The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Wartorn (a freewrite)

 What's a fist to a knife?
What's a punch to a bullet?
What's a community to a militia?
What's unity to a tank?

This war is bullying.
I hate a bully.
Dealt with them all my life.
It got so good to them that they justified it.
It felt so good to me that I accepted it.

In my heart, I know they were wrong.

This war is bullying.
I can't stand a bully.
I can see them a mile away.
They find something they cherish, and cherish it publicly.
It becomes their reason to boast and belittle.

I hate a bully.

There's nothing I can do but pray for Ukraine. 
I must be careful about admonishing Russia.


Prayers and tears are only strong in theory.
These people need help.
Our country says they will.

Will they?

And for what cost?

May Sonic save the world again.


Undercooked beef.

It doesn't look like the beef between Elon Musk and I is going to die down anytime soon. I called him a faggot, he subbed me in a reply tweet to someone else. Him and Drake are very similar, in that they saw the impact I was making online and capitalized upon it by complimenting it. They just have $44 billion lying around to make their impact faster and more compelling.

Ready when you are, #DripSet.



Peace on Smoke

 I had a long chat with Elon Musk. He revealed to me that he is in fact aware of who I am, and doesn't approve of me using his platform to redirect traffic to my learning circle. With no disrespect to who I am or what I do. He feels I have a monopoly over #TheInternet as is, and need to share. 

The thing about that is, I spend no money to gain the online attention I gain. And the truth is, the numbers are low because the vibes are high. Mutations, transformations, rips... these things get the music to more people, but at one time. It's safe to say, aliens listen to my music.

As long as I stay true to myself, there is no issue with the interstellar communication I have with SEGA. 

Will I remain on Twitter? Time will reveal. I don't have The Internet to lose, and he has gained more than enough money. 

Smoke weed everyday.


Ego Mania (a freewrite)

 I feel explosions in my head
that I know everyone wants to watch.
I can see them, too.
Like the opening scene of "Crash".
Except no one is there to help the one's stuck.
As soon as I stop thinking, the scene is cut.

Car chases.
Wild sex.
Money machines, filled to the brink.
Rock guitars.
Razor blades.

I attribute these being in my visions to the magnitude of my being.
I am a thrill to see.
A wonder to meet.
Not just self-observations and affirmations.

I love who I have become.

I'd like to thank the pain for refining me.
The joy for being the silver lining over my dark clouds.
The Sun for always being there, recharging me. 
The rain, for being my solace. 

You may ask how.
You've never tasted the rain.

I have.

My ego has gone manic.
In a while, all of these notes about myself will mean nothing.
I will feel lower than mud.

That's just how the mind works.

So pardon my ego mania.

I just wanted to watch a quick action flick.


The price of a sugar baby.

 I got offered to be someone's sugar baby today. The pay is good, but I'm more concerned about my moral compass. It's gotten me this far, shit. But yeah. I've never dated someone for money before. I've asked for a sugar mama in the past, yes. But I was somewhat kidding and I didn't like where the results took me. 

Just when I thought we as a people evolved, ya know?

Anyway, I wrote a poem yesterday dedicated to an FDAlien who inspired me half to death yesterday. If I didn't post it before, I'll post it after this. But I definitely want to get back into writing poetry again. Plug 2's passing helped reaffirm my flow switch to a more abstract, deep digging style. I want to use that and get more in depth with my poetry.

Computer Voodoo, baby!



 (a freewrite)

A Black woman inspired me today.

Not that it's not common, and not that commonplace is a place to be

But a Black Woman inspired me today.

Her knowledge, deep with fact.

Her wisdom, you need knoweth.

Her swagger as vast as her wisdom.

Get to know her, I beg.

Then the world I know gets to know me

And I want to keep her private.

A Black Woman inspired me today.

To want to protect a Black woman.

From the same things we as Black men need protection from.

We all knoweth them, no need in sharing.

But the world we know gets to know us,

and the Black Woman needs to be protected from the Black man.

The opportunist White man comes and consoles this lonely Black Woman.

Steals her magic.

Tries to inspire.

My weakling self, so eager to please a Black woman, kneels by her feet.

Only she can inspire me.

A Black Woman inspired me today.


New YouTube crates.

I literally caught the Holy Ghost in the 3rd verse. It's very audible.

For those who don't know, The Holy Ghost is evident when one speaks in tongues incomprehensible to the human ear.




So, I hated my clothes, I hated the music, I hated the scenario I was in, but I had a rare opportunity to encourage the world to continue to believe in SEGA, as well as my philosophies. No one is as smart as me. You may have degrees and experience, but no one puts it down like I do. My conceit bothers some people. Probably because I'm right. So, I stay humble, motivate, and make myself available to those otherwise unavailable (creatively).

But yo. Everything is garbage nowadays, as it was in the 2015 pic you see above. The best music is tainted by politics. I find myself grammar checking comments on my YouTube. Meaning, though I get my flowers, I deserve more. At this point, I am the foundation of modern media, including music.

J Dilla being the posthumous exception.

When you steal a blessing, it's hard for one to wish you well. I hope my former management company knows how bad they screwed up.

I'm locked and loaded for years to come.




We are moving faster than technology. We are smarter than the program. We, the people. We need to take this opportunity to innovate. No one is doing anything new, and everyone is a star. This is the perfect opportunity to make something miraculous happen.

I've already revealed the truth about aliens (SEGA, Nintendo, Atari). I've also revealed the truth about fame (give it up to get it). All we have to do now is create an innovative way to express ourselves without the need for penmanship.

Notice I didn't use profanity in this post. 

But damn if it isn't a form of expression.

Is it possible to speak one's mind without cursing? Yes. And with the speed of our minds, we can do it effortlessly. 

I'm proud of the human race. Not the program.


Elon is a faggot.

 He's handling the free speech mechanism of Twitter the wrong way. And strictly using his purchase of it to "floss" (show off). I hate what he's doing with Twitter and feel that if he doesn't slow down with his flexes, he'll cause a great language platform to be shut down.

Elon, I see the monster in you. You want to be just like Jay-Z.

Knock it off.


A week later.

 I sorta met someone new. Or got in touch with someone who is new to me. She's a cutie, but it's an internet link. I don't want to lead anyone on, and I don't feel right with myself because of my previous relationship. But we aren't even goin that fast. We're at a slow, supercomfortable pace.

As I finish Computer Voodoo.

I was going to raise money for a studio session, but I was blessed with the right studio situation at a sooner period of time. All apologies to Chris Rivera, who would've come to town to witness it. And shouts to Tyler Maine, who's been a helluva DJ for me overnights. But yeah. Computer Voodoo is the follow-up to Hypergoth!. No words to describe. Just listen (when it comes).

Baddie is worth keeping, if only as a friend. I would like to be friends with her. No sexual tension, no rage, nothing. Just be her friend. 

But she's bad. As bad as I made her to be.

As I live it, my eyes give a visit.


Valentine's Lockup

There's really not much to say here. A crime of passion got me locked up. So this is my second VDay in custody. I hope Baddie knows I love her and I'm sorry. Also, I spent today talking to my favorite girl, my Grandma. Carol. I truly love my grandmother, and only want to see her happy. We've had our bouts, but nothing can take me from my Grandma.

I've learned a valuable lesson in this case. When something triggers you, let it go. It's not worth losing your freedom over. Baddie is a good girl at heart. Gone bad, maybe. But she means no harm. I've been around a lot of toxic energy that wouldn't stand for her behavior, and I let that get the best of me. 

I hope my FDAliens and StarChasers can see passed this isolated incident and give me my love! lol I'm like a puppy. I need my love, man. Pet me!

I miss my anxiety bear. I have an anxiety Pink Panther doll now. Sorta awkward, but definitely me. Remember. It's all men living with me. My lifestyle isn't conducive to having male figures and/or friends.


Bad as she wanna be.

And the root of my evil.

Everyone, meet Baddie. She'll let you know what her real name is. This might be the deepest relationship I've been in. And we're not in a relationship, according to her. And rightfully so. I (censored, for legal purposes). 

Yes, she's the girl from the case I'm currently dealing with. 

I try to escape my self-inflicted plight by.... just doing other stuff. Literally. Not even music can get this girl the justice she feels she deserves. And my sorries require creativity. After a while, it taints the creative side and creates bitterness. To where I won't give a fuck.

I don't want to need Tanea (Baddie). But there is a side of her that makes me dependent on her. I think she knows it, and is dangling such over my head. Which is dangerous, because I don't like things being over my head.

Ask Lupe Fiasco.

 I made an entire song folder about her. Falcon Phoenix. Some of it may have dropped, likely the whole folder is out, whatever. Anyway, those were all songs inspired by our Atari-founded love.

Our love (Baddie and I) is post-SEGA and I's relationship.

Baddie is post-SEGA living for me.

Baddie is post-SEGA.

One day she'll read this and appreciate the depth of her being in my life.

February 13th is her birthday.
Happy birthday, Baddie!

The day before love, huh?



Top 50 Talk

In my opinion, Eminem is my favorite rapper. Such cannot change. Being that he's white, he's had a harder way to go. So it's still good that he's in the Top 5 (Billboard/Vibe). At the same time, there has been little debate as to whether Jay-Z deserves to be number one.

He does. From hits to classics. 

I can only say good things about him, really. So yeah. He deserves the title of GOAT. I'd be surprised to hear another new album from him.

But Eminem is my favorite rapper and can do no wrong.

Am I mad I was left off the list? No. It's not about consistency, as both publications have written about me before. It's about Hip-Hop. Does it accept me for the Elektro-making Goth that I am? Time reveals all.

I am currently surviving California. As they say, I'm in the HOOD hood. I might've mentioned this before myself, even. But yeah. I have to be sharper and wiser. This isn't an Eminem-friendly neighborhood (feel me?). This is definitely Jay-appropriate living. Mostly everyone knows I rap, and of them, a few people know "how famous I am". I guess I walk like a rapper. Who knows? All I know is I want to get back on my feet immediately.

As sore as they are.


Joe's Diner

 I'm almost a President Biden fan. But I'm still not a Democrat just yet. I'm Republican by nature and my interest is in The Green Party.

But Biden said nothing wrong. Unpopular, yes. But he gave pure facts, shared digestible information and told the God-honest truth.

To his detriment.

He and I know why.

I talk too much. I blog too little. Necessary changes to be made.


Ready, willing and able (possible sequel)

 After taking some time out of the public eye (the online one, really), I feel ready to go! Watching the Grammys boosted mine a bit as well. Though most of it was homo-friendly, I enjoyed the portions I was looking forward to. 

I'm happy for Steve Lacy. And long live hip-hop (with Lil Uzi Vert as the Rock -n- Roll Nigger). ?uestlove curated a show. Happy for him. We got to see more Jay than usual. Beyonce was on her own trip. Not surprised Em was AWOL. Happy for Kendrick (AlcheMIST!!!!). The girl that won Best New Artist (name I can't remember right now) deserved it. I may be checking for Harry Styles in the near future. 

But yeah. I'm ready to get on stage. Not sure what I'll be doing or what songs I'll be performing. Obviously "Brooklyn Girls". Likely "New York Raining". Definitely "Loser". I feel like "Loser" is insensitive to the listener. Granted they were 3 battle verses. But yeah. I gotta get my rage back. These meds got me making friends with everyone.

I can't stay mad at the world forever. There has to be a point where I find harmony with everyone, despite their individual choices. Doesn't mean everyone has to speak. I also can't get mad when people spite others in my name. That's a form of love that I rarely received, and I cherish it. So, I gotta get used to it.

This year, as I said, will be more instrumental. Likely because the beats are standalone (for the first time in my career), and don't need me or anyone else rapping on them. I may rap to them in the future (hint). I just gotta feel it.

That, plus Computer Voodoo.


Happy Birthday, King

My debt to you is eternal.
Your influence is evident.

Thank you.



Another StarChaser/CH interview

Shouts to Jay Kasai.
Great interview.

I'm falling back in love with my StarChasers! 
Great feeling!

Keep the love coming.




"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...