The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Generation of the Genre

 Though Trap and Drill are the bane of existence (next to TikTok and R. Kelly), they are established genres.

Remember when no one could pronounce the word? From Gene Ray to Jenner, everyone mispronounced the very thing I was hoping to capitalize on. It gave me a myst of hope, but it left me by my lonely. Hours perfecting my craft. College tours. Radio interviews. All before Interscope.

I established Nu-Hop, and am proud to say it evolved (or deevolved) into Vampire Music. A genre sparked by Labi Siffre ("I Got The", "This Is My Song", etc.) and made popular by Jim Jones' Vamping movement.

The past few XXL freshman covers have had artists that I either blatantly inspire/inspired or were inspired in their own way. Like starting a genre of Hip-Hop. But that's the thing. I established a genre of MUSIC. 

YOU KNOW the Nu-Hop sound.

It's between Daft Punk and RZA, with the topics having equal as much range.

Trap's roots CAN be found on Donuts ("Time: Donut of the Heart", specifically with Black Thought spittin on it), but Atlanta trap houses claim the origin. DJ Toomp is a factual pioneer there. Still, Trap is distinct in its sound. This distinction allows other genres to embed Trap into their groove, making a hood phenomenon a global annoyance. 

The real trap is mixing House and Trap as a DJ.

Drill is spawned from Grime, which is straight UK. And they don't fuck around in the UK about Grime. Still, you can mix Drill records with House music with no problem. Not even using acapellas. Just House drums and a Trap/Drill song.

Now....... Trap beats are STUPID. But, you have to know what to do with them. If Dip Set would use early 2000 Dip Set flows on the 2015-2022 Trap instrumentals, they would be raping the radio right now. I personally have an affinity for Drill drums.

but the violence has got to stop. if that means we shut down TD Jakes (Trap, Drill and the police), we have to be proactive about it. there must be an alternative to the gang related violence occurring due to a genre of music.

I pray for you all, and I pray you understand where I'm coming from.


702 says "What up doe"


See everybody needs someone by their side

And I can't go on without you another night

Since companionship's been gone

My life has been so slow

Without you, you

See it don't take a rocket scientist to know I love you

See it don't take a rocket scientist to know I need you

See if you believe that you and me can change the world someday

Then believe me when I say

I still love you

I still love you

I decided I still love you

I still love you

I decided

So what do you think

Let's get back together (let's get back together)

There's nothing it could hurt

It could only get better

Think of what it last felt like

When you and I done turned our nights into forever, see

See it don't take a rocket scientist to know I love you

And it don't take a rocket scientist to know I need you

See if you believe that you and me can change the world someday

Then believe me when I say

I still love you

I still love you

I decided I still love you

I still love you

I decided

Never dreamed I'd be so happy

And sure of myself

Baby, life without you is so dark

(so dark, so dark)

Now I know it'll never be me loving someone else

It's precious love

You're my shining star

I remember when we first fell in love

I was too young to know what it was

I couldn't address what made me melt

But quick to tell you how it felt

That life is so real

And it still is

I still love you

I still love you

I decided I still love you

I still love you

I still love you

Just think of the things we planned to do - me and you

I still love you

I'm changing the face of the new world we once knew

I still love you

So long as the sun is shine the oceans are blue

I still love you...

Mr. Francis, you need not be the man you claim to be. For my heterosexuality.


lights out.

I would never go to the Pride parade in the past.
I'm too anti-social to go now.
But I would DEFINITELY go to Pride with 9th Wonder, in all my pink/green/purple/black/white splendor.

lol if you know, you know.

We would rock the joint.



The Word.

  As an introduction, I have been reading The Bible A LOT, as well as psychiatry (self-help) books, witchcraft manuals and my beloved Tarot cards. The Bible brings factual clarity to my identity crisis of now (I'M NOT SONIC FOR REAL?!), self-help books point out where I can go with the development I achieved by reading, witchcraft manuals bring me a devilish kind of joy (there are holidays on The Moon), and Tarot is more than accurate. All of which use words, except Tarot, which still uses thousands of words.

Yet none of them know the word to describe me.

I do.

And I will be condemned upon using it.

May the condemnation occur.

The best word to describe me is....


Before you suck my dick all crazy, peep it:

adjective, queer·er, queer·est.

strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular:

a queer notion of justice.

of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady:

Something queer about the language of the prospectus kept investors away.


verb (used with object)

to spoil; ruin.

to put (a person) in a hopeless or disadvantageous situation as to success, favor, etc.



Slang:Often Disparaging and Offensive. (The noun “a queer” is often used with disparaging intent and considered offensive even among those who approve of the corresponding adjective “queer.” The plural “queers” is less likely to offend than the singular “a queer.”)

a term used to refer to a person who is gay.

a person whose sexual orientation or gender identity falls outside the heterosexual mainstream or the gender binary.

Slang. counterfeit money.

I am awkward and strange. I also had a strange fixation with transexuals for YEARS. I feel I am too gentle for women and not enough for men. In the facility I'm in, there is a transgender male. I told him I haven't been recording because my music is pretty homophobic and angry. I don't want him to feel uncomfortable. Turns out, he loves trannies like me. And, if I had the chance to tell certain men how beautiful they are, I would be relieved. 

This being Pride Month, I ask that we all just give what we want: love. And do it all the time. I know, the month is almost over. But having gay sex forced upon me at a young age tainted my reaction to males in general. Then Harlem.

Of which I miss terribly. Happy birthday, Loveya Bell!!!

Basically, I see myself as queer. Not in the sexual context. I'm hyperstraight. That's my problem. I'm pretty stereotypical when it comes to women. Some circumstances are coincidental (dating many light-skinned women), others are intentional (cooking and cleaning in exchange for a place to stay).

I'm tired of being all macho to prove to niggas in a barbershop I still got it. Shouts to Math Hoffa, but toxic male energy is to blame for all of the world's damn problems.

I have more to say, but I'm enjoying the music I'm listening to, and want to give it my undvided.

Until next time.


The blog about Kanye West

Kanye's influence on me goes beyond being a producer.
I do feel I am a better rapper.
And I feel I am more musical.
But my own opinion aside, Kanye West is a great man.
His allure is Egyptian.
He speaks for those afraid of backlash.
He makes moves based on his heart, not his mind.
His bars are aggressively poetic.
His beats are scientifically soulful.
Aggression and science doesn't usually make for a great mix.
But he got it.

Kanye got it.

I do wish he'd have more fun with sampling, and I do hope he's happy.
But he rises/raises my competitive spirit.
To the point where I feel like a bully.

I didn't like his comments about Talib Kweli.
I think he's being a child about Kim K.
But I don't know enough about both circumstances to draw a conclusion.
I just know he ripped apart beats about both topics.

Kanye, if you're reading this, I admire you.
Obviously, you can help me.
I have called you out of your name before, I have jumped to conclusions, I'm sorry.

But only you (it seems) can understand me.

Kanye is great.
Life won't let him be great.
Because he's too much for life.
Doesn't mean he should die.

I wish you the best of luck in all that you do, Mr. West.

Just know that Mr. Hamilton (dead) does exists.



Dilla and Dave New York’s Takeover


“We got a special guest in the house 
He goes by the name of Dave New York 
Dave, we talkin' 'bout, hip hop and radio 
Dave, where you at with it?”

“How do I feel about radio hip-hop? 
I think it's wack.

Most of the shit they play is straight garbage…”

I’ve developed a tolerance for Drake, outside of the fact that he is dead nice.
The Weeknd is lit, but I can’t fully get in to his music.
I don’t understand what Kanye is doing, but he’s asking money so there’s prosperity.
Lil Baby has a little bit of skill, I just barely can understand him. I’ve heard some shit from him before, though.
Same with Young Thug and most of the RICO victims.

At this point, fear has conquered opinions.
Fear and money.
So it is true,
We are at war.

Kanye dead said it best.
It just feels like he closed the door on other revolutionists.
Art is a revolution itself.
My only gripe is that many of the records I planned to sample, he sampled.
And that many of the records I sampled, he did too.
To be fair, I sampled a few of his originals.
And I have at points rapped over his beats.
I guess I do respect him.

But why is there so much me in it?



Concrete roses

I tweeted recently that I don’t belong in the streets.
And I don’t.
Nothin’ but heartbreak and mortality.
Many of my friends are from the streets.
I could barely consider them friends, truth be told.
They just don’t know what a quality friend or friendship is.
Toxic survival methods made them how they are.

I’m world class, yet I always tried to maintain balance by entertaining street living.

I’m not in a street gang (Columbine Gang is a real gang, nevertheless).
I don’t own a weapon or have interest in street pharmaceutical business.
I smoke weed and make music.

I just wish more people had the mind to create when on weed, rather than destroy.

This sentence is giving me a lot of things to think about.
And yes, my love life is DOA.

I almost shut down this blog a few times.
I keep jeopardizing legacies and the undead.
I’m only revealing what’s in my world.
 If you are who you say you are (through vibes and telepathy), then you’re a superstar.
And I am not immune to your touch.

That makes sense, right?

So why make a medium feel small?




Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

^ ^ ^ (verse 1) Ungh! Get right witchya boy! Sit tight for ya boy! Hit the lights for ya boy... this is that kind of joint. Just sit back. L...