The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Dear ol' daddy-o!

As time passes, I realize I am just like my father. More than I ever imagined. He's very passive, but a BEAST with the English language. I think he's good at Math and Science too. He's a genius. But yo. He takes abuse. I think that's why he attacked me when I was about 13. 13 or 14. 

He had a serious drinking problem. Everything became his enemy when he was drunk. And though he loved me, I was listening to some pretty dark music that I think influenced him in our bonding sessions (summers in Columbus, OH, etc.). If he's anything like me, good quality music will influence him to do some outrageous things. And he is like me, because he was influenced by Jimi Hendrix (among other rock acts).

My dad is the Jimi Hendrix of law.
Too bad he can't practice anymore.

I guess it's justice for me.

Speaking of justice, my only thing about this Diddy scandal is, stop asking if he's gay! Ask whether or not he really sexually assaulted these people. His preference doesn't and shouldn't matter at this point. It's about right versus wrong. If he's wrong, may justice be served.

I'm happy for Jimmy, nevertheless. Glad the case got thrown out. He's such a good guy, man. For real. I know, it sounds like I'm protecting him. But no! In fact, I got some things I gotta tell him. It could end up being our last conversation, but we gotta talk about some of these Hamilclones.

It's crazy. I used to say so much. Talk about so many people. Now I'm a church mouse. It's not the medication, though I can thank the medication for helping me filter my words. Everything is sensitive, and for some reason, no one believes me when I cry foul. I guess I'm not good enough to be sexually assaulted in a Hollywood recording studio. Or, with high hopes, I'm TOO good to be sexually assaulted in a Hollywood recording studio.
All I ask is that Hollywood be aware that they DIRECTLY IMPACT THE HOOD. SPECIFICALLY HARLEM. Influence is a bitch, and many of my people are under it. 

So, take notice.


The Dope Show

Good morning, StarChasers...

I spoke with my caseworker, and the word is they're going to put me back on Zyprexa. This wouldn't be my first time on it. They put me on Zyprexa during my first incarceration (in Cleveland).

I can't say I'm excited about it. I was a ZOMBIE on it in jail. However, I wrote CATS Can on it. I haven't heard it in a looonnng time, and I told the story of how JC from UFC (RIP) hooked me up with his own studio to record it. I just don't remember much of the vibe. I think the meds block out vibes and simply help me execute the vision.

I feel bad. I did something to trigger my loved ones into thinking I need more "intervention" than I felt I did. Yes, the meds cut back on fun, but one of my proudest projects, "StHZERO: The Death of Charles Hamilton", was produced and recorded while heavily sedated. If we're going to have matches about my music, it would be "My Brain Is Alive" versus "StHZERO".

Speaking of the MarCH Madness bracket that Stik and Mike came up with, I personally think Sonic the Hamilton should be excluded as well. It broke ground. And outside of sequels (from me), nothing came out like it since. Just my take.

Probably today I'll post the lyrics to "Eddie Murphy" from "Live @ 12". Enough people hit me up about it. I simply want the album to simmer a bit. There are some JEWELS on there that are tucked in the sound. Many vibes, all good, all love.

Thanks for reading.



So today, I said "fuck it" and told the psych doctor I hear voices and have trouble sleeping. Not a lie, but they're about to start me on another new medication. So if I get different or my music starts to suck, blame the medication.

I've been listening to "ReIntervention" a lot lately. It's the first time I made music (1) without writing (2) on meds and (3) using Apple DAWs to produce. It's WAY above average to me (nowadays). In fact, I think it needs to be revisited. At the same time, a lot of the subject manner is scattered. I'm talking SERIOUS Illuminati inner-workings, as well as venting about my situation at the time (just being released from a mental hospital, new girlfriend who's in a secret society and new best friend who's in the mob). It's a lot. 

Like A LOT. I like how I condensed thoughts and left it for me to unpack at a later point in time.

This joint is nuts.

And maybe the meds are responsible. I was, however, drinking and smoking HEAVY while taking more than the prescribed dosage. I was literally ODing. 

We'll see what the meds do. Until then, keep your head high and your eyes towards The Sun. Wear shades, if need be. But think positive about the future. I'm catching up to you guys.

RIP Talise "Mom" Moorer-Hamilton.
RIP Joe Ruperto.
I miss you Simone (Marshall).

Times like these I miss the hell out of New York City. Harlem, specifically. I would have my episodes and walk outside in the New York air. Everyone's crazy in NYC. I fit in. But everyone is in agreement in NYC. Thus making me the odd man out. And New York always said I'd fit in Los Angeles, anyway.

Doesn't mean I don't miss you filthy animals.


Doing my best for God...

I tried to go on in life (and the music business) without needing you. Every time I prayed to you, something bad happened. It's true that The Industry is not of God. Still, I kept you in my heart, and in mind with the very work I would give. One of your soldiers was my engineer! We were tight, without ever meeting face-to-face.

Then we met.

And we rode out.

Then we separated. And I vowed to come back, more than man enough for you.

I haven't seen that side of you since we parted ways, late 2011.

Now, they're telling me I'm being medicated for doing your work. Doing God's work. That's not my goal or mission. I wanted to tell my story of survival, inspire youth everywhere, put Harlem in a positive light and provide a living for myself through music.

Almost like you with Compton.

In fact, exactly like you, overall.

I didn't know to see you as God. You're like a super uncle. I dont bring up the former side of you, because that was your blessing to me. But now what, father? What do I do now?

StarChasers, you really have to work with me. I don't know what you want out of my music, and I've outgrown where I last left you. The only advice I been getting is from God, and sometimes His messages don't come clear through. Though I am proven to be in tip top shape (musically and lyrically), my edge is long gone. Blame the medication.

At the same time, I feel that the meds make me SHARPER. I feel that my poetry is getting washed away by my flow. Which is not a bad thing. It means the MUSIC is more digestible. I just KNOW that I can push the envelope a little bit more.

It's crazy how "the guest" of Hip-Hop can get away with saying certain things,but a PROVEN, TRUE SCHOOL STUDENT of Hip-Hop must be censored. Some of y'all are sensitive bitches that need your ass spanked a few times.

I got it off my chest.

Holla back.

Thank you God, for being so patient with me. And forgive those who trespass against us.



The Powers That Be

Here is a long overdue post to and about y'all... no words minced, no pretty presentation.


I've been insecure since the day we met. I was barely 2 years old, and the only thing I knew (first hand) was my mother and father. You've since put me in a position of power that... I can handle, but you (or your employees) don't make easy. Everyone involved has an ego. From the top of the top to the newcomer(s). But I have never shown my ego to you guys.

Out of fear.

Fear that I would be rejected for bolstering my self-esteem with the mere knowledge that you love me. Fear that the love is in-genuine. Fear that I may not measure up. 

So I established myself in The Underground.

I found MUCH talent, great friends, and established morals for myself, being an up-and-coming rapper/producer. Unfortunately, my friends (1) don't measure up to your standards and (2) don't like you. It is fair to say that the Evil Empire spoken of by Rage Against The Machine is EXACTLY why they don't particularly care for my company. 

You guys make it obvious that you're around.

With this last case I caught, I find myself disinterested in romance and matters of the heart in general. My grandma and I had a bit of a falling out while I was in jail. I can't get over it, as much as we're back on speaking terms now. Maybe me being medicated is best for the people AROUND me, not me myself. 

Which sucks. I can feel certain shifts in my creative energy.

Where you may stand with me today is a mystery. I hope the love is still there. I hope opportunities are still available. I know that, despite turning down a proposition early on, I kept my nose clean. I have called out a few members of our elite society, but only because they weren't playing the game above board. They had their own intentions, and were relying on my "talent" (psyworks) to get what they wanted.

All I know is, I'm good to those who are good to me.




Today's surprise live was indeed a success! The speaker gave out (as expected), but I was able to stream with my Obamaphone and the sound quality wasn't as bad as expected!

So tune in to THIS FRIDAY for another creative live! This time, I got it all planned out...

I will be getting another chimney hat (witch's hat). It's just all about time and timing.

As with everything in The Hamilton Quazar.



I just want to clarify some things, on MY forum:

  • I don't have HIV, AIDS, or Cancer. I DID have a cancer scare in late 2009, but it got taken care of. I used HIV/AIDS as a metaphor for the lasting, damaging effects of my music/lyrical content. I did the same with Cancer until they found a knot on the back, right side of my head. 
  • I didn't rape Amber Stewart. I didn't sexually batter Amber Stewart. I was kinky with her, and at first she liked it. Without getting into embarrassing (for her) details, when I saw I would need force to penetrate her, I stopped right away. So ignore her at all costs.
  • I don't have any beef with Kendrick, J Cole or Drake. Whatever there was, isn't there anymore. I just can't wait to get back to where I was. And even then, I'm in no rush.
  • I am in talks with at least 2 major labels. These kinds of things take a VERY long time, so I'm keeping mum on it until I get some solid footing. Or, at least, a DEFINITE decision. Just like I did with Turn First (lol Mike Dee didn't believe me).
  • I have CLOSE ties to the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit family. Like, we speak. But there are no talks of signing to any of the three. I guess we're just close like that.
  • I didn't diss Cam'ron on The Pink Lavalamp. I just got emotional over the color Pink. It could've turned out bad for me, so it's a blessing that no one took it that way. I just wanted to clarify.
As far as Rihanna goes, it was a crush that enabled me to make some of my greatest work to date. If you know, you know (ask Briana), but at this point, I just wanna put it all behind me. She got her hood Harlem dude, has her babies, has her billions, she's happy. I'm sure I'm a raindrop in her puddle.

Just wanted to clarify some things, because there are still questions about the above.
Any other questions, hit me up.

16 bar verse = $600
Original CH instrumental = $1000
Original CH instrumental + 16 bar verse = $1200

These prices are VERY reasonable. Work witchya boy!!!


Memory Loss (Like Deltron)

It just dawned on me that, unless they fix the WiFi at the house, I can't go live AT ALL! The connection from my phone is TRASH. So... I'll find a way to make it work. In the meantime, I'm cranking out the beats a doing more mental writing. 

I hit a snag recently, because I found that everything I been talking about in the last 2-3 years I've ALREADY COVERED in 2014. Beast mode. So I guess I gotta live a little more. Or do more reading. I have only been reading The Bible, The Quran, The Torah and 2 spellbooks. Maybe it's time for some new required reading...

#thismorningKing Charles...

Internet As An Opp

The WiFi has been down for almost a week at the house. And my Obamaphone isn't fast enough to carry out the tasks I need it to. So I been limited in what I can do/say online. Outside of the fact that I been avoiding controversy, no matter how rough the attempts are at me saying anything. 

Just know, I see you all.

I may just have fixed the speaker! Apparently, Baddie (the previous owner) had some water damage to it, so that's why it shorts out. But it still charges and, if I mess with the AUX cable, it will play sound. Now all I need is a flat surface to lay it on. 

My lives are usually from my bedroom.

On another note, within 3 days, 60 new beats! 
As you can tell, I'm really excited for the next studio session. Fresh ideas, fresh grooves... still the same loser.

I want to take the time to publicly apologize to Chris Rivera. He called me about a week ago, and I was Saturn high. Just weed, for those keeping score, but it scared him. I don't want to lose him as a friend, supporter or StarChaser. It was a rough evening, and he caught me off my A game. 

It won't happen again.

So far, the title for the new project is "Comin' Thru W/ The Future". It's a quote of mine from "Gadzooks!", a song you can find in The Hamilton, Charles Era (click here). I'm not gonna tell you which project, because (1) you should know and (2) you can search the Google Drive link for the song. The overall project is dope, nevertheless. If you have any suggestions, hit me up. 

Twitter: @charleshamilton
IG: @thtlntdmrhmltn


CashApp: $thephenom718

As much as I hated him, I want to be just like my dad. Just an AWESOME figure in life itself.

Off the subject.

Hopefully the speakers lasts until tomorrow. I have some plans and some GREAT sounds. Can't wait for you to check 'em out. 
Eventually, I plan to reveal what I'm so secretive about. It's moreso up to y'all and how open minded y'all are. 

Wait. I told you guys already. The Black Market. smh I'm out of things to say. Just up to me to...



Potholes in LA

Damn. I hit a few snags in the past week. I can't stream on YouTube because my speaker's out, I can't upload music via TuneCore to streaming services... thankfully, Mike Dee Jackson sent a little bread. I should be able to pick up the speaker in the coming weeks. It comes from Amazon. 

Still, that's not stopping the productivity of the music. I'm loading up the beats for my next session. Not sure what I'm gonna do in terms of releasing it. Remember, I had a plan for music this year. Vigilante is sitting comfortable, waiting for a summertime release. Mischief you can expect to hear by this Winter. I really wanted to time things out this year and be... well, just like the music business. I figure if I show diligence in following a schedule for my releases, a paying company will pay me top dollar to do it on the big scale. 

Never aim for lower than your/you're worth.

I'm literally WORTH Universal at this point.

All I have to do is make it work for me.

And that's what I'm doing
with a big push from my StarChasers!

Whether it's a podcast about me or weekly donations, you guys are really helping me push through this time period. From pre-rolls to a subscription to Radiooooo, every dollar counts and goes towards the creative process. I gave away my kit for free. I have other CH custom kits, and every so often I create a bundle of loops (that was the plan on my last live; try to create loops). Still, I know I have to find a way to provide a cashflow for myself.

In my heart of hearts, I know I don't have to. But the pressure is one. Lest we forget the color of my skin.


Welp, With The Shrug

The Worship of Charles Hamilton, Jr. has been postponed until 2025. I am spending this year (2024) measuring up to TheIndustry with both music and content. We will see by this time next year if all my hard work paid off and I am a household name... from #TheUnderground.

Cue Curtis Mayfield.
I'm goin' in.

(love you, dad! hope you read this...)



Dead End Streaming

 YUP! Like I told you, I cannot upload music unto streaming services. They don't even give me a button to upload the music from the TuneCore site. Whatever the issue is, I hope my StarChasers can stay loyal while I try to figure out how to fuckin MAKE IT in this new era.

I got the music. The problem is getting it out to EVERYONE, in the illest time fashion possible. 

I hope that was understood. Basically, I want to innovate again. And maybe not being able to upload music onto streaming is a GOOD thing. Someone's lookin out...


Dying in #TheAfterlife

So the speaker I was using for my YouTube lives costs $30 on Amazon. Geez, I need some sort of steady income. Everyone suggests merch and stuff, but the concept doesn't sit well with me. I have some t-shirt and polo ideas, I just gotta execute them. I really just want to live purely off my music. Not so much making "commercial" music, but making GOOD music and putting it in the commercial marketplace. I used to buy ads, and that REALLY gave me a push. They're just EXPENSIVE. 

I think the next time I go live, I'll be in the studio. Same studio as before. Let's just hope the wifi will work.

I've been getting rave reviews on Live @12: The Album. I do want to give you guys a more polished (?) album before I consider taking another mental health break. My reality is/has been augmented by expectations and desires. I stop short of wishing I was Drake sometimes. If you know, you know, but it's hard knowing you should've been where someone else currently is. And people never fail to remind me of it. 

Neither here nor there.

I really want to get my livestream back up and running. That was the MAIN way I was making money from music. Not to mention, y'all got a chance to take a look at my creative process.

But, you can still donate!

CashApp: $thephenom718

Every dollar counts, and goes right back into the music.

And for those asking about music hitting streaming, I'm working on something. I know, I always say that. But apparently streaming services like Spotify are lightening up with their sample clearance thing. So here goes nothin...


THE END of "Live w/ The Talented..."?

So my little lo-fi setup has died. I had a portable speaker with a mic in it that I used to go live with, and it is officially out of commission. Maybe too much force, definitely too much electricity. But yeah. Unless you don't mind me using my laptop speakers to make beats, it's a real wrap for me going live.

But still, you can check out my livestreams at It's all in one playlist. 

I'm also glad you guys like my new single, "The Art of Being Alone". It's a personal BEST, as well as a favorite. Chris Rivera insists I drop "BabyKingCreator", but I feel that song is for dedicated StarChasers only. It doesn't have the appeal as other records to be dropped this year.

"Live @ 12: The Album" is DEFINITELY available courtesy of this blog. I have a surprise for the end of the year, but... time is of the essence. I am single-handedly BODYING the game, and NO MUSIC, NO LESS GOOD MUSIC, is coming out. I can bask in my personal victory (and fail the music business which "loves me so"), or I can continue to go hard, with the hopes of inspiring and enlightening all.

The ball is in my court.


Happy Baddietine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day to the wonderful Tanea "Baddie" J.!

She's come a long way. WE'VE come a long way. I'm sure she can attest that I've put her through a lot. I used to treat her like a sex kitten, contrasting the very wallflower that she is.

But she's beautiful, inside and out.

I'm learning how to love again. The way I treated her doesn't bespeak my heart, and my expressions don't seem to be enough for her. Sometimes I wanna just give up trying. I made an entire song folder of music dedicated to her and the thought of her being my girl (Falcon Phoenix). I guess she's not used to that kind of affection. Still, she deserves it.

Our chemistry is that of every Zane novel. If that was enough to keep her at bay, we'd be further along. But I hurt her deeply. Through her, I learned to check my rage and to, for lack of better words, take it when it comes. 

It = bullshit

Happy Valentine's Day, Baddie.
Thank you for your love and understanding.


The Hamilton Theory of Music

Every key's major scale is another key's minor scale, a step and a half lower.

The inversion exists.


in the meantime...

Nowadays, when I'm not flipping records or making loops or blogging, I play Dungeons & Dragons. Quite possibly the nerdiest shit I could do. But I find it therapeutic. Whatever I don't like about myself on the surface, I can make enhancements in the game. I play as a Human, and my name (on Dungeons & Dragons Online) is The Talented Mr. Hamilton. I'm sure you can find me. The shit about being a Human in this game is, you only get one life/chance. So if I die, I gotta restart EVERYTHING.

Intense, huh?

I've been toying with the idea of being immortal. As well as toying with the idea of being mortal. Rather, giving my immortality away. I feel as though my children will inherit my immortality, and I'll be stuck as a FormerImmortal. Like a fallen god. I don't remember many Greek/Roman gods/goddesses that had children. And if they did, I don't remember them lasting very long. The gods and goddesses of yesteryear definitely have death in their stories.

So what's the good word on "Live @ 12"?! From what I can see, it's a hit! It's impossible to stream the music from Google Drive, because too many people are streaming it at once. The standout so far is "Eddie Murphy". I think that's the first song you hear on this page. I'm still... toying around with the idea of a video. Just gotta find the right girl.

It's wild to me that the difference between a mixtape and an album is the retail move. If a project is sold through retail services, it's considered an album. If a project is FREE, it's considered a mixtape. Even if it's all original material.

The rumors are true, Hollywood. I am in talks with a major label. A big one. At least "distributed" by a big one. I understand money is tight, but I can't do less than my net worth. At the same time, I'm no spring chicken. These young cats came and ate up budgets unseen. I would sorta be the superhero of the game. Strange, considering how much malice I have toward the music business/The Illuminati in general. I just can't speak on it, ya know? Too much would fall, and I'd be responsible. 

But the truth is out there.

I'm currently (like as I write this) working on a follow up to "Live @ 12". I don't know what you're expecting, so I'm giving you the raw deal.

See you Friday!!!


Live @ 12: The Album

 Special shouts to DTA Studios. For a low price, I was able to rock the mic for 8 hours. The wifi was down, so I wasn't able to go live. There will be a next time, however.

Live @ 12 is a collection of songs made with beats I made during my YouTube live sessions. Just as a warning, this is an Electro album. The focus is the music. Be aware that the lyrics are potent, no matter how hard they may appear to be to hear.

Won't lie, I'm nervous. There's a whole podcast dissecting my music. I'll provide some "cleaner" music in the near future.

But I REALLY like this album.

From me to you


You can also click the BrayWyatt pic for a link.

"I'm outside!!!"

Allah and Rain (reign)

Im not wearing my KufiCrown today. For starters, I prayed to God last night for this session to be blessed. He grinned, nodded, and blessed me with 4-5 others to come with me to the studio.

But this morning, as I went to put on my KufiCrown, Allah spoke and said not to wear it. For I am The Sun and I am already chosen by Allah to be great. To wear the Kufi would be to submit whatever greatness I am to him, and he would get all the glory from the very ALL of ME.

So I'm not wearing my KufiCrown today.

I am also mixing and mastering these songs myself. I need to FOCUS, so every word is heard and every note is hit. The difference between these songs and ElecXmas/Hprgth is... I will be mixing them. You've heard my music in the hands of professionals. 

Now watch me do me.

The pressure's on, but guess who ain't gon' crack?!

"This morning, King Charles..."

Roam, if you want to...(!)

So here I am. Setting up for today's live. I indeed used my government-based money to book a studio session tomorrow. I am writing. These songs will be very Vampire Sunlight. I was listening to that album recently and caught the spirit (though I've been working on these beats more recently). I am very excited. Just wanted to blog and let you know what the goings ons is.

Here is a playlist of all the Live w/ The Talented...! sessions. Check 'em out! Plenty of heat!

I'm outchea!


For you, as King

You might wonder what I spend the money donated to me on. I don't buy crack and heroin when I do buy drugs. I go to the neighborhood dispensary and get a preroll or two, DIRECTLY after my Friday live. With everything else, I buy mp3s in bulk, pay my Google Drive bill, and I'm subscribed to a few places where I can get exclusive RARE music. I also get Gatorade, cigs, Chinese food, etc. But the money is going to good.

This Saturday, however, I'm spending my government-granted money on a BIG studio session. I only make $200+ a month, so I couldn't get 4th Street. But this studio is nearby and only costs $110 for an 8-hour lock out! Thing is, I'll be the engineer. I've been taking notes on what y'all LIKE to hear from me (sound wise), and I know how to mix to your satisfaction. Some plugins do tricks on their own, so I gotta be careful. But yeah. I'm coming out of pocket for this session. 

Point is, I ask that y'all donate, so I can have a steady stream of income. The music will come. And it will be of good quality. But in order to buy ads, get my musically professionally mastered, get on playlists with music... shit, even uploading new music on to streaming, it's gonna cost some money. My TuneCore account is locked, because it was attached to a PayPal account that is frozen. So no music is going out, and no money is being made from what's already out. In fact, all the money made from streaming goes right back into putting the music on streaming again.

It hurts, but it may be the only way.

CashApp: $thephenom718

I... can't... make a mistake...

"This morning, King Charles..."

The Art of Being Alone 0fficial lyrics

(verse 1)
Drugs and alcohol. Buggin' out on the hallway. Graffiti. I feel like H2. But far from an angel. I may do... disgraceful things. Breaking things, while I'm all alone. Taking things from the mall to go. Y'all know about Charles. Truly a Bandit. Musically a genius. Needing a band-aid (band aid). Can't stay away these days. Everything is cliche. Better yet, make believe. I can raise my seeds to the thought, but they tryna take my seeds. I suggest they walk. Yeah!

No letting go.
No holding back.
When I'm alone,
I do all of the above...

(verse 2)
A quick buck is in the discussion. I don't give a fuck. I get my bucks from the public. Be it love or a substance. Weed is the substance I love. Being above it. Above the influence. Influenza is getting pissed. I don't get infected. To the point where I disrespect it. Blame California! Hot heat! Hot Hot Heat can't stop me! Bother the beat like Rocky. Beating my meat; it's just a scene. Ugly and disgusting. But it's all raw. All thought. Make Charles walk with your thought. I stay the course. Y'all lost in this inner course.

No letting go.
No holding back.
When I'm alone,
I do all of the above...

(verse 3)
Keep It Simple(,) Stupid! Indeed the rhythm is moving. Instrumental so deep... diggin' it up! What did it give?! Pickin' it up! The love is missing! Is it not love? Is it pot luck? Did the pot wake up? Did I not wake up in time to feel justice? Thank you! I love you!, no matter if it's hate from an angel or just due... from a Demon. Asteroth. No, not the rapper. I know not the rapper. Like "I go raw". So much for all y'all thought. Walkin' 'cross the course, victory stays. It starts with intercourse. Ungh!

No letting go.
No holding back.
When I'm alone,
I do all of the above...

The lyrics are poetry, so they're open for interpretation. But a handful of people will know what I'm talking about. In graphic detail. Bless you. And bless YOU for listening.

More to come... the year is VERY young.


Bidz or eBay

I'm gonna do something so STUPID in the eyes of street niggas. 

Peep this...

You learn a lot in jail. All you have to do is listen. I don't encourage ANYONE go to jail JUST to learn. But while you have that time to yourself, you... hear things. That's where I got the whole "Dilla is my mama!" thing from. Just listening to the ambient sounds of jail. If you've been to jail, you'll see and know/notice exactly what jail is. And it's a pain in the ass. I agree with Jay and Meek on the #prisonreform notion.

Silver's ass is to be invaded by her HUSBAND and her LIL' BROTHER. Not just any ol' evil doer.

I feel like I'm running out of lessons to give my people. At this point, I think I wanna flex. You know, like how I did in 2014. I flexed with making classics. I feel it. I feel the Classic bug in me. No homo. I just feel that CLASSIC music is what's missing from the marketplace. And my music is free, so it's an unconscious challenge to the mainstream of which has spoiled me in some senses.

It's not that I'm NOT looking for smoke. I'm simply not LOOKING for smoke. If some shit goes down because my free music is dominating the marketplace, I suggest mthfcks come talk to me directly. If you put money behind what I do, I'm OUTTA HERE. And everyone knows it. Like... listen to Electronic Christmas (it's on this blog, playing). My StarChasers put money behind it, and I showed my ass. This time, I got and was more comfortable in the studio (less people, minimal production, etc.). 

Listen. Love is love. But my hunger has not subsided. I'm listening to a beat rn that I'm gonna COOK the next time I'm in the studio. Which could be soon. Shouts to DJ Nick. I'm workin on a joint with him in mind. Mischief is on the way. Gonna take some time and get it right. Vigilante is done. Just waiting on the right time.

Who thinks I should drop my February joint as King Charles tonight?

I'll wait.


A Hamilton-less Grammys

I didn't watch The Grammys AT ALL this year. Part of it isn't my fault. The guys in the halfway house didn't want to watch it, albeit they felt I belonged there. So I saw clips of it on Twitter (or X or whatever). I'll break it down ignorantly:

  • I'm happy for and proud of Killer Mike. He's been at it for a long time, HE GOT SKILLS, and having listened to the album when it dropped (3Stacks brought me there), it's a worthy album.
  • Miley Cyrus finally got a Grammy. Congrats! All I'll say, since my jungle fever lust for her has led a few people to use my platform (my blog) against me. So, with nothing held against her, congratulations.
  • Allison Russell is the future of music. Look her up.
  • Very happy for SZA, disappointed for Ice Spice.
  • Taylor Swift is the Lisa Simpson of the music business. DEFINITE overachiever. Said with love.

I don't know who won Producer of the Year, but it's nice to see that Dr. Dre has a heavy administrative role in The Grammys. You can bank on Black Music being BETTER represented.

I did notice that A LOT of White women were celebrated. I believe it was The Beatles that said "the woman is the nigger of the world". They were probably talking about White women. Karens, if you will. Well, obviously this was their Civil Rights night. Can't be mad. I just encourage my people of color who are ON the Grammy committee to submit MORE AND BETTER albums. Really, NOTHING in the last year was worthy of a Grammy. Not even Pop, not even Rock. It was a bad year for music (*COUGH* Hypergoth! *COUGH*). Still and all, The Grammys remain a night to look forward to.

Guess I gotta search YouTube for this one.
Sorry, Hollywood.

New music, on the way!!!


picture perfect.

I feel like these are the pictures that actually and accurately describe how I feel. A pleasant individual that is tragically stand-off-ish. I know the description screams "poser", but I like to dress how I feel. I been feeling the darknees.

Alas, my Kufi doesn't agree with my UFOs. It would've been a helluva statement, but I guess it goes back to the origin of the Goths. They were the outcasts of Egyptian society. Yet again, that's how I feel. Perhaps with more prayer and meditation, I can convince Allah to let me wear my "crown".

And if not, I still have my 'fro. NO one can take that from me, unless I listen when "they" tell me to cut it. Sometimes it's voices in my head. Other times, these voices manifest themselves as people.

But it is what it is. I'm as happy as I'm allowed to be.

I miss New York. New York City. Upstate New York. Long Island. 
Like damn.




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