The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

but wait. i am a bi polar bunny...

Big shout out to chris young for the uplifting .pause. Hes an amazing dude. 

But tbh im tired of never being good enough. People give me an inch. Than take a mile and act like they didnt get enough. Its cool though. 

---------------- chrisdotrivera


I hate being given a platform

Because i feel guilty using it 

But it was given to me from a place of love

(The Byte Cover by Me)
By request of the Talented one. I will be uploading cover art for previous projects. hit me for a jpg if you fuck with a certain cover 

So i dont give a fuck about anyone reading but charles. 

                      With that being said
                                  Welcome to the 
                                              Belshazzar regime

A Raven in a flock of Robins








(Young chi town activist! Stand up for a cause before you become a cause or worse yet…. The effectual cause… check Raven out… “this that bubble gum music” when CH gets out more than likely a familiar face…. So familiarize your face) 

LOL. i might be more destructive than CH. But he gave me a place so…. 

Literally said be rightfully as left as I want so expect an old school WiCH (whereischarleshamilton) feeling on a real Charles blog! We’re close y’all says the biggest ch fan out of all y’all lol  J(I)k 

So let’s rock  

Right Align

^^^Defendant ^^^ 

v v vPlaintiff v v v

Hear me out. 

You don’t know. 

Annoying Little Girl…

Track 5 chill

————- #fuckyoubitchsuckmydick 


 *cracks knuckles*



Now it isn’t a choice or an option   It’s more of a warning  … 

Hi! My name is chris rivera

Due to my problem with authority i get to hang out here  

Some of you know me  

Some of you know me

Some of you know me

Some ofyou know me 

Anywho…. G   … look at me  

Lifeoftheparty lol

For the sake of not being manic 

Charles is locked up, and should be out eventually  looking like a year and some inna program so man’s said let me rock on the blog and MissIvy will be on the for now

I’ll be dropping music 

Maybe monthly 

But for now here’s a gift. 

Sorry Charles! Lol



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First single off #FarFarAway 


"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...