The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Sternum serum

I love you, music.

At this very moment, I feel the way I did in like April 2013.
Except without lithium.
And The Ex.

I went pretty hard in 2013.
I was in the Brick Oven basement.
I would drink my Jack Daniels, overdose on lithium and make beats until my eyes bled.

I went so hard, I...... actually, nah.

Between 2013 and 2014, I was blacking out.
Between StHZERO and Unforgiven.
I really think those two albums are the standard for what I do.


Sober Karaoke
The Binge Vol. 1: Staribg At The Lavalamp

The Pink Lavalamp
Excellence of Execution: The Pink and Black Attack

It's Charles Hamilton
My Brain Is Alive

LWord3: Mic Check


Coke Whore habits.
I Always Die In Brooklyn

StHZERO: The Death of Charles Hamilton


2016-2019 have been ibcredible periods of growth.
Im falling in love with my voice, getting more comfortable with Apple and am more nimble in the studio than ever.
Helps that I have my own setup as well.

Admittedly, 2020 has been a creative explosion.

Im just wounded.

The void love left in my heart is being tampered with.
From the inside.
My heart has turned against me.

Yet my words ring clear.
Suicide is jot am option.

Shit, even with me having actually and really done it... it's not an option.

Fuck you.
You die.

My blood runs cold with the heat of molten.
My heart is beating at 93bpm.

Vampires have quenched their thirst upon influence.

Music is all over me.
And it's keeping me alive.

Love is in need of love today.
So... smile.

=The Immortal=

Stepford freedom

This post is produced by 9th Wonder.

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

I spent the last 30 minutes scanning my timeline.
I found recipies and reasons to make fortunes.
As I drafted this entry, my desire to be The Mr. Marcus of traditional romance accelerated.

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

I now want a mansion with a beautiful pool.
To have a wife would mean to cook recipies found on the same timeline she's seen on and cook them as she lays on a pool float.
Serve her.
I'd probably have rare 9th joints playing through the Bose house system.
I'd be her personal pool boy.

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

As this 9th beat gets more diabolical by the second, I remind the celestial beauties of Thriller.
Ive been masking my beast.
Hiding my preoccupation with death.
For your smile.
For your smiles.

I am who you need protection from.

I'm some Gothic ass kid.
On some Gothic ass shit.

The laboratory of consistency is open again.
Should I create a species to fall in love with?
Can a creation comprehend love from its creator?
How can I make sure they dont go rogue?
How can I not power trip?

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

Sadly, it's
Magic, Miss.
I gotta care about your happiness.
Magic is
My happiness.
I share it with you for your happiness.

Your desire is the flesh of purity.
The meat of nature.
I provide my whole self for you.

I need more.
For you.

My happiness is magic.
Music is my fleshbloodandbone.

I starve.

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

My stomach acid melts the butterflies.
The cottonballs go, too.

I starve.

By the time you love me, I wouldve returned to my cocoon.

You will know when I do.

And these words will never ring truer.

I dont want
To say
I miss you.

I'd rather stay
Here with you.

This post is produced by 9th Wonder.

=The Immortal=


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