The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

My celebrity crush.


With that being said, I think I'm gonna fall back from chasing tail (aka publicly lusting after women). Most of the women I've dealt with didn't tell me they were seeing someone else. I want a woman who's ALL MINE. "And the one that did is long gone. Moved on without me." (CH, "Hoe" from FromTheDeskOf) 

I'm not a player. I just have a lot of crushes. 
Would be dope to wake up to a DM from a celebrity. Preferably a female.

Male celebs are cool, but I don't want to play the game.


I hope all is well with you, Ms. Zamata.
Hold down #The5.


Clueless un0fficial video

From Michael J Roach.

GREAT edit. Would love to collab with you!

StarChasers, unite!!!


Require It 0fficial lyrics

(verse 1)
A mustache erases the babyface. Must I ask if there's a man in place of me when I leave, and if that man has been yours faithfully? Probably not because it's not the nature of man. Not that he hates you, but let me take your hand. Skin so soft and delicate... rough on the palm... I know what's going on. You're handling and deal with a lot. It's evident. But I'm right in front of you, so... come on! It is what it needs to be. We can live this effortlessly, endlessly, over and over, until we bend sleep. As if getting sleep is what we need. You're on your grind, I grind. I grind with you. I find you to be new.

There'll be no wonder tonight.
I just want to be what you like.
And what
you love.
And I'ma give it to you, just like you need it.!.!.!.

(verse 2)
Our daytime sex is nocturnal, when we wish it and reflect it. Difference is, I get the distance. Call it states. Call it state of mind(s). Call it an argument away from... being all I find to be... me. I cannot betray me, so how could I betray you? But I'm not what you need, because I do not display proof that I'm truly the dude in the game. So... do you, I guess. My fair lady. My fair dame. Claire Danes in a clear flick. Not clear to me, 'cause I don't hear shit. I just wanna be who you're clear with. Call it desperation. It's a misTAKE! you're making, by walking away. 'Cause you're making me want that ass! But nowadays, Charles doesn't chase. So... if I want you, I'll just keep it 100 with The Past.

There'll be no wonder tonight.
I just want to be what you like.
And what
you love.
And I'ma give it to you, just like you need it.!.!.!.

Dedicated to someone. You know who you are. I'll leave you alone. It'll hurt, but that's how it's gotta be.

I know what I need to know.


The space to say.

I feel like having a blog disables me from talking (my) shit. Because you KNOW I can say/do it. So lately, I've been Tweeting more. I see it as socializing online. My personal Facebook is devoted to my FDAliens, but I added more people (in an attempt to socialize online). I met some dope people. Aspiring artists, attractive women, etc. I just noticed that Twitter is more plugged into the music business. 

I gotta keep my eye on that.

And as much as I try to say I don't need to, that's a flex/cap. I need to see what is being sold to the people, so I can either compliment or contrast it. I REALLY like (to the point of lovebombs) Chloe x Halle, so you'll see me retweet them. I'm loyal to Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit, so you'll see me posting stuff from them. Obviously #GangGang, so Green Lantern and co. posts are to be expected. 

For the love of electricity.


(not me)


A helping hand.

 I notice that a lot of producers (StarChasers included) use trap drums because they can't find any "boom-bap" drums. Or they don't like the drums made available. 

Here's to hoping that by dropping my custom kit, there will be some changes in music. Specifically the underground.

The 0fficial CH Drum Kit

Have a blast.


Sweatin' Technique

 The key to making music is to enjoy the music you make. You can't expect your music to be better than your influence, but you can stake your claim THROUGH your music. If you notice, Chris Brown doesn't slander Michael Jackson or James Brown. MiJack and JB never did flips on stage, but Chris wouldn't be doing what he's doing without either. So don't shut yourself down because you can't measure up. Just step up.

I would say "have fun" with making music, but 99% of the bullshit that's out came with fun and was money-minded. Most of what you hear is pressure to make a hit. Most of the "acclaimed" producers pretty much do what the label says to do. I recommend someone learn Music Theory before they try to make a beat.

Music is not a fun process. It takes knowledge, wisdom, and bravery. 
Just like being on the streets.

Someone made a comment and said "All you wanna do is make music all day. I'm out here in these streets." Well, that's why my music has gone farther than you have (so far). I'm dedicated. I won't go there with hand skills and street connections. It's not necessary. But I don't have time to address every beef started with me. I got music to make. And as long as you keep getting pulled in to bullshit because you wanna prove you not soft (pardon the Ebonics), you will always be several steps (and seats) behind me.

As far as what I do now to make beats...

FL Studio.
All day.

Occasionally I'll go back to Logic, and I do use VirtualDJ to make beats (Hypergoth!, Electronic Christmas), but Fruity Loops is where I'm at these days. 
It's almost therapeutic to do so.

Hamilton, Charles y'all.


I Owe You.

This post is specifically for my StarChasers. I'm aware that there are laypeople who read my blog, as well as executives and hood niggas. 

But this is for y'all.

I owe you an apology. From 2012-2021, I was on the attack against y'all. Many artists and groups came out that blatantly or indirectly copied me, and I felt that StarChasers jumped ship. Some of which TOLD me they were going to jump ship, specifically for Odd Future. I understood that OF was "Gothic", but I was trying to steer kids away from #thedarkside for as long as I could. Out of rage and hurt, I dove into Goth Subculture and never looked back. Added to the fact that I dove into Magick and The Dark Arts not too long before my first incarceration. 

I basically used Magick to hurt and win back my StarChasers.

Like a good asswhoopin' from Mama.

I want to apologize to Chris Rivera for calling him Michael Jackson's first pedophilia victim. I also would like to send love and peace to Dino Rhymestyle and Melvin Burch. I see they're doing their thing with podcasting and streaming video games. Very cool. 

I just pray you never forget me.

Prayer. An interesting thing for a witch.

I'm thankful for my New StarChasers. Folks who caught the wave around 2012-recent. I've been at war in the hood and trying to make peace in the "industry". I switched my style up. I went from Lyricist (written rhymes) to MC (non-written rhymes). I know there's a war between the two, but to transition and still be able to go back is a skill/talent.

And I am #TheTalentedOne.

There is no shame in taking account for your gifts.


Many Moods of Moses

 Apparently, The Talented Mr. Hamilton is a freshly sought after producer!
A lot of people want my #Talented beats.

That's cool.

My first priority was CYoung (for 3rd Eye Magic). Problem is, he doesn't want to take direction. He thinks I'm trying to control him. 
Instead of THAT back and forth, I sent him a pack of beats and told him to do him. He resisted, so I used those 3YM beats for "The Pits of Hell", now currently in my Hamilton, Charles drive link (click here).

Next on my priority list is Enjetic. The thing with him is, he NEEDS direction. Direct direction, on the spot. Only problem here is, we're across the country from each other. So I made him a pack of beats, and sent them with directions on how to carry out his part in the project/process.
He resists the least, out of anyone I've worked with. Yet he still has his reservations.

I tell everyone, the proof is in the pudding. Just don't deny the flavor.


An Amish New Year

 Pardon the hiatus. 

I have a lot to say and a reason for going mute. 
Electronic Christmas took a lot out of me. I'm usually alone in my studio sessions, I don't trust outside engineers and I was being videotaped. I trusted a lot, for the love of my StarChasers.

I started a new catalog of music, under the name Hamilton, Charles (pronounced Hamilton Comma Charles). In this catalog, I produce under my DJ alias, The Talented Mr. Hamilton. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia opened my mind to new ways of looking at and expressing myself.

I encourage everyone to express their true nature through the arts. Of course, learn the basics (readin', writin', 'rithmetic). But then open your mind to know avenues of expression.

I can help you.

Columbine Gang is prospering. We are communicating through signs and music, to be definite. StarChasers, we are one co-sign away from global domination. All I have to do is hit the surface via acclaim (praise) from a veteran's mouth.

Fuck wimme, a lil bit.

Baddie is doing just fine. We are evolving in our knowledge of each other.
I think VS needed time to figure herself out. All her life, she's been about other people.

Tomorrow is being a brat.
Danjer is being a rebel.

FDA is rockin'! I gotta stop by sometime soon.

My junior high school is closing. I can't front like all the memories were great, but the scholastic lessons I learned last a lifetime.

I haven't abandoned my YouTube channel. I just need something to film with, and a location.

I also started a new religion. Positivism. The Bible of it? "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. The God of it? The Sun.

Nothing is a must yet.

Stay tuned.

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