The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

Meet Young Chip

Young Chip aka Markavious Johnson is an Egyptologist (among other titles) who wrote a book about the REAL Egyptian history before being locked up (here with me). VERY insightful, VERY intelligent, and will talk you into the ground at the drop of a hat. Still, his wisdom is unmatched. Check out his book on Amazon ("Land of Milk and Honey"). 

Also, we've been working on music together. Below is the playlist of all the music we've been making.


Check it out, leave feedback.


Total Request Live (possible sequel)

 A lot of people ask for my opinion on modern music. No matter the time period. My opinion doesn't really count, because it's based on fact. The fact is, Drake is the top artist and is proving he's not selfish by working with 21 Savage. My opinion, Drake is the top artist and is proving he's not selfish by... feel me?

Please stop asking for my opinion. Every mainstream artist made the sacrifice I wasn't willing to make to become famous. All of 'em. So they can count their money, while I count my blessings.

I'm not interested in battle rap anymore. It's a sport, yes, but it's become watered down and commercialized (basically the same, but...). All they do is use multi-syllables for gun/knife banter and take personal information and use it against their opponent. It hasn't changed/evolved much, and the arena makes it more TV-friendly. I remember when not just anyone could show up to a battle, unless you were in the battle.

I've heard some decent rock songs (KORN FOREVER!!!!!!!) in recent times, but even rock is dying. Nothing makes me bang my head anymore.

It could all be my fault. Maybe something is going on with me to where I'm losing interest in the things I once loved. I still sample Rock, I love Soul, but I'm more interested in the things I create nowadays. I'm just taking my time instead of being inspired by every waking moment.

My work ethic was thought to be the death of me. Then my lack of party songs was thought to be the end. Now there is no one around to contradict my work ethic or genre of music. Be it old classmates or mom herself.

My dad doesn't like hip-hop.

Happy 50th(!), Hip-Hop! This is a big deal. Let's stay alive this year.

Could you imagine if Hip-Hop outlives Rock -n- Roll?


Silence kills.

So The Grammys are coming up. Another year of hard work without proper recognition. But who am I to complain? I know what the deal is. I know why I'm not nominated as a solo artist. And though there are many reasons, none of which say that the quality of music is not up to par.

So I'm taking this year to be silent. Instrumental, if you will. I don't want to burn myself out trying to enlighten people with magic. I also have a mini blessing on my hands with Young Chip the Great. He actually knows about Egyptology, and can tell you what I do better than I can. You may be hearing more from him and I, depending on how we interact. 

Remember. I'm in a halfway house. 


Phone problems

 I do have a cell phone. 2, actually. But they're those free phones that tap out after about a year. So I might not have a phone in the near future. The best way to get in contact with me (for now) is through email.

Hit me there about whatever.

Okay. Peace sign.


Pikachu Hamilton

I feel a major burst of inspiration when it comes to being a consumer of Pokemon. And I feel I was forced into moving on from Sonic with Pikachu. Well, as time revealed things, having a hobby such as collecting pocket monsters isn't something to be ashamed of. And being a loyal, yet deadly creature enables me to interact. Both adjectives are seen from the sight of me.

I still love SEGA and Sonic.
Always will.

I'm just opening my mind to a new perspective.

The original of the collected.




Everyday Podcasts

 The opinion of modern hip-hop is low, but the fear of the modern hip-hopper is high. The little bit of skills you see coming from upcoming Freshman (XXL) and co-signatures are outweighed by the fear of getting clapped. I don't think anyone nowadays can rap. Or hold a candle to those who can. Yet the forum is open for so many people to voice their opinion on well-paid-for product. 

Not every number one record is fully requested by the people.
Not every low-number song is a flop.

I used to tell StarChasers that if they truly love the music, they should request it at radio stations. The music is/was readily available to any DJ or radio host (via shareable links). It's just a matter of whether people will use their voice. In some respects, people decided to be stingy with me and my music. A beautiful thing. All I needed was the verification that I am in high demand.

I have my verification, though.

And all of you are watching.

Could you imagine if Jay-Z were to start a podcast? All hell would break loose. Finally, a huge figure in music and politics is sharing his opinion on a forum of his own. Not that he would ever think about it, but... I want to do something on that level.

I'm doing it with my YouTube channel. As shy as I am, I'm going in with my channel.

More to be said, but I think I said enough.


Morning Mania

 I haven't slept yet. I've been grinding with the beats all night long. I also curated my library. Brought it up to speed, if you will. There's nothing better than having optimized versions of your song(s). 

For the record, I am sorta boycotting eMastered. I feel I have a more superior sound, and I use less resources for it. Landr was cool, eMastered worked while I used it, but if you want something done right, ya know?

It looks like it's game over for Baddie. I made an insensitive joke and she couldn't cope with it. I'm sorry, I have genuine love in my heart for her, but it's probably best we move on. May she finally become who she sees herself as.

I still love you, FDA!!!
I will ALWAYS love Harlem.

LA is treating me good, considering my NY roots.

Must be the Cleveland they seein'.


A true friend.

Happy belated heavenly birthday to a true friend of mine. It breaks my heart to know that you're gone, and it's even crazier to know that you're somewhere with my mom. Still, you are loved and missed. Reach out whenever you can, from wherever you are.

Joe Ruperto.



Happy King Day!

Jim Carrey fucks with Dr. King.
The LONG way.



Here is a new interview.

Audio only (for now).

Another one soon come.



I want to do an interview.

Who's available?



Peace treat tease

I gave a motivating message to my gang on, and it turned into a mission statement to clean the streets. Since then, I've lost a lot of momentum. I feel like Kanye speaking on Jews. Whatever. Just know my heart is in the right place.


Know Ya Wrong 0fficial lyrics

"Goth! became a defying genre, with a look, sound and lyrical preferences. This is how Goth became Goth!."

I can hear me breathing. That's crazy. That's a crazy feeling, to hear you breathing. How black is the night without me? On the passenger side, feeling lousy. Black is the night. What would you do without me?

(verse 1)
Glory is gold. The story is told. Ain't no one one Maury no mo'! Isn't it funny how maturity reigns, and I've been doing the same thing? Now, who('s) know what? I do too much. You know what? In your you-know-what goes my foot. Or slipper. Glass. Look at the past. Can't reign when I last. Last? Night. The past? Fright. In the presence of visitors... like UFO flights. A beautiful night. Now watch Day reign. Yin and Yang. It's the same thing. Peace of mind, unbelievably deleted by my piece of mind. Wow.

A bottle of red wine.
A burgundy redbone.
Oh, now you know I'm wrong.

Yeah, girl, you know I'm wrong.

(verse 2)
Peace of mind, unbelievably deleted by my piece of mind. Do I need to redefine? Each time I 2, I get... declined. Now what do I do? What a mood I'm in... What a groove I'm in... 2 thousands miles ahead of the future, with a suit I'm in. Supergassed: another way to move my stupid ass. "Keep your head up! They inflate you! They can make you The Undertaker to you! You know you not dark enough. You just right for the field! You not house enough! You not dark for the field. You not house enough... gotta get down..." ENOUGH! In your MIND it goes...

(verse 3)
I learned the dark ways from Darth. And he walked away lookin' sharp. Moonwalkin' back and still appealing. Still stealing as a villain, with the ceiling being Space. The black part. That part! Nightmare! In the back is a Goth!. Making class clown jokes. A Jester. Listening to Em, and yet... I'm infested with Fester. What a jester, I know. What a joke. What a jest it takes to make the mess go away. Just another second to decay like Christ. You know you're wrong, and you know you're gone. You holdin' on. Yeah, you hold the song. Next to Christ sister. Like I miss her. Isis is hi-kicking. I get it. Her.

Maybe I do know better.
I want to live love forever.

Digital history

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a legend that's getting his flowers now.
Grandmaster Flash is getting his flowers from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Watch these two rock.

I'd love to have a DJ friend/partner.

Let me slow myself down, here.
I work better alone.



The Quartermaster 0fficial lyrics

(Isaac Hayes) "Good morning, Mama"

(verse 1)
Yeah. I go to sleep for a quicky. Immediately, I'm with Vicki (as in Victoria). Keeping it secret (Victoria's Secret). Against me is The Secret. Unfortunately. Supporting the Vicky of TheBiggestG (next to me). From downtown, I see another Vicki. Like Tori (victory). And I pop a pill. 'Cause I got skills. Smiling. Joking. No longer joking. Wilding. Open. Wilding because I'm open. Wilding when open. But then I become an Omen. So much more. I hope you know it. Regardless, I've become a poet.

(verse 2)
Synchronicity, because I've been drinking and sippin' Vicki. It seems as if one of the people who are against me or "for me (as a secret)" has something they'd like to say. I don't shower. I stay in the daylight. So please. Enjoy the box. Of soap. Bars. You know it's hot. But don't avoid the spot you must go to be who's up with flow. Go. Cuttin' me off... I ain't touchin' buttons, dawg! I'm just saying what I must! You love it then love it. If not, *walk* across the pond. I ain't "droppin bombs" I'm just talkin' from (touches heart)...

(verse 3)
You get bit by Llama, your skin might not take the pain. Then again, there's honor. And I got a sacred brain. So I say what I may, and save the pain for the refrain. Like the hook. I'm a good enough look. I'm not shook. You put it down then I get it up. Like Mya. or Rihanna. Just depends on if you like my fire. But don't stand next to it! Kinda DOOMy how I brew it! You knew me? I knew it. Niggas jeopardized it. Now I ride with The Truest. One.

When something that's supposed to be a secret becomes public knowledge, they all it Controversy. Ya heard? I've faced my demons... and I've earned my blessings. Ya heard? 

After I gave SEGA the world (just for simply existing), all I asked was for some love in return. I saw no love coming my direction from SEGA in the form I wanted it in. I started getting frustrated and roasted them on several songs, sharing information about themselves that THEY don't even know. Lyrically. They may understand if they take glances within. They cannot do so with the ties to the streets that they each have. It is a losing and uphill battle trying to make SEGA believe in itself. 

Especially with the news Jack, George and Dilla are facing in this new year...!

SEGA is Victoria's Secret.



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated