The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

June 6th, 2020

The Suicidal 6

=The Immortal=

5 years, this summer.

=The Immortal=

The Man of 10,000 Songs

Applaud me.

The Suicidal 6
June 6, 2020

=The Immortal=

Rudy Forever official video

ALCxCH joint coming soon.
Shouts to Al himself.

Been a helluva morning.


=The Immortal=

Home Depot

So, I talked about the apartment in Harlem I want to own.

Now, what's in the fridge...?

Gotta have some steaks and ribs, so I'll be signing up for Omaha Steaks.
Must have Corona.
Must have cranberry juice.
If I decide to have a bar, Couvosier and Capt. Morgan.
Hennessy will be purchased for special events.

My way of diplomatically saying "Self.".

A lot of baby carrots.
A good supply of roasted garlic hummus.
A good supply of Chola hot sauce.

Much Gatorade.
Much SmartWater.

Milk, indeed.

Fruity Pebbles.

MUCH Glory collard greens.
I am of the mind to discuss the gentrification of collard greens, but I'll leave the thought here and let it make itself an issue in your world.

MUCH Velveeta.

Lots of apples.
Lots of oranges.

Some groceries are reserved for significant other living.

I've extended the invitation to --Aliens.

All I need is the apartment.

Treat them nicely, High Society!

=The Immortal=

Now I Know

Now I know what I want.

I want to own an apartment in Harlem.

I want to own
an apartment
in Harlem.

I want the building to have an elevator.
2 bedrooms.
1 study (to be used as studio; intense soundproofing).
Big bathroom.
Big kitchen.
Big living room.
Washer and dryer.


Air conditioning.

Black and white tie dye interior decoration, with pink trim and pink lavalamps in every room.

Hardwood floors.
Guests must take their shoes off.

The Eleven Satanic Rules of Earth are in effect.

The Ten Commandments will govern my behavior.

I know.


...and I know.

And I know...

That was DJH2 with "#TheBlackWomanIsGOD".
Can be found on

He may be a guest there.
FDAliens are more than welcome.
Sciryl will be there.
Maine Brooks, of course.
TyBlack the Beast.

StarChasers may be invited to visit.
Be wise.

Futon in The Studyo.

I want to own an apartment in Harlem.

On 122nd and Lenox, I see the perfect house.
I want to live in that house.

What dreams may good.


I want to own an apartment in Harlem.

Read up!

=The Immortal=

...what I want.


I dont know how to begin this entry.
If I get straight into it, I ruin everything.
If I let it linger (#sopretty), I frustrate all.


I plan to spend my 33rd year of living studying The Bible.
Specifically, the life of Jesus.

This might offend my political connects.

But hear me out.


Your only knowledge of evil is in and through The Bible.
Anton Levey was not born before King James (the original "author" of The Bible), nor is he affiliated with Allen Zondervan (the original "publisher" of The Bible; 1978).

Your only knowledge of protection from evil is in the Bible.

According to The Ten Commandments movie, everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... is a witch.
Out of fear of God, temptation by Satan, and vice versa.

I love and want to protect my 6z.
From it all.
Kamikaze, but the only way to do it would be to be Christ-like.

I done made my sacrifice to be the cat you like.
Are you satisfied?

I will understand The Word.
It will be my proverbial sword.
Like mom wanted it to be.

I am not converting to Christianity.
I am a Pagan, and cannot/will not deny
I transfer my Pagan ways to Buddhism, and from there, make music.

But reading is fundamental.

F, being the 6th letter.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me.
In my 33rd year.

No proofreading.

=The Immortal=

Complicated Jamaican Chicks

Let me just drop this joint here.

You've all been sleeping.

I'm superwired right now.
And on very little sleep.


Holla back, DocThat.

=The Immortal=

Verzuz vs. Sting

So, kinda here we are.
2020 (life after 2012), we're all bunched in tight, and music is controlling the temperature.
The Rolling Stones are saving up for a weed fest like no other.
Undertakers are prepared for DUI charges.

However, this Saturday, The Rolling Stones win.

And lose.

The system/program of Verzuz is pitting Beenie Man up against Bounty Killer.

Before elaborating on their history, allow me to elaborate on what they're doing.

When an artist goes song-for-song/hit-for-hit with another, it is called a Soundclash.
Soundclashes originated in Jamaica.

ALSO originated in Jamaica is the competitive bond between Sonic and Tails (Green Hill Zone 2-Player) and the 3rd opinion, after an extended durations of the 2nd, of a man's trials in Super Mario (bars 12-16 in Super Mario Bros. level 1).

Music (bass melodys and obscure rhythms), sample culture and lyricism (MCing) is HEAVY in Jamaican music.

Jamaica, specifically.

The underscore of a SEGA victory in the Soundclash of SEGA v. Nintendo is not a matter in this situation, regardless.

A Soundclash is being corporately distributed.
The pure nature of everyone getting together, enjoying music and expressing opinions excitedly (but non-violently... in fact, sexually) is now a digital trend.

I personally know someone who is unhappy.
I don't know if they know me or not.

Even if I do.

The fact that I have to wonder whether or not your spirit is safe watching this versus match is a concern.
The track record of these matches are not pleasing to my soul, either.

And Beenie Man and Bounty Killer do not need to be going after each other.

My spirit tells me the first time they faced off in 1998 (Nyaba!!!) wasn't a good sign.
I'll post it here, we'll watch it together.

But we're in 2020.
The tide is either affected by my mood (as an individual) or what I know.

And what YOU know I know.

YOU know I love Jamaica.

It is in my blood to be a rebel.

How free are you on Instagram?

I read online that Beenie Man vs. Sean Paul is a better match-up.
My spirit agrees.

Beenie Man would beat Sean Paul.
Based on what I know.

Sean Paul's "Deport Dem" makes you feel something.
Based on what YOU know I know.

The wonder brings about Wayne.

Third World may never see this match-up.

The gates are under heavy security.

Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" celebrates it's 20th anniversary on Saturday.
Same day as the match.

Dr. Dre is The Jamaican Simone Marshall.

Unblock me.

YOOOOOO...... if we dead go out, and this is something you want to watch, we'll watch it.

Head ass niggas.

=The Immortal=

Egyptian Tomb (tentative title) official video

Shouts to Enjetic for filming.
Falcon Phoenix WAS online, and could still be.


=The Immortal=

SLAVE Mentality official video

Directed by *Bash*.
Sebastian Acevedo, for the newcomers.

Shouts to DJ Jazzy Jeff.

More videos soon.

=The Immortal=

Thirty6ix Tekashi

Im sorry I fucked it up.

So... I rarely talk about my 2010-2011 bid.
No, I did not get raped.
No, I dod not fuck a nigga.
Yes, my commissary got stolen.
Yes, I battled everyone in FPod.
No, I dont condone jail ganglife.

There is a lot I learned while in, and because of how sensitive things are and can get, I am nervous about sharing.
Its been about 10 years, but I still know people inside and I have family on the outside.

I am a public figure.

Still, I got a story to tell.

About 4 months in, I was finally cleared to go to rec (basketball, basically).
There was this chubby dude that showed love, but had a MEAN handle.
Crossed me a few times.
On his team was a Spanish brother.
About the same build.

(grits teeth, crosses fingers)
Member of TheSpiderGang.

Now, every time he took a shot, he made it.
Nigga took about 12 shots.
Impossible ass, horrible formation shots.

Made them every time.

It was then that I realized you can cheat in basketball, physically.

Just as a note, I was gettin my Nash off, grabbin re-s and dead breaking ankles.

Back to cheating.


He was using 6 blessings (think Department of Social Services) to score.
I am a 6.
Only 6z have the power to bless and condemn.

So I ask him about it, as we line up to go back to the pod.
He tells me when he joined TheSpiderGang, he got these powers.
And he implied WHICH 6 he is.
Already aware of the presence of 6 in The County, I take "attendance" of sorts.

Im on lithium, depakote, zyprexa... Im in no condition to fight, play ball... shit, even move.
CO puts me to the front of the line to go back to the pod.

Im cold as well, so my movement is super limited.

The Spanish brother gets into an argumebt with the SRTs about being in line.
The reason?
Because he's a 6 and doesnt have to obey laws.

I turn around.
He starts going CRAZY, points at me, and dead says "I want awl this!"
Starts dropping names.
Screaming knowledge.
Telling stories.

The SRT slaps the shit out of him.

He looks at me.
Glares at me.

I turn around.
The CO walks us back to FPod.

From that rec session until I went to CATS, him and his other Spanish brothers were grillin and plottin on me.

And I never felt right about knowing anything since.

Giogio, Yance, I got your back no matter what.
But what if you need my help in a situation with something or someone I control?
What if the situation is me taking responsibility for my brethren, but being innocent?
How can I defend you, if you are dead wrong, and Id be compromising myself to get you out?

I got more stories.
But... this one's been in my system for a while.

SRTs are trained for magic/magick/wizardry/paranormal/6 occurences.

I wouldve died trying to help you, hombre.

You would never do the same for me.

If you know me, dont owe me.
You already got all you need.

I gotta chill.

=The Immortal=

Taaaaaaaake notice...

(Ive been making myself DIE laughing lately...)

So, I have a ...lmao...... process.
Whenever an album I record makes me feel GUUD, I wait to drop it.
My first two joints (JEEEEZUS!!! LMAO) I recorded them and dropped them sbortly thereafter.
I lived with The Pink Lavalamp.
The vibe of it captured New York, undisputedly.
The second album this happened with was Autumn Harvest.
This time, LA was vibing with it.
The 3rd time, without question, is and was Unbeknownst To You.
From Queens to Lower Manhattan to the rest of the world.
I am soooo proud of UTY.

I got another one.

The Virgin's Suicide

I leaked one song from it ("Side Nigga Blues").
The response was silently deafening.

Recorded in VA.
At Cousin Rox's house.

The next day, she had me hospitalized.

I could go hamdisco on her about it, but she meant well.

Well, fuck it.
The album is what it is.

Idk when and if it'll drop.
But Im in love with this joint.

And (you petty little faggot ass unsolicited, uncredentialed ass faggots) I sent it to a 3rd party to get mastered.
So the sound quality cannot be under scrutiny.

The Virgin's Suicide.


One thing I noticed in the last 15 years is, in Summertime, no matter where, I bring the heat.

From the Desk Of... was recorded and released in 2005.
Sober Karaoke was recorded late 2005, and took off summer '06.
Same time, Tiffany's Song, Pretty Brown Eyes, Stutter, One More Time (remix) and Pride were melting MySpace.
Same summer, The Pink Lavalamp and The Binge Vol. 1 were recorded and released.

2007, believe it or not, I was more concerned with my students.
Still dropping heat, but only on and to the iPods of... really anyone or any-FDAlien that stopped by the studio.
October 2007, I made Brooklyn Girls.
Late November, I dropped it on MySpace, with a whole aresonal in the chamber to come after it.
Summer 2008, Brooklyn Girls is a hit.

And a whole chamber of artilery was loaded and let off in the subsequent months to come.

2009, Awkward, MBIA and (arguably) The Dead Zone burned.
It was weird for me, because I was in a different time zone and climate for most of it.

2010 was insane, but I still dropped Autumn Harvest, LWord3 and ReIntervention.
At year's end, I was incarcerated.

From a halfway house, I dropped CATS Can.
And never looked back.

2012 summer was dramatic, 2013 summer was cold, 2014 summer was a big date between me and Harlem, 2015 I was signed to a major and couldnt do much.

Summer '16-'19, I blacked out.

Maybe its because I think Im sexy when Im making music and sweating.

Still, Im usually alone.
Or in some dire situation where making it out alive is as valuable as the music.

This summer is shaping up to be unparalleled.

...and I might not be alone during the process of making said heat.

Making me my own priority might ruffle some feathers, but its necessary.
For the acceptance of compliments and motivation for execution.

The Hermit, yall.

=The Immortal=

Papa's Brand New Bag (a freeverse)

My God.
My children are my God.
Building an ipod with education in it.
Investment banking.
Never spanking them.
If their mother finds another, he aint ever spanking them.
Because Im thanking them.
They let me continue to live.
Double the innocence.
I must be into it to give a shit.
So i want to build a pyarmid for my children to live.
So serious.
A lecture with no hearing.
No feeling.
Expressions with no feeling.
Overhearing each lesson deteriorate.
Over hearing progression in my stereos lately.
Here we go.
Make me.
Serious cases of rape.
Pleading the 5th as 3/5ths of The States.
Lead me in.
Youre leading me into a space.
To space.
You are leading me into space.
Dont stop.
It's hot, though.
The wrong mind taught becomes dangerous.
Thats all I know.
Humans see structure and believe it's a curse.
I created a life around the night owls and perks.
Vanity drained.
Stand in the rain.
I cant complain.
This is standard pain.
My God resulted from the pain of the woman who's thoughts became.
Talk to rain.
Talk to the rain.
Talk terrain.
Now you see what youve all obtained.
Not humans, unless Im in a ball of flames because a Devil tried to end my God.
My God.
Whitney knew.
Jimmy pretty knew.
But you (the mom) and you (the daughter) didnt have any clue (so mote it be).
American Gothic for the win.
A parent thats not gonna pretend.

=The Immortal=

Carlito Sway

I am working on 2 albums at once.
Nothing new.
Both of which are sequels.
2020 is The Year of The Sequel.

The Suicidal 6 (sequel to Catholi School 6)


The Immortal Human (sequel to Immortal / An Immortal)

I am very excited about both.
Yet here we are.

I "leaked" a song from my final mixtape.
"FDA Class of '06".
I launched my YouTube show, "The Hamilton Quazar".
I am reading more than the more of before.
Less drinking, more weed.

I am prepared to stop.

"Secrets and Privacy" is it.

I am upset at myself because I said I would stop.
Ive recorded A LOT since it.
Produced more than that.

I think Im just always sad.

I have to find that pic from A$AP Ferg's house.
Im balled up in a corner with my head down.

Imagine if The Crow was a model.

Im also horny, lonely and in a sausage party for a living situation.
Somehow unrelated.

I dont want to talk right now, so...
End of entry.

(didnt proofread)

=The Immortal=


"Moment of honesty..."

 A rare Alicia Keys quote to set off this entry...  I'm always touched when people acknowledge my music. It makes all the hard work wort...