The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Enjetic is on the TV!


Him and his lady have a TV show on Strong Island TV (, and it uploads to YouTube shortly after filming. Check it out!

Nothin like New York Love.


Oh dear.

(originally written for Twitter) 

Hey white people:

I'm different. And was raised right.

Still, economical struggle amongst Blacks comes from being made to feel comfortable in their designated communities. Have a heart.

Still, I'm different. And was raised right.

My father wasn't in the picture (as you know), and my mother struggled until I moved her out to California... as a rapper. Me, being the rapper. 

I know my parents love me. Most Black kids don't.

All Im asking is for a generation void of prejudice. Because there are things about everyone that can be made into a profitable insult.

Ask Deon Cole.

Like Barack Obama.



Hypergoth! Goal

To establish myself, to myself, in the midst of self-worth establishment. This project is a village, with StarChasers as its inhabitants, Curtis Mayfield as village leader and myself as #VoodooChild.

Basically, this is an album you can play for people listening to my music for the first time. It rocks with soul.

I don't want to overuse Curtis Mayfield, but... the problem is, everyone is trying to be Freddie. He died. I would say be Superfly, but you would have to watch the movie to understand it. 

And I DEMOLISHED the soundtrack.
Shouts to Beyonce and 9th Wonder.

I'm evolving my style JUST for this album.
And there will be StarChasers in the building.

Not a party, per se, but a celebration of things coming full circle.

Hippies became Goths after Dealers (Gangstas/Thugs) bullied and mocked them for buying drugs. Those that didn't become Gothic became Corporate.

Somehow, I rule the world.


Just a journal*entry

 I'm not sure where I stand in life.
I'm popular, but strange.
I'm handsome, yet overlooked.
I have a lot of new music, I'm not working enough.

There's something up with me.
This could be a symptom of my diagnosis,
of which I've gotten more comfortable with having.

but i'm figuring me out.
Slowly but surely.

Rest assured, Hypergoth! is a guaranteed classic.

I am thankful for EVERYONE who donated.
I am also thankful to not be in a jail cell.

I was in isolation for 4 months.

Because of my (censored).
But I think y'all know how this goes.

All I can do is talk about my plans for Hypergoth!. 
It's more of a presentation.

I was told not to resurrect the teens who committed suicide after 9/11. 
So I have a new agenda.

Stay tuned.



"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...