The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

To me, to me, to me!

 God is real. I recently discovered this. And the God in my life is in the form of a woman. We still have our agreement: I am THEE Witch, she is THEE Bitch. At the same time, I may be serving her in ministry. I got a gig playing the organ at the neighborhood baptist church. Small church, big dreams.

The Devil is still sleeping. He has failed his brethren (Beelzebub, Lucifer, and Satan), disgusted females and enabled males to do his bidding.

Life is very real. Decide who you honor to secure your fate.

I also hung out with my dad this weekend.


Villainova U. 0fficial lyrics

(verse 1)
You may never know how great this is. Sitting on the Great Lakes, raking in a great estate. Staying in a grin. Still penning away. You’re gettin’ pissed, but, in a way, you don’t listen to what the kid spits. Deliberate trippin’. Laces replace your face when you bite. And there comes a new byte. Sound. Gettin’ down. Lookin’ around. Started from basements. Push-ups. End up looking up with great -gress. Like “Di-? No.” Like “I’m kind of why I’m a wino. And I don’t wanna complain. Therefore, ...why don’t I roam?” Almost building. Like Bob. But y’all know the feeling. Ask the children. You should like the guy who writes a lot and says it’s from the top. Now you’re mad. Better than hot. Try to battle me, get a veteran shot. Looks like time did. I’m timeless. When I spit, thy spit. That’s my shit.

She got me like, “Mercy, mercy, mercy!”

I hope I’m worthy. Has she heard me?

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

(verse 2)
They had me a ring. That’s why they get at me a thing or two. Thing, being time. “We need a rhyme to bring a genius through and... see if he can define where he would be if weren’t defined by the inner essence within.” It’s like Bry-nding in the Brown. You’re almost finding out time is down. You wind up in the house (Great Pyramid of Giza). Wine out of your mouth. Referring to YOU. Have you lost in this convertible’s moves? And no one wants to go from purple to blue. It’s not “choosing game”. Meaning it’s not finding your shoestrings to move your pain away with. You start from the top of what you got a lot of. A lot of love.

She got me like, “Mercy, mercy, mercy!”

I hope I’m worthy. Has she heard me?

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

(verse 3)
I watched a poet pick up a song. Put it back down. I guess he’s Brawn. I guess he’s fuckin’. You never mess up, but when you’re upset, it’s nothing. “What you cut up?”, you said. Now what you need to say is in your face. And taken. And breathing. Since it needs a day or two to speak what it’s seeing. Beauty and grieving. Speed and nudity. You are involved with truancy. A newer star would be who would be Bar and barring with me. Immediately. As if you need a repeat. Uptown, where’s the streets. #TheHood, where Brown is the grief.


She got me like, “Mercy, mercy, mercy!”

I hope I’m worthy. Has she heard me?

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

Challenge my sound, get ya neck chopped off!

Get ya neck chopped off!

sidebar: #TheHood was Deep Flow Studios in Baltimore, MD. When someone says they're going to their hood, they usually mean the neighborhood they live in. My hood was 148th and 7th in Harlem (FDA). 148th and 7th is considered uptown, but #Uptown in NY terms is 125th and Broadway and up. Kev Brown worked out of the same studio I was living in in Baltimore. Kev Brown is Curtis Mayfield. Shout out to Young Bry, Pe$o and DJ Nick (Silver, Sonic and J Dilla, respectively).


The blog about Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the name of my first born daughter.
Born or not.

I named her after this TV show that was rebooted in the early 90s for Nickelodeon.
I held on to her, because I didn't want anyone to take the name.
I only told my mom at the time.

Well, I ended up getting raped incestually, and I discouraged my chances for a partner to have this daughter with.
It got worse when I moved to New York.

I got older, started getting girls, and the search rebooted itself.
Toya was gonna be Tomorrow's mother, but our life was too hectic.
I eventually met and impregnated Simone Porter with Tomorrow.
Porter was, personality wise, everything Tomorrow's mom was meant to be.

Tomorrow's look can be found on the show.

I basically genetically engineered my Tomorrow.

She can be seen as...



Marsai Martin

Because we are dealing with extraterrestrials (aliens), this is a sensitive subject.
I don't want to scare my baby moms, nor do I want to be kept from my custom daughter.
I love her.
I don't want any problems.

I deaded every street beef, every corporate beef... just to ensure her safety and good time while she's on this Earth.

As mortal as it may come across, Tomorrow Never Dies.

Daddy loves you, baby girl.

And your siblings (The Tomorrow Five; Thelonious, Titus, Toddler, Tokya and MorrowMorrow) are just a beautiful.

But remember.
You are my first BONE datta (like my grandma would say, I'm her first BONE grandbaby).


Bless up HIGH!!!!!!!


Hypergoth! had a dream.

 Late one night, 50 Cent snuck in a visit to his "lil homie" CH. He had 4 ounces of LA Kush and bottles of Southern Comfort and Courvoisier. He said he wanted to understand me better, since I'm a known and noted fan of the Aftermath staff. He complimented me on how well I built myself, and said though I have a ways to go, it's not that far. After he bragged about Power being a success, he asked me to stake my claim. I already had a few puffs and some sips, so I was ready to go. We were in a tinted 2-seater coupe.

I explained to him that I pretty much raised myself on Eminem and Dr. Dre's music, that he was a great political discourse, and that Kendrick is a welcome member of the Aftermath staff. We don't talk about Bruno (Game). I also explained to him that I did the same thing with the music of Curtis Mayfield, and I believed that he (50) was a sign to Em and Dre to be careful on what they sample. He grunted, nodded his head and I continued. 

I told him I want to be noted for my hardwork like James Brown, but be as prestigious as Curtis. I even shared with him my findings in the music of both. Curtis WAS Clyde Stubblefield, and James kept forgetting who he is/was. That was why James always looked like we was forgetting something. I told him (50) how I wish I could explain to the equally-hardworking Curtis Mayfield that it wasn't intentional ignorance, but a slip of the mind.

50 said to me, "If you could explain yourself in one word, what would it be?" Without hesitation, I said "Goth". From the clothes to the music.

The 2 forms of communication between God and the people are sampling and witchcraft. Everyone is a witch. Gangstas use Gothic fonts when writing their names/tags. So I'm not so far off from the world as I may appear. I just stay to myself. I said, "Hey, 50. I could be the Goth in G-Unit!" He gave his signature laugh and said "It's deeper than that."

I've been mentioning having a daughter to people in close circles (and in my music). Her name is Danjer. I also believe I have a son. Named Crazh (Crash). Twins. Both of whom were mothered by the omnipresent Dr. Dre. Every time I say that, I get confused myself. But you can listen to "The Chronic" to find Jamaican roots (hi, Simone). I believe Chris Rivera to be Simone Marshall, in a very sci-fi way. I'm not wrong. I'm also in no mood to change what I'm saying. People just have to get their egos out of the way. Jasemine, a friend of Chris and my photographer, wants to be seen as/acts like Danjer. Herself, Chris, Tyler (9th), Tyler's friend Alec (Jack) and client aide Jerell (also Jack) were present to watch me make a song about finding/being the right kind of man for her.

This dream is the crux for Hypergoth!. The album where I establish myself as the ruler of the world around me. I rule not with an iron fist, but with a satin heart.

To establish myself, to myself, in the midst of self-worth establishment. This project is a village, with StarChasers as its inhabitants, Curtis Mayfield as village leader and myself as #VoodooChild.

Be here.

Thank you, Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit, for the years, memories, influence and inspiration.


Hamilton features.

I've been Tweeting this, but it seems people don't believe it's really me.

Email me at for a feature. Further information once you email me. The cost will not kill you.

Holla back.




The Order of Charles Hamilton

I answer questions about myself, as asked by Twitter followers (StarChasers).

Join in the fun!


More Hypergoth! backlore

Photographer : Jasemine Denise

CH x Sam

The booth.

A mic and a bottle.

Tyler's friend, Alec.

Lights please.


Twist as you wonder.



Hypergoth! vid


Photos by Chris Rivera and Jasemine Danjer.


Hypergoth! shots

CH w/ Tyler Maine and Alec

CH, sundancing

CH w/ the spoken word.

CH, with Sam the Engineer.

Boardwalk thoughts.

Back in the booth CH.

I am The Darkness, I am The Light.

The Sun never overbears.

Back in the booth again.

Under the gun of your desires.

More to come.




"Moment of honesty..."

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