The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Ladies' Taster's Choice

 Well, hello.

there you are, here I am.

Apparently there are more than a few of you. Watching, listening, admiring. 

I'm talking to the ladies.


I'm sorry if you feel I've been negligent. Or disrespectful. I usually shut the doors and blinds to all women when I'm in a relationship, and am actually kinda shy. In recent years, I've been unfaithful, emotionally (and physically) abusive and overall less than who and what I am. 

I am a lover. No question.

I think competing with certain rappers and, mostly executives, made me as callous as I have become.

I want to say I'm sorry. 
And hope that you forgive.

I'm not controlling. I just make deep love.

I dont have a little dick, but I dont have an appealing body (now I have a gut).

My voice can get annoying.

I mostly only focus on music. If not, women. No woman, no cry, right?

Women may lead to my downfall. But my heart will always be in the right place. So...

can we fall in love again?

let me know, y'all....


Age of the Scorpio

 How old is too old? I'm now 34, with about 14k songs and beats (countless albums). I've made it into the mainstream 2-3 times, each with a different viewpoint and style. I have a Gold EP (The Black Box) and a Platinum album (Hamilton, Charles). I just don't have a plaque for them (they cost). Almost every rapper out is influenced by me, or is the antithesis of what I represent (despite how Gothic they try to appear to be). I've taken breaks, but I always come back.

Do you want to see me rapping past 40? 

I don't have the same style, I'm not as angry, there's no beef to address, I have my accomplishments (honorary Grammy winner)... I feel good about where I'm at at age 34. There is always the hunger and quest for more, but I don't really have that. I want the financial stability that my current situation is offering and creative freedom. Still, I'm getting offers of 8-figure, lifetime deals (like I requested). 

I guess I'm questioning whether I still want that. I would still have to perform and make music to compete with. The biggest competitor is Drake, and he's showing no signs of stopping. I don't fear him, but executives might. Lil Baby is giving him a run for his money, but that means nothing to all the backpackers who wished for me to be the rising star of the business.

Then again, there it is. I'm a backpack MC (think about it, for those who know). I switched from lyricist to MC, and battled all the top guys in each bracket (top lyricist, top MC). I'm tired of battling. I'm tired of subbing. I'm tired of playing chess with imaginary players. I'd rather be silly on the mic. You may not be able to sing along, but you'll have fun listening. That's what I want to do.

There is a plan for my musical life post-Hypergoth!. And it starts at There's no telling when and where it will conclude. But I'm looking at the clock, and... my future is determined by my StarChasers. Once again.





New music.

New era.

100% produced by me.

Life post-Hypergoth!.

Things are a-changin'!

Keep me in your prayers.



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