Tokya, Toddler and Titus), Danjer, Crazh, Rocket, Rush, Delirious (...), Jetz (BabySimone) and a whole TRIBE (Team Nightmare)... then there's Karma, Omen, Nature and Nirvana (Forces of Nature)... then Light and Heavy (The Libra Scale)... then Storie and Novel (RdrsDgst)...

Before Tomorrow and co. was Saroya Phoenix, Cadence Symphony and (cringes) Quincy Pharrell... on Broadway, there was Grant, Gavin and Gunner (Matt, I kid you not), aka My Imaginary Sons... and TWINS! Kiana and Kiara.

Famously, St. Claire (daughter) and Broadway (son).
They're Uno.


Meet Melodi  and Boomer.
Together, they are Any Given Sunday.

And they're driving me crazy already!


I can only hope this hour glass flip means a team can be founded soon.
But what's a team without a salary cap?

Gotta get this chicken parmee.

One of you critters went missing!


The 3rd.


3/4 forever

March 4th is the birthday of Harlem.
I encourage you to do your research about it.

Harlem and I have a bond.
Deeper than most residents know.
You can find me in Harlem, literally.
(C)harle(s) (ha)m(ilton).
Because of this fact, I am very sensitive about and towards Harlem
When i found out that gang rape is a form of initiation into actual gangs I was very turned off by Harlem.
I wasn't a super social icon (eg. Pee Wee Kirkland), but true Harlem residents know who I am.
Young (old now) and old (my condolences).
Being picked on definitely frustrated me with my love for Harlem.

Harlem is more cultural than Times Square.
I grew up in a primarily Latino part of Harlem.
Where i grew up isnt even listed on the subway map.
That hurt.

Fast forward.

Gentrification was initially referred to as beautification.
When the concept was introduced to Harlem, it caused wonder and depression.
Being on Interscope, I literally sat in meetings where, everything going on as far as real estate was discussed.
Showing restraint and dignity, I stood up.
You cannot "boost the morale" of a low income community by making it impossible to afford.
That was my argument.
This (EXTREMELY) civil conversation is discussed in "Happy Ending" from Sonic the Hamilton.

Literally after the Briana punch video, I noticed a decline in Harlem's demeanor.
The influence of mass media changed the cultural pull of Harlem.
Niggas wanna make music like Drake, basically.

Drake is know as HK.
Hamilton Killa.

(takes a break)

Murda Mook, around this time, claimed I wasn't from Harlem

Like... this is a difficult entry to write.

Let me say this:

I love Harlem like how Jamaicans love Jamaica.
I just want to smoke my bowl, outside, in peace.
With all due respect to the Crip minority in Harlem, my favorite color is red.
For the attention of the Bloody majority, blood is blue before oxygen hits it.
Are you mad at the morning sky?

Harlem Queens, you dont have to be harder than the men you want.
Sometimes... like... someone knows exactly what you need and dont even know you want.
You cant push them away due to standards you let mainstream media set for you.

Harlem is an English translation of Haarlem, which is a place in the Netherlands.
New York was once New Amsterdam.

Netherlands? Neverland?

Hair of wool...?

(lol inside)

Good night, birthday girl.
Happy GDay, my guy.

I love you, Harlem.

(I just barely finished this entry)

*searching for*

the hour glass flip

I Am Unfriendly!.

This summer.


Black Magic Woman

Horny as hell, btw...

Let's start the show!

I already told you that you make me real.
I DIDNT tell you how much I admire you.
I... look up to you.
Your independence is an aphrodisiac.
As if Aphrodite made you the way you are.
As if you ARE Aphrodite.

I know who you are.

And who you are.

We've been Beavis and Butthead since the beginning of time.
You are cause for me to go to war.
I am cause of your gray hair.
We neglect each other.
We make it up to each other.

I dont know who you are.

Because of who you are.

Your mystique I strive to have for myself.
I dont want to be so easily read.
If i had it my way, you'd be the only one to understand me.
And you'd be able to articulate it.
And obtain wealth for your articulation of me.
And we live happily ever after, with you paying the bills with the understanding of me
And I'll keep being me.
And you'll keep being you.
And we'll be together.

I know why I left you.

I drank you.
I was drunk off you.
In front of you.
I had to choose between you or mom.

I just came back from jail, though!
You could've been more compassionate.
I needed more of your potion.
More affection.
Just more fuckin YOU.

I got territorial and self-defeating.
Like battling Jay-Z.
Or subbing Drake.
I have a lot to lose.

You are a lot.

I had a lot to lose.

You are a lot.

I have and had nothing to lose.
Just you.

Usually when I start trying to articulate how I feel about you, it turns into infinitysex.
So deep, we stop, taking deep breaths, wondering if the rest of life is worth living.
I may still be caught up in our sex.
I still wonder if...

Thus, Tomorrow.

I have to live another day.

Danjer's middle name is Annie.

I owe my baby girl an apology.

Daddy and Mommy were going through a lot while you were on your way here.
We both love you VERY much.
Remember when I told you to be a female CHH?
Well... be what CHH would get nervous about when you walk in the room.

Be just like your mother.

And yes, Dan Drizzy, I catch your lies.
We gotta work on that.

Back to Black Magic Woman.
You complete bitch.
You nurturing mother.
You fly lady.
You good friend.

Have we reached the end?
Are we having sex right now?

That's all I got.



On streaming services, if you search Charles Hamilton, you'll find a few classics and some modern CH music.
As of March 24th, start searching for C. Hamilton for all new CH music.
This music is not from a gentleman's POV.
This music is not for the faint of heart.
The sound reflects the content, while lambasting those who lambast it.


Almost gangsta.
Far from Punk.

Vampire Music/Nu-Hop
Lithium Soul

Requires more than one listen.

Bump in either headphones or big speakers.

The dirtier, the more refined.

My response to everything from the last 12 years.

I am very proud of this music.

Just Charles
March 17th, 2020
ALL streaming services.

I'll post a link when it's go time.

Taking a slight break to refuel and reload.
See you around.



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated