The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

*Xarles* on Live @ 12

Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles.
Can/will he return?

Find out next week!



We have him.

He's with us. No need to worry.

But... is he still #King?





Charles Hamilton, man of many aka's, has been abducted by a flying saucer!!! You are reading this correctly: A flying saucer sent a beam down to where Charles was standing in South Central LA and... well, "Beam Me Up Scotty!".

Don't ask me who I am. In fact, take this...

#wheretofromhere, #MrHamilton?

CH merch!

GOD I hate that word.

Anyway, cop a t-shirt or two!

CH tees for sale!

CH tees for sale!

CH tees for sale!

CH tees for sale!

CH tees for sale!

Shouts to my big cousin Mar-Q (remember him?) for hooking this up.

Also, fat shouts to Reg for executing the design.

Let's get it!
Take a pic with you in it!!!



Don't get it twisted. I'm not just sitting around all day on a permanent weed high. I actually do things career/business wise. I'm (finally) working on merch, I got the radio show with Enjetic every week (click here), I'm working on another studio album (entitled "Back Outside")... I been keeping myself busy.

Doing so is actually therapeutic. I can sit here and make beats all day. But where does it go to? What is the purpose? Someone sent me a FIRE beat today, and I asked them what the plan was for it. They just want to be heard. And I respect that. Shit, I just want the glory. Financial stability, nevertheless, would be ideal.

I spoke to an insider today, who completely broke it down. The music is "perfect", but it doesn't have the numbers behind it. That's what the fear is with labels. They see the influence (late night/"surprise" releases, Goth attire, etc.), but that doesn't generate numbers for ME. Basically, niggas is using me as a floor model to do and say what THEY feel would generate the dollars and cents.

And sense.

Which makes sense.

But niggas have no sense.

No one is using their brain power. They're just poorly copying me and hiding behind gang ties.

I can't get mad. I used to emulate Eminem to the laugh. In later years (and as a sign of rage/disrespect), I began emulating Jay-Z. If you know, you know, but doing both became exhausting. I don't want to be either. Honestly, I want the spirit of God and the skills of Satan. 

May The Lord heal my ties with humanity.

I have more to say, but I usually process my thoughts before I blog them.
Keeps me from saying something I'll regret.

Holla atchya scholar!!!!!!!


The Discovery of Charles Hamilton

  • Charles Hamilton: cocky, talented musician with big eyes for the music business
  • Sonic the Hamilton: a musical hybrid of Charles Hamilton, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik
  • C. Hamilton: angry, jaded street rapper who happens to be a talented producer
  • The Talented Mr. Hamilton: a psychedelic DJ who specializes in spinning Charles Hamilton music
  • Jr: a 36-year-old 6-year-old, who spits abstract rhymes over self-produced, abstract rhythms
  • Charles Hamilton, Jr.: a world class, world renown pianist who plays over Charles Hamilton production
  • DOOM Williams!: MC/producer who was spawned in jail to represent the TRUTH of the corrections system
  • Hamilton, Charles: talented MC/producer who got fresh inspiration from being incarcerated
  • King Charles: a humble royal figure who spends most of his time with the homeless and overall wretched
  • Xarles: the alien-abducted King Charles

Hopefully this brings some clarity to my paranoid schizophrenia. 

What's next for Young Yoda (my Wu-Tang name)?



Even though I'm dropping ONE SONG A MONTH, I am still hard at work with music. I've often heard people say they prefer my production over my songs, so this year was spent perfecting my production. I think you'll appreciate the amount of work that went into this year. Patience, belief, faith... all of which were exhausted this year. My pen game was tested last year, so I gave you "Viewers Like You".

"Think a nigga tryna move ahead of you, then you WRITE!"
-J Dilla, "The Official"

So yeah. Despite the selected silence, your voice has been heard.

Can't wait till you hear it all!!!


Here comes a new challenger!!!

 So between Satan and God fighting for my soul, comes ALIENS!!!

I have had my own close encounters of the 3rd kind. They're everywhere (to me)! I see them everywhere I go here in LA. And they make no mystery as to who they are and how they know me. I believe Dilla called us the "Alien Family". Regardless, they are asking for my undying devotion as well.

So what's it gonna be, Charles Hamilton?

God has a plan for each of our souls, and needs to to put down your own things and pick up your cross.

Satan promises a good time on Earth, but you can't really trust the fallen of God.

Aliens want their old friend back. Apparently I have history with them.

Well, I've already pledged allegiance to the devils via wearing a 666 t-shirt on Live @ 12. God still forgave me, and blessed me financially (recently). Aliens don't care, so long as I rejoin them.

What's a Goth to do?!

find out, in the coming weeks of Live @ 12.


War Fares

The battle between The Devil and God over my spirit hit a fever pitch today. 

I tried to set up my turntables to do some mixes for the show. The deck wouldn't work, the songs wouldn't play... it was a mess. So I decided to dooit on my laptop (scratches, blends, etc.). It worked for a while, but then the hard drive blew out! Not to mention that my 8 TB DRIVE dropped to the floor and doesn't work anymore!

So today was rough.

One of the songs I had cued up to play was "God Exists", of the project "@SEGA". As I tried to transition, it appears that GodExists BLEW OUT the deck.

It is a powerful song.

So I tweeted "God exists, y'all", to let you know what's going on.

The Devil wanted me to keep DJing, despite all the fails that were going on. The Devil is also next door, obnoxiously playing Spanish music.

There's a war going on. For souls. Not just my soul.

Who is your master? You can't serve 2 masters.

Technically, there are 4 masters.

Which one is the right one?


Trumpets 0fficial lyrics


(verse 1)
Fuck a ringtone. BadBitchMusic. Shit to bring home. Magic. Dooit. This is blinging. All on the dome. Call it a Crown. Call up The Crone. We all in the town. Walking around. No leashes needed. Beat the concrete with your feet. I don't go home to beat my meat, ya dig? One of those happy moments. Happy to be rollin' in the loneliness of being public. No "outcry". Don't doubt I got mine. Down to shine at any time. And my Crown is "shinin'" on my dome. Microphone knows the steez. Hopefully, you know it's poetry. C'mon!

This song is all in my head.
This song is all in my head.
This song is all in my head,
and I can't make it stop.
This song is all in my head!,
and I can't make it stop.

(verse 2)
Straight from the bag. From the crib straight to The Ave. Hollywood or Lenox, Broadway. In both states. Wait... I don't wait. Need I need to shake. Do I? I do me. Is it too fly? Ooo Wee! Usually you would find me to be a loser, but usually, I usual Y. That means create in an evil way. And people know, so people say. And if they don't know, then fine. Y Yamaha. God damn! I'm on top of my yamaka. Though it is not. It's Muslic. Islamic Hustlin'. Yes, I believe in Allah but I also believe that I'm the darkness you see. You oughta believe! C'mon!

(verse 3)
"Queens get the dick...". So, I mind each business that I get. If she don't wanna mind me, I'm going behind she. 'Cause "Queens get the dick, and Kings get the ass." No matter who you are. A genius, to ask. Bring it, from the past. Only one person'll know. It's personal, and I'm personable. Works the flow every time I spew it. I'm the mutant. Shining truly, 'cause I be dooinit every single time my eyes be viewing it. I'm surprised that you can't see it. Can it be that this anarchy that I'm causing is just me being rude and you need me to be nice? So I am!

This is why I think I'm gonna chill with weed for a while. It makes me think I'm trash. So I work harder lyrically/musically to compensate for the downtrodden thoughts of the weed. But I BODIED this shit. lol


Pills and potions (possible sequel)

So the meds offer a temporary high of happiness and euphoria. I noticed this yesterday, for a definite 8. I smoked ONE preroll and was DONE FOR THE DAY. I took my meds as scheduled, and... the meds are stronger than the weed.

I may have to stop smoking weed. At least until I'm in my own place.

With that being said, I'm making some of my best work to date (again). Definitely proud of this "era". Heartfelt, well-thought out sentences with soulful melodies and hard-hitting beats. I been sending out single tracks to certain people, just to see what they vibe with and if it's the same as what I vibe with.

Being on these meds make it difficult to tell what's really hot (that I created). Sometimes it's hard to remember which song is which (so many + meds; I used to know EVERY song I made at one point), so I will be listening to MORE of my own in the near future.

Boy. I always talk about plans I have.
Time is my nemesis, in that department.

I find that this year is hinging on hip-hop. Nas, Rakim, Common, Eminem, Ghostface... SEVERAL heavy hitters in hip-hop are dropping this year. I'm not sure if I said it before, but it seems as thought I lit a FIRE up under they asses (with love). That's the goal. INspire, then REtire. Retire, because more than likely, I covered the ground they're treading. But DEFINTELY inspire.

I don't hear NO KIND OF BARS from this new XXL cover (except for Scar Lip). It looks bad for this year. But hey. They don't have to pay attention to me. I'm old news.

I'm the new Old School MC.

Check the playlist for some new stuff. I been cookin'!...!



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated