The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Miyagi's Stanzas (a freewrite)

I'm the R.L. Stein of rhyme. I'm next to get mine. Been on your set with red eyes. I make it clear. When you hear me say "Make it clear", that's because my peer is Day. So what up? I started families in my young age. Saved my son from gunplay and my daughter will be queen one day. Some may say my grooming tactics are doom when in fact it's the magic of avoiding the tragic. "You will never die, so let no one bag it!" I say that shit to my balls. And say "Are you ready?!" whenever I'm in some walls. I'm already raising my children. I'm just scrambling eggs. Sunnyside up, since I panted for your legs. I guess I should follow what they suggest. They being you and all that ass in your dress. 30 seconds in the 4th quarter, I suggest you back up your talk and and make water out of the net. Sports metaphors are so DJ Clue. And I don't know shit, so please make a move. Either to the floor with your vibe, to the door with your lies or refresh the board with your eyes. Nigga, Swatch. Timex. Now click the top of your page. See? It's not gonna change. My Chrome is top left. Not to escape. Fuck it. I got you niggas watching my page. Like Vince. I'm convinced if I try to dumb it down, all life gets dense. I'm like a smartphone. Feel brighter. But damn. Now you using me, waiting for some real fire. I inspire pills. I retire thrills. I am still sire. Will the fire chill? Love me or hate me, I school you. Like a fire drill. Then you get hired and I'm required STILL.




So today, I said "fuck it" and told the psych doctor I hear voices and have trouble sleeping. Not a lie, but they're about to ...