The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Jellybean Pie

The Talented... strikes!




 I just had a long talk with my Uncle George. Long story short, he said I am not The Black Sheep of The Family. And that the family is proud of me. I can't put into words how that makes me feel. All these years of listening to music in headphones and creating worlds through music, I felt alone and misunderstood. Now I know it's because I barely spoke with them. I did feel that with the birth of my cousin Ryan I was pushed aside. But the first born is always the crash test dummy (with all due respect). 

The question remains...

What do I do from here?

I feel weird because I adopted Demevolist as familly, pending approval from my own. I also feel like I myself abandoned my family, to chase music. May The Family forgive me and may I keep making them proud.


Elusive Love (a freewrite)

 I felt like nothing when something started between us.
Maybe that has happened before.
Don't punish yourself for it.
I can't ask you not to punish me for bringing it up.

I've learned that love comes with sacrifices.
I'm currently in the red.
Meaning, I owe myself.

May I treat myself to you?


About Hypergoth!

When we were young, for those still in the darkness.

The project wraps in April.




"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...