The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Introducing... DOOM Williams!

CDiddy presents...

Charles Hamilton the Skywalker

Darth the Hamilton

Young Yoda

Dr. Anakin

Charles Vader

DOOM Williams!, everybody.

~~Charles Hamilton~~


a Thing did

This is one thats not coming out. Not even a charles project. A playlist. But more. Worst part about it, is we all know how the Awkwards go for CH and Rihrih... and are we in for another akward season... CH. See you soon? 

Chrisdotrivera signing off. 

ya Heard (Instrumental)

Read all about it

Charles should be home soon
Home is the picture. 
Now picture home, and be glad he'll be there one day. 

Love them the way we love him...

------- #thatoldtagwashed [[still chris rivera. Until further instructions. Hold tight. Lie. Love. Die]] 


Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

^ ^ ^ (verse 1) Ungh! Get right witchya boy! Sit tight for ya boy! Hit the lights for ya boy... this is that kind of joint. Just sit back. L...